Key Things To Know Before Moving to Florida (Ultimate Guide)

Summary: What is it actually like living in Florida? What city is best to live in? There are so many questions you should be asking yourself to know whether the city is the best place to move. Read our ultimate guide to moving to Florida to know more about the land.
Moving to Florida in 2019

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Florida is one of the biggest states in the US when it comes to landmass and population. It is reported to be third on the list of most populous in the country and eighth on the most populous states. Thousands of people relocate to Florida monthly. Relocating to Florida, just like other states, is not meant for everyone. Most Americans across the country are relocating to Florida for one reason or the other.

The reason could be to run away from high taxes or to enjoy the nice weather in Florida. Unlike some places in the United States, living in Florida comes with a unique lifestyle. It is not an easy task to relocate to Florida. The best out of state moving companies state that among the many factors to consider when relocating to Florida some key factors include standard schools, quick access to medical care, and vacant job opportunities. If you have never been to a place like Florida, relocating from one state to another can be a great and tedious task. However, this guide discusses all you need to know to achieve a successful move to Florida. We will take to you by hand to ensure you get everything. Read on.

Ultimate Guide to Moving to Florida

Before making your final decision to move to Florida permanently, you have to consider these things regardless of the reasons behind your move.  Compared to what you regularly see in the media such as beaches for old people, there is a lot more to Florida than that. It is generally accepted that Florida is a home of beauty blessed in countless ways. We will also discuss some other parts of Florida.

The Weather

The nickname was given to Florida already points it out to be a less sunshine state. The climate in Florida is sub-tropical, rainstorms are common even though it only lasts for some period, and Florida is often hot most especially during summer. Mild winter is also experienced in Florida while longer winter is experienced in Northern Florida but not that harsh.

Dealing with the weather in Florida, do the following:

  • Make sure you put on sunglasses anytime you go out, most especially, if your skin reacts to the sun quickly. For protection against the harms that come from Sun’s UV rays, women are encouraged to wear hats with a large rim.
  • Avoid choosing an apartment with a faulty or no air conditioning. Also, make sure you have an extra unit kept around to serve as a backup in case of breakdown. You can as well save up some money for future repair when needed, so as not to endure the long heat period. Residents are also encouraged to engage in their daily activities in the morning or evening to avoid the sunshine during the afternoon.
  • Find out if there will be a need for you to vacate your home during hurricanes so that you can prepare, as you are probably new to the place. Make sure you have storm shutters and hurricane kits ready in your home. It is advisable also to get a safe where vital documents and files can be stored in the time of storm.
  • Also, ensure that there is necessary wind damage and flood insurance coverage on the apartment or building you choose

Housing and Cost of Living

When compared with the United States national average, the cost of living in Florida is made affordable. It cost an average of $225,200 to get a house in Florida. Since the average annual income in the state is $52,000, the cost of house can be easily afforded; you can as well afford any other expenses such as kids’ stuff if you also have an earning partner. One huge question that keeps staring at everyone planning to relocate to Florida is whether to rent or buy a house, followed by the kind of house you want such as a townhouse or a family home or a smaller condominium for your small family.

Tips for Renting a House in Florida

  • Kindly note that the number of people relocating to Florida at a particular time of the year influences the housing market in the state. It is advisable to stall your relocation until the off-season to avoid being overcharged for a property, as off-season is the best time to relocate to Florida.
  • Make sure you have it in mind to invest in the apartment you will be living in for the next few years if you are planning to buy a house.
  • However, if you decide to rent a house, ensure you have a good understanding of the rights you have as a tenant when relocating to Florida. You will have the full protection of the law when you have the understanding.


The national unemployment rate is 3.8%, which is higher than that of Florida, which is 3.5%. This means that you have a good chance of getting a job in Florida,as there are many job opportunities around. In Florida, the job you are in to will determine how much you are being paid per hour, but the minimum hourly wage is $10 and can increase to $30.  Electrical technicians, aerospace engineers, construction workers, and tourism workers all have a good chance of securing a job in Florida as their professions are high in demand.

Tips for Getting a Job in the Sunshine State

Although getting a job in Florida is not an easy task, but it is still possible with the tips below:

  • Job applicants are encouraged not to have their address to other states placed on their resume as this may be a great turn-off to the recruiter and leads to their resume being cast aside, even though they may be the most qualified applicant.
  • Be quick to request a Skype call for your first-level interview. Tell them everything they need to know about your relocation to Florida, including the time and date your move will take place. This will give the recruiters more insight, as to the seriousness of the applicant to relocate.
  • Plan a budget that includes your travel expenses as your last interview may require you to be present in person at the venue. Working with a recruitment agency that can help you secure a perfect job that matches your skills and experience is also a great idea.

Cities in Florida

Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville are all examples of the big cities in Florida. Other large cities are:

  • Coral Gables
  • Port St. Lucie
  • Tallahassee
  • The Villages
  • Petersburg
  • Gainesville

Conducting some series of research about various cities that you want to live in Florida before you relocate is a very important step. Put both the merits and demerits of the cities into serious scrutiny, they may help your decision greatly. Each city also has its own culture as well. Note that any city you choose will affect your relocation experience in a great way, either good or bad. Let’s take a look at some top cities of Florida:

1. Jacksonville

Population: 880,619

Average Cost of House: $154,700

Jacksonville is the city with the most population in Florida and one of the biggest cities in the country. Its limits also have many numbers of residents than other nearby cities. Meaning that, you can easily find a friend here, as there are different types of people living here. As the cost of living in Jacksonville is lower than the average in Florida, you can learn more about relocating to this city if you plan to settle in a place with a great culture.

2. Orlando

Population: 277,173

Average Cost of House: $171,000

This city is one of the cities in Florida that is popularly known and attracts visitors the most. It is one of the state’s leading destinations for tourists as well. You will not only get a Fastpass to Disney world at a discounted price if you choose to relocate to Orlando. The location of the city (central) makes your day trip full of breeze.

3. Tampa

Population: 377,165

Average Cost of House: $187,400

You find yourself right in the middle of Tampa Bay Area when you relocate to Tampa. An often-used space for professional sports happens to be one of the many reasons to relocate there. Local restaurants, un-ending festivals, and other attractive sceneries are what you will enjoy in Tampa. Job opportunities here are also at a higher level here.

4. Miami

Population: 453,579

Average Cost of House: $303,000

You definitely have Miami beaches on your list of places to visit during your general spring break as a youth. Life continues even at night in this city as it is very large in capacity. Crime, justice, and poverty are also present here in the city, just as it is in any other cities. Miami has a very unique culture that cannot be compared with any other city in Florida. It is home to Spanish-speaking cultures (such as Cuban, Mexican, and Columbia).

Florida Education

When it comes to how quality public schools can be, there definitely will be a lot of disagreement popularly known by most parents. High schools that are located within the same locality can have their different funding one to another, and this can have a great effect on student’s experience educationally.  You will have to make a decision on which of the schools to send your kids to, whether public or private. Except your local area places students by making use of testing or randomization, your zip code will be the only vital key to sending your children to public school.

Before you choose a neighborhood to live in, do a little digging. Make an inquiry about a potential school’s bilingual programs. Florida is a home for Spanish-Americans; this will come of great benefit if your kids can learn to speak Spanish at a tender age.

Top Florida Universities

  • Hillsborough County Public Schools
  • University of Florida
  • Public School Districts in Florida
  • John’s County School District
  • Florida State University
  • Miami-Dade County Public Schools
  • University of Miami
  • Florida Institute of Technology
  • Duval County Public Schools

Getting around Florida

Navigating the major cities in Florida requires a car. There are many major highways in Florida such as 75 and 95; however, you won’t get bored when stuck in traffic, as there are bridges and skyways such as the bridge of lions, 7-mile Bridge and sunshine skyway that will keep your mind occupied.

A1A is also captivating scenery for driving, as you will pass through many beach towns such as Daytona as the road runs from the eastern part of the state to the West. You will find ocean views when you look outside your car while driving on A1A. This road trip path is the most underrated but one of the best in the country.

The People of Florida

Residents of Florida all come from different places in the world. Some of them are just visitors that came for vacation but later decided to stay because of their love for the place while others have been natives for a very long time. Florida is full of people such as artists, students, surfers, families and snowbirds, people who do their things at their own time and are always open to welcome new residents.

Things to do in Florida

There are many places to explore in Florida, such as the wilderness. The state has rivers, lakes, clear springs, parks and other attractive places apart from the beaches it is popularly known for. Also, you can do any kayaking, golfing, paddle-boarding and swimming at any time you like. You can as well go to Universal Studios and Walt Disney World in Orlando for more fun. For book series fans, Universal’s Harry Potter World and the Magic Kingdom are both fantastic kinds of stuff to spend a day on.


You need to get flood insurance if you are a homeowner in Florida as your normal insurance coverage won’t affect flood. You must purchase insurance coverage that covers flood should there be a flood, as the state is surrounded by water, placing the cities at higher risk of being flooded. Aside from that, any regular insurance plan will be ok.

Moving to Florida Checklist

When moving from one state to another, there are always a great number of tasks to do. Creating a checklist for your items is the best way to get the task done without leaving anything behind. Break the checklist into parts, like 4 weeks before the move. Marking out dates like when the utility companies will shut down some/all utilities, the date some task will be done, such as renting a temporary moving storage unit is also important.

Become an Official Resident of Florida

It is time to make the decision to relocate to Florida officially after you must have finalized your research. You should consider being a resident of Florida to enjoy all the benefits therein if you have it in mind to spend most of the year in there.

Below are some steps you should take once you relocate:

  • Register for Florida’s identification card or driver’s license: It will not be required of you to go through a driving test if you hold a driver’s license from any other state. The current driver’s license, passport or birth certificate, or any other means of identification will be required of you when you go to the Department of Moving Vehicles (DMV). A utility bill or current apartment lease that verifies your Florida address will also be required along with a social security card.
  • Register your car; update your car insurance to carry your new Florida address: To bring your insurance details up to date, you will also need to contact your car insurance company and the tax collection office in your locality. Ensure you complete this process within ten days of your relocation.
  • Have your taxes filed in two separate states: If you have earned income in two different states within the year, you might be required to file your taxes in the two states after the whole moving process. You will need the assistance of a tax advisor to get you through the process as there are different regulations in each state.

Pros and Cons of Moving to Florida

It is not a secret that there are two sides to living in Florida, just like every other state. There will always be some pros and cons no matter the city or county you decide to choose. For this reason, it is very important to factor in all of these before you make your decision on relocating to Florida and the city or town to live.


Some of the great reasons to relocate to Florida are listed below:

  • No income tax in this state and this makes it more attractive for people such as retirees.
  • Housing cost in another part of the country is higher than in Florida. And the cost of living in Florida compared to other eastern states is lower.
  • There are many beaches as well as popularly known outdoor attractions in Florida.
  • Florida is mostly warm throughout the year, and there is an absence of snow in winter.
  • There are discounts offered to local residents at some widely known places of attractions.
  • Florida houses many communities for retirees.

Below are some of the reasons to avoid a move to Florida


Florida may not be the best place for you if you do turn off for the following:

  • At least there are two hurricanes yearly in Florida.
  • Not everyone enjoyed the heat in Florida.
  • Mountains or valleys in Florida are not much because the terrain is flat.
  • The number of tourists and temporary residents in Florida is greater than the ones in other states.
  • The insurance costs in Florida paid by residents are higher compared to other parts of the country.
  • There is a heavy presence of bigger bugs in the state because of its warmth nature.
  • Snakes and alligators are also locals in Florida.

Final Words

Get a pen and a book to write out the list of tasks you need to complete before relocating to Florida. Relocating to Florida is a very tedious task to undertake most especially when it involves deciding on the city to live. It will be nice to write a checklist of what tasks you need to perform as there are many things to put in place. You can now break the list into weekly sections after writing it out.

The time to hire an experienced interstate moving company has come. You should also commence your budgeting and research on how much it will cost you to hire a moving company for your relocation to Florida. You can read our post on top interstate moving companiesStay tuned for more informative posts on this page!

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