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The Best State to State Moving Companies of 2020

Moving from one state to another state is a task that requires putting a whole lot of factors into consideration to ensure that your next state to state moving does not turn out to be cumbersome or complicated. Some of the factors to put into consideration include the distance, selecting the most appropriate time, packing all your belongings in boxes ahead of time, and choosing the right state to state movers by carefully carrying out your research on available Out of state moving companies that can help with the whole process by taking charge of all logistic arrangement involved from start to finish.

Choosing the best state to state movers can be a struggle, considering the various choices you have. Let us have a look on some of the smart ways to choose the best Cross State Movers.

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Smart Way to Choose State to State Moving Company in The USA

To move smart, you need to engage a competent moving company that is tested and trusted over time. Make sure the out of state movers are well-established, have the experience, licensing, and insurance. Choosing the right long distance movers requires some personal research that would be carried out by yourself and when you do choose right, you will have a seamless and enjoyable moving experience. 

You have to be smart and think ahead in doing this, you have to ask yourself the following questions;

Does the cross state movers have the expertise that suits your state to state moving needs?

Is the state to state movers insured and licensed?

Does the cross state movers have a competent and experienced State to state movers in terms of personnel?

Does the State to State movers offer a well-documented estimate, quote or rates?

Do they have good reviews? (Remember experience others have had with them in the past is important).

Do cross state movers have a good and receptive customer care unit?

Is there any form of red flags based on your research for far? (If there is any, then you have to re-evaluate and take a second thought)

How well you are able to provide correct answers to these questions will help you in deciding which cross country movers to engage. Once you arrive at a list of possible state to state movers you can engage; then carry out an initial screening to narrow down your list according to your unique moving needs.

Call these state to state moving companies for an in-home estimate and make sure you show them everything you plan to move. Review the estimates from each interstate moving companies and compare their bids so that you can finally decide on which of the companies has an estimate that is within your budget and that will suit your plan.

Taking your time to go through the steps and scrutiny highlighted above will go a long way in helping you choose the right nationwide movers that will get the job done as at when due and without you having to raise an arm.

We will be highlighting 10 best state to state moving companies here; the list comprises of competent, tested, and trusted state to state moving companies you can find around.

List Best State to State Moving Companies in the US

Today let’s take a look at 10 of the biggest and most trusted state to state movers in the USA.

Best State to State Movers - Moving APT

Overall Rating 4.9 / 5

Call: 800-360-0037

1. Moving APT

Moving APT is your very best if you are planning a state to state move soon. It gives you access to an array of state to state moving companies across the United States. Whether it is a residential or commercial interstate move, Moving APT believes you need a company that speaks your language and committed to your smooth relocation. It is an American owned and licensed company that has served thousands of interstate moves over a decade. Moving APT is equipped with experienced moving teams to handle any size of state to state move, regardless of distance involved.

It prides itself and its moving experts to offer you access to the top-class state to state movers that are servicing your locality. Moving APT only uses reputable, licensed, and insured moving teams to move your stuff safely, quickly, and securely across the state. If you want trusted moving companies in the US at the best prices, Moving APT is the right place to go.

Best State to State Movers - Pricing Van Lines

Overall Rating 4.8 / 5

Call: 855-466-8464

2. iMoving

iMoving is one of the best moving platforms founded to solve the hassles faced by consumers such as poor service delivery, sudden price increases, late show-ups from movers, additional charges, damage or loss of belongings, and other moving scams experienced by many people on moving day. iMoving creates a platform that offers transparency and trust between movers and consumers for smooth moving transactions.

If you are looking for a platform to plan your move and streamline the process, iMoving is you very best for either local or long distance move. iMoving allows moving companies and other services in the moving industry to list their services on the platform, while consumers can opt for the one fit their budget. Consumers who are ready to move their homes only need to enter their move details, review and compare different quotes, choose a mover and book online at the same point.

Best State to State Movers - Adams Van Lines

Overall Rating 4.8 / 5

Call: 855-254-0416

3. Adams Van Lines

State to state moves are categorized as long-distance and treated the same way. However, Adams Van Lines customizes every move and tailor their services to the customer’s needs. Not all moves are the same. They believe there is a purpose for your moving to another state; hence, their state to state moving teams work with you to help you achieve your goals by ensuring stress-free moving experience. All the mandatory documentation and legal compliances required to cross to another state will be completed in time.

Adams Van Lines completes every move within an agreed timeline while ensuring the safety of your goods during transit. With their excellent customer service support, it makes state to state move easier for clients by offering a single point of contact for all your relocation needs. Adams Van Lines is one of the best in the moving industry when it comes to state to state move.

State to State Moving Companies​ - Covan Worldwide Moving

Overall Rating 4.5 / 5

Website: www.covan.com

Call: 800-239-7700

4. Covan Worldwide Moving

Covan Worldwide Moving was founded in 1914 by J.M Coleman and was started with just four dray wagons, eight horses. Today, they have over 50 offices located in 17 different states with over 400 agents spread across the world. Covan is family-owned and operates over 200 interstate units with 600 units strategically dedicated to short and local haul activity. 

Covan Worldwide Moving offers a wide range of moving services such as government and military relocation, household moving, commercial, international, long-distance moving services and corporate moving among others. Their many years of being in the moving industry say a lot about their reliability and expertise.

State to State Moving Companies​ - Beltmann Relocation Group

Overall Rating 4.4 / 5

Call: 866-252-2383

5. Beltmann Relocation Group

Beltmann Relocation Group was founded in 1923 by Albert Beltmann and is one of the most experienced and reputed state to state movers in the moving industry has since grown to have 11 branches across different states in the United States. Beltmann Relocation Group describes themselves as “The Experienced Mover that for all Life’s Transitions” an appellation that they have lived up to, considering their all-inclusive range of moving services they offer. 

They have a team of professional cross state movers that will help with local, long distance, international, office, corporate, and industrial moving needs, and they also provide storage facilities.

State to State Moving Companies​ - Armstrong Relocation

Overall Rating 4.4 / 5

Call: 800-288-7396

6. Armstrong Relocation

Armstrong Relocation has been operating in the moving industry since 1922 delivering excellent moving services to their clients over the years. They moving services include local, long distance, corporate, international moving, and storage facilities among others. 

Their experienced state to state movers are up to the task as they will help in handling all logistics involved in your relocation from start to finish and deliver nothing but high-quality services and satisfaction.

State to State Moving Companies​ - Berger Allied

Overall Rating 4.4 / 5

Call: 866-969-5040

7. Berger Allied ( Transfer and Storage )

Berger Allied is an agent of Allied Van Lines founded in 1910 and is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the United States. It is one of the foremost moving companies state to state in terms of their longevity in the industry; they offer a wide range of moving services specializing in the storage and transportation of household goods, industrial and office equipment, and product distribution among others. 

They offer moving solutions in the areas of local moving, corporate moving, residential moving, commercial moving, international moving, long distance moving services and service locations among others.

State to State Moving Companies​ - Suddath

Overall Rating 4.3 / 5

Call: 877-590-2810

8. Suddath

Suddath is a family-owned company which began operation in 1912 and is located in Jacksonville, Florida in the United States. They started with a cart and two mules and have since grown into a well-known global brand helping businesses and homes to seamlessly relocate from one state to another. Today, they are one of the trusted nationwide moving companies with over 2,150 employees spread over 30 locations in the United State and over 150 partnerships across the globe including Shangai and London. 

They offer long distance, local, commercial, international, and corporate moving services among others. Suddath is a reliable and trustworthy national moving company with pedigree based on their years of valuable experience operating in the moving industry.

State to State Moving Companies​ - National Van Lines

Overall Rating 4.3 / 5

Call: 877-590-2810

9. National Van Lines

National Van Lines has been in operation for over 85 years providing full-service packing, moving, and storage services for both their commercial and residential clients. Their out of state movers comprises of a team of individuals who is experienced and capable of helping with all stages of the moving process, whether it is a local move, an interstate move, cross country moving, corporate move, and international, they are up to the task.

State to State Moving Companies​ - Palmer Moving and Storage

Overall Rating 4.2 / 5

Call: 586-834-3400

10. Palmer Moving and Storage

Palmer Moving and Storage is a family-owned company that has been in operation since 1910 offering time-tested and trusted solutions to all relocating needs. Palmer Moving and Storage is an Atlas Van Lines agent with over 10,000 successful moves completed each year. 

They are based in Detroit, MI providing full moving services to individuals, businesses, and corporations over the years. Their services include providing local moving, long distance moving services, residential moving, office moving corporate relocation, and custom moving solutions among others.

The Following Table Displays The Best State to State Moving Companies In The USA

No.Best State to State Moving CompaniesWebsite
1.Moving APTwww.movingapt.com
3.Adams Van Lineswww.adamsvanlines.com
4.Covan Worldwide Movingwww.covan.com
5.Beltmann Relocation Groupwww.beltmann.com
6.Armstrong Relocationwww.armstrongrelocation.com
7.Berger Alliedwww.bergerallied.com
9.National Van Lineswww.nationalvanlines.com
10.Palmer Moving and Storagewww.palmermoving.com

Preparing for an Out-of-State Move

You will get to know the tips that eradicate the stress involved in relocating homes from one state to another. 

State to State Moving Companies

You will have a stress-free relocation when you follow the tips stated below:

1. Conduct Research on the New State

It is advisable to pay a visit to the destination city before you finally move in, so you can get to learn about the location and different neighborhoods. Go to the city with a guide book or visit the visitors’ center in the town to get a map, brochures, and recommendations from indigenous. Ask for suggestions from the concierge if you are lodging in a hotel.

You can as well search the internet for reviews on the destination city and state. It is also recommended that you seek out local hangouts and hot spots in the area as you search for the center for tourism attractions in the place. Don’t forget to also research schools for children during your visit.

2. Budget Accordingly

It certainly doesn’t cost cheap to move to another state. The average cost of hiring a professional moving company for an interstate move, according to AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association) is $4,300. Note that you will be paying for container or truck rental if you opt for a DIY-move, as well as moving supplies and other associated expenses.

Determine your budget by starting with how much you are willing and ready to spend on the relocation. Then create a list for all important relocation expenses. Make sure you have separated cash for unexpected expenses that may arise during the move.

3. Research Interstate Moving Companies

Hiring one of the best interstate moving companies is the best way to relocate from one state to another. It is also the easiest way to relocate from one part of the country to another – just relax while the moving professionals do the entire job such as heavy lifting, protecting your furniture, and hauling your belongings from one state to another.

The only difficult task you have to do is to find yourself a reputable moving company that offers quality moving services at reasonable prices.

4. Research your Mover before Moving Out Of State

Knowing that the moving company you chose will offer you the best service when moving to another state will help you relax throughout the move. Make sure you ask for recommendations from family and friends and also check on review sites.

Make sure you ask your moving company in advance before you sign any agreement if they are handling the job themselves or subcontracting it out to another company. If they are subcontracting it, you should know that your belongings will be divided between 2 moving trucks, meaning that the whole of your item might not get to the destination home together that same day.

Make sure you also ask them for any additional charges that may incur on your move. You definitely want to avoid any surprise charges as you move to another state. Make sure you ask for references from your mover and also additional services that might facilitate easy transitioning. You could save a lot of time and effort by paying for packing and loading.

5. Pack before the Moving Day

The task involved in moving is beyond arranging paperwork, furniture, clothes, electronics, and any of your belongings. You will be required to decide on what items to donate. Salvation Army, Goodwill, and Habitat for Humanity are all examples of non-profit organizations that accept donated properties.

You will also be able to reduce the number of items that enter the moving trucks when you organize a garage sale. Once you have the items that you are moving separate from the one you are not moving, you can then place each moving boxes in the room where the packing will be done.

Make sure the bags, boxes, and plastic containers used as storage are properly labeled to make loading and unloading easier and smoother. The time required for packing for an interstate move may be longer based on your belongings, and many moving professionals recommend you start packing at least two months in advance. If you want to opt for DIY, you can read this post on “Packing a Moving Truck Like a Pro

6. Decide where each goes

There are fresh obstacles that arise in interstate move compared to intrastate move. Setting up the new home is one of the setbacks to consider here. You might consider a room perfect for the kids while it was once used as a store by the previous occupant.

You might also decide to convert an outdoor living room in your newly purchased home to a dining room where you entertain many people. You do not necessarily have to follow the blueprint for your destination home; rather, you can decide on which room is for who and what.

7. Arrange and Transfer your Utilities

Make sure you notify your utility companies of your move and also coordinate with them on how to transfer and install your water, gas, satellite, internet, security system, and sewer to your new home.

8. Forward your Mail

Fortunately for you, you can easily forward your mail. You will have to visit USPS.com and the date you wish to start forwarding your mail to your new address.

9. Notify Everyone about the Relocation

Give your new address to your loved ones. Ensure you also give the correct and updated address to your employer. Also, make sure the address gets to the appropriate and important agencies so that they can update it on their record. You can as well cancel your subscriptions for utilities in your current home and subscribe to another when you get to your new home.

10. School Enrollment

The decision on which grade your children will be next year solely depends on when you decide to make the long-distance move to the destination state as most moves are done towards the end of the school year. The majority of schools will have the kids remain in the same grade so they can first adapt to the new teaching techniques.

Make sure you enroll your children immediately you signed the agreement for the new home you purchase.

11. Obtain a New Driver’s License

A driver’s license is required before you can start driving in your new state. You can get it from the department of moving vehicles in your state. You are to check their requirements because some states only allow new residents to get a driver’s license after a certain time.

Although the requirements involved in transferring of driver’s license from one state to another varies, you might need your current driver’s license, proof of residency as well as social security number, together with other means of identification.

12. Keep Every Receipt you receive

All the receipts you receive from the beginning of the move to the end must be kept safely, especially the ones from charitable organizations such as Goodwill and Salvation Army. You are allowed by law to deduct the valuation of your gifts from the reported wages on the form of income tax.

Relocation expenses such as truck rental costs and gas can be deducted if the move is due to professional reasons. You will be required to show receipts to any of your human resources pros to receive your entitlement as regards the professional-related move.

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Interstate Moving Companies

Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Interstate Moving CompaniesThere are six things you should avoid when you want to hire a professional moving company for your interstate move. Although some of the things might be what you know, you definitely don’t want to underestimate each step, as it might cause you a great deal. 

1. Don’t hire a Mover that only accepts Cash Payment

 Ask the company in advance how you can pay for the move. Although it is easier to pay by cash in some cases, however, paying a company by cash can make them still take your belongings and never return it. You certainly want to make sure the moving company is real, as you will be committing your belongings to them for some time. 

2. Don’t sign any Unclear Agreement

Although this is correct for all relocations, moving on a long-distance is even more deceitful. Go through the contract carefully and do not hesitate to ask any questions. Any additional fees on the list must be properly reviewed and discussed, especially how it applies to your relocation. Consider speaking to the supervisor or manager if you are still in doubt. 

3. Don’t make Payment until the Truck is Unloaded

Do not sign any document if there is a missing item from your belongings. You are only to sign once the move has been completed. You cannot go back to the moving company and complain about a missing item once you signed the document. Create an inventory of your items before loading and properly check them during unloading just to be sure. You can only be certain every of your item got to you completely. There might also be an issue with the document; you already have your belongings in your new home and not on the moving truck. You have some leverage with the moving company in case you need it. 

4. Don’t assume there will be Full Insurance Coverage from the Mover

Ask your moving company about insurance. There is a new rule from the federal government stating that a moving company must offer you the option to purchase standard insurance coverage. The weight is the basis on which most insurance policies stand and not the value of the items. Make sure you are fully covered and find out if there is a need for you to purchase more coverage. 

5. Don’t Leave High-Value belongings with the Mover

You are to travel with important items such as your account records, passport, jewelry, school records, and other important documents. Ensure you know the non-essential items you can leave behind so you don’t forget your important items. 

6. Avoid waiting to make a Claim

Making a claim should be done after unpacking your belongings, and it should be done quickly. Before you finally unpack, open every moving box to confirm the condition of your belongings. If you stay longer before you make a claim, it might not be accepted on time.

How Much Does it Cost to Move Out of State?

How Much Does it Cost to Move Out of State


There is no particular way to calculate the exact cost of moving. Although customers are given moving quotes by their movers, the actual amount will only be known after the relocation is completed successfully. Customers can determine the cost of renting a truck, but they may not be able to figure out all of the hidden charges. We are going to categorize the cost into three different sections.

The cost of moving out of state if:

1. Using a Truck Rental

Consider going for a moving truck instead of spending a huge amount of money on moving companies or a moving container. Renting a moving truck provides you with a certain affordable way to relocate to another state. Although you will be required to do the packing, loading, and unloading, you will be saving a huge sum of money on the move. The day and time of rental also affect the rates for moving trucks. It will cost about $1,700 to rent a 10ft moving truck from U-Haul in Miami, Florida, and driving it to New York. Rental companies like Budget and Penske cost a lesser amount. The size of the moving truck, the distance traveled the rental duration (time), equipment rentals, the relocation date, nature of the move (1-way or round trip), and fuel charges are all factors that determine the cost of renting a moving truck.

2.   Using a Moving Container

Renting a moving container is also a good option for those that need a cost-effective, do-it-yourself solution to interstate relocation. The containers come of great help to those who are moving to another state with different complications as it can be used as temporary storage both before and after the move. There are many moving container rental companies to opt for when relocating to another state. Among the list of widely known container companies that offer long-distance relocation are PODS, 1-800-PACK-RAT, and U-Pack. The average costs of renting a ReloCubes from U-Pack are $2,231, as stated by HireAHelper‘s recent comparison. Check here for further information on other container rental companies.

3. Using a Professional Mover

You must be prepared to spend some money to hire a full-service professional mover to handle every aspect of your long-distance move. However, you will enjoy the moving experience as you are not doing the work. A long-distance move of an average weight of 7,400 pounds and a median distance of 1,225 miles will cost $4,300, as stated by AMSA. Moving supplies and packing services are also included in the average given. The distance between Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Princeton, New Jersey is the same as 1,225 miles.

Yes, this is just an average. The costs for labor, the weight of your belongings, insurance costs, mileage traveled, and additional moving services requested will all determine your state-to-state move. The rates given by each moving company also differ from one another. It is advisable to get moving quotes from 3 to 5 different movers to compare prices before hiring one. It is also advisable to opt for a moving company that offers you a binding not-to-exceed quote rather than a non-binding or ordinary binding quote.

Receiving a binding-not-to-exceed quote will make sure there are no changes to the estimated prices on the moving quote. This implies that there will be no hidden charges. It also makes sure you are charged the quoted amount even if there are any changes to your shipment in terms of weight or size. You will also pay less than the original price if your shipment weighs less than the initial quoted weight.

Different hidden costs of relocating include:

  • Moving supplies: You will be required to pay for moving and packing supplies such as foam pouches, labels, packing tape, cardboard boxes, packing paper, and so on, aside paying for the moving methods.
  • Closing costs on a propertyYou might have to pay for closing costs on your newly bought home in a new state. The costs usually include title insurance, appraisal fees and Realtor fees, etc.
  • Household furniture: Whether your bed doesn’t fit well in the new bedroom or you are considering a new one. You are most likely to buy one or two furniture to decorate the interior of your new home.  
  • Automobile shipping: You will be required to pay for a professional shipper to get your vehicle across to another state if you don’t want to drive it.

Professional Tips To Choose Best State to State Movers

Look for recommendations and check reviews of potential moving companies 

When you begin looking for the best moving company to facilitate your move, you can begin by asking friends and family who have recently moved for recommendations. You can also check the internet and Facebook business pages to find good reviews from previous customers. These are both good methods of identifying reputable, quality moving companies that can help you get your move underway. 

Be on the lookout for companies who offer services that you can utilize 

Some moving companies go above and beyond to offer services that will help people even more in their move (for an extra fee, of course). Many companies offer services like whole-house packing to pack up your whole home for you, storage facilities that you can use to hold your stuff during your move, and loading and unloading services so you won’t even have to move a muscle during the move.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do the interstate move myself?

Moving can be a very tedious task, especially if the distance involved is longer like the out-of-state move. It is a possible task; however, it is more convenient if you would hire professionals to handle the task for you. They will handle the packing, loading, unloading, and even unpacking in your new home when you hire the best mover.

How do movers charge for interstate moves?

The weight of your belongings is the deciding factor for the cost of your interstate moves, and the distance to be traveled is usually considered to be a great liability by your moving company in case you file a claim. The ocean shipping between the ports, the land charges between your home and the ports, portage, handling charges applicable in any of the countries crossed as well as additional customs are all factors that determine the cost for international moves

What time of the year and month is best for moving?

If you are not on a deadline to move on a specific date, then avoid moving during the summer months or at month-end. Any moving activities during these periods are charged heavily by movers. You can relocate when the month divides. Movers are always busy on the first and day of every month. 

When should I contact movers for moving quotes on my next move?

Contacting your preferred moving company often to notify them of your move is a wise thing to do. You can have them issue you a moving quote at about 5 to 6 weeks before your actual moving date. Make sure you choose a moving company at least four weeks into the moving day. Make sure you also sign the contract booklet for service and confirm the dates for your packing, pickup, and delivery of your belongings. It is never an easy task to relocate to another state.

What are the things I should expect on moving day?

A driver sent to your home by your mover will have a walk-through in your home. Make sure you inform the driver of the belongings you are moving to and the ones that are not. The driver will then work with his team to protect the doorways and floors. The driver will then use inventory form to take a record of the belongings as they are being loaded onto the moving truck as well as their condition. They will pad each of your belongings that need padding before loading into the truck. You will be asked by the driver to sign the paperwork, which includes the Inventory, Bill of Lading, and High-Value inventory.  

What is the average cost of an interstate move?

It will cost an average of $5,500 to relocate from one state to another. This estimate, as stated by AMSA, is based on 7,000 pounds of belongings and a distance of 1,200 miles.

What is the cost of moving furniture to another state?

It will cost an average of $4,300 to move your furniture from one state to another, according to AMSA. However, this may vary from one mover to another.

What is the cheapest method to relocate to another state?

Using a moving container, hiring an affordable truck rental, rent a small-sized tow trailer or find yourself a cheap mover, take a bus, or ship your furniture items are all the cheapest methods to move to another state. 


Moving can be a stressful process that nobody really looks forward to. It doesn’t always have to be that way, though, because a quality moving company can really help you make the process a lot simpler.  All the state to state moving companies here are re guaranteed to deliver quality and efficient state to state moving without any hassle. Do your findings and decide on which one best suit your unique needs.