12 Things To Know Before Moving To Chattanooga

Summary: Chattanooga is one of the most affordable places to live in Tennessee, thanks to its cost of living being 9% lower than the national average. What to know before moving to Chattanooga? We've put together 16 things we think you should know about moving to Chattanooga.
12 Things To Know Before Moving To Chattanooga

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Are you planning a move to Chattanooga TN? You are at the right place to get the much-needed information about your destination.

Moving to Chattanooga, TN is a brilliant decision if you are an outdoor lover. Chattanooga is popular for rock climbing, hiking, off-road trips, great internet speed, and sunny weather.

For the past few years, people have been trooping to Chattanooga in mass not only because of the internet speed, but also because Chattanooga is perfect for startups, and the nightlife is great with many festivals and events.

If you find all these amazing and perfect for you, moving to Chattanooga, TN could be your best decision ever.

But before you decide, we’ve researched and compiled all the vital things to consider about Chattanooga when considering whether to move there or not, so you can make a well-informed decision.

12 Things You Should Know About Moving To Chattanooga

Chattanooga tends to be below the radar when compared to bigger cities like Memphis and Nashville. However, don’t let that fool you. There are lots of gems in Scenic City. From its beautiful hiking trails and secret food scene for food lovers, Chattanooga has a lot to offer residents.

If you are considering a move to Chattanooga, TN, below are 12 things you must know.

1. Cost of Living in Chattanooga, TN

If you are getting ready to move to Chattanooga, you will like to know that housing is surprisingly cheap for a city of its size, with the average home price at $166,800, which is a bit below the state’s average housing cost of $177,500.

The average household income in Chattanooga is much lower than other cities in the United States, and a bit lower than the state’s average of $46,730.

In addition, the cost of living is generally 3% lower than the country’s average, with transportation, utilities, and groceries all below the national average, while housing prices are just 3% more than the average. If you plan to rent in Chattanooga, you will discover that rent is also fairly affordable in this city, with the median rent for a Chattanooga apartment at $1,122 per month.

In general, people relocating to Chattanooga will enjoy its affordability, especially when compared to cities of the same size.

2. Best Areas in Chattanooga

Considering a move to Chattanooga but not sure where exactly to make your next home? There are various kinds of neighborhoods in Chattanooga with each having different feels and conveniences.

If you enjoy calm homes and lots of small businesses, you will like the North Shore. Situated directly on the Tennessee River, you will be living closer to lots of restaurants, parks, boutiques, small shops, and more.

Do you prefer something a bit more open? Check North Shore; famous for many varieties of parks and eateries. In addition, if you enjoy bicycling, you will enjoy this place, because Riverview has lots of paths and roads ideal for your biking adventures.

If you are in search of something located in the center of the city, then Chattanooga downtown might be the perfect answer that suits your style. Home to many popular destinations like the Tennessee Aquarium. Downtown is surely booming in the business sector and is a perfect choice for people who want to live close to the action. You will be just a walk away from all the best bars, movie theaters, restaurants, and so on when you reside Downtown.

If you need something high class, you might want to consider St. Elmo. It is a Chattanooga neighborhood that has a lot of beautiful and genuine 19th and 20th-century structures. St. Elmo is a perfect neighborhood for history lovers. This neighborhood is not only closer to Downtown, but it is also where Battles for Chattanooga museums are located, which has a map of the Civil War battles, which is holographically projected; that happened on the closer Lookout Mountain.    

3. Housing Prices in Chattanooga

In all these regions, you will discover that each neighborhood, suburbs, and communities have their district vibe and price range. The housing cost in a neighborhood should be your number one concern when finding a neighborhood to live in.

Here are the media prices of other apartments if you plan to rent a home after your move to Chattanooga:

  • A one-bedroom apartment rental in Chattanooga, TN on average is $701 compared to the national average of $930.
  • A two-bedroom apartment rental in Chattanooga, TN on average is $856 compared to the national average of $1,148.
  • A three-bedroom apartment rental in Chattanooga, TN on average is $1,111 compared to the national average of $1,537.
  • A four-bedroom apartment rental in Chattanooga, TN on average is $1,361 compared to the national average of $1,791.

4. You Don’t Need a Car in Chattanooga

Even though Chattanooga has some pedestrian capabilities, the limitations are well communicated in its walk score of 29. Although the state of Tennessee offers few pedestrian transit services, the issue will be to find applicability for the initiatives inside Chattanooga itself.

Similar to many cities of the same size as this, Downtown Chattanooga is relatively walkable, but the further you get from the urban centers of the city, the less you possibly can walk around. The one important pedestrian’s gem in the city is Walnut Street Bridge, which is a walkway for pedestrians stretching through the Tennessee River and across Chattanooga. Also, Cyclists won’t find it much easier too.

5. Climate and Weather in Chattanooga

Being a neighbor to South and Appalachia, residents of Chattanooga will experience the best of both worlds. Even though this city experience much more rain than the average in the country, the summer highs reaching 890, winters dropping to 290, and just 2 inches of snow annually means that the climate in Chattanooga is very pleasant.

Those that plan to visit Chattanooga might try to visit in May or September, when the weather is not as hot as summer but also not as cold as winter and the temperature is often in the 70s. However, this area often experiences humidity, so you will experience the cold and heat much more than you would in a drier location. That implies that you need to pack light clothes as well as warm clothes for the heat and the cold accordingly.

6. Chattanooga Average Income and Salary of Residents

How much would you possibly earn if you are moving to Chattanooga TN? We’ve collected a simple list of the median income and salary of people living in Chattanooga, TN.

  • The average salary in Chattanooga, TN is $57,000
  • In Chattanooga, the average monthly salary is $2,543
  • Chattanooga residents earn $15 per hour as the average hourly rate

Residents of Chattanooga earn average weekly rates of $586 per week.

7. Employment Opportunities in Chattanooga

Need employment in Chattanooga? There are many top employers in Scenic City, such as Tennessee Valley Authority, Erlanger Health System, Volkswagen Group of America, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, Hamilton County Schools, and so on. You can find employment opportunities in different sectors from Healthcare to Automotive.

Chi Memorial Hospital is one of the leading employers in Chattanooga as regards the healthcare sector and is also one of the best places to work from home, which has drawn remote workers from companies like Stripe, Netflix, and Spotify. With new business opportunities and new developments, there are absolutely good reasons people are moving to Chattanooga.  

8. Amazing Local Restaurants

The culture that started biscuits and gravy offers the best restaurants. Southern fusion is beyond frying everything. Consider Kenny’s Sandwiches as an example. It is the restaurant that made a local ‘White tablecloth’ restaurant established a cheap breakfast and lunch venue in town. They add creativity from their beautiful dining menu into Kenny’s. Pork Belly English Muffins and Duck Confit Biscuit are a few popular menu items. Kenny’s and a host of other downtown venues get local meats and vegetables.

Farms like Crabtree and Springer Mountain have the cities restaurants stocked while the Sunday Market provides vegetables, flowers, meats, and fresh fruits for the community.

9. Chattanooga Schools

Considering going back to school? You can choose The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC), one of the three universities within the University of Tennessee System. It is a public university that is located near the Tennessee Riverfront which offers an undergraduate enrollment of more than 10,000 students and enables you to select from more than 40 different degree programs in computer science, business, engineering, education, and more.

Aside from UTC, you can also choose other alternatives for continuing your education in Chattanooga. You can acquire a degree in cosmetology, practical nursing, aesthetics, or dental assistance at Chattanooga College, or attend one of the associate degree programs of Chattanooga State Community College with focus and certificates for all interest, which includes drone technology and culinary arts.

10. The Fastest Internet Speed in Chattanooga than the Rest of the Country

Chattanooga was the first city in the nation to have a fiber-optic internet system. Its Wi-Fi is still the fastest in the United States. Digital experts are moving to Chattanooga where they can complete their work as fast as possible. Google Team Sharing and Drive Uploading work at the highest speed.

EPB Fiber Optics has a wide fiber map that extends 600-Sq-miles around Hamilton County and its bordering counties. This implies that you have the option of purchasing land, living in a remote area, and still enjoy maximum internet speed.  

11. Crime Rates in Chattanooga

The crime rate in this city doesn’t seem encouraging, but know that the situation is not that severe.  Neighborhood scout shows that Chattanooga’s crime score is 2 (with 100 as the maximum safety). The city had experienced tough crime, but they are trying to lower the crime rate.

Yet, high crime doesn’t imply danger and many “high crime” cities are highly functional and in support of their residents. In general, there are steps you can take to keep yourself safe by finding out the unsafe areas and when to stay away from them, be cautious of your environments, and stay away from getting into bad situations.

12. Explore the Outdoors

There are campgrounds, hiking trails, and other outdoor activities for nature lovers of various skill levels all around Chattanooga. Explore one of the 7 on Lookout Mountain in the Big Daddy Loop. Check out waterfalls, rapids as well as rock formations on Cumberland Trails on the North Chickamauga Creek and enjoy camping at the Stevenson Branch campsite as you explore.

Go round almost 6-miles of underground cavern passageways situated at Raccoon Mountain. Go over treetops on a zipline of 700-ft at High Point ZIP Adventure. Mount on sandstone rock formations at Deep Creek or swim in the swimming hole. Or check out one of the leading paddling attractions in Chattanooga to enjoy paddleboard down the Tennessee River. 

Are you set for the Chattanooga Move?

It is not difficult to figure out why many people so much love Chattanooga. This is not the complete list of all the city has to offer. If you choose to conclude and move to Chattanooga, remember to contact us at Pricing Van Lines. Our state to state movers provide local and long-distance moving services in Chattanooga and we would be glad to help.    

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