9 Things to Look Before Hiring State to State Movers

The amount of information available to you in the research phase of a move makes it a lot easier to narrow the search of moving companies that are worth hiring for state to state move. Below are the 9 things to look before hiring a state to state mover.
9 Things To Look Before Hiring State To State Movers

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A long-distance move can be quiet challenging. You must have everything under control without leaving anything behind. The process can be so daunting, especially if you are handling everything yourself.

However, all that stress can be eliminated when you hire the right out of state moving company for the job. You will be getting help every step of moving from the right moving company, no matter the size and techniques of your move. 

The great way to reduce stress from your move and still make the move as smooth as possible is to hire a moving company. Although this will increase the moving cost, moving is a stressful endeavor; you will enjoy endless relief when you allow someone to take care of the entire process.

Just type and search for “moving companies near me” on Google to find the right one.

1. Determine your Budget

Understanding your budget when hiring a moving company is a considerable way to simplify and optimize the decision-making process. Although you may not reveal your budget to them during the first contact, you must always remember the figure when going through the details.

One other thing to remember is that comparing moving companies is a nice thing. Do not choose the first mover that matches your planned budget. You can get more value for your exact budget when you compare a few moving companies, to identify the one that offers the most value for your preplanned budget.

2. Research Moving Companies nearest to you

Researching a minimum of seven different moving companies with their histories checked to uncover any rogue mover and determine the exact moving details is always a nice idea. You also need to decide who will be packing, the best estimate for your move, as well as other important details.

The internet is one of the best ways to begin your homework. You can also request recommendations from family, neighbors, and friends as it also helps in choosing the right company. You may know a few numbers of people who have used the services of a moving company previously.

Contact them, ask them questions about their experiences, and check the company they recommend. Normally, someone has had an ugly experience with even a top-rated company. It is also possible that someone has had a really good experience with a new company that is not yet present online.

3. A nice fit for your Specific Needs

Each moving company offers unique services. You need to make sure the moving company you hire is the right one for your needs regardless of the size of the house you are moving to, so that they can move all your own. So, take the time to think about your specific needs. Then, choose the perfect company fit based on your needs. You may want to look for things like: 

  • If the movers will be available when you are only comfortable with the pickup and delivery time.
  • If the moving company comes with its own packing materials such as bubble wrap, moving blankets, and garment boxes.
  • If the company has the necessary resources to safely and conveniently move your household belongings.

4. License and Insurance

Avoid using a mover that doesn’t have an updated license and insurance. Note that, anyone can buy a moving truck and call themselves expert movers. However, only moving companies with official licenses and have the right insurance are bound by law to protect your belongings.

During your search for professional interstate moving companies, you need to know that moving companies must be registered with the United States Department of Transportation. This is only when they can be given a unique USDOT number.

You can check this database to know if a company’s DOT number is valid and their insurance status as well. However, intrastate moving companies are regulated by each state even though most states also require licensing similar to most parts of the country.

5. A Company that offers Transparent Rates

A moving company when contacted for service booking will offer you a rate based on many things. This may include the number of movers required and the timeline of the entire move. So, do not forget that it will only serve as the base rate and mostly won’t include other possible fees such as moving bulky, heavy items, extra packing supplies, or other additional services.

Others are:

  • Cash to tip movers
  • Environmental charge or disposal fee
  • Hoisting fee
  • Extra stop charges
  • Express delivery fee
  • Storage fee (for delayed delivery)
  • Move cancellation fee
  • Long carry fees
  • Elevator fees
  • Disassembly and re-assembly of furniture
  • Moving insurance

Just make sure you know what could lead to additional fees before you sign the agreement. Be very careful of companies that are not straightforward with the information.

6. Obtain Multiple Estimates

Moving rates can greatly vary based on your location, availability of your movers, as well as the size of your move. In order to be sure you get the best deal, obtain many moving estimates and be sure they are all provided in writing or through email so that it will be impossible to verify an estimate received verbally.

If you have identified a company to move with, but is more expensive, you can show them a lower moving estimate received from another mover to see if they will match the rate. Also, be careful of meagre moving rates.

7. A Company that has Good Reviews

You definitely want to go with a moving company that has good customer reviews. Immediately you have lined up some good names and better moving cost to choose from; you need to know more about them through their reviews.

In general, people’s habit is to leave reviews based on their good or bad experience with a company’s service. If they enjoy the service, they will want to inform everyone of the company’s service and otherwise.

8. Beware of Dishonest Movers

Millions of people move annually, and even though little percentage faces fraudulent moving companies, it is still common. To know how legit a moving company is, request for an active license, and find out if they have a genuine physical address.

You must also find out if they only have a P.O. Box. Do not hesitate to run from a company that requests a deposit, especially if they request more than 20%. Be sure to conduct your research regardless of the company you are hiring, seek recommendations, and proceed to another company if something doesn’t add up.

9. Movers that are recommended by your Trusted People

In most cases, recommendations from people can be more helpful and correct than online customers’ reviews. You may know of a few people who have recently used the service of movers nearest to you, so contact them and ask for their experiences and their recommendations.

Someone you know might have a sweet experience with a new moving company that doesn’t even have a noticeable presence online. Also, you may know someone who had a terrible experience with a well-known moving company.


What should I look for when hiring a mover?

The best place to begin your research when choosing a mover is through online reviews and verbal testimonies. Talk to family, friends, and colleagues about their experience with a mover and visit online reviews websites like Google, Yelp, and the BBB to read reviews. You will get a trustworthy, genuine look at the level of service of a company. 

Does everything have to be in boxes for movers?

In general, you need to pack everything into moving boxes, excluding indoor and outdoor furniture, which will be protected by professional movers using pads and quilts. 

What does it cost to hire state to state movers for a move?

State-to-state move costs start from $2,200 – $5,700, mostly based on distance and weight. The average weight of household belongings is 7,500 pounds. Make sure the mover you plan to hire can travel more than 100 miles. 

How do you determine if a mover is reliable?

Check for reliable moving companies from the American Moving and Storage Association or state movers’ association if you couldn’t get recommendations from friends and family. Get references from any moving company you contact. 

Can one negotiate with moving companies?

In general, moving locally will cost lesser than moving to another state. However, you may negotiate with the company for a better price if you clearly understand your need. 

How much budget should I plan for moving expenses?

Long distance moves generally range above an average of $500 for a single bedroom and $1,400 for a 4-bedroom home. Note that the range is determined by the cost of hiring movers. The price reducesif you are moving locally.


Generally, you need some research and planning to find the best mover for your move, so be sure to conduct proper research before you hire any mover. You will have a good start with these tips when researching your perfect moving company. In addition, they will help make your move smoother than expected.

It is better to put in a lot of work when hiring a state to state moving company now than to be faced with the consequences of not doing your homework later.

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