How Much Does it Cost to Hire Local Moving Company?

Summary: When moving locally, the average moving cost is around $300 to $1,250, depending on the size and distance of the move. Local movers do charge hourly or flat-rate. Compare moving costs and find the right move option for you.
Costs Of Local Moving Company

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There is no small relocation; either local or state to state move. Now that you’ve decided to relocate, we wish you the best. Everyone needs some change at some points in our lives.

Even though relocation is not something to be done every day, it is sometimes the perfect solution. Reasons to move are not the same, but there is a constant reason – moving is a challenging endeavor.

One of the challenging parts of moving is how to calculate your moving cost. You can effectively plan your finances when you know in advance the cost of your local move.

Allocating a certain amount of money for your relocation would make you hate the need to pay more than you budgeted. 

This article is written to provide some useful insights about the cost to expect for local moves. Hiring a good moving company can be a hard task for some people.

This is very necessary since it is really important to hire a good moving company. So, what do you understand by the local move, and what does it cost for a local move? 

What is a Local Move?

A local move is any move that doesn’t exceed 50 or, in some cases, 100 miles within a state. A minimum of two movers and a moving truck is required to perform a local move.

It will not be reasonable for moving companies to send less than two movers. There is no way a single mover can physically load large household items or heavy stuff into the moving truck and unload them at the new home.

That is why the majority of moving companies send a moving truck with a minimum of two moves. The question now is – how much does it cost?

What Does It Cost Averagely For A Local Move?

What Does It Cost Averagely For A Local Move?

Although each case presents its own cost, you can get an average estimate for a move. According to the American Moving and Storage Association, the estimated and most reliable estimate was given based on their data that a local move for a household is around $2,300.

The calculation is done for the most popular situation of hiring four movers at the cost of $200 for each hour. An average of 7,400 pounds was calculated as weight.

This is now based on your home’s size, which includes the number of items you own. Try and obtain a free moving quote so you can have an estimation of the cost of your local move.

How Does Local Moving Cost Determine?

Generally, you need to obtain a flat cost per hour for your local move. However, certain factors affect the entire thing. One of the major factors is the number of movers that you will need for the entire move.

Then, there are additional services that are charged extra. For example, you may need assistance packing to pay extra for the service, for instance, moving a piano. Not all moving companies can or willing or qualified to relocate a piano.

Extra fees will be charged by moving companies that offer piano moves.

Also, several possible problems may be encountered that may increase the cost of a local move. If you live on the 8th floor and the elevator is not operable, that could cause the movers a lot of problems, and they would significantly increase the cost.

Disassembling and reassembling of furniture items are also other services that could increase the cost. You only need to ask the representative of the moving company to point you to the additional services needed for your type of move.

If there are any, make sure they are all added in the moving cost.

Hourly vs. Flat-Rate Estimates

There are 2 types of moving estimates that give you an insight into the cost of your local move – hourly rate or a flat rate. Note that the two cases could see supplies like boxes charged separately.

The hourly moving estimate means that you pay for the exact amount of time spent on your moving task. Remember that, time is often rounded to a quarter or a half an hour.

Here are the average rates-per-hour for local moves as given by Thumbtack: 

  • Two movers with a moving truck at $100 per hour
  • Three movers with a moving truck at $145 per hour
  • Four movers with a moving truck at $190 per hour

The major advantage of a flat rate moving estimate is that your moving cost will be fixed. In this situation, the price is based on the overall volume of the belongings that movers will move. 

Rule Exceptions

Not all out-of-state relocations are made equal. In most cases, if a customer is moving more than 50 miles or less based on the state, the move’s cost will be determined by the weight of their goods.

Just like that of the out-of-state move, rather than being charged an hourly rate, your cost will be based on weight. For instance, the constituent of local hourly-based moves in Pennsylvania is different from that of California’s relocation.

Your moving company should be able to provide an answer to your questions about these distance requirements.

Travel Fees

Remember the travel fees. Those relocating from one city to another should get ready to pay a travel fee alongside your moving cost.

The labor costs and fuel needed for the moving company to travel from one home to another will be covered by the travel fee.

The time it will take for moving companies to move from their storefront to their home is also covered by travel fees.

Since moving companies need to get paid for the time spent on the road. Get ready to pay a travel fee covering at least an hour’s worth of work for a local move. 


Leaving your valuable belongings to complete strangers can cause a lot of anxiety for many reasons. What if your possessions arrive damaged? What if your valuables get broken in transit? Or what if your items didn’t arrive at all? Although uncommon, the damage is sometimes inevitable when relocating from one home to another.

This is why you need to pay closer attention to the type of insurance and the amount your moving company has.
There should be compensation insurance available with your local movers, and offer you proof of all insurance when requested.

Also, alongside valuation coverage, customers are always with the option to buy their own third-party insurance. I suggest you check your homeowner’s insurance for what applies to your move.

You can also take photos of your items prior to your move, in case something gets damaged or missing on the way.

Tips To Get The Best Moving Deal

Tips To Get The Best Moving Deal?

Below are some tips to ensure you are receiving the best local moving deal. 

  • Make advance planning: Avoid placing yourself in a position where you will need to hire movers quickly. You will either be faced with unavailability or higher rates for high demand service.
  • Search for deals: Moving companies will provide seasonal promotions and deals to get new customers during off-seasons. You may get free moving boxes, storage, or discounted rates.
  • Get price matching: If you prefer a mover to another, but the one you prefer is offering a higher price, check if they are open to match the competitors’ price. Also, you need to ask for an explanation of why their price is so different from others. 


You can only confirm your best choice after research, and that is why many people decide to buy a service based on the price. If you have experience in moving, you understand that the actual cost is determined on the completion of the move.

When things go or didn’t go as planned, will your moving company complete the move? Ask the potential movers clarifying questions before you hire.

Your questions will be gladly answered by a professional long distance movers that care a lot about their customers’ experiences so they can make the best decision for your moving needs and budget.  

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