Cheapest And Best Ways To Move Across The Country

Summary: The cheapest way to move cross country is to simply rent a truck and do the move yourself, but you must be ready to do the heavy work involved compared to hiring professional movers. There are also other ways to reduce you moving cost. Learn from this guide.
Cheapest And Best Ways To Move Across The Country

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Need a cheap means to move across the country? You are not alone. Considering the average cost of hiring pro movers for a long-distance move is $4,890 for a median weight of 7,500 pounds and 1,000 miles. It is only normal how you might be much worried about the costs of the move.

However, there are many less expensive means to perform an interstate move. You may start by hiring labor-only movers, rent a moving container, or a rental truck.

You can possibly relocate cross-country without touching your savings. Your needs will determine the best way to move across the country, but find some of the best ways to save money on your upcoming interstate move.

7 Cheap Ways to perform a Cross Country Move

Many people relocate for a new job, be closer to family, or attend school. No matter what your reason for embarking on the move is, you will want to save as much money as possible.

Below are 7 of the best money-saving ways to move:

#1 Purge what you are moving

If you reduce the quantity of your shipment, your moving cost will also reduce. Have a garage sale, sell all you don’t need on Craigslist or other related sites, donate anything you can to charities and postpone shopping till you move into the new house. With few decluttering steps in your home, your move will turn easier and cheaper.

#2 Perform a Seasonal Move

The most costly time to relocate is in summer as families are rushing to settle before the beginning of the new school calendar.

Also, most leases expire towards the end of the month, so more people will definitely be booking moving services that the final week of the month than they do in the first or second week of the month.

Endeavor to schedule your move to another time of the year, perhaps the middle of the month, and on a weekday when movers don’t usually have many moves to handle.

#3 Contact many Movers to get the Best Prices

Avoid hiring the first moving company you interact with. Obtain moving cost estimates from long distance moving companies that offer cross country moves. Compare the prices you are given.

Do not forget to compare services and their relative costs. Hiring a company that offers a lower price because they advertise discounts that could end up costing you more than hiring an expensive moving company. 

#4 Search for Moving Discounts

As you contact movers, always try to ask for available discounts or special deals. Members of AAA can get discount, and other moving companies offer rate reduction at particular times of the year, usually when demand for moving services is lower.

Military discount is available with some moving companies and can only be accessed by a veteran or active military member. Any military moving specialized company will offer military discounts to active military members, veterans, as well as their families.

Reduced rates are given by Penske and Budget in the form of military discounts to honor military members.

#5 Consider a DIY move

Take a look around to get the less expensive moving truck rental for your move. Moving truck rentals are fairly priced through rental companies like Budget and U-Haul Truck Rental, and many of these companies offer truck rental for a 1-way trip.

If you really don’t want to overspend, pack your car with your essential belongings, or connect a trailer to your car.

This way, you can save a good amount of money and start a new life. Taking care of the move yourself with only the most important stuff is one of the less expensive ways to relocate to another state. 

Consider any of these truck rental options:        

1. U-Haul

The following are daily rates charged for truck rentals from U-Haul: 10ft truck at $19.95, 15 and 17ft trucks at $29.95, and 20 and 26ft trucks at $39.95. There is also an additional $0.79 on each truck as a per-mile fee. There are extra options like hand trucks dollies available with U-Haul at $7, furniture dollies at $7, appliance dollies at $10, and a dozen furniture pads at $10.

2. Budget

The 12ft rental truck from Budget goes for $19.99 daily while it cost $29.99 daily for the 16ft truck, and both sizes cost an extra $0.59 per mile. You will get an additional loading ramp as well as a tow hitch if you are towing a car with on the 16ft truck. For additional equipment, a car carrier costs $65 daily, $55 per day for a car dolly, a dozen furniture pads cost $17 daily, as well as a hand truck at $17 daily. Drivers below age 24 might also be charged extra.

3. Enterprise

Drivers are required to be of age (say 25 years or more) in many locations, but some places will tolerate drivers above the age of 21. They may be required to pay an extra fee. Prepare $19.99 daily together with $0.69 per mile for a 15ft truck and $80.99 per day for the 16ft truck with 500 added but free miles, and $0.69 per extra mile.

The 24ft box truck is available for those who need something larger and is available at $39.99 daily plus $0.99 per mile. Prepare $129.99 daily for the 26ft box truck with $0.69 per extra mile after the 500 added free miles.

You can get extra items like stretch film, straps, hand trucks, moving pads, and more even though prices are not given on the website.

4. Penske

The 12 and 16ft trucks at Penske go for $29.99 daily while the 26ft trucks are charged at $99 daily. There is an extra $0.99 per mile on round trip rentals while there are free unlimited miles on 1-way trips. Furniture pads cost $10 for each dozen, and dollies are at an additional $10. Military and college discounts are also available with Penske.

#6 Go with a Portable Moving Container

This is one of the least expensive means to perform a cross country move. You can reduce a lot of cost and stress from your move through the use of mobile storage units, which involves keeping all your belongings in a single place until you are ready to move.

You can contact PODS to get better storage for your household items before and after the real move. You may end up paying as low as $1,500 for a cross country move.

#7 Get Discounts

Make sure you research cross country moving companies, truck rental companies, moving containers, as well as moving supply retailers that offer special deals and discounts. You may end up paying lower prices for an initially expensive moving service due to some of these discounts.

There are several military discounts offered by many companies like Penske, PODS, Budget, North American Van Lines, U-Pack, and so on for veteran and active military members.

As an AAA member, you can save some money on moving service with Extra Space Storage, Atlas Van Lines, and Penske.

Would you like to hire a Professional Moving Company?

Only a few things have the edge over the ease and convenience of moving with a full service moving company when relocating cross country.

Fortunately, the wide network of trustworthy and reputable cross country moving companies on Pricing Van Lines makes the complicated and overwhelming search and booking for your next move a breeze.

We are certain that the entire movers in our network are licensed and insured, so you need not worry about your moving experience as we assure you it will be sweet.

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