Moving to North Carolina: Pros and Cons Complete Guide 2024

North Carolina boasts beautiful beaches, serene countryside, and vibrant cities. Discover what motivates people to move to North Carolina and get tips for a smooth transition to a new home.
Things To Know Before Moving To North Carolina

Long-distance moves represent quite a challenge. The process becomes much easier when you get familiar with what’s around the corner as the pressure disappears.

Moving to North Carolina offers the perfect mixture – adventure and serenity. Find all the details about Tar Heel State, from living costs to which cross country movers to hire.

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North Carolina Overview

Waking up every day in a state with breathtaking views, vivid cities, and delicious barbecue could be a dream come true. North Carolina, located in the southeastern United States, offers all that and more.

From the moment you set foot on its ground, you’ll discover what it’s known for – beautiful views and landscapes, mild weather, and friendly people.

North Carolina can’t disappoint. It has over 300 miles of coastline with stunning beaches. In those regions, summers are warm, and winters are mild. When autumn starts knocking on the door, go west to the Appalachian Mountains to enjoy the fall colors and cooler temperatures.

North Carolina’s charming little towns and booming cities keep showing its other, urban side. You can explore the growing job market and thriving arts and culture scene.

Foodies, get ready – Tar Heel State will blow your mind with its impressive food and dining scene. As a matter of fact, North Carolina is the birthplace of classics such as Krispy Kreme donuts, Cheerwine, and Pepsi-Cola.

Why Move to North Carolina?

If you’re looking for a blend of natural and urban, search no more. North Carolina is the obvious answer – it offers a diverse lifestyle.

Let’s explore why moving long distance to this southeast state is a great idea.

  • It’s a family-friendly state – North Carolina has safe neighborhoods and a relatively low crime rate. Thus, it’s ideal for raising kids.
  • Welcoming community – A friendly atmosphere and Southern hospitality are felt throughout the state.
  • Outdoor adventures – Thanks to its natural beauty and mild weather, the state offers various outdoor activities, from hiking to fishing and biking.
  • Rich culture – You can enjoy museums, galleries, theater, and music all year round.
  • Top-rated education – The state has excellent public schools and prestigious universities, including Duke and North Carolina State University.
  • Growing job market – Thanks to the booming economy, there are many job opportunities.
  • Relatively low costs of living – When compared to many other states, North Carolina offers more affordable living.
  • Astonishing culinary scene – Great chefs, excellent restaurants, craft breweries, and wineries are found everywhere.

How Much Does It Cost to Move to North Carolina?

Calculating the costs of moving to North Carolina is complex. Various factors influence the price, including distance, weight of your belongings, and more.

Before using a moving cost calculator, knowing all the details is essential. Prices of local moves range from $500 to $1,500.

When moving cross country, expenses are significantly higher. The prices range from $1,000 to $5,000 or more.

Distance1 Bedroom2 – 3 Bedroom4 – 5 Bedroom
100 miles$500 – $2,000$600 – $2,500$1,000 – $3,200
250 miles$600 – $2,500$900 – $3,000$1,400 – $3,900
1,000 miles+$700 – $3,000$1,300 – $3,500$2,400 – $4,700
2,500 miles+$800 – $3,300$2,000 – $4,000$5,000+

Our Most Recommended Long-Distance Movers to North Carolina

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Remember – all your items should be in the hands of professionals. Here are the top three long-distance moving companies.

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Pros of Moving to North Carolina

1. Affordable Living Costs

North Carolina is much easier on the wallet than many other countries in the United States. The groceries, daily essentials, and housing costs are reasonable in small towns and urban areas. While some spots can be more expensive, living costs are relatively low overall.

2. Excellent Choice for Outdoor Enthusiasts

If you’re looking for outdoor adventures, the selection of options in North Carolina is about to impress you. Thanks to its mild weather and beautiful nature, residents enjoy outdoor activities all year.

3. A Warm and Welcoming Community

When moving to a new state, you may feel like you don’t belong there. That won’t be the case in North Carolina. People are extremely warm and welcoming, and a strong community spirit is present in every corner.

4. Economy Is Thriving

The economy and the job market in North Carolina are flourishing. The unemployment rate in the state is consistently below the national average.

Cons of Moving to North Carolina

1. Hurricane Threats

Due to its coastal setting, North Carolina faces regular hurricane threats. It’s vital to be ready when there’s a threat, as these storms bring wind and rain.

2. Poor Public Transportation

If you prefer using public transportation instead of driving, you won’t like the situation in the state. Many areas in North Carolina need more trains or buses. Thus, driving around is necessary.

3. Some Taxes Are Higher Than in Other States

Some taxes, including sales taxes, are higher in North Carolina than other US states. The residents pay $770 on average in sales tax yearly.

4. Roads and Infrastructure Quality Is Low

The quality of roads and infrastructure in the state could be better. When you start exploring, you’ll notice bridges that require repairs, bumpy roads, and uneven pavement.



What Are the Costs of Living in North Carolina?

North Carolina represents a fantastic choice for many due to its low living costs. Note that smaller towns are more affordable than urban areas. Thus, housing and living costs in cities, including Charlotte, Durham, and Raleigh, tend to be higher.

Let’s break down some vital expenses you can expect after moving to Tar Heel State.

North Carolina has many astonishing places to call home. The best part is that renting and even buying a house is budget-friendly. The average price for renting a two-bedroom apartment is $1,150. It’s lower than the national average.

House buyers can expect some decent prices as well. In 2022, the average price for a single-family home was $370,000. It’s also low compared to the national average.
Utility costs are affordable and around the national average. Daily living expenses, including grocery costs, are reasonable.

If you love dining out, you’ll discover North Carolina offers options for everyone’s pocket. There are more expensive, exclusive restaurants. However, there are also various eateries and diners where you can enjoy delicious meals without spending a fortune.

Exploring vivid entertainment options in North Carolina doesn’t mean spending much money. Tickets for museums, galleries, movies, and music festivals come at reasonable prices. The same goes for sporting events.

Remember that living in urban areas costs more. Living in a rural area or a small town significantly lowers the expenses. Some of the most affordable places to live in NC are Graham County, Montgomery County, and Duplin County.

What Are the Best Places to Live in North Carolina?

Moving to a new country is a synonym for an adventure and a huge undertaking. Choosing the right place is one of the most critical decisions.

Browsing all options and doing in-depth research is a must. Considering your income, lifestyle, and whether you prefer rural or urban areas is a great starting point.

Fortunately, North Carolina has many beautiful cities and charming little towns.

1. Charlotte

Charlotte is growing at a fast pace. It has a great climate and an ideal location. The Blue Ridge Mountains are relatively close, and the beaches are even closer.

It offers excellent public education. As expected from an urban center, a rich cultural scene is available. The city is home to art galleries, museums, festivals, and more.

2. Wilmington

If you prefer a coastal lifestyle, Wilmington is the perfect choice. Water sports enthusiasts find this charming town a dream come true.

Every part of the town tells a story, from its historic district to the Midtown area. Wilmington’s real estate market is relatively inexpensive.

3. Winston-Salem

The choice of North Carolina cities to move to is impressive. It’s impossible to compile a list without mentioning Winston-Salem. It has both modern and historic neighborhoods.

It offers adventures and relaxation. Driving for 1.5 hours will get you to Yadkin Valley, where you can explore numerous wineries.

4. Raleigh

Situated near the beaches and mountains, The City of Oaks has a superb business climate and a thriving job market.

North Carolina’s capital has an excellent healthcare system, diverse neighborhoods, and fantastic schools. Downtown Raleigh is a unique cultural center – exploring it is a never-ending adventure.

How Is the Job Market in North Carolina?

The job market in North Carolina keeps growing. Many young professionals and families choose North Carolina to become their home. With a strong and diverse economy, various industries provide great job opportunities.

Those working in finance settle in the “Wall Street of the South,” Charlotte. Most tech experts and researchers live and work in Chapel Hill, Durham, or Raleigh. In Ashville, the arts and culture scene is thriving. The tourism sector keeps growing as well.

North Carolina is a furniture manufacturer. Leading companies, including Century and Sealy, Ethan Allen, and Ashley Furniture, have operations in the state. Healthcare, education, agriculture, and tourism are other sectors offering employment opportunities.

The number of Tar Heel State residents keeps increasing, and it’s easy to see why.

What Is North Carolina Most Known For?

Many things make North Carolina unique. Let’s explore at least part of it.

1. Wineries and Vineyards

The wine industry is growing. The state has over 500 vineyards and 200 wineries. To explore and learn more about the state’s wineries, attend the annual North Carolina Wine Festival.

2. Delicious Food

Tar Heel State is a true foody destination. Two main barbeque styles, Lexington and South, are mouth-watery delights. A classic Southern dish is Fried green tomatoes with Pimento cheese. It’s always a great choice as an appetizer or main dish. Mt. Olive Pickles and Texas Pete Hot Sauce are among many of North Carolina’s delights.

3. Biltmore Estate

The largest private home in the United States is located in Asheville. George Vanderbilt built the Biltmore Estate, an impressive castle with 250 rooms and 8,000 acres of grounds. It’s one of the biggest attractions in North Carolina.

4. National Parks

Living in North Carolina means living close to the most beautiful national parks in the US. There are ten of them, including the famous Great Smokey Mountains.

What Are the Best Schools and Universities in North Carolina?

North Carolina has fantastic educational institutions. It’s a home of astonishing public and private high schools and prestigious universities, including

  • Providence High School
  • North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM)
  • Phillips Academy
  • Forsyth Country Day School
  • East Chapel Hill High School
  • Duke University
  • North Carolina State University
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Appalachian State University
  • North Carolina A&T State University

All schools and universities in the state have one thing in common. The academics and programs offered by all of them are fantastic.

Embrace North Carolina and All Its Charms

North Carolina is one of the states you can never get enough of. It’s a perfect destination for many. It has beautiful beaches and mountains, delicious food, and a vibrant lifestyle. The community is always ready to reach out and help. You don’t need to worry. Just start packing your bags.

The unique charms of this city will make you feel at home before you know it.

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