The 9 Tips To Choose The Best Out-of-State Movers

Summary: If time is money for you and you can't afford any delays or inconvenience throughout the out of state moving process, you should let professional movers do the work. You could take help from the internet to find out how to choose the best movers.
9 Tips To Choose The Best Out-of-State Movers

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It isn’t easy to find quality out of state moving companies. Many people understand the fact that the internet is the most helpful resource for finding moving companies, but it is not always, especially when you don’t make use of the tool correctly.

You can, of course, read reviews to understand many things about a moving company, but this doesn’t give you insight into a newly established company.

We see many moving companies open up out of the blue every year. They often show up before the peak moving season. These sudden moving companies are always out for one reason, and that is to scam customers of their hard-earned money for a few months and go off again.

This is very real, so you need to be sure to do your research properly. This article will discuss top tips to locate the best out of state moving companies.

Moving to a new state in the United States seems like a difficult task, but millions of Americans embark on it annually. Regardless of whether your destination state is just across the border of the country or farther, the best out-of-state moving companies will enhance your moving needs with quality service.

Find the ways to choose the ideal out-of-state moving companies for your moving project below:

1. Go with an Experienced Company

Out of state moving will require a lot of paperwork and other administrative works that ensure your move goes smoothly. This is why choosing the right, and experienced packers and movers for your out-of-state move is so important.

2. Confirm with the Department of Transportation (DOT)

The Department of Transportation is the agency that takes care of the affairs of out-of-state moving companies. Any mover that transports household items across state borders must follow their rules strictly. Kindly look up the DOT SAFER website to confirm licensing, complaint record, and whether the company you are dealing with is a mover or broker.

3. Don’t set out for the Lowest Price

We are all looking to save money, and there is no way we can do that by hiring a professional moving company, and all the same, choosing the cheapest moving company will also cost you more. Trust is essential when hiring out-of-state moving companies. Look for the best out of state moving companies nearest to you and do not hesitate to spend additional money to ascertain quality.

4. Ask for Free Moving Estimates

You must obtain out-of-state moving estimates from long-distance movers to know how much your move may cost you as they are experienced in providing moving services to your state and other states in the country. Consider the overall moving costs when comparing moving estimates gotten from various out-of-state movers, especially when you are looking to hire one from them.

5. Search for Out-of-State Moving Companies near your Place

Do not spend your time looking into moving companies located in New Jersey if you are relocating from California. You can get one from the many out-of-state moving companies located in or near your current city that are capable of taking care of your move. Talk to a local moving company that will either come to your home or provides a video survey. Your move will be the best to handle this way.

6. Check Online Reviews

Your best starting point when researching out-of-state moving companies is through Google. Additionally, you need to find out the years of experience of a moving company as it speaks a lot about the size of a company, and the number of their natural complaints. That a moving company has some negative complaints doesn’t make them a poor choice.

7. Request In-Home Surveys

Any moving estimate you received after the in-home survey is certainly close to being accurate. Be sure to have an agent from each moving company you are researching in your home for an in-home survey of all your possessions you plan to move and also discuss the things that could affect the entire moving cost on your moving day before they issue the quote. Stay away from any moving company that declines the s in-home survey.

8. Compare the Estimates

The next step is to compare the moving estimate you received once you are sure of the reliability and trustworthiness of the long-distance movers. Although you also have to consider price, you need to place much value on the main moving services that constitute the price you received, also go with your gut when making a final conclusion.

9. Check for Hidden Fees

Some out-of-moving moving companies like to add hidden fees to the service contract. Hidden fees may include charging for going from or to a house that can be found on a certain floor. They might not include charges for hauling your belongings into a smaller relocation truck so it can be moved in a tiny way. Be sure to go through the contract before you put it in your signature.

How much does it cost to move my Home Out of State?

The average cost of moving to another state primarily depends on your destination and the quantity of what you are moving to. An interstate move cost about $4,900 averagely with an average weight of 7,400 pounds as well as an average distance of 1,225 miles, with other moving services required.

These numbers might seem too high to you, but remember that out-of-state moves are costly than a short-distance move. Although short-distance moving companies can charge an hourly rate, out-of-state moving companies are required to charge based on the weight of your household goods when crossing state boundaries.

I can sign that the average as mentioned above is correct based on our surveys on professional moving companies for several cross-country moves. A 1-bedroom apartment relocation from Massachusetts to Florida costs a bit higher than $4,300.

However, the moving distance was a bit higher than the average 1,225 miles and also involved packing more items in the home as well.

Costs of Moving a 1-Bedroom Apartment

  • Long Distance Movers: Assuming the weight of your household goods in a 1-bedroom apartment is about 3,500 pounds, the standard cost for relocating a thousand miles is about $2,100. Insurance and packing services may increase the cost to $2,600. 
  • Moving Truck: Renting the smallest moving truck from U-Haul should cost you a flat fee of about $19.95, including mileage. You will have to buy gas for the relocation as well.

Costs of Moving a 2-Bedroom Apartment

  • Long Distance Movers: Assuming the weight of your household goods in a 2-bedroom apartment is about 4,500 pounds, the standard cost for relocating a thousand miles is about $2,600. Insurance and packing services may increase the cost to $3,300.
  • Moving Truck: Moving a 2-bedroom apartment may need a 17 ft. moving trailer and U-Haul will cost a daily flat fee of $29.95 with $1.95 per mile, while gas costs extra. 

Costs of Moving a 3-Bedroom Apartment

  • Long Distance Movers: Assuming the weight of your household goods in a 3-bedroom apartment is about 5,500 pounds, the standard cost for relocating a thousand miles is about $5,250. Insurance and packing services may increase the cost to $6,250.
  • Moving Truck: The household goods of a 3-bedroom apartment will fit in a 17 ft. U-Haul moving trailer which attracts a daily flat fee of $29.95 with $1.99 per each mile traveled. You will need to buy fuel, and you may be asked by some moving truck rental companies to fill the moving truck with a half tank of fuel before you return it.  

Costs of Moving a 4-Bedroom Apartment

  • Long Distance Movers: Assuming the weight of your household goods in a 4-bedroom apartment is about 9,000 pounds, the standard cost for relocating a thousand miles is about $6,500. Insurance and packing services may increase the cost to $8,600.
  • Moving Truck: A 26 ft. moving truck from U-Haul is recommended for moving a 4-bedroom house, and it will cause a daily flat rate of $39.95 with $1.99 per mile traveled, while gas costs extra. 


There is no direct list for things you should look for when hiring a moving company as your specific needs will get you the accurate answer for the best moving company. You are the first important thing in choosing the best out of state moving company. Make sure you are satisfied with your choice of mover. You can get on the right track by obtaining moving quotes and finding out the needed equipment and services the movers are ready to provide.

However, choosing affordable movers to haul your household stuff from one point to another is the primary purpose. Choose a company by factoring the key things that carry the most weight for your conclusions such as price, service area, flexibility, equipment, storage warehouse, and more, and then choose the best state to state moving company. It is quite challenging to go through a list of moving companies, but it could be more stressful if your items got damaged or delivered late. Go for moving professionals that you can rely on to get your moving project done as you desire. Remember, Pricing Van Lines screened only the movers for your needs

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