What Is The Cheapest Way To Move Furniture Long-Distance?

Got a strict moving budget? Find the cheapest way to move your furniture long-distance with or without long-distance movers.
Cheapest Ways To Move Furniture Long-Distance

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Depending on the type of furniture you need to move and how much furniture you have, the cheapest way to move furniture long-distance is most often going involve you loading your items yourself. This is known as self-moving, and it can save you a ton of money on your move.

If you have several pieces of furniture to move, or if furniture pieces are fragile, large, or heavy, the cheapest way to move them would be to hire long-distance movers. This can still be fairly cheap when you consider the costs of replacing broken or damaged pieces.

There are various different combinations of labor and services you can look into when trying to make a long-distance move as affordable as possible. Let’s get into some of the options you have for keeping the cost to move furniture affordable.

1. Self-Moving

When you choose self-moving to get your furniture transported, then you’re going to need to do some heavy lifting. You’re responsible for loading items onto the container or truck and then professionals will transport the items to their destination. This can be great if you are able to move heavy furniture and you only have a few pieces of furniture to move or a single room’s worth of items.

2. Parcel Shipments

When choosing this option, you put your furniture pieces in a box and take them to your local shipping service. The service will only work with a single item, though, and it’s recommended that the item be small. This can be a good idea for smaller, fragile pieces but not so much for large pieces.

3. Furniture Delivery Services

There are long-distance movers for just about anything you need, including to deliver your furniture. Some of the best options to transport furniture are these delivery services because they will pick up your furniture and drop it off at the specified place, saving you time and getting your items there in one piece.

The cost will be dependent on the size of the item and its weight, so get a few quotes before committing. You should also note that some services transfer belongings to different trucks several times during transit, which could increase the risk of damage to your items.

4. Moving Truck Rental

Just like with self-moving, you’re going to be responsible for loading your items onto a moving truck. This option, however, involves you driving your belongings to their destination yourself instead of having professionals take on the transport.

This can be a good idea if you’re not moving far away, but for long-distance moves this option could end up costing you a bit of time. You’ll also be responsible for replacing any gas used and paying for mileage traveled to your destination.

5. Portable Moving Containers

A portable moving container is another method of self-moving, typically involving a company that rents out shipping containers. These containers are affordable and can also act as a space to store your items while you get your home in order. They can be kept for as long as you like, so there’s no rush to pack and load your stuff.

Once you’re done packing the container, the company will pick it up and move it to the location you want. Prices vary depending on the service you use as well as the size of the container rented, but you can expect to pay up to $3,000 per month for a container if you’re moving furniture long-distance.

Moving containers are similar to freight trailers as well, as the process is the same in both cases. You load the container and then it gets moved to your new place so that you can unload it.

6. Long-Distance Movers

If you’re moving furniture along with other items, you could get your money’s worth by hiring a long-distance moving company. Movers provide several services you could find extremely useful, such as packing and unpacking services so you don’t have to pack a thing.

When traveling long-distance, there are times when movers can be the most affordable option for your situation. For example, when moving across the country – from the east coast to the west coast, you could save big by letting full service movers handle the job.

7. Labor Only Movers

Labor only movers are professionals that don’t worry about anything other than the labor involved in your move. They tackle the exhausting parts, such as loading a container or moving truck, and you can take care of the easier part of the moving process. Labor only movers are highly affordable and can be a great way to keep costs low when moving long-distance.

8. Moving Single Furniture Pieces

If you’re concerned about a single furniture piece that you want moved into your new place, it can often be a lot cheaper to sell the furniture and replace it when you’ve gotten to your destination. If the item is valuable or holds sentimental value, you may find that a parcel shipping service is the ideal way to go.

Tips to Make Moving Less Expensive

If you’re still worried about the costs of moving your furniture, let’s look at a few tips you can use to save some money and make moving less expensive.

  • Sell Belongings: It’s not necessary to keep every single thing in your home, so consider selling things you don’t need or no longer use.
  • Get Free Supplies: Moving supply costs can add up, so look around your local area to find free supplies wherever possible. Moving boxes can often be found at grocery stores or restaurants.
  • Change Move Date: The date of your move could be adding to your bill, so consider changing the date. Moving in the fall and winter, on a weekday, or in the middle of the month can all lower your long-distance moving costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to worry about additional fees?

Any fees that you will be charged will depend on the moving company itself and the details of the items being moved. For example, items that are oddly shaped or large may result in additional fees. Other things may also result in charges, such as movers having to go up and down elevators or stairs.

What can we not bring when moving?

You shouldn’t pack certain items for movers to transport, such as anything hazardous or flammable. Things like nail polish remover or paint should either be moved by you or tossed and replaced once you get to your new home. Any perishable items should also be kept out of moving boxes.

How do I pack items that are fragile or valuable?

If you’re transporting breakable items, then you should make sure that movers are aware of these items beforehand. The best way to pack these items is to have movers do it because they can protect your items in the best way possible. If you’re packing items yourself, make your safety and the protection of your items top priorities.

Don’t Break the Bank to Move

No matter where you’re going, there is always going to be a way to save money on your move. While not every option may work for you, by exploring different routes you can take you’ll have no problem figuring out the cheapest way to move your furniture long-distance.

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