Guide To Find Cheapest States To Live In

Guide To Find Cheapest States To Live In
Several states in the South and Midwest have the lowest cost of living indices and home prices in the U.S. if you can find one of these states to live in; you will save a lot daily. In this guide, we shared tips of what to consider to choose the cheapest states.

Times are tough these days and they don’t seem to be showing any signs of letting up. With finances taking their toll on so many folks, it is no wonder one might decide to start looking for a cheaper area to live, where they can work on saving money instead of paying thousands per month for rent or a mortgage.

You might find this easy to relate to if you live in a large city such as New York or Miami. While huge cities certainly have their benefits, as the lengthy list of restaurants, entertainment options, educational centers, and certainly job opportunities that smaller towns usually can’t match, there is certainly nothing like the feeling of being able to save as much cash as you can. And living in a cheaper area allows you to do just that.

So, before you settle on planning a move to another big city and begin calling up the cheapest moving company in your area to get a move planned, spend a little time considering the cheapest places to live. One of them might be ideal for you.

What Should I Consider When Thinking About These Cheaper Places?

As with any move, there are a few things you should have in mind when you are considering which of these cheaper states would be the best option for you to move to. Consider:

  • Your budget: You’re going to want to make sure you already have some cash saved back before you move not only to help pay movers if you aren’t moving yourself but also to live on until you get a job or income stream set up in your new town. Make sure you have enough money to live for at least six months before making major moving plans. 
  • The kind of environment you’d like to live in: Think about what sort of place you’d like to call home. There are cheaper states to choose from in many different parts of the country, so think about whether you’d live in a more rural setting and whether or not a warmer or cooler climate might be better. 
  • Think about any others that may be moving with you: If you have a family moving with you, consider places that would be great for kids, as well as something you and your partner would both love to call home.

There are other factors to think about, but these are some of the most important that should be considered right off the bat. So, the next thing to consider is some of the options you have for a few of the cheapest states you could think about moving to.

These are some of the cheapest options in the country, so considering one of them would be a great way to begin living a little more affordably.


Mississippi is the best state to consider moving to if you’re looking for the cheapest state in the country to live in. In the Magnolia State, you will have access to the most inexpensive housing prices anywhere in the United States. Food and basic groceries will cost you a considerable amount less than the rest of the country, too.

Since you’re in Mississippi, you automatically get to enjoy a tropical climate. Depending on which city you choose, you could even be a short drive away from the beach.

Not only could you potentially enjoy saving a good deal of money on your living expenses, but you could add beach trips to things to love about your new state, as well.

Here’s a quick breakdown of prices you can expect to pay for things in Mississippi:

  • Housing costs: The average price you could expect to pay for a three-bedroom home in Mississippi is$275,509. 
  • Energy costs: On average, the monthly energy bill paid by people living in Mississippi is $127.10. This will vary depending on your usage, of course. 
  • Medical costs: You can expect a visit to the doctor’s office in Mississippi to cost around $90 on average.


If you love green grass, mountainous regions, and scenic areas for miles, then Arkansas, known also as the Natural State, could be a great choice for your move.

Not only does it offer more nature than you can shake a stick at (pun intended), but it also offers some of the most affordable living costs in the United States.

You will enjoy your visits to the grocery store in Arkansas since you can expect to pay a good deal less for everything on your list in comparison to states with more expensive prices.

You should also find it easy to find a more affordable home or piece of land, as housing costs in Arkansas are comparably lower than the rest of the country, as well.

A lot of good times in nature await you if you think about choosing a move to Arkansas. If you love camping, hitting the lake, hiking, or just enjoying a great time outdoors in general, then the Natural State could be the perfect place for you.

The costs of some of the basic essentials in Arkansas are:

  • Housing costs: The average price you could expect to pay for a three-bedroom home in Arkansas is $339,778. 
  • Energy costs: On average, the typical energy bill paid by Arkansas residents is $149.97, depending on their usage. 
  • Medical costs: In Arkansas, you can expect a trip to see the doctor cost you about $114 on average.


Oklahoma is a state with many fun towns and cities within it. You can find smaller communities like Stillwater, to medium-sized towns like Broken Arrow, to full-blown cities such as Tulsa or Oklahoma City.

If you’re thinking about moving somewhere for work for a while and just want to rent an apartment while you’re there, you won’t find much better options than Oklahoma.

This is because the Sooner State has some of the cheapest prices for rentals than you can find in other parts of the country. You’ll quickly find when searching apartment listings that the average price for a two-bedroom apartment in the state is around $500.

You’ll never be without something to do in Oklahoma, either. The state is well known for having enthusiastic sports fans, great local music scenes, and plenty of delightful cuisines.

Of course, the natural beauty of the state doesn’t hurt, either. To give you an idea of some of the basic costs in Oklahoma, here is a brief summary of the essentials.

  • Housing costs: The average price you might expect to pay for a three-bedroom home in Oklahoma is $317,039. 
  • Energy costs: On average, folks living in the Sooner State pay energy bills somewhere in the neighborhood of $163.78 per month, depending on their usage. 
  • Medical costs: You should expect your average trip to the doctor’s office in Oklahoma to cost around $125.

Frequently Asked Questions

Saving money in a state with a cheaper cost of living can be fantastic, but planning a move out of your current state is still a heavy undertaking, and it would be completely reasonable to assume you may still have a few questions.

Here are some of the most common questions asked by folks who are also thinking of moving to a cheaper state.

How can I move with no money?

Moving is already hard enough, but trying to plan a move with no budget whatsoever is a big ask. Still, depending on your resources, it can be done. Consider asking friends or family for help, and let them know your goals and how you’re looking to save money by living in a cheaper state. You could sell some stuff to make some cash for a move, or you could try to stay with a buddy until you have some cash saved.

Which states have no personal income taxes?

You may have heard this one before, and it is actually true. There are a few states in the US right now that don’t have personal income taxes, and they include South Dakota, Texas, Alaska, Florida, Washington, Nevada, and Wyoming. You could also include Tennessee and New Hampshire here, as they do not tax workers’ wages.

Which state has the cheapest price of groceries?

The spot for the cheapest price of groceries in the nation belongs to Mississippi, which is also one of the cheapest states to live in general. Even though the state has a high food sales tax, it has a lot of big-box food chains that can afford to chard rock-bottom prices.

Saving Money Can Be Simpler in These States

There is nothing wrong with wanting to save as much money as possible so you can try to have a little nest egg put away for the future. You never know what the future might hold, and living in one of these less expensive states allows you the opportunity to save as much as you can without having to make unnecessary sacrifices like you might have to in more expensive places to live.