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We make customer service and experience a moving priority. Move with the freedom to enjoy your relocation without stress & headaches.

Pricing Van Lines treats every single move like its own – with care and love.


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What You Should & Want to Know About Us

Pricing Van Lines is a leader in state to state resident and commercial moves. With humble beginnings and big dreams that grew and became a reality, we started out as a top American local mover and expanded. Pricing Van Lines maintains a full service nationwide moving and brokerage company, continuing to relocate American homes and businesses with pride and service at the heart of its operations.

Hard Work Pays Off

Some people work hard, and others work smart. We do both and deliver the absolute best customer service and moving experience. Our team makes the extra effort and will walk the extra mile, carry your heavy load, and truly go above and beyond to provide a fun and fantastic moving experience. The customer knows best is a motto we think offers words to live by. Your success is our success. Your successful move is our successful move.

Commercial & Residential Moving Expertise

The logistics for residential and commercial moves require the experienced hands of an expert mover, insightful and genuinely knowledgeable, skilled and with a strong and strategic crew. We’ve got it all. Pricing Van Lines serves clients with heartfelt care, so your move gets the best of everything from an experienced hand and labor, to innovative technology and solutions to ensure a smooth and safe move.

Your move will be handled with care, organized, and transported with the utmost of attention and professionalism. We ensure all movers abide by FMCSA regulations and connect you with authorized residential and commercial movers. Prices are defined by our movers and their set tariff listing, accessible to all customers for review upon request, so you can easily understand quotes and prices.