The Cost of Hiring Long Distance Movers

Cost of Hiring Long Distance Movers
Summary: On average, hiring professional movers for a long-distance move will cost on average $2,000 – $5,000 depending on the size of the move and the distance. Learn how to calculate moving costs and factors that affect the cost of hiring moving companies.

Moving from one part of the country or cross country can be expensive depending on a couple of factors but the exciting part is that you can request an estimate from several cross country movers so that you can compare and contrast quotes in order to make your final decision on which one you will like to engage based on your moving needs. The cost of hiring long-distance movers varies depending on a couple of factors such as distance, the weight of your goods or belongings, and the difficulty involved in completing the moving task at hand. We will take a look at a few of these factors.

The bottom line here is getting the right moving company as it is better to pay more and get good service than pay less and have a bad moving experience. Hence, the goal should be on how to get a fair moving deal and still have a seamless relocation experience. This is what we will be helping you to achieve here as we have broken it down into pieces all that you need to look out for when hiring a moving company.

Cost of Hiring Long Distance Movers

On average, the cost of moving cross country is around $2,700, but the price can be even higher or lower depending on the weight of the items to be moved and the distance to be covered. Usually, long-distance movers charge between $2,000 to $5,000 per load and about $0.50 to $0.70 per pound, which means the fewer items you need to move, the cheaper your cross-country movers will charge you. You also have to find out from your moving company if they will travel as far as where you are relocating to before committing yourself or signing the dotted lines. You don’t want to have committed yourself and you now find out that your moving company may not offer some of the services you may need to get your job done. This is why effective communication with your moving company is very important. Pay attention to every detail.

Other Expenses

Other expenses you are likely to incur when you hire long-distance movers include the following;

  • Extra charges for specialty items like pool tables and pianos.
  • Gas and mileage depend on the distance you are moving to.
  • Insurance is usually 1% of the valuation of your belongings.

Knowing the estimated cost needed to hire movers will help you in making the right decision when you decide to move. The cost of moving basically depends on the type of move, whether it is a long-distance move or a local move.

Long-distance movers 

The distance to be covered, shipment weight, and other extra services like the cost of climbing through stairways are some of the basic factors that will form how much your long-distance move will cost. You should expect to pay an average of $0.70 to have 1 pound of your belongings or goods move across a 1000 miles distance. This average cost does not include additional services that your cross country movers may charge you.

Long-distance costs are calculated based on weight or in some cases by cubic meters of the items to be relocated or transported. As earlier said the best way to determine the cost of your move is to request quotes from as many moving companies as possible. However, we will provide an estimate of what it will cost to move a long distance based on the weight of your belongings and the distance they will be moved to.

Studio apartment 

Moving out of a studio apartment with belongings or goods weighing 1800lbs over a distance of 1000 miles will cost around $1,200 and it could be more or less depending on the distance and weight of goods. However, we will maintain a distance of 1000 miles in arriving at our estimate.


A 1-bedroom apartment with goods weighing over 2200 to around 3200lbs to be moved over a distance of 1000 miles to a new home will cost between $1,500 to $2,500.


Moving out of a 2-bedroom home to a new home 1000 miles away with goods weighing between 5000 to 6000lbs will cost in the region of $3,500 to $4,500.

Three bedroom

Moving out of a 3-bedroom home with belongings weighing around 9000lbs to a new home with a distance of 1000 miles away will cost around$6,500 to $7,000.

Additional Costs For Hiring Cross Country Movers

Calculating the exact relocation cost in advance can be a little difficult when planning to hire a professional mover for your interstate move or local move. However, to get a fair idea, the right way to go is to invite your movers to your home for an on-site inspection so that they can have a better idea of what the job may entail, this will help them to give you a more accurate estimate for your move. Some of the additional costs that may be involved include;


If you need to have your movers handle packing for you because of your tight schedule, you will need to find out how much this will cost as it is going to add up to your final moving bill. For local movers, they may charge you between $25 to $40 per hour for packing items in your home. However, for long-distance moves, your moving company will charge you based on the size of your home and the nature of the items to be packed.

If you are working on a lean budget, it is advisable that you pack your belongings by yourself in order to minimize your moving cost. Search for free boxes that can be used to package your belongings around your neighborhood and do not forget to label these boxes appropriately. You can get free boxes from liquor stores, bookstores, bars, and restaurants as well among others.

Extra Fees 

Moving companies are known to charge their customers based on the circumstances on the ground that may make the job either easier or difficult to carry out. For example, if you have several bulky or heavy items to move, your moving company will charge you extra for labor as this may require more hands to lift this bulky or heavy equipment.

Long carry fee

You are likely to be charged an extra buck if the carrying distance between your front door to the truck is farther than expected; this fee is often referred to as long carry a fee.

Elevation fee

Another fee that may be incurred is the elevation fee. This happens when your movers have to go up and down several stairs if there is no elevator or if the elevator is non-operational.

Extra Stop Charge

Another charge that may be incurred is the extra stop charge. You will be charged for this if you have to pick up extra items along the route to your new apartment.

Storage fee

If you need to have your belongings placed in storage due to one reason or the other before they are delivered to your new home, then your moving company will charge you a storage fee for delayed delivery.

Factors That Affect The Cost of Hiring Moving Companies 

There are a couple of factors that can affect the cost of hiring a moving company, some of these factors are as follows;


Just like any other kind of business, the number of years of experience of a company will have an effect on how and what they charge for their services. Hence, companies with many years of experience will charge more, the same goes for moving companies. Professional moving companies with many years of experience and antecedents will charge you more for their services. Hence, you have to work around your budget to know which kind of moving company you will employ.

Special Cares

If you have items that need to be handled with special or extra care, these items will make your moving company charge you more. This is similar to shipping a product, the more fragile the product is, the more it will cost to transport them from one point to another. Most times, items that are very precious and mean a lot to the customers are categorized under specialty care move and this attracts additional charges.


Distance plays a major role in how much you will be charged by your moving company. Some companies will charge you based on the miles as soon as a certain number of miles is exceeded, but you should always note that long-distance moves will cost you more money. On average, moving companies charge around $0.5 for every pound per mile, this may seem like it is not a lot but it can add up depending on how long the distance to your new home may be. The bottom line here is that two factors play a major role when you are moving long-distance or cross country; these two factors are weight and distance.


Another factor that may add up or determine the cost of your move is the time of the year, of the month, and of the day you wish to move. This is because there is an off-peak period and there are times when demand for moving companies is always on the high; moving cost is high when demand is high and it is cheaper during an off-peak period when demand on your moving company is low.

It is cheaper to move in the middle of September through April as the demand for moving companies during this period is low, the peak period span from Memorial Day to Labor Day Weekend. Note also that the best day of the week to move is weekdays, avoid moving over the weekend as more people tend to move over the weekend and this can shoot up the cost of moving.


Communication is important when you plan to move, make sure you communicate your intentions and how you want the job to be done to your moving company in clear terms. Ask as many questions as possible, do not make assumptions and do not consider any question as unnecessary or not important. Let your moving company know how far away your new home is so that they can give you an average price before they commence the job. This can even help the company to know if they as much distance as your destination and if they don’t you can consider other options at your disposal.

Compare Moving Quotes

There is no other way of getting the best moving rate when you decide to move than inviting these companies for an inspection so that they can give you an accurate moving quote. Compare the quotes and cut down the number of movers you have based on the cost and your unique move needs. Then you can find out about the antecedents and experience of these moving companies in order to know the one you should finally hire.


Above all, try as much as possible not to fall into the hands of scammers just because you are trying to get a cheap or fair deal. Take your time to read reviews, ask friends and family who recently moved if they can recommend any moving company based on their moving experience. Moving can be a demanding task but yet it can still be a worthwhile experience if it is handled by a competent moving company. This is why you have to ensure you do not rush to engage any moving company without doing your due diligence, engaging the right and competent moving company is a guarantee that you will definitely have a seamless relocation.