Top Items That Should Be Moved By Only Moving Company

Summary: Sturdy items like pool tables, pianos, patio furniture, and high-end art usually require specialized hands to move them. If you don’t want ugly situation moving some specialized items, it is better to leave them for professional movers. What are these items? Read!
Top Items That Should Be Moved By Only Moving Company

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Is it a high-end antique, piano, or pool table, they are best moved by experienced movers. Also, always allow the professionals to do the hard work when moving fragile furniture.

Sturdy belongings like patio furniture, pianos, pool tables, and antique art often need specialized handling and our team of professionals at Pricing Van Lines understands how exactly to render the moving services you need so your belongings made it in the same condition all through the trip.

Getting a few friends to assist you to haul your mattress down the stairs may seem much of a cost-saving idea.

However, you importantly need to know that during a move of heavy and delicate items, much is at stake and moving experience is required.

To make sure that your household goods get to the new home safely and in good shape, we create a list of items that only your moving company should move.  

1. High-End Art & Antiques

We understand that your art and antiques are so much valuable, and they should be treated as such. When moving cross-country or long-distance, we understand how to pack and protect your stuff.

Professional packing techniques include the use of the topmost quality moving & packing supplies and double layering your belongings for more protection.

Also, to properly prevent humidity and other damages, our company has climate-controlled trucks and storage units. This will make sure that your antiques remain in good shape possible until they get delivered. 

2. Pool Tables

Everyone knows that pool tables are excessively heavy. What most people failed to realize is that movement is the highest enemy of these items. Moving them with no proper experience and equipment can lead to irreparable damage.

The legs are screwed with a large pin into the cabinet. The wrong movement can pressurize the pin to bend into the housing, causing the piece huge damage.

Also, the whole table can turn off-balance, leading to shifts to the rails and pockets. When moving pool tables, our professional team understands how to lift, reducing too much movement. When not sure, let our national movers who are experienced in moving pool tables handle the job for you.

3. Sculptures & Patio Furniture

Sculptures and large, outdoor furniture are often fragile and need more attention than your normal living room couch. Remembering that lounging chairs, exterior decoration, and other patio furniture can come in different shapes and sizes, our movers offer custom crating services designed and focused on maximizing the protection of each item as it is being moved.

Hire Best Furniture Movers Near You.

4. Pianos

These are some of the most famously tough belongings to move, but after twenty years of experience, our movers are top piano movers in the moving industry; coming up with their private techniques to always move them without hassle.

Since pianos tend to be large and super-heavy, there is a high possibility of causing severe damage to your hardwood floors (as well as your back).

Also, slipping up could lead to damage (scratching as well as knocking it out of place) of the piano itself and causing yourself and those involved bodily injury.

Even despite a lot of people helping with the move, the process of transporting a piano needs professional relocation experience and time, the relevant equipment, and patience.

To avoid hurting yourself and damaging your lovely instrument, contact our experienced piano movers now and find out more about our piano moving services.

5. Mattresses

These are famously the ones’ belonging that people often believe they can easily move on their own but cannot. They are heavy, floppy, and tough to maneuver. Moving a mattress can get very confusing fast. Why subject yourself to this if you lack the right experience and equipment?

Before you try to transport your mattress, first ask yourself some questions: can my doorway allow the mattress to fit through? How will I haul it down that flight of stairs?

You need to know that a mattress move can be so complicated. Maneuvering the right way needs a proper skill set to take narrow corners and hallways. Also, you might need a mattress cover, moving straps, and other moving tools and equipment.

Why Hire A Professional Moving Company?

Hiring a professional moving company to help with your move could add to your chances of moving seamlessly and stress-free. If you are considering hiring a mover, below are few reasons to proceed with it to get help with your upcoming move.

Peace of mind:

Planning a move can be stressful and overwhelming sometimes. Professional moving companies know the best ways to ply the roads and how to take care of your stuff to protect them. Knowing for sure that your belongings are in good and safe hands will help ease your mind on moving day.


A moving company will be responsible for your relocation and will work to make sure that all of your items get to your doorstep safely. Moving without the assistance of experienced movers puts the responsibility of seeing that all your household possessions arrive safely, which can lead to more stress during your move.


A moving company will provide you a date and time that you can take delivery of your belongings at your new home. Some companies boast of timely, professional service, and when you find a good mover, you can speed up and simplify your moving process. Aside from that, they also can move your couch through that staircase faster than you can.


A professional moving service will usually be the most trustworthy option, rather than taking a DIY approach with the help of family and friends. Professional moving companies give thorough training to their staff to learn the best relocation methods so that they can keep your household goods safe.


Hiring a moving company usually leads to a much safer relocation process. Experienced movers know how to haul belongings that you may not know how to load and unload, packed items, properly pack lamps, and safely wrap your mattress. To lower or get rid of damage to your belongings, they make use of the relevant materials all through the move.


A professional moving company will handle large items, such as furniture or heavy moving boxes efficiently during your move and will have more efficient methods to transfer all your shipments to the moving truck and, later, into your destination home.

No heavy lifting:

With no proper training, heavy lifting can result in back strain and other issues related to health. You can leave all heavy lifting during your move to a professional moving company to help you with the process.

Experienced movers:

Experience is necessary for moving. An experienced mover will have what it takes to tackle any issues that you have and give a safe, quick, and efficient moving experience for you.

Things Professional Moving Companies will not move at a Glance

During a move, you have more things to worry about in necessarily moving your whole life. Waiting till the moving day to find out that your moving company cannot move some of your household goods will leave you devastated.

To avoid this extra stress of surprises like this, it is important to conduct your research and be ready for what is to come.

Check this list of things your movers will not move so you can properly arrange for what to do with them before the day of your move.

Hazardous Material

  • Corrosives
  • Bleach
  • Ammonia
  • Nail polish remover
  • Other chemicals

These items are too dangerous to be moved by your movers. Hazardous materials make too many variables during the process of your move. Fortunately, most of these household goods are easily replaceable when you get your new home.

Combustible/Flammable Items

  • Propane tanks
  • Aerosols
  • Paint
  • Gasoline
  • Lighter fluid and kerosene
  • Charcoal

Just like hazardous materials, combustible materials are just too dangerous to haul in a moving van or truck. The little inconvenience of not being able to transport this stuff is surely better than a flaming option.


Although your pets may be in a cage or highly well-behaved, your movers will just not move them. Temperatures in moving trucks can get hotter or colder based on the weather. This atmosphere surely won’t be comfortable for your furry friends.


You might be new to this, but there surely are laws prohibiting moving some plants at certain distances. This is because there are states that don’t have insects and diseases that afflict other states. Transporting plants may lead to the introduction of such invaders to your new state.

Due to laws like these, moving companies often won’t move your plants to another state. Even if they were permitted to move them, plants could get die in transit, bringing potential damage to your other items.


  • Ammunition
  • Fireworks

This might seem too obvious, but it would surprise you what some people want to move. Anything that puts your moving company or other items in danger will surely not be moved.

Perishable Food

You importantly need to check the policy of your movers in food. Some companies will not transport any type of food, while others will only reject perishable food. Anything that can damage during the move should not be transported. Also, possibly destroying other goods that you moved, food of this type can draw insects, which you and your movers surely want to avoid.


  • Cash
  • Financial & personal documents
  • Jewelry
  • Checkbooks and credit cards
  • Medicine

While your movers may not have a certain policy against moving valuables like the ones mentioned above, it is generally brilliant to keep these items with you when you move.

Even if it is a family heirloom or another item of sentimental value, keep it near you as you move. It is, however, good to ask yourself whether that item can be replaced. If no, don’t ship it.


When you make use of the services of a professional long distance moving company, your belongings are automatically protected by a particular amount of insurance. The policy will cover a small part of the replacement cost of the items that may be damaged.

You can make sure that you have complete coverage by buying extra supplemental insurance. Hiring a professional company ensures your move is more convenient and less stressful.

You can complete as many or few moving tasks as you wish and allow us to take over the rest. Check our website now to contact us and get your free in-home moving estimate from our top out-of-state moving companies.

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