Tips For Furniture Moving Pads and Blankets

Summary: Furniture padding typically comes in the shape of a blanket and looks good to protect your furniture when you move. Learn about furniture blankets, how many you need, where to rent or buy them and alternative moving tips with this guide.
Tips For Furniture Moving Pads and Blankets

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If you are anything like most people in the world, you probably have some furniture that you have acquired that may have some sentimental value, or might just be older and need some extra care.

If this is the case, you will naturally be a little nervous about moving this furniture around unprotected. You don’t need to worry too much, however, because there are many furniture movers out there that are well-equipped to help you safely move your furniture from your old house to your new home.

Luckily for you and everyone else out there who is currently facing the prospect of moving all of their furniture, there exist all sorts of solutions to make sure your furniture is protected while it is being moved. Two of the most popular solutions are actually pretty simple: moving pads and blankets.

Are Furniture Pads Necessary For Moving?

You may be thinking “Do I really need to use furniture moving pads?”. No one likes to add an extra step to the moving routine. The truth is, however, that adding furniture pads to the moving routine will be one of the best defenses you can give to your furniture during any move.

There are a whole lot of reasons you should consider incorporating furniture padding into your move, especially if you are planning to move everything yourself. If you are moving things by yourself (or with a buddy) by using a moving solution such as a U-Haul, furniture moving pads are what helps protect your furniture from damage.

Here are some great reasons to think about bringing furniture moving padding into your big move.

Padding will keep your furniture from moving around in the truck while moving

The most important thing that furniture moving pads and blankets can add to your move is to protect all of your valuable furniture while the moving truck is in transit. The furniture in the moving truck is definitely going to be prone to shifting and moving around, so make sure you add in some furniture padding. It will also act as another layer between the furniture and any boxes or other things that may be around it. 

It will protect the floors in your new home

Using furniture padding is a great way to move your furniture around inside when you get it to your new home. Large furniture can be difficult to carry, and dropping it on the floor could damage both the piece of furniture and the floor.

With furniture padding, you can simply slide large pieces of furniture from one location to the next, as long as your flooring allows for it. 

Padding can also keep your furniture clean during the move

You don’t want your furniture to accumulate a bunch of dust and other foreign objects while you move it, so consider wrapping it up with moving blankets to make sure it keeps that cleanliness. This will help ensure that your furniture pieces are clean when they arrive in your new home as they were when they left your old one. 

Furniture pads can be a good way to protect the legs of your furniture

We all know just how breakable the legs of some pieces of furniture can be. During a big move, you could drop a piece of furniture on something hard, accidentally bang it against a wall, or damage it in some other way. This could result in damaging or completely breaking off the legs of your furniture.

Consider wrapping the legs of your furniture with furniture padding and blankets to ensure your furniture’s legs don’t break off during the move or while carrying it in or out of the truck.

There are a few other things you can consider doing while moving to help further protect your stuff. You should consider renting a dolly for smaller pieces of furniture or things that can stack on top of each other. You could even wrap your furniture in stretch wrap to make sure it doesn’t fall down in the truck.

Safety Tips For Moving Furniture

Safety Tips For Moving Furniture

There are a couple of things you will want to consider for keeping safe while moving furniture around. One thing you will want to do is make sure you use the buddy system.

Using the buddy system and having someone around to help you will ensure you move furniture safely. You should never consider moving a large, heavy piece of furniture by yourself. You could end up hurting yourself or falling down.

You should also make sure your doors are open when moving stuff in, or have someone open the doors for you. You don’t want to have to put down a piece of heavy furniture to open and hold the door by yourself. Always make sure you enlist some help when you are getting ready to move your furniture.

What Can I Use Instead of Moving Blankets? 

Not everyone has access to furniture padding and legitimate moving blankets. What can you do in a pinch if you need moving blankets and padding, but don’t have access to any?

Luckily for you, there are all sorts of alternatives you can turn to when the time comes that you need furniture padding or moving blankets. Don’t be disheartened, because any alternative is better than letting your furniture go bare. You can use these alternatives in the event that you don’t have furniture padding or actual moving blankets so that you can make sure you keep your furniture nice and safe:

1. You can use cardboard as an alternative

Cardboard can be a great alternative to moving pads and blankets. If you have one or more cardboard boxes, just break them down and use them to cover your furniture. Depending on just how much you have to move, you may need more cardboard boxes to adequately protect everything.

It can be ridiculously easy to obtain cardboard boxes. You can always call your local supermarket and see if they have any empty boxes from freight trucks. Most of them will be happy for you to take these boxes off their hands. 

2. You can even use regular blankets and towels as an alternative

In a pinch, you could always use regular blankets and towels to use as an alternative to furniture pads and moving blankets. All you have to do is raid your closet or your bathroom to find them. If you choose this method, use the largest blankets and towels on the larger pieces of furniture to make sure they have adequate protection.

As you can see, there are several goods, cheap alternatives to using as moving padding when you really aren’t able to purchase or rent legitimate moving padding and blankets. Not to worry, though, because these alternatives should be able to help keep your furniture safe when the move gets underway.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent Furniture Padding and Moving Blankets?

How Much Does it Cost to Rent Furniture Padding and Moving Blankets

Not everyone can afford to go out purchase legitimate furniture padding and moving blankets, or they may not see a reason for purchasing them if they don’t plan to move anytime soon. If you can’t afford the professional stuff, or would rather just not have to purchase it, one option is always renting.

If you get in touch with a out of state movers to handle your move for you, the chances are high that they already will be using furniture padding and moving blankets when they are getting your furniture loaded up into the truck.

Most moving companies take great pride in their work, and they want your furniture to be well protected just as much as you do because they want you to have a glowing experience and tell your friends so that they can get more business.

If you’re not hiring a moving company for your move, that means you’ll have to handle all the little details yourself. If you are moving your stuff by yourself, you will want to make sure you have everything planned out, including whether or not you’re going to be using furniture padding and moving blankets.

If you decide that you want to use them to protect your furniture as best you can, renting the things you need is always an option.

One simple way to rent furniture padding and moving blankets is to check out U-Haul. Many U-Haul locations will rent out moving blankets, netting you a dozen of the blankets for around ten dollars.

One problem with renting furniture padding and moving blankets is just how few places actually rent them out. U-Haul seems to be one of the few places someone could reliably rent moving blankets and padding, as most places don’t seem to rent them out.

What can you do if there is nowhere around you to rent moving blankets?

How Much Does it Cost to Purchase Furniture Padding and Moving Blankets?

How Much Does it Cost to Purchase Furniture Padding and Moving Blankets?

Luckily, if you can’t find somewhere to rent furniture padding and blankets for your move, you will be happy to know that purchasing a good amount won’t set you back that much money.

Having some on hand will grant you the peace of mind of knowing your furniture is well-protected during the move, and that feeling is worth all the money spent on purchasing the gear.

If you think you might have to go the purchasing route for your furniture padding and moving blankets, there are going to be several more options opened up for you. There is no set price for moving blankets and furniture padding, so you will want to keep that in mind.

Usually, a dozen smaller sized moving blankets might cost anywhere in the range of $95 to $50. Sometimes, you might be able to find them cheaper from some sources on sale.

Another thing you will want to keep in mind is that the bigger the moving blanket is, the more padding it is going to have. A dozen of the heaviest, thickest moving blankets can be found anywhere in the price range of $190 to $102.

There are several sources you can find moving blankets, as well. If you can’t find them in any brick-and-mortar stores near you, you can always look online to find them. There are plenty of sources online that will sell you moving blankets and ship them right to your door.

If you purchase your moving blankets online, make sure you do it a few weeks ahead of your planned moving day. This is to make sure they get to your door in plenty of time before the move.

After all, you don’t want to be waiting for your moving blankets and padding when moving day rolls around, so ordering your blankets and padding online a week or so ahead of time could be one of the best and cheapest ways to make sure your furniture stays safe during your move.

Keep an Eye on the Different Types of Moving Blankets

As with many other kinds of products on the market, there are actually several different types of moving blankets. You’ll want to keep your eyes out for moving blankets that have been padded with a nice, strong outer fabric. Some types of moving blankets come with a single type of material that adds no extra padding, and thus, no extra protection.

Also, you will want to make sure you are using a larger, strong moving blanket if you are going to put it underneath a piece of furniture to easily slide across the floor.

Some of the cheaper moving blankets that are made with only one kind of material, and containing no extra padding, aren’t going to be able to withstand being slid across the floor with a big piece of furniture on top of it.

Read reviews from people online and learn about the different types of moving blankets before you make a final buying decision.

Protect Your Furniture, and Move With Peace of Mind

Now, you are armed with all of the knowledge you need to get out there and find the right moving blankets and furniture padding to make sure your furniture stays safe and protected when the big day comes.

Now, all that’s left for you is to load your furniture up and whisk it away to your new home. You certainly won’t have to worry about something happening to it, knowing it is protected by high-quality moving blankets.

The Differences Types of Moving Pads

The Differences Types of Moving Pads

There are many types of criteria used to evaluate furniture pads and each type for its purpose in moving items but serving the same function. The different types of moving pads are as discussed below: 

The fabric used

Any of the following types of material can be used to make quilted furniture pads:

  • A woven fabric that contains both cotton and polyester: Furniture pads made using poly-cotton blends give the highest level of durability, protection, and strength and will perfectly adhere to furniture without falling off like all-polyester materials.
  • Synthetic non-woven material: The affordable pricing of moving blankets or pads made from synthetic, human-made, non-woven material makes it common in the moving business. However, one cannot refer to these pads as moving pads since they are best used as storage pads. These moving pads often provide some protection while moving, but they are more vulnerable to rips and tears because of the synthetic material. Even if you increase these materials’ weight, it doesn’t still make them more durable or protective. 
  • Woven fabric entirely built from polyester: Although furniture pads generally made from polyester offer good coverage. It will not last long compared to those made from the cotton-polyester blend, and that makes them often require replacement. Poly-only fabric will also not offer the same level of protection as a cotton-poly blend would do. That is why we do not advise you to use it when moving high-end, more delicate, and valuable furniture pieces and other related objects.
  • The stitch pattern: This is a very important but usually overlooked factor in pad’s durability and protectiveness. Pads made using chevron pattern (preferably the sharper chevron pattern) can greatly resist tears and tears’ exacerbation. Tears can be made worse by stitch patterns that are straighter or just a bit curved.
  • The batting/filler placed in the pad: The manufacturer must use a smooth, one-piece batting, which is of normal weight to protect the furniture as well as items that you are moving. Batting made in different pieces, usually to save costs during the manufacturing process, can cause the furniture pads to have small bumps and crevices. This can then cause damage to the furniture or other items being moved.
  • The binding and corners: The moving pad is expected to have square corners as well as binding.
  • The pad’s weight: The difference in protection and durability provided is made by the density of the filling and not the pad’s entire weight. Everyone wants to avoid having to lift and fold 90lbs of 12 pads at the end of everything.   

Types of Furniture Protection - moving blanket

Types of Furniture Protection - moving blanket

During a DIY move, you will need to buy some types of furniture blanket. Of course, moving blankets can be very costly based on the type and quality. The good news is other cheaper options may perfectly fit your budget or specific moving situation.

Let’s consider the available furniture protection for your move below:  

  • Paper pads: If you are moving on a budget, then you should get paper pads. Even though they are not as quality as furniture blankets, but they are much better than nothing. 
  • Textile blankets: Even though textile blankets are not as good as furniture blanket, they still have better quality than the paper pad. Textile blankets give another much cheaper option if you don’t want to consider renting.
  • Furniture blankets: If you want to make sure that your furniture is well protected, you definitely need furniture blankets. Even though it is more expensive than other previously discussed options, furniture blankets give the best quality and much protection. This means that if your furniture is more valuable to you, then you should go for this option. These are many furniture blanket options available when it comes to its weight and thickness. Starting from the cheapest option, which is 2.92lbs per pad, to the premium option of 6.67lbs for each pad. More weight offers a higher level of protection.   

Selecting Furniture Pads for your Move

The decision on which furniture pad is perfect for your move should generally be based on the following combined: 

  • The level of durability you need – how long or how many moves do you want to use your moving pad. 
  • The degree of protection you need this may depend on the quality, value, as well as vulnerability to damage the furniture item and other stuff you are moving.
  • The dollar amount you are ready to spend This requires a lot of factors to be considered. For instance, you may see synthetic pads as a cost-effective option at first. However, you may end up spending more from losses because of their sub-standard protection and vulnerability to tears. You may find a poly-only moving pad cheaper at first than the cotton-poly option. However, the cotton-poly blend pad is more perfect.
  • Durability required you because of its durability as well as the gap in its replacement.   

How to make use of a Moving Pad for Better Results

How to make use of a Moving Pad for Better Results

Below are some suggestions when we are asked for overall tips on how to make use of furniture pads the best way when moving: 

When you are wrapping small items and furniture

Tying furniture and items that are normally small like chairs, tables, and nightstands as tightly as it can is one of the main aims when using a furniture moving pad. This can be done by using something that is usually called a diaper wrap. According to Scott White, you should first lay your furniture moving pad straight on the floor:

  • Place the item at the center of the pad.
  • Place the item in such a way that it looks like a diamond.
  • First, pull the top over, then the right side, followed by the left side, and pull up tightly from the bottom. This will give room for a safe padded pocket that keeps each corner safe.
  • Secure with the use of a New Haven rubber. You will be able to fit much many items in the moving truck when you make sure they are tight enough.    

When you are wrapping medium-sized furniture and objects

Wrap medium pieces on their feet. Drape the front using a New Haven moving pad. Pick up the hanging pad on the side square and pull it around the side. Repeat this step on the other side. Now secure it using a New Haven rubber band. You can get a New Haven rubber band of different sizes to fit all your furniture, regardless of the type. 

Large and extra-large pieces

Apply the same method used for the medium pieces. This may only require more moving pads. According to Mark Hildreth, the material used to hold the pads to your furniture is also very important.

We advise to you always make use of heavy-duty packing tape as well as specially made rubber bands to securely hold the pads to the furniture piece you plan to protect. 

What Quantity do I need?

Each move will have its own requirements that may reduce or increase the number of pads needed. We can only ask you to get a dozen pads for each 5’ of space as this is our best recommendation. If you are not sure, note that it is better to get excess than less.

You can make adjustments to our recommendation of the actual number of moving furniture moving pads based on the following conditions:

  • If you rent a 28’ moving trailer for your move, the probability of damage from these trailers is much because of their spring ride suspension.
  • If you own much of furniture than other items in your household, especially old, high end, or dark wood.
  • When you have many glasses, delicate items, mirrors, and the likes.
  • If you are moving more boxes, containers, or bins. 

Consult the table below to see the number of furniture pads we recommend based on your truck or storage container’s size. 

Truck or Unit Size

Number of Pads Recommended

10-12 Ft

24 (2/dz)

14-16 Ft

36 (3/dz)

17-20 Ft

48 (4/dz)

22-26 Ft

60 (5/dz)

28 Ft

72 (6/dz)

30-35 Ft

84 (7/dz)

36-40 Ft

96 (8/dz)

41-44 Ft

108 (9/dz)

45-53 Ft

120 (10/dz)

Where to get Furniture Pads/Blankets?

This entirely depends on the transportation method you choose for your move. Let us discuss the three most popular types of transportation and storage for a DIY move: 

1. Rented Moving Truck

Penske Truck Rental, U-Haul, and Budget Truck Rental are the three largest moving truck rental companies, and they all offer furniture blanket rental when you go for their moving truck rentals. This is actually the most economical and easiest option. 

2. Storage Containers (POD)

Sadly, only a few portable storage providers offer a furniture blanket rental. Be sure to consult your storage container provider to see if they rent out pad. Else, you may end up buying moving blankets or make use of alternatives.

3. Moving Trailer

You cannot get furniture blanket rental from all the moving services in this category. If you hire a moving company that offers a 28’ moving trailer like Estes, ABF U-Pack, or Old Dominion, you will need to purchase your personal pads. If you choose to move with Broadway Express, which offers a 53’ truck, you will be glad to find out that they offer moving blankets alongside their truck at no extra cost. 

Should I buy or rent Moving Blankets?

Unless you feel you will be moving several items, or that you might need moving blankets for many other purposes, like using them for soundproofing, we suggest you consider rental as your best option.

If you choose to buy moving blankets because you are sure you will need them again to move or plan to use them for another purpose. You must know that costs can vary.

Consider these: 

  • Smaller moving blankets of size 48’ by 72’ can cost between $94.50 and $49.99 per dozen in case you can get them on sale.
  • The larger blanket has more padding and can affect the cost greatly. For instance, expect to pay about $190.00 to $102.99 for a dozen moving blankets of size 72’ by 90’ and that is thickly padded, also if you are lucky enough to get them on sale.

So in an actual sense, if you are not sure you will use the moving blankets again, we suggest you consider renting as your best and cost-effective option even though this also has its own limitation as well.  


Do I necessarily need furniture pads for moving?

A dozen moving pads are recommended by some people for each room in the house. You can also determine the number of furniture pads you need by getting 1 pad per 5 sq-ft of space during the move. If you are moving with a 20ft moving truck, you would need about 32 moving blankets for this method. 

What should I place under heavy furniture to move it?

Sliders are special pads and are made of rubber, plastic, or felt that are perfect for under the legs of your furniture. Immediately you place it under the furniture, you will have the chance to slide the item easily all over the floor without scratching your hardwood. Furniture sliders are the best for dressers, tables, couches, and heavy appliances. 

What is the cost of U-Haul for moving blankets?

You can get a quilted pad at $14.95 from U-Haul and are perfect for protecting furniture that holds higher values from scratches, nicks, and other damage during a move to a new home or to a storage facility. They are heavy-duty pads and can be used for several purposes. 

What can I use instead of moving blankets?Are there free alternatives to the furniture pad?

  • Make use of your household blankets and comforters: These work well, especially since you may have to move them in your truck anyways. But be careful.
  • Pieces of cardboard: This will provide a cushion in the area between large furniture pieces, but anything can still happen. 

How can I protect the corners of my furniture during a move?

Use bubble wrap and a cardboard corner that you cut from an extra box to protect your furniture pieces’ corners. Use masking tape to hold the corner to the furniture piece. Prevent rips and scratches by using furniture pads. You can keep covers or throw pillows in plastic bags to keep them safe and clean. 

How can I wrap my furniture item for storage?

Wrapping your furniture in plastic wrap or shrink wrap is the best protection you can give to your furniture. Make sure the wrap covers the whole furniture. Use masking tape to secure the item and make sure the tape does not touch wood to prevent the adhesive from damaging it. 


Similar to most things, you can buy furniture blankets on Amazon. If your budget is not enough to buy regular moving blankets, you can get several options online, like paper pads. Even though it is not as quality or protective as regular blankets, they are absolutely better than nothing. To reduce some stress and clutter in your life, your moving period is the best time to dispose of unwanted items like furniture. 

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