Things to Know Before Moving to Massachusetts

Summary: The best way to relocate is armed with knowledge. This comprehensive moving guide provides important information about moving, like average costs and the different types of moves available.
Things to Know Before Moving to Massachusetts

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Moving is hectic and stressful because so many things must come together in order to relocate. You must transfer your address and household services, update your voter registration, and budget. Planning your move is just as important as these other tasks.

To successfully plan for your move, gather as much information as possible about things like the types of moves available, average costs, and how to choose state-to-state movers. With our comprehensive moving guide, you get a better understanding of the most important aspects of moving, reducing moving day worry and stress.

Types of Moves

The type of move you choose affects the overall moving costs you’ll pay. Choose the best type of move for your needs after setting a budget. You should also decide the amount of work you want to devote to the relocation process.

Although there are other types of moving services available, like moving labor, the three basic moving types are:

  • DIY moves- Rent a truck, load your belongings, drive the truck, unload your belongings, and return the truck to the moving company.
  • Moving Pods/Containers -You fill it and movers drive the pod or container to your location, allotting you a certain amount of time to unload your items before retrieving the container/pod.

Full-Service move – Moving professionals can do it all when you choose a full-service moving package. This includes loading/unloading the truck, driving the truck, furniture assembly/disassembly, as well as packing/unpacking, special handling and more if needed.

Average Cost of Moving to Massachusetts

Moving companies base their rates on several factors. Those factors include the size of the move, the distance, the time of year, and the services selected.

Moving across the country costs more than moving from a nearby city or town in Massachusetts, or a nearby state. The more stuff you pack to move, the more expensive your rates. You’ll also pay more to move during peak season, which happens to be during the warm summer months.

Keep in mind local movers charge hourly rates while you’ll pay per mile and per pound when cross-country movers handle the job. Distance determines if yours is a local or long-distance/cross-country move. On average, local movers charge $160 to $200 per hour while the costs for out-of-state moves average a bit more.

A few price examples to give you a better idea of price ranges:

  • Relocating from Utah to Massachusetts may cost between $2,900 and $6,000+, depending on the movers and the amount of stuff you are bringing along.

Relocating from Colorado to Massachusetts costs an average of $1,580 to $6,750+.

How to Choose a Moving Company?

Do not rush to hire movers. This mistake can cost you money, time, and potentially things from your home that hold great value to you. In worst-case scenarios, moving companies can turn out to be your worst nightmare if you do not research options before you hire.

Look for licensed, insured movers when choosing professionals to help you relocate. State regulations require moving companies to be licensed and carry insurance to protect your goods during transit.

Regulations stipulate that long-distance moving companies must be registered with the federal DOT and carry a special license granting permission to cross state lines with your belongings in the truck.

Look for information about the movers online. Avoid a company without an online presence and plenty of positive reviews and happy customers. Find out more by viewing the company’s website, social media pages, and of course, review sites.

Look for moving professionals that deliver qualities such as:

  • Upfront, transparent pricing
  • Experience and a successful track record
  • Professional attitude

How to Save Money on Moving Costs?

Moving is expensive but saving money is possible. To save money on your moving expenses, request estimates from three or more movers and compare costs. This alone can drastically reduce your moving expenses.

Additional tips to reduce moving expenses:

  • Cut down on the amount of stuff you pack to load onto the moving truck
  • Purchase supplies like boxes and packing tape yourself rather than from the movers
  • Play around with moving dates. Moving on a Monday may be cheaper than moving on a Sunday.
  • Ask about discounts like AAA, senior and military discounts
  • Schedule your move during the off-season

Education in Massachusetts

WalletHub reports that the education system in Massachusetts is the best in America. The state has the sixth-highest public education funding in the country. Not surprising, since two of the country’s most prestigious schools, MIT and Harvard University, are in MA.

While the state’s prestigious colleges and universities generally earn the most recognition, parents relocating to Massachusetts appreciate knowing their students will receive an above-average education from one corner of the state to another.

Perhaps higher teacher pay is one reason Massachusetts has such a great education system. Teachers in Massachusetts are some of the highest-paid educators in the country. On average, Massachusetts teachers earn an average annual salary of $82,349. The average annual salary for teachers in the U.S. is $61,730.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent a moving truck?

Renting a moving truck is the typical way to transport belongings during a DIY move. Moving trucks come in various sizes to accommodate moves of every size. Rental truck companies generally charge flat rate and per-mile fees to rent a moving truck. Check with the company of your choice to find out the exact rates to rent the truck.

When should I hire a moving company?

Hire movers as far in advance as possible to get the best selection of companies, best moving dates, and best rates. Experts recommend hiring movers at least two months in advance, which gives plenty of time to research and compare options.

Are there items movers can’t move?

Moving regulations prevent moving companies from transporting certain items. The items moving companies cannot transport generally includes dangerous items, plants, animals, and valuables. Check with the moving company you work with for specific information concerning items they cannot move to Massachusetts.

Should I tip my movers?

No matter the size of your move, you should consider leaving a tip. While not mandatory, tips brighten the movers day a little bit and they are generally expected. It is a generous way to say thank you for a job well done. If you choose to tip, $50 to $100 is a good range for a tip. The standard tip rate ranges between 10% and 15%.

What is the best day of the week to move?

When picking a move date, choose a day during the week if you want the best moving rates. Movers typically are busier on the weekends and charge more money as result. Choose a weekday move for less demand.

Expert Move Ahead

Massachusetts is a great place to call home, which soon you will learn. Take the information from this guide and use it to ease the stress of your move to the state.

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