How To Find 24 Hour Storage Near You?

Summary: 24-hour storage facilities can be tricky to locate. Features, such as easy access to your storage unit 24-hour and other qualities vary by facility. Need help finding the right facility? Read the tips highlighted here to compare and choose the best.
How To Find 24 Hour Storage Near You

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Whether you’re planning a big move in the future, or just looking for an easily accessible place to keep some of your excess belongings, a great storage facility is often the best solution for folks who need some extra space to keep things. For the ultimate ease of use and accessibility so you can get to your belongings at any time, utilizing a 24-hour storage facility is probably the storage solution you’re looking for.

There are plenty of storage companies around who recognize this need for people, and they provide an invaluable service for those people who may not follow the same schedule as the rest of the world. How do you find one of these 24-hour storage facilities, though? Knowing what to look for in storage solutions will help you find the best options for you so you can store your items with confidence.

Who Are 24 Hour Storage Facilities For?

24-hour storage facilities are for anyone who needs them, but they are especially handy for people who may need to access their things late at night, like someone who works overnights or who frequently travels at nighttime.

There are plenty of people in the world who don’t follow a typical “daytime” schedule, either out of necessity or choice, and they may not be able to access their storage unit during the daytime depending on their schedule. Units open 24 hours a day can be a boon for people who find themselves in such a situation.

How Do I Know if a Storage Facility is Open 24 Hours a Day?

Sometimes, it may not be readily apparent that a storage facility is open 24 hours a day. In fact, the amount of local storage facilities open at all times is becoming even more of a rarity. That doesn’t mean, however, that they don’t exist. You just might have to do a little digging to find a 24-hour storage solution near you.

If there are only a few storage facilities in your area, the chances may be higher than they offer 24-hour access, but you’ll find most national storage chains are a little more sparing about this offering.

The best way to find out the hours of your local storage facilities is to hop over to their website and see if their schedule is posted, drop by the facility and see if it is posted on a sign, or just pick up the telephone and inquire about hours with whoever is in charge of the facility. Sometimes, you may find that storage facility schedules aren’t crystal clear, and even if they do offer 24-hour access, it may not be advertised as such.

If it is a storage facility that is owned by a national chain, you may have to look for hours on the website of the chain, as individual buildings might not have schedule information easily available. If it is a locally owned storage facility, and the hours aren’t posted anymore, simply asking is the best way to go.

What if There Are No 24 Hour Options Near Me?

It is possible that you may not be able to find any options for 24-hour storage facilities near you, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. If you need access to your storage unit outside of normal operating hours, simply let the storage facility manager know your unique situation.

You might be surprised at how often they’ll be willing to make an exception and work with you to allow you access to your facility, even if it is outside of normal hours of operation.

What Do I Look For in the Best 24 Hour Storage Facilities?

If you are able to find a 24-hour storage facility in your area, then you should do some due diligence and make sure it has everything necessary to keep your stuff safe while it is stored there. This means that you should be looking for some of the following qualities to make sure the storage facility you have found is the best option for your needs.

  • Ease of access
  • Safety and security
  • Amount of room in your unit
  • Climate controlled

Let’s break down each of these points to ensure the facility you have found is one that is going to be able to adequately meet all of your storage needs.

Ease of Access 

When you store your belongings somewhere that is not at your home, you want to be able to get to it easily, at any time, without having to jump through any hoops. Is the facility located in an area where you can get to it easily? Is it well lit so you can make your way across the facility at night?

Since it’s a storage facility, you should also be looking at how easy entrance is. Is there a gate that only allows members who have a passcode? If this is the case, this is also a great thing for the security of everyone who stores items at the facility. If there is a front gate protected by a passcode, the facility manager will typically tell you the passcode once you sign papers and become a paying member of the facility.

Safety and Security 

Speaking of making sure your things are safe and secure, you should always make sure that the storage facility you choose offers some form of security to keep your things as safe as possible. After all, if you’re storing your personal belongings in a storage unit, the only person you should want to access your unit is you!

Many storage facilities will offer some of the following security and safety benefits for the peace of mind of members of the facility, helping them rest assured knowing that their stuff is protected.

  • Password protected units

Not only might the front gate be protected by a passcode, but many storage facilities even offer individual storage units that are protected by a passcode that only you and the manager should know. 

  • Security guards

For even more protection, many facilities will hire security guards to patrol the premises at night, on the lookout for folks who don’t belong at the facility.

Amount of Room in Your Unit

Depending on how many things you need to store, you should inquire with the facility about taking a peek inside an empty unit before you sign up for membership. Knowing the differently sized units along with the number of things you need to store will help you choose a storage unit that is the perfect size to adequately store all of your things.

There are many different sized units offered by storage facilities. Obviously, the larger of a storage unit you rent, the more you will pay per month, so make sure you only rent the amount of space you actually need if you want to save as much money each month on your unit as possible.

Climate Controlled or Not?

Are you storing things in your unit that is valuable or that need to be kept in a certain environment? You will find that many storage facilities offer climate-controlled units for people who are needing to store things like electronics, antiques, or other items that need to be in a certain type of environment at all times.

Some storage units even offer electrical hookups, so you can run a fan on your items for extra peace of mind, even though the majority of climate-controlled storage units are usually kept at a comfortable and consistent temperature so your items are in a safe, dry environment at all times.

These storage facilities should also offer some form of pest protection to make sure your stuff doesn’t get infested by bugs. The best facilities have precautions that they take to make sure every member’s stuff is safe from bugs and the elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this your first time looking for storage solutions? If so, don’t feel bad if you still have questions. Here are some common questions asked about storage facilities, and their answers.

The hours online are outdated, how can I check on a facility’s schedule?

It is quite common for businesses to forget to keep up with and update their Google Business listing or another online listing where their operating schedule is posted. If their hours are outdated online, simply stop by the facility to check their hours or pick up the phone. They will be glad to let you know their hours of operation. 

What does a 5×10 storage unit look like?

A 5×10 storage unit is roughly the size of your average walk-in closet. This would be a good option to rent if you don’t have a lot to store. You could fit things like a television, a bed, and some average-sized boxes into a unit this size.

Can I access my storage unit after hours?

If you are unable to find a 24-hour storage solution, then you will typically have to operate within the confines of the facility’s schedule, although you may be able to work with the manager of the facility to make an exception for you, depending on your needs. It never hurts to ask.

Store Your Things With Confidence

Finding a great storage solution for the safe and secure storage of your belongings doesn’t have to be a difficult process. With enough research about the facility, asking questions, and viewing a unit for yourself, you can hopefully find a 24-hour storage solution that will keep your things protected and easily accessible for you anytime you need them.

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