What Is The Average Cost of Moving to Another State?

Summary: Moving to another costs about $4,300 on average, according to American Moving and Storage Association, with a typical range of $2,581 and $6,411. The total depends on the size of the load, what you're taking and distance. There are many other ways to explore. Read!
What is the average cost of moving to another state

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Moving to a new place might sound exciting but packing the entire house in small boxes surely isn’t. And if you are moving to another state than along with the excitement the stress of doing things that too in a budget increases manifolds.

Moving is an expensive affair and if not handled properly it can surely burn a hole in your pockets. The average cost of moving to another state is around $1200, however, if you intend to hire a professional state to state movers then be prepared that your budget is going to as high as $4000.

Here in this article, we have brought many aspects of moving to another state that will make your move rather convenient, hassle-free, and pocket-friendly.

What to consider before moving to another state?

Before you make this big decision of moving to another state, there are a lot of things that you must consider as this decision is not only going to affect your life but will affect everyone’s life connected to you. You may have found a new job at a new place but you need to see whether your spouse, children, and parents will be able to adjust to the new environment or not.

So here is the list of things that you must consider before moving to another state:

Cost of living

One of the most important aspects to consider while moving to a different city is the cost of living. You must have an idea about how much groceries are going to cost you along with other important amenities like gas, electricity, and other important utilities. You might have got a good salary raise but if your cost of living is going to exceed that raise, then you must think about your decision twice.

Medical facilities

Another important aspect that you just can’t ignore to consider is the provision of medical facilities. Do thorough research about the available physicians, dentists, and pediatricians available in your neighborhood. Also, look for the medical policies available in the new state you intend to move.

Employment opportunities

If you have found a job before moving to another state then it’s great but if you still haven’t then you must explore employment opportunities. Job opportunities and demand are totally different from one market to another thus it becomes really important to explore the scenario a lot is going to be dependant on the same.


If you have kids, then you must consider moving to a place with a reputable education system. This tip is not only for those who have kids but for those as well who intend to start a family after moving to a new state.

Climatic conditions

Many of us ignore climatic conditions, but weather not only affects your health, mood and lifestyle but it also affects your cost of living. Thus, it is really important to see how different climatic conditions are at a new place and whether your family would be able to adjust to the same or not.

Considering all these factors, once you have made up your mind of moving to another state, you must know about everything that you need to do before moving to ensure minimal expense and hassle.

What to do before moving to another state?

Here is the checklist of things that state movers suggest you must do before moving to another state:

Find yourself a home

If you have some close friends or relatives in the state you intend to move then it’s great as you can stay at their place while searching for a new home but if you don’t have anyone then you must start searching for a place where you can stay. There are several online portals wherein you can easily find the place to live, however, recommended is to hire a realtor to ensure that you get a good neighborhood and all your requirements are fulfilled in the said budget.

Plan a budget

When you thought of moving to another state, somewhere in the back of your mind you knew that it’s not going to be easy and is going to be expensive as well. Therefore, it is really important to budget everything accordingly. To set your budget it is really important to decide how much you are willing to spend on this move. Once you have fixed your budget then make sure to sideline all the unnecessary expenses. If you are moving because of your existing job requirements then it is recommended to check with your employer regarding what all they are going to provide you once you move to the new state.

Find a good school

Even before moving you must thoroughly research the good schools in your new neighborhood. It should be your first priority as your child’s future is going to be dependant on the same.

Start looking for the moving companies

Once you have decided to move to another state then you must start looking for the moving companies at the earliest. It is going to be one of the major expenses thus it is really important to research thoroughly and compare the prices of different companies with respect to the services they are providing.

How do I transfer my belongings to another state?

Transferring all your belongings to another state is one hectic task, you may have different ways to transfer all your belongings but primarily you need to decide whether you want to do everything on your own or you want to hire a professional moving company.

Do it yourself

The best part of doing everything on your own is that you save a lot. You need not depend on anybody else for doing things for you. You can save on manpower, packing material and even on transportation. However, if you can always hire only moving services while you do everything else at your own or you can transport the same in your own car if the location is not far away and you have a good companion alongside.

But the drawback of the same is that you have so much to do that you don’t get time for anything else. You keep packing and planning for things till the last minute that you don’t get to enjoy your own farewell party.

Hiring a professional

It is always recommended to hire a professional mover for such kind of move as you already have a lot on your plate before leaving and if you will indulge yourself in this too then you will have no time for anything else.

Hiring a professional will help you to waive off all your worries from packing to unpacking depending upon the range of services you want to take. The only drawback of hiring a professional long distance moving company is that it may go little out of budget to the extent that you may have to compromise on other things.

What is the cheapest way to move from state to state?

With so many options around, here is the list of some of the cheapest ways to move from one state to another:

Drive your own car

The most economical way of moving your belongings to a different state is to drive at your own. The only expense that you may have to bear while driving at your own will be the fuel expense. However, it can be a little tiring to drive if the distance is much.

Rent a truck

If your car is not big enough to accommodate all that you have then we recommend renting a truck to drive at your own. But before you take this decision keep in mind that driving big and commercial vehicles is different from that of a small car.

Cheapest moving truck

If you don’t have the budget to hire professional movers, then you can always hire a moving truck wherein no manpower is provided to tow the boxes. However, you can always hire people to do this job for you but the chances of damage and injury are more as these people lack a professional way of approaching things.

Hire only moving services

If you are concerned about both the budget and safety of your belongings then it is recommended to hire only moving services from professional movers and packers. While you do all the packing by yourself, they can help you with the professional way of transporting things to your new abode.

We hope that with this article you would be able to move to another state with much ease and comfort.

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