How Much Do Moving Companies Charge For Storage?

Summary: Storage services can be a handy solution when needed, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to a few hundred dollars each month. The cost can range widely depending on what you are looking for and some factors. Here is all you need to know.
How Much Do Moving Companies Charge For Storage?

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If you are currently planning a big move, you might have a lot of things going through your mind. A move is no easy task, and you’ll have a lot on your plate. One of the things you might be thinking about is a place to store things, such as furniture or anything else you might need to put away before, during, or after the move.

If you are thinking about storage options, you don’t need to settle for the first storage facility you find. Many of the best national moving companies provide climate-controlled storage facilities for the safe storage of your things, and some of their prices are very reasonable.

The Different Types of Storage Options

There are several different types of storage options offered by moving companies that you can look into for your convenience. No matter which solution you choose, your furniture and other belongings you store will be safe, secure, and protected from the elements in a climate-controlled facility.

The type of storage solution you choose will greatly impact the overall price you pay for storage, so make sure you add in your chosen storage solution to your overall moving budget so that you know you have it covered when the time to take out your wallet arrives.

Here are the different types of storage solutions offered by moving companies.

1. Self-storage solutions 

You may have already considered a self-storage solution. Self-storage facilities in city areas may be a bit more busy and pricey than ones in rural areas, so keep this in mind when choosing a facility. With self-storage solutions, you handle all the moving of your stuff yourself, as well as loading up your storage unit.

Some of the biggest upsides to these facilities are the inclusion of security cameras, or in some cases, on-site security guards. These units are also usually climate-controlled, so you can rest assured that your stuff is in an environment with a consistent temperature and not being affected by the elements. 

2. Portable storage solutions 

Portable storage may be the most expensive option of these, but sometimes it is the only solution offered by some companies. With portable storage solutions, the company offering the service will drop a storage pod off to you, you fill it up with the belongings you want to store, and then they come back, pick it up, and store it in their facility.

One downside to this solution is that the storage pods are sometimes small, and you may need multiple units to store all of your things efficiently. Having to use more than one unit may increase the overall price you can expect to pay, so keep this in mind when deciding on the best storage solution for you. 

3. Full-service storage solutions

Full-service storage solutions mean exactly what the name implies: they handle almost every aspect of the storage for you. Companies who offer this type of service will load your things for you, unload them when it arrives at the facility, and put them in your unit for you.

All you’ll need to do is create a list of all the things you want to store, and your full-service storage movers will come and load it up for you and take it away to storage for you. When you’re ready to get your stuff back, all you need to do is let the full-service movers know, and they will load your stuff back up for you and bring it right back to your home. You won’t have to lift a finger, except to dial their number on your phone.

With all of these storage solutions in mind, you should find something in your price range. Once you find the best storage solution for your needs, create a budget, factor in the prices, and call up your chosen storage company to get the ball rolling on getting your things safely stored away.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay For Storage?

The price of storage solutions can vary, depending on a few different factors. The location of your storage facility can be one of these factors, and your chosen storage solution can be a major factor as well.

One of the biggest factors for the overall price, however, is the size of the storage unit you will need. If you’re just storing a few pieces of furniture, a smaller storage unit should be fine. If you’re storing a lot of your belongings, you’ll need a bigger storage unit to accommodate you.

On average, you might expect to pay between $40 and $50 a month for a 5×5 foot unit. For a 10×15 foot storage unit, you should expect to pay anywhere from $75 to $150 a month for storage. If you’re aiming for a larger unit that comes with a climate-controlled environment, you might be looking at around $100 to $150 a month for your storage needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Storage Solutions

It is only natural to have some questions about storage solutions that you can take advantage of during a move. Moving is an arduous process and the knowledge that you can have a safe place to keep your things during this process can be a comforting thought in and of itself.

If you’ve never needed storage while moving before, then this might be your first time to consider it. If that is the case, then having a few questions about how it all works is only natural. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about storage solutions offered by moving companies.

Do all moving companies provide storage facilities? 

Not all moving companies provide storage facilities. It depends entirely on the moving company you choose. Many out of state moving companies only provides moving services, while others provide storage facilities for customers to take advantage of before, during, or after their move. If you’re in need of storage solutions, then make sure you look for a moving company that specifically offers storage solutions for customers to use. 

Can moving companies store things overnight? 

If you don’t need long-term storage solutions for your things, then you may be able to take advantage of overnight storage during your move. Some moving companies will provide what is called “onboard storage”. This is where your moving company will store your things in the moving trailer overnight. This is a good idea to think about if you don’t need climate-controlled, long term storage solutions. If you’re only needing to store your things for one night during the moving process, then overnight storage with your moving company may be the best (and cheapest) way to go. 

What is the most popular size of a storage unit? 

The most used storage unit size is about 10×10 feet. This size storage unit is so popular because of just how versatile it can be. This size storage unit is roughly half the size of a normal garage, and equates to roughly 100 square feet in overall size. With this size of a storage unit, you would be able to store the contents of a two-bedroom apartment in its entirety, along with all of your boxes and everything stacked neatly on top of the heavier things. 

What will a smaller storage unit hold? 

The standard size of the smallest storage unit is about 5×10 feet. This is about the size of a walk-in closet, and should comfortably fit the contents of a bedroom, like your bed, dressers, side tables, TV, and some boxes. If you don’t have a whole lot you need to store during your moving process, then a smaller storage unit might be the best option for you to choose. 

Is full-service storage worth the money? 

If you can’t move your things to your storage facility because of physical disability or just don’t want to handle the work yourself, then full-service storage solutions could be the best choice for you. All you will need to do is let the full-service storage movers know what you need to be stored and where to pick it up, and they will come to pick it up for you, take it away, and store it for you. As soon as you’re ready to get your stuff back, just let them know, and they will bring your belongings right back to you. Full-service storage can be the best solution for someone who isn’t able to handle the moving and storing process by themselves.

Moving isn’t an easy process, it can be stressful, occasionally nerve-wracking, and can even be exciting when you know that you’re about to begin a whole new adventure. If you need storage solutions, then make sure to find a moving company that offers your desired storage solution and gives them a call. They will be more than happy to get you all set up with a storage facility that you can take advantage of and keep your things safe and secure while you get ready to begin your new life at your new home.

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