List of 10 Best Places to Live in Colorado

Summary: Best places to live in Colorado in 2021 are Aurora, Boulder, Louisville, and a lot more. Explore the best places to live in Colorado as researched by Pricing Van Lines based on crime, public schools, cost of living, real estate, and local amenities.
List of 10 Best Places to Live in Colorado

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Have you been thinking about how great a move to the beautiful Centennial State of Colorado could be like?

Whether you’re planning on moving for work or for pleasure, you are going to absolutely love your time in Colorado. Gorgeous mountains, scenery that looks like you just jumped into a postcard, friendly people, and rather affordable living in many of the state’s cities are all magnificent reasons to think about moving to Colorado.

Do you know exactly where in Colorado you’d like to move to? long distance movers operate throughout Colorado and there are all kinds of wonderful towns you could be thinking about calling your new home, but which Colorado cities are the best, and which one should you think about choosing?

Let’s find out what the 10 top choices for Colorado living currently are. Knowing a little about some of Colorado’s finest cities will be a great way to help you decide which town in Colorado should be the one you choose to call home.

1. Aurora

A suburb of the larger city of Denver, Aurora is quickly working on becoming one of the most popular towns to call home in the entire state of Colorado.

Boasting a population of 366,623 people, the average priced home for a home in Aurora is around $356,000, and it also offers plenty of fun stuff for residents and visitors to enjoy.

From copious amounts of nature trails, beautiful parks to take the kids, and more options for local fun in the city than you can shake a stick at, Aurora is one of the fastest-growing communities in all of Colorado and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

2. Boulder

Boulder is a great choice for people thinking about calling Colorado their new home, especially if they are a student. Being home to the University of Colorado, many students attending the university will invariably find themselves staying in Boulder. There’s more than just the school here, though.

Easy access to the Rocky Mountains, full of delicious local restaurants and local breweries for those who enjoy a local craft beer, Boulder is a quaint town to call home. It features a slightly smaller population than Aurora (with 107,125 people currently living in Boulder), but significantly more expensive average housing costs (which is roughly $825,000 in Boulder).

3. Louiseville

Louiseville is another Colorado town that people considering a move to the Centennial State should seriously think about laying down roots in. It is much smaller than the other choices on the list so far, with a current population of only 20,705 people.

The median housing cost in Louiseville is around $554,200, making it slightly more expensive than Aurora but a good deal cheaper than Boulder.

A few of the main attractions for living in Louiseville is its great sense of community, its low unemployment rate, and its very low crime rate, making it one of the safer places to live in Colorado.

4. Castle Rock

Castle Rock is one of those Colorado cities that offers a little bit of everything to anyone who may come through. Plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself outside with an array of community parks and outdoor recreation, as well as no shortage of shopping and dining opportunities when you’re enjoying a day out on the town.

Castle Rock is relatively small, population-wise, with only a little over 62,200 folks living here. The current average cost for a house in Castle Rock is about $498,000.

5. Denver

Denver is known all over the country as the Mile High City, and is one of the first choices that people pondering a move to Colorado might think about. Why is Denver one of the first choices for people, though? Well, the city has absolutely zero shortage of things for people to do, no matter what you might enjoy.

Shopping, proximity to other cities, the ease of access to the Rocky Mountains, and so much more come together to make Denver one of the top choices to live in Colorado.

Currently, there are a whopping 704,621 people calling Denver their home, with the average home price in Denver coming out to around $409,000.

6. Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is the second most populated city in the state of Colorado, with 464,474 people currently living here. Folks looking for a home in the area could expect to pay an average price of $325,000.

This area is becoming more popular for young people, families, and working professionals as they look for a place with plenty of amenities and affordable living, something Colorado Springs offers in spades.

7. Pueblo

Pueblo is one of the most affordable places to live in Colorado, offering an average home price of only $214,900. It is also a little smaller than some of Colorado’s bigger cities, coming in with a current population of around 111,125 people.

Pueblo has an abundance of relatively affordable homes and neighborhoods, along with the fun amenities you would expect from a Colorado city. If convenience and economy are two things you’re looking for in your move, Pueblo may be the town for you.

8. Vail

Vail is one of those Centennial State towns where it seems like there is always something going on. Living here, you will never be without something to do if you love skiing.

That’s because Vail offers one of the most popular ski resorts in all of Colorado, and it is always brimming with activity from tourists and residents alike hitting the slopes.

There are other great things to love about Vail, too, like its fun selection of music events, fabulous dining, and more.

Currently, people moving to Vail can expect to pay an average home price of $825,000 and be among a very small population of only 5,483 people.

9. Lakewood

Lakewood is a brilliant choice if you are looking for great job opportunities and some of the best schools in the state for your kids.

The unemployment rate in Lakewood is quite low, and there are usually all kinds of job opportunities to be had for people looking for work. Lakewood also has plenty of fun natural, dining, and shopping amenities that folks considering moving here will love.

Right now, you would become one of 154,958 people if you choose to move to Lakewood, and you could expect to pay an average price of $420,000 for a house in the area.

10. Fort Collins

Do you have an interest in working in tech, or maybe just want to find a historic, scenic town to call home? Fort Collins offers both of these things and more, which also plays host to Colorado State University.

Several tech startups have begun in the area, along with several other industries looking for employees. There are also plenty of options for entertainment, shopping, and dining in the area.

Currently, Fort Collins is home to 165,080 people, and if you begin looking for a house in the city, you should expect to encounter average prices around $445,600.

Frequently Asked Questions

A move to Colorado is a big commitment, and planning moves can be a draining experience for someone who might not have ever done it before.

Still have questions about your upcoming Colorado move? Let’s make it a little easier for you by seeing if any of your further questions have already been answered before by checking out some of the most frequently asked questions about Colorado moves.

What is the single most affordable town in Colorado to live in?

Right now, the most affordable place in the state to call home would probably be Federal Heights, near the city of Denver. Federal Heights is roughly 25% cheaper than the rest of the state when it comes to overall cost of living.

What jobs are in high demand in Colorado?

This list is by no means exhaustive and could change at any moment, but Colorado is currently experiencing a need for people experienced in things like nursing, network administrators, software engineers, preschool teachers, physical therapists, and more. If you are experienced in one of these fields, you could find a job relatively simple in Colorado.

Is there anything I should know before moving to Colorado?

You should be ready to enjoy activities like skiing, take in natural wonders like the Rocky Mountains, you can enjoy much lower property taxes in comparison to the rest of the country, and you will get to enjoy some great local craft beer, if that’s your thing. Colorado has a lot to love about it, and you’ll adapt to it as you go. 

Living it Up in the Centennial State

Now that you know some of the best cities in Colorado all that is left for you to do is find the one you like the most, that has the amenities you would love to have nearby. Once you’ve found the Colorado town of your dreams, all that is left for you to do is plan your move with your long distance moving company, load everything up, and start off on your new life.

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