Average Cost To Move Furniture Out of State

Summary: Moving a piece of furniture out of state costs $600 on average, with a typical range of $400 to $2,000. The total depends on the number of pieces you are moving, the size, and distance. Compare furniture shipping options and find out how to calculate the cost.
Average Cost To Move Furniture Out Of State

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Some moves don’t require packing up the whole house. Some people only decide to pack their furniture items and a few moving boxes that contain personal items that may be costly to ship based on the services meant for larger moves.

Your moving budget can be quickly affected by what you move and what you don’t. You might find the option of buying new furniture at your new address more cost-effective in some situations.

A lot of decisions are required when planning to embark on a long-distance. Hence, there are certain questions you need to ask yourself to be certain of making the right decision.

Should you go for a moving container or hire a professional mover?

Should you transport all your furniture, few, or buy a new one?

Should you relocate during the winter or summer?

You will get the answer to the second question in this write-up. However, the answer is not general and is specific to your moving needs. The features of the move, the actual furniture, and your specifications will decide whether you should move your old furniture or buy new ones.

Lastly, you will be able to make the right call for your budget and for the large piece of furniture when you know the cost of moving a sofa to another home, starting from $70 up to a few hundred dollars. So, let us find out the cost of moving furniture. 

Should you even move your Furniture at all?

The basic question is if you should even consider moving your furniture at all. It is normal for you first to want to know the cost of moving a couch so you can easily decide whether moving the large and heavy piece to another home will be worth it.

You can run simple calculations to determine if the entire stress and cost involved in moving your furniture will be financially worth it when you know the cost to move your furniture item. 

Also, you should endeavor to tackle this with another approach: firstly, find out if there is any sense in moving your furniture without considering the moving cost, and then run the results of your evaluation against the average or exact cost to relocate a couch on a short or long distance. Make the best decision for your moving budget by first asking yourself a few questions that should point you in the right direction:

What is the value of the furniture to you? How much did you pay to acquire it? Was the furniture made by a reputable manufacturer? Did you receive it as a gift from a particular person? Is the furniture antique? Is the furniture well preserved? What is the overall condition of the furniture? If it worn out or a bit broken? Don’t you think it is time to purchase new furniture for the new home?

Handle your initial furniture assessment with no fear of cost in mind. Then immediately you figure out what to do with your furniture, continue reading to know the cost of shipping it to a new home.      

What is the Cost of hauling a Furniture across the Country?

In comparison to moving a furniture short distance, relocating a furniture to another part of the country will be costly because of the long-distance the furniture piece will need to travel before it gets to the destination home.

Also, better protection for your couch will be required, which means, proper packing with protective supplies, in order to get to the new home in good condition. What is the best method to relocate a couch across the country?

Allow experienced and professional furniture movers to handle that complicated task as a DIY move to a long distance is risky and expensive – and should not even be seen as an alternative. So what is the cost of moving a furniture out-of-state?

Moving furniture out of state will cost you an average of $400. However, note that the price given is only an average so that certain factors will determine the actual price you will pay to move your furniture to another state. These factors include:

  • Move distance: The number of miles between the origin and destination will determine the costs of transportation, which affects the cost of moving service.
  • Weight: Your state to state mover may charge you the additional cost if your furniture is too heavy.
  • Dimensions: The larger furniture takes more space on the moving truck, making it more difficult to handle by the professionals unless they consider it necessary to disassemble the furniture to make handling easier and transportation safer. 
  • Condition: You may be charged more if your furniture is an antique and is very fragile because of its age as the movers will need additional measures to provide more protection for the valuable furniture piece while in transit.
  • Delivery period: The cost of moving your furniture to another state will be affected by the timeline you give your moving company. You will be charged more if you need an expedited furniture shipping. However, suppose you are not in a rush to have your furniture delivered to your new home, you can go for the shared shipment moving where the furniture movers will combine various shipments, including your own, in an effort to reduce the overall cost considerably. 

Hire a State to State Mover

You definitely want to know how much the service of state to state movers you choose to hire for your furniture move to another apartment across the state, or a nearby city within the same state will cost you.

If you are moving just your couch, we suggest you contact many small shipment movers, inform them of the dimensions of your furniture item and obtain a price quote from them. You can send them a photograph of your furniture through an email to offer you an accurate cost estimate. 

If your couch is traveling with some other furniture items and a lot of moving boxes, you should remember that movers charge hourly rates.

In general, local movers cost an average of between $80 and $100 by the hour for two movers. Additional costs may apply for furniture disassembly and handling of bulky items where applicable.  

Calculating your own Furniture Moving Rates

Certainly, comparing the cost of shipping your furniture to buying a new one is not really that straightforward. Many people own much furniture that will be shipping more than a piece.

The quantity of items you own is a good place to start estimating your shipping rates. For instance, someone moving a two to three-bedroom apartment will likely have moving boxes to fill a studio. You can estimate the pricing using a moving cost calculator for a studio apartment. 

Then remove the cost from the complete size of your home, and the estimate you are left with will be more reasonable. Generally, relocating a studio to a city that is 1,000 miles away will cost about $1,500, while it cost a minimum of $3,500 for a two-bedroom home.

The $2,000 difference is almost similar to shipping five to seven pieces of furniture, although it drops with more belongings. So, this probably means that the moving truck routes become cheaper when moving more furniture items.

This cost is also based on the assumption that you will hire moving help, whether a boutique or van shippers. Else, you decide to haul the rest of your household items in a car, then leaving your furniture behind will be cheaper as there is no way to wrap it into the cost of moving with a car.   


Is moving your furniture really practical?

If you’ve used your money’s worth out of your furniture, then moving it may not worth the cost. The risk of causing damage to older furniture during the move is higher. You may have to end up buying new furniture to replace the damaged one while disposing of the damaged furniture (which you just paid to move) away at your new home.

Then you have to consider how your old furniture item will in your new home. Be sure you have a clear understanding of the new room layouts and where you will place your old furniture items. 

Measure and carefully think about how the old furniture pieces will be arranged in the new space. In addition, do not forget interior design. Will the old furniture not be conflicting with the interior design at the new place? You may have to find another place for your old recliner as it won’t match in your contemporary new living space.  

What is the cost of relocating furniture to a new state?

As stated by the American Moving and Storage Association, moving a household to another state costs about $4,300 on a distance of 1,225 miles. Moving within the state costs about $2,300 with four movers earning $200 per hour. The two average moving costs are mainly for shipment of 7,400 pounds. 

Should I ship my old furniture or buy a new one?

Considerably, local moves are cheaper than interstate or long-distance moves, so hauling your old furniture items to your new home will likely be cheaper than purchasing new items. The overall cost of a cross-country move will be determined by the weight of your loads. 

During my move, should I empty drawers?

A moving dresser may become unsafe when you add extra weight. Allow the clothes to stay in the drawers if you carry them out or consider leaving them there all through the move if you are short on space or moving boxes. Do not leave fragile, loose, or valuable items in the drawers.  


Generally, your furniture movers will personalize the cost of relocating furniture across the country to match your furniture piece’s actual specifications. Obtain furniture moving quotes from several reputable long-distance movers to haul your couch to another part of the country.

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