Cheapest Cross Country Movers of 2022

Finding the right and cheapest cross-country movers for your needs is one of the most important factors to make your long-distance move a success.
Cheapest Cross Country Movers of 2022

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Cross-country moving can be complicated with the transport of furniture, valuables, electronics, personal items and everything you need to relocate with comfort and ease. 

Hiring one of the best cross-country movers that’s fully licensed and meets regulations is critical for successful long-distance moves. Some long-distance moves involve serious distances that extend as far as 3000 miles. 

Finding the right mover to help you relocate from one end of the country to the next can be simple or stressful.

We can help.


Hire the Best and Cheapest Cross Country Mover

Staying organized, sticking to a plan, and logistics are all critical to the success of your move. Using a carefully researched moving guide designed and prepared by our experts is a great solution to help with your long-distance move.

Pricing Van Lines researched the best long-distance movers nationwide, based on customer reviews and deep data drill downs, so finding the right local or long-distance mover is easy and fast.

Top 3 Recommended Cross Country Movers

Arpin Van Lines - Top 3 Recommended Cross Country Movers
FlatRate Moving - Top 3 Recommended Cross Country Movers
Bekins - Top 3 Recommended Cross Country Movers

Our team of experts dedicates hours of research to creating lists of the best cross-country moving companies. The benefits are clear: save time and avoid stressful situations, while we make your move a fun and easy experience.

Our guides provide details to make your move seamless, safe, and fun:

  • General availability of the best local or long-distance movers for your needs
  • Quality of services from the top local and long-distance moving companies
  • Delivery, packing, and accessorial services, plus all moving costs involved
  • Reliability and reputation of movers based on real customer reviews & data
  • A close-up look at the industry’s best kept and most valuable secrets
  • A list of only licensed and regulated top moving companies

Compare The Best Cross-Country Movers

Company Name Company Type Local and Long-Distance Moves Offers Auto Shipping
Arpin Van Lines Van line              Yes           Yes
FlatRate Moving Van line              Yes           Yes
Bekins Van line              Yes           Yes
Mayflower Transit Van line              Yes           No
Atlas Van Lines Van line              Yes           Yes
Graebel Van line              Yes           No
United Van Lines Van line              Yes           Yes
North American Moving Services Van line and brokerage              Yes           Yes
Wheaton Worldwide Moving Van line              Yes           Yes
Stevens Worldwide Van Lines Van line              Yes           Yes

Top 10 Cheapest Cross-Country Movers of 2022

Check out this researched list of the best and cheapest cross country movers in the industry and find the perfect fit for your moving needs:

1. Arpin Van Lines
2. FlatRate Moving
3. Bekins
4. MayFlower Transit
5. Atlas Van Lines
6. Graebel
7. United Van Lines
8. North American Moving Services
9. Wheaton Worldwide Moving
10. Stevens Worldwide Van Lines

With the right researched insights on moving, relocation can be a fun and enjoyable experience. We researched the industry’s leading local and long-distance movers, creating a list of the 65 best long-distance movers, rated by nearly 15,500 customers.

Our experts looked at details like meeting license and regulation requirements, real customer quotes and experiences, services movers offer, and read reviews of the best cross-country moving companies nationwide. Get the filtered list of this year’s best cross-country movers, pre-screened based on all of the above credentials.

Arpin Van Lines - Top 10 Cheapest Cross Country Moving Companies of 2021's

1. Arpin Van Lines


Rated one of the most reliable movers, Arpin offers a range of innovative moving concepts in their list of services.

With a century, (yes 100 years), of valuable experience in the moving industry, Arpin grew their reputation as one the most trusted local and long-distance American movers with a 92% customer quality and satisfaction rate, (based on a poll conducted by the International Association of Movers [IAM]).

Rated highly for their logistics and innovative approach to moving with a reduced carbon footprint and lowered energy usage, Arpin’s environmentally friendly take on moving easily makes them a mover of choice.



FlatRate Moving - Top 10 Cheapest Cross Country Moving Companies of 2021's

2. FlatRate Moving


Flatrate Moving is a world-class local and long-distance mover, with secure storage facilities and international relocation services.

With a range of all-inclusive options for local or long-distance moving needs, Flatrate Moving is a leader in the industry, even offering international relocation services.

Some benefits Flatrate Moving offers include:

  • Storage facilities with innovative and advanced technology, humidity and temperature control
  • Protection for all your belongings across the globe
  • On-demand pickups, door-to-door delivery
  • Domestic and international shipping for even the most complex moves
  • A range of services increasing their added value as a top mover



Bekins - Top 10 Cheapest Cross Country Moving Companies of 2021's

3. Bekins


Bekins Moving Solutions is a key player in the American moving industry, reliable and offering exceptional services, using the latest technology to cope with logistics.

A cutting-edge GPS system allows customers to track the location of items and valuables in transit. Bekins has an excellent reputation for customer service, so communicating with them is simple. Plus, they attend to customer concerns efficiently.



Mayflower - Top 10 Cheapest Cross Country Moving Companies of 2021's

4. MayFlower Transit


Mayflower transit was founded in 1927, with nearly 100 years in the moving industry, a veteran American local and long-distance mover.

Delivering exceptional local and long-distance moving services, MayFlower’s dedication to a personalized moving experience means honesty, integrity, and caring for your move is a top priority. They are not only one of the cheapest cross country movers, but also one of the most thorough when it comes to the range of services they offer.

Fully licensed to move businesses and facilities cross-country, Mayflower Transit defines quality moving services for nearly ten decades for all the right reasons.



Atlas Van Lines - Top 10 Cheapest Cross Country Moving Companies of 2021's

5. Atlas Van Lines


Atlas Van Lines has over 3,000 fleet trucks, moving businesses and families nationwide, with the exception of Rhode Island and Nevada.

With exceptional services and minimal customer complaints, Atlas Van Lines delivers excellent quality customer service.



Graebel - Top 10 Cheapest Cross Country Moving Companies of 2021's

6. Graebel


Graebel’s moving services address commercial mobility and relocation services for businesses locally and internationally.

They offer seamless workforce and workplace mobility, empowering global businesses in diverse industries with local and international moving services, including various Fortune 500 and Global 100 companies. Organizations can focus on business strategy to optimize productivity. Graebel boasts 96% customer satisfaction rates, end-to-end moving solutions, global moving solutions, and exceptional service.



United Van Lines - Top 10 Cheapest Cross Country Moving Companies of 2021's

7. United Van Lines


United Van Lines’ local and long-distance moving services include auto transport, with a strong international community and following, plus reputable clients. Storage facilities are tested and certified, known for excellent customer service based on real customer reviews.



North American Van Lines - Top 10 Cheapest Cross Country Moving Companies of 2021's

8. North American Moving Services


North American Van Lines has been in the moving industry since 1933, with over 500 agents located in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

They offer exceptional moving services in local households, long-distance, and corporate moving. Experienced agents help with loading, packing, and transporting belongings wherever you or your business is located.



Wheaton World Wide Moving - Top 10 Cheapest Cross Country Moving Companies of 2021's

9. Wheaton Worldwide Moving


Wheaton Worldwide Moving brings 70 years of experience to the industry, offering ball-park quotes and a non-binding commitment to estimates, with the budget and cost of your move based on demands and location.

With over 1000 fleet vans, Wheaton delivers household and corporate moving services internationally, plus niche relocation for military and specialized moving services and more.

Wheaton Worldwide Moving delivers reliability and expertise to handle all moves professionally.



Stevens Worldwide - Top 10 Cheapest Cross Country Moving Companies of 2021's

10. Stevens Worldwide Van Lines


Stevens Worldwide Van Lines is a veteran mover with 110 years of experience, moving American households and corporations cross country with trained and professional staff and service.

Tracking items in transit is simplified and safe through the service professional, providing customers with peace of mind.



The Following Table Displays the Cheapest Cross-Country Movers

No.Cheapest Cross Country MoversWebsite
1.Arpin Van
5.Atlas Van
7.United Van
8.North American Moving
9.Wheaton Worldwide
10.Stevens Worldwide Van

How Much Does A Cross-Country Move Cost?

Finding one of the cheapest cross country movers to meet your demands is simple. Stay informed with accurate quotes for the cost of your relocation using a quote calculator. There are no general prices, only specific, personalized estimates based on your needs so you can find one of the best cross country movers in the industry.

Various factors will define moving costs, but with great moving hacks, tips, and tricks, you can reduce moving prices the smart way. Get a list of the cheapest cross country movers for your needs and discover what moving simple and smart means. Let’s first look at the three most common methods to transport your home or business with a cross-country mover.

Fairly standard, but important to note, you can move your home or business by:

  1. Renting a vehicle and/or trailer to haul your move – the DIY style relocation
  2. Container service to transport a large amount and heavy load of goods
  3. Hiring a professional local or long-distance mover, reliable, experienced, and licensed to meet local and federal regulations

Note: costs indicated are based on a three-bedroom move that is moderately furnished, with a relocation distance of roughly 1500 miles.

  • The DIY (Do It Yourself) approach with the truck, U-Haul (common choice in America) or rented trailer cost about $3,000.
  • Moving with a container can be a less taxing and easier option, but costs around $4,500.
  • Hiring professional movers with full moving services will cost about $1,000per room, but the price varies based on the size of your move and the number of belongings to move from each room.

Some moves involve endless belongings to transport, while other moves are easier with fewer items to relocate, reducing labor and costs.

Get an accurate moving quote by consulting with a professional mover about your personal needs and what’s involved in your local or long-distance move. Finding the cheapest cross country movers that will serve your particular moving needs is easier and faster than ever before.

What’s The Average Cost A DIY Cross-Country Move?

Average Cost to do A Self-Move Across the Country?

A DIY (Do It Yourself) move might appear to be less costly than hiring a mover, but the time, physical labor and energy invested could cost you more than a few extra pennies to hire a professional mover. Renting a moving truck or trailer can seem about $3,000 cheaper than moving containers or professional moving companies. But time is money, and we all have our limits when it comes to time. Getting a list of the cheapest cross country movers doesn’t always mean they’re the best option.

If you’re really just moving a few easy items, the DIY option might be worthwhile. But keep in mind that a safe, simple and cost-effective move that the cheapest cross country movers can offer may or may not save you time, hassles, money and headaches. It’s not just price – it’s about the services they offer.

We all know how stressful moving can be, and long-distance moves are no exception. Hiring an experienced mover can reduce stress, while also make packing and moving easier and more efficient. Some of the most affordable movers will also provide storage services, and can take care of all the dirty work and hassles you have to handle with a demanding move.

Cross-country moves often require careful packing, shipping and care to transport items safely. While we might think we’ll save a buck with the DIY approach, a broken vase, piano or damaged valuable item will prove us wrong in the end. Provide your home or business with the right care required for your move just by hiring a professional, licensed and legit mover.

Read the complete guide on the average cross-country moving cost.

Average Cost of a DIY Move Renting A Truck

U-Haul is one of the most well-known moving truck rental companies nationwide, with a vast number of fleet vehicles, particularly designed to service a DIY move. Rentals range from pickup trucks to proper moving vehicles, servicing everything from smaller moves to those filling 26ft moving trucks for three to four-bedroom house moves.

Claiming to be one of the cheapest cross country movers or moving options with a price tag of $19.95 on the side of their trucks, U-Haul uses smart marketing but may not be the most efficient vehicle or service for your move.

A long-distance move from Florida to New York with approximately a 1,365-mile relocation and quick stops along the way could amount to costs similar to those listed in the table below:

Truck size

House size

Final total


1 bedroom



2 bedroom



3 bedroom



4 bedroom



5 bedroom


The Average Cost of Moving a Container

Moving container services are a common option for self-service moves, but they only offer some of the benefits professional and affordable cross country movers provide at roughly $4500.

While self-service moving might seem like you’re saving it might not actually be your best option to move artwork, a large TV, or items that require special care.

To sum up, container services can be useful but they don’t offer the same services a local or long-distance mover can offer, and certainly are not a replacement for the best full-service local or long-distance mover for your needs. Getting a list of the cheapest cross country movers that meet your needs is simple and straight forward. Find the ideal mover for you now.

Average Cost of Professional Moving Companies

Some people find themselves spending over $7,500 on professional movers depending on the size of their home, the number of possessions, accessorial and packing services required, and of course, the distance involved. The cost for your move can reach $1,000 per room, including planning the move all the way to making the move happen on the big day.

Most national moving companies will provide checklists, while others will offer packing services and accessorial services for the transport of valuables, heavy, bulky, or items requiring special care and accessibility.

Cross-country moving companies can offer increased protection and packing supplies when needed, with handy bubble wrap, packing paper, boxes, heavy-duty masking or scotch tape, all to make sure your move is handled carefully and professionally.

Some local and long-distance movers will make sure you get premium storage services to help you prevent clutter when unpacking your new home. And while you might spend a bit more money on a professional mover, the peace of mind you gain is priceless. Local and long-distance movers that really know their stuff are both dedicated and experienced. So, the service you gain and the quality and dedication to ensuring your move is easy and fun makes hiring a professional mover worth the cost.

Hiring a professional mover is usually the most common choice for a lot of people. And while it could appear to be the more expensive option to get your home or business from one location to the other, your household and business goods will be handled with care. Don’t forget that movers run their business for word-of-mouth recommendations, great online reviews, and have their own reputation to maintain. If their services don’t meet your needs or fail to be just what you’re in need of to make your move easy and straightforward, their brand and reputation are at stake too.

Most moving costs vary and depend on the weight of goods and items being moved. So if you’re relocating 1,000 miles you can expect the following prices on average or as a rough estimate:

Move size



$1,000 and $2,000

2- bedroom

$2,500 and $4,000


$6,500 and $9,000

5 Ways to Choose the Best Cross-Country Movers

5 Ways to Choose the Best Cross Country Movers

Choosing the right cross-country movers for your relocation can be challenging because a lot of factors come into play in making a final decision.

Some of the things to consider are how safely your belongings will be transported, the experience of the moving company, and added value services and rates. Also, you have to be sure if the company you decide to use has a proper insurance policy in place. All these are some of the things to consider.

Check out five important ways to choose the best cross country moving company.

1. Years of Experience:

Experience in any line of business can never be overemphasized, it cannot be bought in the market. Hence, one major thing to consider in your selection process is years of experience.

You need to know how many years of consistent delivery of quality services the company has in its kitty. You can find out this by reading reviews from people who have employed the services of the company in the past.

There are several companies in the moving industry that have span over 50 – 100 years. Do your research about these companies and choose the one that will best serve you based on what you want.

2. Licensing:

Make sure the moving company you want to engage is licensed, this will save you from any form of regret. The company should have a US DOT number, the DOT number is a unique license number that the United States Department of Transportation issues to registered moving companies.

Also, go a step further to verify if the mover’s DOT number is a valid one by searching for it on the US DOT database. If the moving company is licensed, then it means they are regulated and they will be mindful of safeguarding their reputation in the way they deal with their clients.

3. Insurance:

To ensure you are safe with your moving company, you need to make sure the company is insured in case of any eventuality. You can verify if the company is insured on the same site where you checked for their license number.

Avoid using a company that does not have a proper insurance policy in place. Make sure your personal belongings are covered during a move under your renter’s or homeowners’ policy. If it is not covered, then you might have to review your options.

Pro Tip

When talking about insurance with your relocation company, make sure you ask about deductibles. This is the amount paid by consumers out of pocket before the mover is obligated to cover for any insurance. Some movers have a deductible before paying any insurance claim. So, for instance, if the deductible amount is $500, and the moving company breaks an item worth below $500, you might not have the money to fix it.

pro tips

4. Check for Online Reviews:

The best way to judge performance is through antecedent, checking for what people are saying about the moving company. Check the company rating on Better Business Bureau (BBB), if their rating is fine on this external platform, then you can count on the company.

You can also check reviews and ratings of moving companies on social media platforms such as Citysearch, TrustLink, and Yelp; this will give you a good view of people’s experience with the moving company.

5. Review Rates:

Having a good understanding of the company’s cost and discounts, low rates were don’t always amount to a fair final billing of the entire service rendered. Study the different rates available for local, long-distance, international, and corporate relocation depending on your needs.

Make sure you ascertain if fuel charges are incorporated, check their rates for each season; do they offer better rates if you are moving over the weekend? What is their rate if you are move during the week? All these are some of the questions you should be asking while going through the rates.

If you can put all these factors together, then you are guaranteed to have a seamless relocation.

Tips to Organize Your Cross-country Move

Cross Country Moving Tips to Keep You Organized

There are many essential tasks to tackle when planning long-distance relocation. To give you a good start, we’ve compiled tips for relocating across the country, which will help you keep your sanity. 

1 Give Yourself Time

Starting early is the most important thing to do when getting ready for a move. Ensure you have many additional times for your move if possible. Avoid underestimating the time it will take you to plan and pack up everything for your moving day.

Normally, about eight weeks to your move is a good time to start packing. It will also give you a calm feeling and light-headedness all through the move.   

2. Reduce the Load as much as you can

If you plan to hire a mover, then you should know that your interstate moving cost much depends on the weight of your load. This implies that the farther you move, the more you will pay.

You certainly want to save money as much as you can, understanding that interstate move costs thousands of dollars. To reduce the stuff, we recommend donating neatly used load to Habitat for HumanityGoodwill, and Salvation Army. You can also sell some of your stuff through an online marketplace or local consignment store. 

3. Get Quotes from at least 3 or 4 Moving Companies

Moving prices and services vary from one mover to another. Contact at least three moving companies to make a moving quote comparison before you hire one of them for your moving job. Click here for relevant questions you can ask your movers during the interview.

Pro Tip

While you are checking different companies out, remember to find out available discounts. Moving discounts from AAA are open to members, and some movers provide cheaper rates at selected times of the year (mostly during their less busy seasons, like winter).

pro tips

4. Confirm a Moving Company is Licensed and Insured

One of the things you want to avoid is hiring a dishonest moving company. The good news is, you can easily fish out moving scams if you know the right thing to look for. Aside from the ridiculously low moving quotes, dishonest movers are almost certainly not licensed or insured.

To know for sure if a mover is licensed, run their USDOT number through the FMCSA’s database. Discover the moving company’s insurance status as well by requesting relevant documentation. Failure to provide you with these documents can only mean one thing, so run from them. 

5. Go through Customer Reviews and Movers’ Ratings

Be sure to read reviews and ratings before you select a mover to hire. You can access reviews on our Moving Company Directory where you will find customer reviews on over 600 movers across the nation.

You will find the moving company’s USDOT number, fleet size, moving services, BBB rating, membership status of the company with any association such as the American Moving & Storage Association, and any official complaints filed against the company with the FMCSA.

6. Think of renting a Portable Moving Container

Renting a portable moving container is a popular and nice alternative to hiring a professional moving service for your cross country move. These moving containers can also be used as storage pods and come in handy to those who cannot escape storage at any point on their move. U-Haul’s U-Boxes, PODS, U-Pack ReloCubes from ABF, and 1-800-PACK-RAT are the most popular moving container companies.

7. Choose a Moving Method

You surely need to pick a method which you will follow to get all your belongings to your new home. There are many available options. You may decide to pack and haul your items to your cross country home using your vehicle. However, this might be impossible if you own large furniture or much quantity of belongings you are moving.

These items may not fit in your vehicle based on the size, and you will be driving several miles. A moving truck or vehicle rental may be another option you consider. This may give you the opportunity to move with everything you own just in one moving truck regardless of the size of your furniture or the number of your belongings.

Lastly, moving professionals are another option. Your entire household goods will be moved to another part of the country by professional state to state moving companies without putting you through any stress.

Although the final option is considered the easiest, make sure you research multiple professional movers to get yourself the best deal. 

8. Note the Condition of your Possessions

We recommend taking photos or making videos of your belongings as you pack them up to have a record of their conditions at the start of the move. This will give you enough evidence to show in case it gets damaged while in the care of your movers. This could be helpful when filing a claim and seeking compensation for your items.

9. Think of buying Moving Insurance

Carefully check your options for valuation coverage when hiring a mover. Only a few are being covered by the free, basic protection offered by the moving company.

Consider getting the Full Value Protection if you see the need to get more protection for your valuables as it holds the moving company responsible for paying the exact cash worth of your belongings. You can also buy moving insurance from a third-party insurance provider if you need comprehensive coverage other than the FVP.

10. Pack a Bag for Moving Day Essentials

It is very important to pack a bag for moving essentials to have it beside you all through the move. This bag should contain essential items that will be used in the days before the move and a few days after the move.

These might include toiletries, baby necessities, wallets, a tool kit, toilet paper, clothing, toothbrushes, paper towels, medications, extra shoes, trash bags, pet food, and bottled water. Collate a comprehensive list of items to pack in your essential bag before starting packing. 

11. Get Moving

Now, you are set for the big move after successfully handling the steps above. You will need to plan your logistics for a DIY move carefully. Think of the routes you will be passing and the fuel costs. You will also need to prevent yourself from bodily injury when moving large boxes around.

You don’t have to worry about all of the vital moving tasks as it will be handled by your hired moving professionals. You just need to find your own way to your new home either by flight or driving your vehicle.

You must learn to remain composed as your moving day approaches. We recommend hiring professional movers as it’s the best choice for your cross country move.

12. Inspect Belongings for Damage after the Move

Make sure you carefully inspect your belongings as it is being unpacked, especially bulky items like antiques, furniture, and China. You may have the right to file a claim and receive compensation for your items that got damaged or broken in transit. Make sure you carefully make a comparison of the conditions of your belongings to the photos or videos you took before the move.

Pro Tip

Compile a moving checklist that will keep you focused and plan a moving budget for all the things you will need to pay for, such as tips, deposits, and gas. Making many plans as early as possible can help keep your move budget-friendly and stress-free.

pro tips

Frequently Asked Questions About Cross Country Movers

How can I find genuine reviews of moving companies online? 

There are plenty of resources online to help you find the best movers for your budget. Many of these resources have hundreds of reviews from previous customers, and if you can find reviewers bragging about how affordable and easy their move was, then you know you might be dealing with a great company.

Check social media sites such as Facebook, and business review sites, like Yelp, the Better Business Bureau, and Google My Business reviews to find even more customer reviews.

How can I find the cheapest cross country movers? 

The best bet to find the most affordable movers in your area is to give them a call and tell them your situation. Let them know how far you’re moving, what services you require, and the budget you’re working with. Get more than one estimate, too, and then you can compare each estimate given and find the one that works best for the budget that you have in mind. 

Is it possible to negotiate a lower price? 

When you’re planning something like a move, you have a lot of things to juggle at the same time. Sticking to a budget can be difficult if something unexpected comes up. If you need a lower price than estimated, you can always ask your movers if a lower price can be negotiated. You’d be surprised to see how many of the cheapest cross movers might be ready to work with you. Just remember, it never hurts to ask.

What is a binding estimate?

If you’re looking at any sort of estimate, you will discover that a binding estimate is one of the most common options that you’ll find. In short, a binding estimate is an estimate from your movers that they have to be within a certain range of – typically, 10 to 15 percent. This prevents them from being able to overcharge you after your move has been completed.

How soon do I need to hire a cross counrty moving company?  

As soon as you have a moving date, you want to start getting everything in motion, including your connection with a cross country mover. The sooner that you are able to get your moving details set up and scheduled, the better prices than you’ll get, and the more likely it that you can find a company to actually work it out for you.

What costs do I need to know about to make cross-country move easy and fast?

Not only do you need to consider how much your movers will cost, but you also want to be certain that you’re going to be able to take care of things like gas, hotel stays, food, and whatever else that you’re going to need while you’re traveling. Finding the cheapest cross country movers nationwide is one thing, but you’ll want to consider every aspect of your move before committing to one provider.

Also, have some extra money on hand so that you can pay for tolls and other charges that may come up on the way to your new home. In short, the cost of your move extends beyond what movers cost – there are other costs that you want to budget for.

What is a tariff?

In short, tariffs are complete lists of everything related to what a motor carrier of household goods offers. This includes any regulations, rules related to how you move, the services that they offer, and any additional charges related to the work involved. When dealing with a cross country move, ensure that movers are required to provide you with the information that you find in a tariff.

You can always check out the tariff ahead of time and ask any questions that you may have about the process. Tariffs also apply to moving companies that are staying within the same state, but they often have fewer details and lower costs associated with them. Your movers should have the knowledge to help explain it all to you.

Should I purchase insurance?

Most moving companies are going to require you to have some sort of moving insurance for your move. Not only does this protect your stuff, but it protects them in case something goes wrong and liability becomes an even bigger concern for them and for you. The company has its own insurance (both business and liability insurance) to protect them in case someone were to sue them.

If you are concerned about the cost of your move, you may want to talk to your home insurance company about your options. There are some home insurance companies that also offer moving insurance at a lower rate if you an existing policy set up with them. Your mover may have discounted insurance if you buy directly from them, or you can compare prices and find what is most affordable.

Should I move myself? 

It all depends on your situation. In some cases, you may find that it’s easier and/or more affordable to deal with your move by yourself. But, in other instances, you may notice that it’s hard to get everything packed, loaded, hauled, and unpacked without some extra help. So, while it may reduce the costs that you’re looking at, it may not be worth it if you’re feeling stressed out or anxious about the process. Finding a list of the cheapest cross country movers is simple and fast with the right online solution.


Looking for quality moving companies can be difficult on a budget. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be all that hard. When you know how much money you’re working with for your move, finding a moving company that can fit what you have to spend is just a matter of looking around, getting estimates, and finding a company that can work with you.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to get a budget-friendly move underway as soon as possible.

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