The 5 Most Reviewed Long Distance Movers of 2022

Moving long distance can be an exciting and big life event that happens for some of us once in a millennium. Finding the best long distance moving company for your needs can be a challenge. 
The 5 Most Reviewed Long Distance Movers of 2022

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Long distance movers that are leaders in the industry maintain a professional and courteous attitude, are reliable, reputable, professionally relocating customers locally and internationally.

Finding a pre-screened list of the best long-distance moving companies is easy with the right resources and insights. 

We can help. 

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Top 3 Recommended Long Distance Movers

Mayflower - Top 3 Recommended Long Distance Movers
Wheaton World Wide Moving - Top 10 National Moving Companies in The US

Apart from getting countless sales calls daily from a range of long distance moving companies and their agents, you will also be comparing general details on how to choose the right mover for your needs. 

This article looks at how to find the most reliable long distance moving companies, suggesting some of the best professional movers you can consider for your long-distance move.

Here’s the a list of the 5 best long-distance movers:

1. Mayflower
2. Wheaton World Wide Moving
3. Two Men and a Truck
4. Atlas Van Lines
5. All My Sons Moving & Storage

Compare Long Distance Moving Companies

Compare Long-distance Moving Companies


Company NameCompany TypeLocal and Long-Distance MovesOffers Auto Shipping
MayflowerVan lineYesNo
Wheaton Van lineYesYes
Two Men and a TruckVan line and brokerageYesYes
Atlas Van LinesVan lineYesYes
All My Sons Van lineYesNo

Top 5 Long Distance Moving Companies

Leaving your personal possessions or valuables with a mover who could scam you and leave you empty-handed, cheated, and with feelings of total distrust is not an experience we wish upon anyone. Our experts researched hundreds of long distance moving companies, narrowing the options down to the top 5 providers.

Mayflower - USA Top 10 Long Distance Moving Companies

1. Mayflower


Mayflower has been in business for over 90 years, with extensive experience in the industry – which means it delivers your move and results with expertise. As one of the top long distance moving companies relocating individuals and businesses, Mayflower is fully licensed and compliant with all of the local, state, and federal government requirements. Having a legit mover that’s compliant with regulations is critical.  

Mayflower’s filled the gap for United Movers as a sister company moving homes and businesses long distance, and with great reviews, results, and a reputation they maintain with pride.

Mayflower sends their agents to homes and businesses to evaluate the work involved in the move and ensures the most accurate pricing, as one of the best moving companies long distance. With over 250 local agents nationwide, Mayflower is ready to impress you and deliver results as the best long distance moving company for your needs.

Real-time updates tracking the location of items transported are accessible to all customers using Mayflower as their long-distance moving company. Mayflower’s truly known for being one of the best long distance movers, covering everything from moving to relocating your home or business with care, class and courtesy.



Wheaton World Wide Moving - USA Top 10 Long Distance Moving Companies

2. Wheaton World Wide Moving


Wheaton Worldwide Moving offers a unique approach to providing quotes as a leading long-distance moving company. Wheaton offers ballpark estimates to help customers gain a sense of how much their move would cost.

Learn more about this long distance moving company’s costs with a local representative’s guidance and help.

As one of the best long distance moving companies, Wheaton’s fleet of trucks and vans reach approximately 1000 vehicles, with this long-standing mover getting great reviews, little to no damage reports or complaints about damaged goods.

Vehicles are in top level inspection and maintenance rates, with this long distance moving company rated highly above others.



Two Men and a Truck - USA Top 10 Long Distance Moving Companies

3. Two Men and a Truck


Starting their moving business in 1985 with literally two men and a truck, this well-known long distance moving company has become an American icon, with a great reputation . With a fleet of over 2,800 vehicles, Two Men and a Truck is one of today’s biggest and strongest players in the long distance moving company market.

The trend of developing a franchise moving company grew steadily with this leading long distance moving company’s growth, maintaining 42 American offices and 3 more in countries based in all corners of the world.

Customers can track items with this top rated long distance moving company’s GPS, with real-time tracking for residential and business customers.

Two Men and a Truck offer packing, unpacking, and storage services, with a superb reputation for prompt delivery and getting your move done at affordable prices. As one of the best long distance moving companies in America, Two Men and a Truck truly make any load easy to handle and haul.



Atlas Van Lines - USA Top 10 Long Distance Moving Companies

4. Atlas Van Lines


Atlas operates in every state, with the exception of Rhode Island and Nevada, with about 3000 moving trucks in its fleet – impressive and one of the biggest long distance movers nationwide.

With great inspection results and low complaint rates, Atlas sits very close to the top of the list of the best long distance movers in America, making interstate and long distance moves a piece of cake and rightfully so. Moving should be easy and Atlas makes it possible even more with their online search bringing an agent directly to you, per your request. Just enter your details and an agent will come to your home or business to make your  move an exceptional and exciting experience.



All My Sons Moving & Storage - USA Top 10 Long Distance Moving Companies

5. All My Sons Moving & Storage


Both an outstanding long distance moving company and a reputable state-to-state mover, All My Sons offers excellent customer service and a great moving experience nationwide, with various relocation services.

Ranked as a leading long distance moving company for their superior care of items moved and reputation as a reliable provider, relocating with All My Sons is easy, efficient, and quick, and overall a positive experience.

As one of the best long distance moving companies in the industry, All My Sons identifies with the customer and understands how critical it is to take the load off anyone moving. It’s stressful enough to deal with relocating, so having the best long distance movers supporting your move makes it easier, faster and simple.



The Best Long Distance Moving Companies of 2022

The Best Long Distance Moving Companies of 2021's
No.Most Reviewed Long Distance MoversWebsite
2.Wheaton Worldwide
3.Two Men and a
4.Atlas Van
5.All My Sons Moving &

Checklist Before Hiring A Long Distance Mover

Choosing the Best Long Distance Movers

Hiring the best long distance mover for your home or business is a process that requires careful consideration, research, and checking the service provider’s reputation in the industry. Use our smart and well-researched checklist to ensure you have all your bases covered and get moved by experts with the experience, confidence, and customer service to help you relocate with peace of mind.

Relocating with one of the best long distance movers?

There’s a reason why you pay the best long distance movers in the industry big bucks – they know their stuff. Most of the top-rated long distance moving companies have spent years perfecting their service, training staff, and maintaining professionalism.

Long distance moves are more complex, require licenses and regulatory documentation to cross state and national borders. They can also demand a range of procedures, bureaucratic processes, and higher overall overhead and expenses for handling the move securely within long distances. Make sure you get a fully licensed, compliant, and safe mover for every aspect of your long distance move.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my long distance move take?

Long distance moves vary in duration, taking anywhere from 48 hours to up to 3 weeks, and under certain circumstances even longer.

Just packing up your home, (let alone getting everything from your departure point to your destination), can take at least a couple of hours. We suggest accounting for at least a good few hours when it comes to loading up the truck. Now the travel time to haul your moving load could take a long journey and hours, or even days for cross-country moves, plus loading and unloading is a tedious and intense process that takes hard work and time. If white glove services are mixed into your move, consider a few extra hours necessary. All in all, the best long distance moving companies will know that time is not only money, but it’s also absolutely necessary when it comes to state to state or moves crossing borders.

Do you tip long-distance movers?

If you’re actually asking yourself this question you should really consider the intense amount of hard work involved in moving your home or business long distance.

Be kind and courteous to a mover that deserves it and give a $20 to $40 tip per person, per day, unless your move takes longer than a week. If it’s a seriously taxing long-distance move, expect to pay your movers between $60 and $120 a person.

How much can I expect to pay for my long distance move?

The cost for a long distance move can vary, ranging from $1800 to $8000 depending on the number of rooms and at least 1000 miles to relocate.

Some companies can even charge $10,000 and up for a long-distance move, but usually, prices like these are reserved for a minimum of 5-bedroom spaces with a large number of valuables and fragile items.

Should I move long distance by myself?

Got a small space to pack with minimal belongings? Getting your home or business relocated with a pickup or U-Haul style truck could be the ideal solution with a little help from friends and a few extra hands. A larger space, however, will likely demand movers, physical labor to get everything to your new home or business location, and the logistics are more complex. In this case, hiring a long distance mover is a smart idea. Remember that time is money so you’ll have to consider whether the hassle of doing things on your own is truly saving costs or taking you away from work, family, and other critical tasks only you, and not your mover, can do.

Online vs. in-home quotes for a long distance move: what’s the difference?

The benefit of an online quote is you can get it anywhere, any time, with ease, just by entering in your credentials.  In-house quotes mean an agent or representative from the moving company will come to you, inspect the space and logistics of your move, and provide a quote on the spot. Once the furniture, items, and process involved are evaluated, you’ll get your quote and you can move on – literally.

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