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Moving APT

Moving furniture from point A to point B is one tough job that involves so much stress, patience, money, and planning. From arranging your items to the packing of boxes, the entire process can be tough.

However, getting the best result from every option you have should be your focus. If you think it is easy to hire a furniture mover, think again!

Some consumers, in the process, do get scammed by rogue movers who lure them in using cheap moving quotes.

This is one of the reasons behind the hectic work done by the Pricing Van Lines team to ensure only reliable and affordable furniture movers are listed for your needs after thorough research.

Read further to discover the top-rated furniture movers close to you in your current location based on customers review.

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Normally, a furniture move should be affordable and faster unlike a long-distance move to another destination located several miles away from your current location. Your furniture move will go smoothly if you make the right choices.

While searching for affordable movers, quality services cannot be negotiated. We prioritize good service delivery at the best and most reasonable price.

We factored in the costs of different moving services and extra services you may need for your furniture move.

Here’s the full list of furniture movers around you:

1. iMoving
2. Adams Van Lines
3. Moving APT
4. Atlas Van Lines

Moving companies that are highly reputable don’t joke with their integrity at all, and such is the type of company you should consider. We recommend you hire a company that will provide a worthy service for your money.

Top 5 Furniture Movers in The United States

Before you can call a moving company ‘the best’, the mover must have certification from the American Moving & Storage Association, a national trade organization that monitors the affairs of Carriers and brokers.

Experts at Pricing Van Lines often perform research and thus have access to the latest moving & storage expertise and intelligence.

Here are our top 5 picks of furniture movers for your next move.

Furniture Movers - iMoving

1. iMoving

This is one of the easy access to the best furniture movers in the industry. iMoving is among the top leading moving platforms specially established to put an end to the troubles faced by customers like hidden fees, low-standard service delivery, lateness, extra charges, loss or damage of household items, and other moving-related scams many people experience on their moving day.

iMoving platform enables transparency between movers and potential consumers for hassle-free relocation transactions. 

iMoving has been around for more than 50 years and has since been providing top-quality furniture moving services and providing solutions to household moving requirements of several thousands of consumers in the country. If you need a platform where you can plan and customize your moving process, iMoving is your one-stop for any type of move.

The platform also enables moving companies and other moving-related services in the industry to list their services. At the same time, consumers are free to go with the one that perfectly fits their budget.



Furniture Movers - Adams Van Lines

2. Adams Van Lines

Adams Van Lines is known for moving furniture and other household furnishings. This company personalizes each move and customize their services to meet the needs of consumers.

They believe one move is different from another and that you have a purpose for your interstate move; hence, their interstate moving crews work with you to make sure your moving goals are achieved through a stress-free relocation experience.

They will complete all the compulsory paperwork and legal compliances needed to move to another state in time. Adams Van Lines offers different kinds of deals and premium moving services to ensure you have a smooth move of your furniture.

This company is a choice of many customers because of their furniture move based on their professionalism and transparent pricing system.



Furniture Movers - Moving APT

3. Moving APT

Moving APT understands you need a moving company that understands your language and is dedicated to moving you smoothly regardless of your type of move, whether residential or business furniture moving.

The company is owned by an American and is licensed, providing interstate moving services to several thousands of people over 10 years. Moving APT has experienced and skillful moving crews to take care of any size of an interstate move, not minding the distance involved. 

Moving APT is based in the United States and offers different kinds of premium moving services like packing and transporting household furniture. This company’s flexible pricing system is appealing to customers, especially those that are relocating on a tight budget.

The company takes care of the whole packing to ensure the furniture piece is properly stored away from other items to avoid damage. For example, the mover will make sure the sofa is stored away from appliances in a separate place.



Furniture Movers - Atlas Van Lines

4. Atlas Van Lines

This is one of the first furniture moving companies in the industry that moves different types, designs, and sizes of furniture with great care. Atlas Val Lines is a top-rated professional furniture moving service as well as other moving-related services in the moving world.

When you choose Atlas, you will be rest assured you have skillful and professional movers handling your furniture with no fear about what will happen to your furniture all through the move. 

The company is in possession of the relevant moving equipment for successful and timely completion. Atlas makes use of the best and safest techniques for moving furniture to their destination address given by customers.

The company has won an award in furniture moving, and the BBB ranked it for excellent relocation services. The company’s standard furniture moving has not been matched by any company in the moving industry.



Furniture Movers - PODS


This is one of the most available moving and storage container companies for furniture moves. PODS provides coverage for both local and interstate moves with different types of designs of containers for a more comfortable move.

Their pricing is competitive than what many companies offered in a similar category. They also offer both short and long term storage facilities, with the sole purpose of assisting commercial clients in keeping their large furniture pieces that couldn’t stay in their new office space for some reason.

They provide container sizes such as the 12ft, 16ft, and 17ft, which allow users to move on a budget by going with the best container that suits their move. PODS quotes for large container units are cheaper than what other companies offer for similar options.



How Much Does Furniture Moving Cost?

How Much Does Furniture Moving Cost?

The cost of your move will decide many things for you, even though it is helpful to check out all your options. This is why it is essential to know what your moving cost is before anything else.

You will be able to do things the right way when you know how moving cost is being calculated as you search for the best and affordable moving companies.

This is because you will clearly understand the cost of your move and be prepared to screen out any potential hidden charges or moving scam attempt by dishonest movers. Now, let us talk about the median cost of relocating your furniture items from one point to another. Usually, the cost of your furniture is dependent on the distance of your move.

1. Local Furniture Moving Cost

Be ready to pay an hourly rate when you are moving from one town to another or inside the same state within a 100 miles distance. The specific local mover you choose as well as your location, whether a small or big city can determine how to vary the cost of moving will be.

However, the standard rate by the hour per mover is $25 to $30, and you will be paying for additional services and any extras such as travel fees. Generally, the above-mentioned hourly charge will apply regardless of the tasks done by your local mover.

2. Long-Distance Furniture Moving Cost

You should know that it is impossible to pre-determine the cost of moving your furniture to another part of the country due to the numerous variables which will only apply while on the move.

You possibly cannot determine the actual weight of your items before your move, so only the distance between the origin and destination remains constant all through the house move.

Also, you may need additional services for your relocation, which may significantly increase the moving price. Continue reading on the average cost of moving and check real sample prices when moving from a studio apartment, 1-bedroom apartment, 2-bedroom apartment, and 3-bedroom apartment home for short and long-distance moves.

However, you can only take the whole sample costs of moving furniture to a new place as a guide until you obtain furniture moving quotes from reliable furniture movers.

Read more about the Average Cost To Move Furniture Out Of the State

Why Do i Need Professional Furniture Movers?

There are numerous reasons you should hire local or long-distance furniture movers to make sure your furniture items make it in good shape from your current home to your destination home. You certainly know that safety comes first in any moving process.

Here are some of the reasons to hire professional movers:

1. Proper experience and equipment: 

Most furniture items are heavier and larger than what just one person with no relevant or enough moving equipment can take care of, not to mention someone with no moving experience. You are putting yourself and your belongings at great risk when you engage with such a task.

Your thoroughly screened furniture moving company representatives will arrive at your current home with the necessary equipment for furniture moving as well as tools like hand trucks, pads, dollies, straps, blankets, sliders, and so on.

The use of relevant moving equipment will also ensure the safety of your furniture as it can only be gotten from a professional furniture moving company.

2. Safety: 

The furniture moving help rendered by your professional local or interstate movers will enhance the complete protection for the furniture items you are relocating to your new destination. The safety of your furniture pieces will be ensured after you pack them using enough packing supplies.

Also, you’re moving them out of your current home, loading them into the truck, transporting them to the new place, bringing them down from the truck, hauling them inside the new place, and arranging to their desired position, and probably setting them up if need be, will require professional hands.

3. Speed: 

You need to put the speed at which your furniture is being prepared for a move and the speed at which it is being transported to the new home into serious consideration.

Professional movers are experienced enough to know how to optimize their working timeline and save you a great deal of time (15-mins proven) when they pack your king-sized bed and save 10 minutes when they wrap your chairs and tables. The timing always amounts to a great deal in the end.

Usually, the experience that furniture movers have gathered over many years of working enables them to optimize their working time and not because they do shortcuts and expose your items to risk.

4. Customized services and unique solutions: 

The quantity of furniture moving services and the ability to get certain solutions in challenging situations will help a lot. Your moving professionals may need to disassemble large furniture that can’t fit through the narrow hallways or doorways due to its size or rig them through the window.

Additionally, when they move your oversized furniture through the window or temporarily remove the door using specialized lifting and carrying techniques, this will save you time and resources.

Smartest Ways To Get Furniture Movers Near You

Smartest Ways To Get Furniture Movers Near You

1. Research Always Saves You Time

Doing your research is very important when thinking about hiring a furniture removal company. There are so many benefits of carrying out your own research;

  • You have so many options to choose from.
  • You get to have an idea of a company’s experience level via their profile.
  • You can easily make an inquiry by making contact through calling them or sending a mail
  • You have the opportunity of viewing written reviews from past clients, which is a major factor in your final decision making.
  • It is easy

One of the major blessings of this century is the internet. You have the ability to search for literally anything on the go or from the comfort of your home.

All you need to do is type in “Furniture movers near me” on Google and a display of options will fill your screen. This makes it easier for you to have a lot of options to screen before making a decision.

2. Personal Recommendations

Recommendations are the next best step when it comes to hiring any type of service. Personal recommendations from a friend, relative, or colleague can save you a lot of time and stress. Sadly, these might be required in finding the perfect furniture removal services.

What personal recommendations do for you is, it takes away the doubt that might come to your mind. How? Unlike written reviews on a company’s website, personal recommendations mean you can have access to the past client physically. Why this is important is that you can ask any question you would love to know about.

You can ask about what their communication is like, the organization of the team, their professionalism, and dependability. These are all important questions that come in handy when picking out furniture removal companies near you.

3. Reviews

One of the major ways to decipher which removal company offers great service is by paying attention to reviews. There are always reviews on the websites of these companies, and it is always better to pay attention to negative. Focus on the company’s response to every negative review on its site.

This way, you might be able to ascertain if the problem was the company or the client. There are, also, tons of review sites for removal companies on the internet.

Be sure to look through them and you will find that making a decision will become easier and faster.

4. Get Different Options

As mentioned before, one of the major benefits of doing research is having a lot of options. You don’t want to hire just the first company you come across, you need to have different options to choose from.

This would help you compare each service before making a final decision. Also, make sure to get an estimate from all of your options. This will give you an idea of an average cost and help you make a budget according to that specific amount.

It is important to take note of any company that gives you a ridiculously low estimate cost. These types of furniture removal companies usually offer bad services and should be avoided.

5. Make An Inventory

Making an inventory is a necessary step when hiring the best furniture removal company. Your inventory should contain every single thing you intend to move without omitting a single item. This inventory gives the furniture removal personnel an insight into what it would require to get the job done.

Also, it won’t leave you with any surprises when the time for payment arises. There are a few factors that can make a furniture removal service less cost-effective;

  • Moving extra heavy items like a piano
  • No parking spaces for the company’s van, as it requires them to walk further when loading their trucks
  • Unpacking in a home with a lot of staircases. This is definitely extra work and would cost extra charges.

Explaining all of these factors for the removal company helps them draft an estimated quote they can work with. Don’t forget you need to carry out this step for all the options of companies you have. It could be done over the phone, but it is better in person.

Pro Tip

PODS offers more moving benefits compare to other. Consumers can easily hire moving labors to help them pack their piece of furniture and load into the container. You may wish to consider this option if you are the type that hates packing and stresses involved but still want to reduce cost by doing most of the moving tasks alone.

pro tips

6. Invite The Personnel Over

One way to get to know the company you’re about to hire is by speaking to them one on one. Sure, you can communicate over the phone or via mail, but nothing is more professional than having a one on one chat. Have each of the furniture removal companies of your choice over and have them walk you through their process.

This will enlighten you on how professional they are and how their services work. It will also, help you ascertain if you can work with them or not.

Also, there are important questions you should ask before making your final decision regarding any of your options. These questions have proven to be effective, as it lets you know if you can trust them or not. They are;

7. Are You Licensed?

Asking if furniture removal companies are licensed is important to avoid ending up with scammers. There are numerous moving companies around your location and not all of those are definitely legitimate.

A lot of people have fallen victim to scammers and have ended up either losing their money or furniture. If they are in fact registered, always ask for their license number and check here to ensure they are.

These moving companies are always licensed by the United States Department of Transportation. However, those who move furniture within a state are licensed by the state.

8. What Experiences They Have

Always ask about the experience of the company in question. Knowing their experience level can give you knowledge about their expertise. Also, be sure to inquire about their experience regarding your specific type of move.

Sometimes, furniture movers are specific about their services. Hence, you might need a different service if you are moving to an upscale apartment, as opposed to moving to an office.

Asking this question lets you know quickly if you are in fact, in need of their services or not.

9. References

Asking about references is important before entrusting all your furniture to them. References provide additional information that can convince you about working with them. This could include their communication skills, work ethic, and also, their ability to deliver general excellent services.

10. Inquire About Extra Charges

Once you’re done with getting a quote from the different furniture removal companies, be sure to ask for additional costs. There are certain removal companies that charge extra for gas and mileage. Hence, you are not really done with the cost estimate until you inquire about extra charges. Also, compare these extra charges and make a decision based on that.

11. License & Insurance

Insurance is one of the most important factors to consider before hiring a furniture removal service. The safety of your furniture is at stake and replacing good furniture does cost a lot of money. Only work with a removal service with insurance, as this will ensure your furniture and home will be taken care of in case of damage.

If you decide to work with a company without insurance, then you will have a hard time getting help with repairs if there are any damages.

There are two types of insurance coverages furniture removal companies usually have;

12. Full Value Protection

In this protection plan, the mover is liable to reimburse you with the equivalent worth of damages. This plan covers all damages that might have occured with your furniture or your home during the process of unpacking. This coverage varies with each mover.

13. Released Coverage

This plan doesn’t cover all the damages obtained during the delivery process or unpacking. Instead, according to research, the mover assumes liability for 60 cents per pound of article.

The furniture removal company should have multiple options for coverages for you to purchase. Hence, you should ask to see proof of insurance before you decide to work with them.

Also, it is very important to work with only licensed removal companies.

Licensed removal companies are always professional and adhere to regulations created to ensure flawless services. A licensed company can be seen as a reputable company, because their reputation is at stake with every job they do.

14. Always Ask For A Contract

The single most important part of hiring a furniture removal service is drafting a contract. A contract acts as proof of you hiring their service, as well as, them offering such a service. This contract can come in handy at any given time, in case of a problem that needs to be solved. A good contract should contain the following information;

  • The date of the transaction
  • The services provided
  • The number of personnel involved in the moving process
  • The cost of the job
  • The company’s logo and signature
  • Your signature

All of these pieces of information certifies the authenticity of the job done at any given time.

Moving your furniture to a new location can be tasking, thus, you need an excellent team to do an excellent job. Follow these steps to get the best furniture removal service out there.

Getting Furniture Prepared For The Move

Getting Furniture Prepared For The Move

You need to understand how to prepare your furniture to move in case you are relocating to your house. You can opt for a DIY move rather than hiring a mover, or if you don’t have the financial capability to get a full-service move.

It is important to disassemble furniture items before your movers get to your home in order to prevent yourself from sustaining a bodily injury when lifting those heavy pieces. The tips below are helpful in getting your furniture ready for moving:

1. Figure out what you have to move

Make an inventory of your goods and the amount of time it will take to disassemble and prepare them, including the things you can prepare in advance of your move. For instance, you may have the time to disassemble your office desk prior to the moving day, but not your living room center table.

2. Measure your entrance and passage

You need to know that every item you are moving with you can fit through stairwells, doorways, or hallways. In some cases, not all furniture items need to be disassembled before you move them, but in case you are moving large furniture like couches, it may require you to remove the doors before they can move them through.

We strongly advise that you do not disassemble furniture pieces that fit perfectly through the entrance and hallways, if the weight is under control, and if it won’t get damaged all through the move.

For instance, the legs of your dining table must be disassembled before you commence the move because they are considered fragile and might be exposed to breaking in transit. The next step is to gather the right tools and equipment immediately you figure out the furniture to be disassembled.

3. Get the right tools and equipment

Grab tools needed to disassemble frames, doors, tabletops, and legs. Get sandwich bags or any large-sized bags and a permanent marker. Make sure the table legs or tabletops or other delicate pieces are wrapped in furniture blankets and packing tape to cushion and protect them.

4. Disassemble first

First prepare the furniture items that require disassembling. They will take most of your time, and that is why it is better to first use your energy on them. Remove any removable part, such as shelves, glass tops, table legs, or bed frames in particular.

Approach this one piece at a time and store washers, bolts, and nuts in the plastic bag. Use the permanent marker to indicate the original part these items come from on the outside as well as the reassembly tools needed.

5. Start packing any item that can be packed

Remove pillows and cushions and store them in clear, plastic bags. Securely seal the bag and avoid any holes. These bags can be used to protect delicate items or block holes in the truck.

6. Wrap and protect fragile and highly valuable pieces

Ensure the safety of your highly prized furniture items by wrapping them in moving blankets gotten from a moving store or at your truck rental store to shield them from getting damaged. You can hold the blanket in place using packing tape.

7. Load heavy furniture piece on the moving truck first

Make sure you know how to properly load a moving truck if you are considering a moving truck rental option. Couches, sofas, tabletops, and shelves should be loaded first and behind the moving truck. Your movers will handle the loading of your furniture items into the moving truck and make sure it gets to the destination safely.

Frequently Asked Questions About Furniture Moving

Why even hire furniture movers? 

Furniture movers are there to make your life – and your move – go much easier than it may have otherwise. Moving a lot of furniture has a lot of logistics around it, and the furniture is really heavy.

Furniture movers have a lot of experience in moving all sorts of furniture and, on top of that, they are going to have the tools they need in order to move your furniture safely.

Do I tip my furniture movers? 

Absolutely! The fact is, your furniture movers are providing you with a very helpful service. While you are paying their company, you can never know how much their wages are (unless that is disclosed to you by one of the parties involved). So, in order to show your appreciation, you should consider tipping them.

A tip is usually calculated by how good they completed the service that you required, plus considering how long it took. Be sure that you hand the tip to them directly, to ensure that your movers get their fair share.

How long will it take to move my furniture? 

There are a few factors that go into this question. First, do you know how much furniture you have? Or how far you’re moving the furniture?

Do you know how many people you’re going to need and if white glove services are going to be necessary for some of your older and/or more fragile furniture? All of these will contribute to the amount of time it will take to relocate your furniture.

How much would it cost for me to move my couch?

On average, for local movers, you’d be paying somewhere in the range of $60 to $80 per hour, for two movers to help you out.

You should know that while that is the average price you can expect to pay at the minimum, no move ever costs the same. This is what makes it difficult to pinpoint exact, concrete prices for anything related to a move, because every move is completely unique, with its own set of circumstances.

The cost of moving your couch can also be influenced by things like how far it is being moved, whether or not the truck will need fuel, and more. Depending on the circumstances, you might also need to pay an additional fee for disassembly, if any is required for the job.

Do movers disassemble beds?

Yes, most movers will be happy to disassemble any piece of furniture you have, load it up into the moving truck, take it to its new home, and reassemble it when they get there. It is actually much safer for some pieces of furniture to be disassembled before being moved, and beds are one of them.

If your mover thinks a piece of furniture will need to be disassembled to be moved safely, they will let you know. It generally won’t take too long for the movers to take apart the furniture to get it moved, and once everything is loaded up, it will be good to go and can be put back together as soon as it arrives at its new home.

Should I take out everything in drawers for furniture movers?

Yes, you should always make sure you take out the contents of drawers, shelving, and any other piece of furniture that is capable of holding your stuff. In fact, some movers won’t move items like this unless it is completely free of personal belongings.

If you’re planning on moving drawers or shelving soon, make sure you go through it ahead of time and remove anything that may be inside. Articles of clothing, personal effects, phone chargers, anything you may have in the drawers will need to come out, since it will most likely need to be disassembled to be moved safely, anyway.

Is it possible to hire movers for only one item?

It is perfectly possible to hire movers to move only one item. Many people do this since it is all too common to need to move that one piece of furniture, that kitchen appliance, or that old television. Whatever it is you need to move, you can count on furniture movers to help you get the job done, even if it is only one item.

You should keep in mind, however, that the amount of stuff you’re moving probably won’t affect the final cost very much. This is especially true in the case of local movers since you’re usually only paying them hourly instead of a set cost for a project, like how estimates are figured out for long-distance moves.

What should I do if I can’t afford furniture movers?

If you need to move some furniture but can’t afford movers, you still have options that might be a little more friendly to your budget. You could always rent a moving truck to use for a few hours and round up some help from friends or family members to help you load up the furniture and move it yourself. All you’d have to pay for is the charge for the moving truck and fuel.

If possible, you could also see if any of your friends or family members have a truck they would be willing to use to give you a hand. If you’re only moving a single piece of furniture, it could possibly fit in the back of a decent-sized pickup truck bed for easy moving. Just make sure you don’t attempt to lift up on heavy furniture by yourself, and always have someone helping you. 

Will The Moving Service Be Done With Your Own Truck Or Outsourced?

This may seem like an unnecessary question because as long as the job is done, it doesn’t matter. However, this is isn’t the case, as it isn’t advisable to use companies without their own trucks. Always use a company with their own trucks, because you can be sure they will take care of the damages in the advent of any.

How Many People Will Be Involved In The Move?

It is important to note the number of people involved in the movement of your furniture. This singular piece of information tells you how efficient the process will be, especially if you have a lot of furniture. It, also, affects the estimated cost, as the personnel will be commissioned.

Where Is Your Company Located?

Most of the time, a lot of individuals work with companies without actually knowing their physical location. It is always advisable to work with a company that has a physical location that you can report to, in case of an emergency. This way you can hold someone accountable in case of damages.

When Will The Delivery Process Be Final?

Knowing the possible delivery date can help you plan around that time effectively. Plus, if it doesn’t work for your, then you can ask if it can be adjusted.


Hiring top furniture movers can reduce your stress and ensure that you know exactly what you’re getting into with the processes. Search for movers that meet your needs and your budget, along with having a solid reputation. In the long run, you will be better able to plan out the details of moving your furniture to your new place with ease.

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