How Do I Plan an Out of State Move?

Summary: Moving to another state? Don’t be surprised that out-of-state moving requires more planning than an in-state move. Set an out-of-state moving budget, create a moving checklist, gather the right packing materials, etc. Use our complete checklist on moving to another state to ensure you have a smooth and successful.
How Do I Plan an Out of State Move?

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Moving out of state is a huge undertaking, and you want to be sure that you’re planning as well as you can in order to stay ahead of problems. How can you know that you’re doing what makes the most sense? Are there options that will make everything go more smoothly? And how do you get things done?

Planning an out of state move doesn’t have to be overwhelming – here are some of the considerations that you may want to add to your to-do list if you want to make things go the right way.

Research, Research, Research!

Where are you moving? Are you at the point where you’re just going to throw a dart at a map and see where you end up? Or are you already sure as to where you’re moving because you accepted a job there? Either way, you want to do as much research as you possibly can ahead of time.

What do you need to research? Cost of living, houses that may be available for rent or purchase, things to do, and all sorts of other things related to the new place that you’re living. You also want to research the route that you want to take to your new home and any sort of accommodations that you may need to consider during the process.

Put Together a Reasonable Budget

We all want to know the cheapest way to move out of state – but sometimes, the cheapest isn’t going to be your best way forward. So, what you need to do is put together a budget based on your needs. Here are some questions you’ll want to ask yourself – add your own so that you can personalize your trip and the needs you have throughout it.

  • Am I going to hire a professional moving company?
  • How much of this stuff is coming with us?
  • What form of transportation are we using in order to get to the destination?
  • How much of a down payment or security deposit do we need to have?
  • Is it a multi-day trip?
  • Are there any accommodations that we need to consider?
  • What are we doing about traveling with kids and/or pets?


Having your budget together can go a very long way, so plan it all out, give yourself some wiggle room, and you should be ready to go.

Connect with a Long-Distance Mover ASAP

As soon as you have an approximate moving date, you want to be certain that you work out details with a moving company. You want to search online and compare prices for interstate moves so that you know what you’re getting into and how much you are going to spend.

When looking for a mover, know what you want from them and what sorts of services that you will feel okay paying extra for. On top of that, you also want to be sure that you shop around and see what long-distance movers are going to be able to give you the widest array of services that you may want or need from them.

Connect with several state to state moving companies and talk to them about their rates, licensure, and how they plan on taking care of your particular job. Put together a list of questions and ask as many as possible. In the long run, that’s going to be a good point that you’ll need so that you can make a choice.

Find Time with Local Family and Friends

Before you go, be sure that you take some time with your family and friends. You want to be sure that you say goodbye, even if you plan on seeing them sooner than later. Whether it’s going out to lunch, having a goodbye party, or just stopping by their home to hang out, it makes a difference. Either way, you will find that you feel much less stressed and you’ll feel like you got to give everyone a proper goodbye.

Update Everything to Your New Address

You want to be sure that you start forwarding your mail a few days before you move into your new home. On top of that, you also want to update things like health insurance, cell phone providers, and whatever other bills are going with you. By updating your address early enough, you can prevent issues related to delay of service that would come up otherwise.

While it will take some time to sort out what it is that you need to do for your interstate move, you’ll find that it goes much better if you are able to start planning ASAP. Work out what you want to be able to do and determine your plan so that you can actually get things done without too much trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move out of state without hiring pros?

You definitely can, but it’s not going to be recommended. You’ll be in charge of getting everything worked out, paying for everything that needs to be done, and getting everything to your new home. It may cost a little less, but it will take more time and effort.

Can I fly or take a bus or train to my new out of state home?

If you’re only moving with a few bags worth of items, or you are planning on shipping your belongings, you absolutely can fly or use other alternative transportation to your new home. You may have to make considerations about your vehicle, but there are car shipping options out there, too.

Is an out of state move similarly priced to a long-distance move within my current state?

It depends on the distance. If you live in a larger state, then it may end up costing about the same. If you live in a small state, it’s likely that you’ll pay much less if you stay in your state. Typically, long-distance movers look at overall mileage and then make other considerations for the cost based on whether or not there are state laws they need to adhere to or deal with.

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