The10 Factors To Consider Before Moving State to State

Summary: Among the most important things to consider when moving state to state is the budget for moving and living expenses. First and foremost, weight different options to come with a plan for the move. We discussed everything in this guide.
10 Factors To Consider Before Moving State to State

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There are essential tips for an interstate move that will reduce the stress of your move and further make it efficient. When you have answers to questions like how much money do you need to relocate to a new state? And what are the things to do before you move to another state or how to prepare for a state to state move?

You can then easily plan and organize your budget as well as the job and hunt for a house.

This post discussed ten factors to consider before moving out of state to make the move a success. Make use of this simple advice, and you will move to your new home without stress.

1. Make a Master Plan for your State to State Move

Before you start your moving research process, make a comprehensive master plan of how you will organize your home relocation. Determine the maximum amount of money you can spend while moving to another state. Can you haul any of your household belongings in your car or rental truck, or will you let professional movers handle everything?

If you are embarking on a self-move, you will want to consider the cost of renting a truck. Ask for a Penske truck rental quote to get pricing estimates.

Develop a list of any close friends or family that could assist you with your interstate move. If you plan to drive part of your household items yourself, find out the time it will take you to get to your new home and if you will require a moving insurance policy.

The important point to this first step is to create the master plan first, so you don’t get hanged in the confusing details while on the move.

2. Precise Cost Estimation

Moving from one home to another can be a confusing task for people who are moving for the first time or have little moving experience. With a lot of things to do before the moving day, one can easily get disturbed on how to begin the preparation stage.

You need to know that immediately the house move is inevitable, your first action is to learn the amount you will spend on the upcoming move. Note that the cost of the move will determine the moving method you choose.

3. Hiring Good Movers to handle the Move

One of the important things you should know before you move out of state is that, the best approach to a moving situation is to hire a good moving company.

A lot of people mistakenly believe that the use of professional movers is usually expensive, but that is wrong.

One thing you should always remember is that organizing a DIY move has a lot of hidden costs that can affect your budget: starting from the cost of packing supplies to equipment rental and a moving truck. The DIY moving expenses will only require consideration of costs of repairing possible property damage or treating personal injuries.

It would help if you always remembered that you could get customized moving solutions to match different house relocation budgets from top-rated full-service long distance movers.

4. Reduce your Stuff before moving to another State

Take stock of all the items you will bring to your new home, making sure you concentrate on the items you need, such as your bed frame and dishes.

Interstate move can be quickly costly, so you will want to make sure the costs are within control by moving only necessary items.

When reducing your household items, follow a pack, purge, or donate the system to sort through your items.

Once you’ve concluded on the things to move with you to your new home, sell your used belongings on Craigslist, organize a garage sale, or donate your fairly used belongings to charity and file for a tax deduction. This might even save you some money on the move.

5. Self-Packing can save you More Money

You need to know in advance that packing as one of the moving tasks will play a vital role in finding out the smoothness and affordability of your move. This is because packing for a move is the most important task in your moving schedule, so how you take care of it will simplify everything or make things more difficult for you.

Choosing to handle the task yourself will enable you to save a lot of money when relocating from one home to another.

6. Plan Budget for Everything for the Interstate Move

You understand that moving locally is costly, not to talk of an interstate move, so you will need all the savings you could make. Regardless of the packing materials, you are using for your move with lower relocation estimates, moving strictly on a budget will be a great help as you are relocating to another state.

To monitor your budget as well as your expenses, make a master spreadsheet of your entire moving-related costs so you will be ready to make payments when necessary.

7. Choose between a Professional and a DIY Move

The most popular significant factors between hiring a professional mover and performing a DIY move are cost and convenience. Immediately you have your budget prepared, you will be able to decide reasonably whether you can afford to hire a mover or if you should go for a DIY move. However, the budget doesn’t take it all.

You need to consider the distance you are moving as well as the timing of the move from one place to another.

Do you plan to spend more days packing, loading, and unloading, or would you prefer to concentrate on other parts of your move? You surely need to answer these as well as the following questions when deciding to DIY move or not: 

  • What will your budget accommodate?
  • How much time do you have before you start a new job/school?
  • What is the distance of your new state from your current home?
  • How many belongings are you moving to?
  • Are you moving with a family?
  • Do you like to have more control over how your belongings are packed and moved?
  • Can you pull off a lot of heavy lifting?
  • Do you mind strangers handling your household belongings?

8. Know your Movers before you move to Another State

You will have peace of mind on your interstate move when you feel confident enough that you select the right moving company. Make sure you ask friends and family for recommendations, and always research customer reviews online.

Before booking, endeavor to ask your movers in writing if they plan to subcontract your move to another moving company during the trip.

If they do, your household possessions will be divided between two or more moving trucks, which implies that parts of your belongings may arrive at your new home hours or even days apart. This could raise an eyebrow if you are resuming a job right away and want to avoid taking some days off, so your best bet is to settle this before your long-distance move date.

9. Identify Bad Mover Warning Signals

Out of state movers are well regulated by the USDOT’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), which imply that they will need to present a few things to remain authorized: 

  • Liability insurance, motor vehicle insurance, as well as employee’s compensation in case something happens to their employees during your move.
  • An updated registration (renewable every two years).
  • A United States Department of Transportation number, or a unique identification that is issued to moving companies to monitor things such as their reviews and inspection. 

That’s a lot to you, but fortunately for you, a lot of moving companies have this information stated on their website (an indication that they are a trustworthy business). If not sure, check the company’s reviews online, contact them for further information, and check in with FMCSA to ensure the company is accredited. 

The best way to prevent yourself of all these stresses is to consider one of our out of state moving companies that have been handpicked for delivering the best services.

10. Moving Mistakes can hunt your Moving Experience

Mistakes are never fun, but making mistakes during a move can worsen and end up costing you more. After all, your money, time, and energy are being tested during the house moving process, so any error you make will only complicate things more.

Humans can make mistakes, but doing your homework properly by knowing the most popular mistakes made by people during a move will make it much easier to make it error-free from start to finish.

In all you do, avoid all of these ten moving mistakes:

  • NOT conducting proper research on your moving company
  • DIY-moving WITHOUT proper consideration of your options
  • NOT asking for in-home estimates
  • Planning your move WITHOUT a moving checklist
  • Self-packing WITHOUT a good plan
  • Spending a lot on brand new moving boxes
  • Packing and moving ALL your household items
  • NOT purchasing insurance for your valuable goods
  • Not prioritizing moving day SAFETY
  • NOT taking advantage of all good ways to reduce moving costs


When moving, remember to get help as many as you can. A lot of interstate moving companies can pack up your household belongings and haul them to the designated place. However, conduct your research.

All the information you collect will be useful if you want to prevent moving scams and get a top-rated moving company.

A team of great movers will give you a different level of services, such as packing, auto shipping as well as moving. Partnering with an experienced team of movers will make the entire process run smoothly.

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