Guide: How Much Does National Move Cost?

Summary: National moves can cost upwards of 4,000 to $7,000, with most people paying around $6,060 to hire a moving company to pack, depending on the size of your house and the number of belongings. Find out how to calculate your moving costs.
How Much Does National Move Cost

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If you plan to relocate cross-country, you will need to contact a cross-country moving company to find out the cost of your move to another part of the country.

Each move presents different circumstances and with different pricing. Your cost will be determined by many factors, but some step is available to reduce the cost.

This guide is very easy and will help you in finding the average price of nationwide moves. The distance of your move, the number of rooms you have in your home, and many other factors such as auto transportation service will determine your estimated moving costs and price.

To get the exact pricing of your move, we suggest you compare each quote and obtain straightforward pricing from movers nearest to you.  

How much is the Average Cost of National or Cross Country Moving?

There are a lot of things involved with a cross country move and its cost, unlike moving from one town to another. Generally, distance, tool roads, hotels, food, and many others will determine the way your moving cost is calculated.

Moving across the nation will cost about $4,000 and $7,000 on about 1,200 miles. The range given is only estimated and can either increase or decrease base on the distance and size of your home.

Many factors can determine the cost of relocation. Also, there are different types of moves that may be priced using certain structures like:

  • Local moves
  • Cross-country moves

Each of these categories has separate factors that may affect the moving price and several basic price ranges. You will understand some guidelines for simple moving pricing and some methods to find out if your moving costs will increase or decrease based on your specific move when you read through this guide. 

National Moving Prices

During a cross country move, few extra considerations exist when calculating the move and its costs. Generally, this includes the distance, and other arising factors when relocating long-distance like a hotel, toll roads, and so on.

A long-distance move will cost an average of $4000 to $7000 for a move of about 1,200 miles. Also, your home’s size and the distance can either increase or decrease this range significantly. 

Local Moving Costs

A local relocation is the cheapest moving service often required by most people. The move implies that movers are only needed for a single day to finish a customer’s move.

A moving crew can complete several moves in a day if they are only moving households with few contents such as 1-2 bedroom apartments; hence, allowing them to charge less expensive rates.

In general, moving an apartment on a short distance can cost anywhere from $800 ton$1200. The number can increase to $2000 and more if the belongings of an entire household are being moved. Some factors could increase the prices of a move. These include: 

  • Too heavy items are costly to move.
  • Belongings that need special or expert handling or packaging are costly to move.
  • Old or fragile belongings may be more expensive.

Moving into tough areas like a multilevel apartment with no elevators when the customer is moving into the top floor is time-consuming and therefore more expensive. 

Packing Cost

Numerous extra services moving companies can provide that is more than just carrying your belongings out of your current house and into your new home.

Packing service is one of the most popularly used services, which is well worth every dollar amount you spend on it. They are offered by the most full-service long distance movers.

You need to remember two costs when hiring packing services from your movers. The costs include materials and labor costs. Just like moving, you should be ready to pay around $25 – $50 per hour for each mover to pack up your furniture item.

The material cost could range from $100 when moving a small 1-bedroom, up to $500 or more to move a multi-bedroom household. 

Getting Insurance for your Belongings with the Moving Company

You surely want to be sure your belongings are covered when a third party is moving them for you. Many reputable movers carry their personal insurance and are capable of offering different types of valuation coverage for their clients. This will help cover for replacement costs of items if they get lost or damaged during transit.

Insurance costs are different based on the type of coverage needed, and the value of your belongings. The best way to figure out the cost of your insurance if you require additional coverage is to contact an insurance professional directly.

Note that if the items you are moving are or contain highly expensive items, you will need to inform them in advance so they can insure them properly before starting the truck. The appraisal process will also attract extra costs.

Top Three Ways to reduce the Average Moving Costs

Now that you know the average costs of a move, you can now calculate your personal moving expenses and get it reduced. Try and fill the moving quote provided on top to obtain a detailed calculation of your moving cost. 

1. Go with Affordable Cross Country Movers

If you plan to work with a moving company, try and read some customer reviews about the moving companies closest to you to be sure the moving specialist you are choosing is reputable.

You can then proceed to make a careful comparison of the offers you received from different moving companies and choose the one that stands out, which doesn’t have to be the lowest offer you received.

You sure have your moving requirements, choose a company that satisfies it, and that comfortably accommodates your budget. Stay away from moving price estimates that are ridiculously lower to the average cost. 

2. Be Smart when Scheduling your Move

The actual moving date you choose for your house relocation is very important but usually underestimated when reducing the cost of your house move. You need to understand that you may not get a good deal for your move when scheduled to hold during a peak-moving season.

This means top-rated moving companies usually offer great moving offers during the off-demand season when these moving companies are often ready to reduce their usual costs to gain more customers. 

3. Travel with only Items you need

The nature of your move will determine if your cost will be lower or higher than the average house moving costs. Just make sure you only travel with items you plan to use more often as you get into the new home.

It is normal to have much clutter in your household after living there for several years. Fortunately, you can seize the time of your next move to dispose of them all at once. 


You now can understand that several variables determine the price of national moves when speaking with a moving company. This shows the importance of the quoting process. The best relocation companies will never offer you an accurate moving quote over the phone.

They may give you basic information about their moving rates and how they calculate their price, but they will have to visit your location and personally inspect it before issuing the final quote. Make sure you do obtain moving quotes from a national moving companies representative when looking to make a budget for the cost of your move. 

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