How Do I Ship My Belongings To Another State?

Summary: For one or two boxes less than 70 lbs., USPS or parcel shipping is often ideal. The most convenient way to ship your larger belongings or an entire home to another state is to choose a full-service company to move things for you. It will cost more, but they are less-stressful and reliable.
How Do I Ship My Belongings To Another State?

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Are you planning to move out state? Or do you want to ship some of your belongings to another state? Know that shipping your belongings can take a lot of time, just like moving.

And it requires adequate planning and dedication. If you are confused about how you can ship your household items to a new state and the cheapest means to do it, we have the right answer.

You certainly know that the longer the distance you send your items, the more expensive the service will be. So, to make sure it is done appropriately, you should consider cheaper ways to ship. No matter the volume or weight of your belongings, there are always better ways to save some cost.  

Ways to Ship Your Goods Out of State

1. Take the Bus

Going with the bus is the most affordable way to relocate out-of-state if your belongings are small. If you don’t own large boxes or heavy furniture, and your shipment is below 250lbs, then the bus is your best option to relocate cheaply. Understand these when moving with bus: 

  • It is the least expensive way to move to another state if you don’t own furniture. Hence, opt for a state to state mover.
  • You can haul about 250lbs of items with you.
  • You can sit back and enjoy the trip once you are onboard.
  • You cannot transport more than 250lbs shipment.
  • This method is not reliable to relocate furniture and larger stuff.
  • Pets are not allowed on the bus.
  • Moving with your vehicle(s) is impossible in this method. In another option, you can hire a car shipping company to transport your vehicle.
  • Boxes can easily get tossed around, so you need to pack properly.
  • You will have to haul your belongings to and from the bus station.

There are several stops, so plan for a long journey, with food and overnights. 

2. Get a Pick-up Truck Rental

This is one of the least expensive ways to haul small shipments in a day. It works perfectly for those who are moving to another state in one day with a small shipment. Those who can load up their household items in the back and relocate in one day should look into this.

Understand these when moving with a pick-up truck:

  • This is cheaper than a moving truck rental for a day.
  • You can easily move a small shipment. 
  • More people or pets can travel in the cab than a moving truck.
  • Traveling in them is more comfortable.
  • It is costly if your move will take more than a day.
  • It would help if you were careful as there is no insurance on your belongings.
  • You will need to tie everything down with straps, rope, or stretch cords.
  • Rain, sun, or wind damage can occur to your exposed belongings.

There is no ramp, so you have to do the heavy lifting into the pick-up truck’s back. 

3. Get the Cheapest Rental Moving Truck

Moving truck rental and handling all the work yourself is the least expensive way to move to another state with furniture. However, it is also the most stressful, risky, and exhausting moving method.

If you are moving more furniture and boxes that wouldn’t fit in a truck or smaller trailer and low on budget to hire pro movers, you can only consider this for your tight budget.

That is because you will be handling the entire packing, loading, driving, and unloading with little or no assistance. Understand these when moving with a rental truck:  

  • It is the cheapest means of moving home with furniture.
  • You can transport a vehicle behind if you rent the right truck and tow package. 
  • Your belongings will arrive at the new home with you.
  • You will be responsible for gas payment and can quickly add up.
  • Although insurance is optional, you should get it.
  • You will be liable for uninsured damages financially.
  • Accidents are inevitable during lifting, driving, and unloading.
  • Only two or two and a half seats available on each truck.
  • There is no rear-view mirror on trucks, so backing up requires caution.
  • There is no fun when moving long-distance inside a rental moving truck.
  • Be careful as these trucks often get blown around by the strong wind.
  • Most truck speed ends at 65mph.
  • There will be sliding and shifting which may cause breaking of furniture if not packed properly.
  • The drive becomes worse with bad speakers and AM/FM radio.
  • Driving across crowded cities and trying to park can be tough.

Rental is expensive during weekends/holidays/summer. 

4. Moving Containers

This moving method is quietly affordable for those who are ready to do the hard work but not willing to drive. Moving PODs have made most people moving to be happy as they taste the balance between hiring a full-service mover and moving truck rentals.

Even though they are still costly compared with renting a moving truck, they will save you a lot of stress added by driving. You will be handling the heavy lifting of furniture, packing, and loading unless, of course, you go for labor only movers.

Understand these when moving with the moving container:

  • A moving container company will drop off a portable unit to your specified address.
  • You are responsible for the loading of the unit with your belongings.
  • When you are done, the company will arrive again and load the unit on their truck.
  • They will transport it to your destination address and drop it off for you.
  • You are responsible for unloading the contents.
  • Once you are done, they will arrive again to pick-up the empty unit.
  • You won’t be driving a large moving truck full of belongings.
  • It is a bit cheaper averagely than hiring full-service movers.
  • You and your household members including pets can travel together in your personal vehicle.
  • In some situations, a container can be shared with others to save money. 
  • Availability and rental locations can be difficult to locate base on your area which makes things costly on your end.
  • A drop of restrictions can be enforced for those living in apartment complexes and inner metro areas, so be sure to find this out in advance.
  • You are responsible for the entire packing, lifting, and loading hard-work if you plan to save money than hiring movers.

Costs are more expensive during weekends/holidays/summer

5. Hire Affordable Movers

The easiest way to save a lot of money on your move is to find the cheapest moving company. You may be thinking the money to hire a move is not what you can get now. However, read my explanation on how this can be your best option before you conclude.

It is fast, free, and you can make a comparison of moving estimates with no obligation from about five interstate movers in a single place.


You have researched and decided that the stress of packing and securing your belongings for hauling is too much for only you to handle. If this is your situation, hiring a long distance mover to help you move your belongings is the best thing you need. Your items will be efficiently packed and moved to your destination home or storage center by a professional moving company. They can also help you transport your vehicle if you don’t plan to drive it. 

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