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Best USA Movers Orlando - Top 3 Recommended Orlando Movers

Best USA Movers

Express Movers - Top 3 Recommended Orlando Movers

Express Movers

Legend Movers 4 You - Top 3 Recommended Orlando Movers

Legend Movers

Orlando is still one of the rapidly growing cities in the United States. It is a headquarters for the tourism industry, and its entertainment and digital media industry is also doing great.

Considering the influx of people, you can plan your Orlando move using the trends in this demand. When selecting Orlando movers, focus on reviews and find proof of licensing on the moving company’s website.

Legit moving companies are willing to share licensing information with their prospective customers. Stay away from companies that are not willing to answer your questions, refuse to perform an in-home assessment of your belongings after giving quote, or have little to no presence online. Selecting the right moving company in Orlando prevents you from scams and your move will be so much smooth as it can be.

We performed research to come up with this guide by making services comparisons, online features, as well as customer reviews of 80 companies and selected ten best from the leading moving companies in Orlando.

Table of Contents

We picked the top moving companies in Orlando, based on their professional certifications, customer reviews, as well as their pricing. Moving companies in Orlando that offer interstate movers are legally required to register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration properly.

These moving companies are recommended by experts after rigorous work. We also looked into history, complaints, satisfaction, cost, trust, customer reviews, ratings, and other qualities before they feature on this list.

Get A Quote From Top 10 Reputable Orlando Movers

A trustworthy moving company in Orlando is fast to move you to your next home, regardless of the distance between the old and new homes in the city. The moving companies haul your belongings with uttermost care and will not let any of your belongings get damaged or missing or scam you.

Having rigorously screened top moving companies with various factors, below are our top Orlando moving companies to consider:

  1. Best USA Movers Orlando
  2. Orlando Express Movers
  3. Legend Movers 4 You
  4. College Hunks Hauling Junks and Moving
  5. Wrap It Moving
  6. The Incredible Giants
  7. Orlando Moving Company
  8. First Class Moving and Storage
  9. Sebastian Moving and More
  10. AAA Insta Move
Best USA Movers Orlando - Get A Quote From Top 10 Reputable Orlando Movers

1. Best USA Movers

Just as their name implies, they are committed to providing the best moving services in the USA but starting from Orlando.

When you are seeking some of the best movers in Orlando you have to mention them because of the quality they offer and the high standards they uphold to make sure every customer is happy and satisfied.

They have the best prices in central Florida and offer high-class services to any customer that comes to them. The Best USA Movers are one of those companies that make sure you don’t regret hiring them.

Their workforce is also very tight and responds to requests promptly, they also pack and assemble special materials and items keeping all of your properties safe and secure.



Express Movers - Get A Quote From Top 10 Reputable Orlando Movers

2. Express Movers

The Orlando Express Movers are another great choice for a trustworthy moving company Orlando. They are one of the fastest, most reliable moving companies you can hire to help you move your stuff around.

They have very good staff that are friendly and make sure all their customers return home with a smile. Orlando Movers try as much as possible to make sure your properties are kept safe and free from damage. No matter what the size of the items is, they can handle the job.

Once you are in need of a dependable moving company, Orlando Express Movers are up to the task. You can visit their website to get a free quote and get started.



Legend Movers 4 You - Get A Quote From Top 10 Reputable Orlando Movers

3. Legend Movers

Looking to hire a company with a substantial amount of experience? Then look no further as Legend for you is one of the most substantial moving companies in Orlando.

For them, what sets them apart from other moving companies is first their long years of dedication and experience in the moving industry.

They also offer an excellent residential and commercial business moving service that is second to none. Not to forget that their prices are pocket-friendly and can very much go with your set budget.

You can also be guaranteed of a 24 hours service availability at all times. In the moving business, they are truly legends in the quality of services they render.



College Hunks - Get A Quote From Top 10 Reputable Orlando Movers

4. College Hunks

They call themselves the premier moving company and that is because of the great way they help make moving a seamless experience. College Hunks are competent Orlando movers who have hunks to help you with your needs.

They offer a very satisfying service with regards to moving, junk removal as well as labor to help you do the tasks that might not necessarily involve using a truck.

The beautiful thing about this company is how they diligently train each of their hunks to follow the standard moving procedures and attend to all customers with respect. They help with various tasks from boxing, to loading to packing to disassembling and a whole lot of other moving-related tasks.



Wrap it Moving - Get A Quote From Top 10 Reputable Orlando Movers

5. Wrap It Moving

Wrap it moving like to consider themselves as the best movers in Orlando, and we have to agree with them regarding the quality of services they provide.

With Wrap It Moving, you can get a reliable professional response for your quotes, all you have to do is make a quote and fix an evaluation date.

You will get a prompt visit to your home, and your property will be analyzed. You can trust them with your house moves; your furniture moves as well as you’re your commercial or office moves.

They are also very affordable and will stop at nothing to get your job done professionally.



The Incredible Giants - Get A Quote From Top 10 Reputable Orlando Movers

6. The Incredible Giants

The Incredible Giants are truly incredible at what they do. They understand how the whole process can be very demanding, and they help lift off the burden from your shoulder by professionally attending to your needs.

Just like every other great moving company, they are bent on satisfying the customers before anything else, and that is what keeps them going.

To prove that they are really up to the task, you can take a look at their reviews from satisfied customers which are over 1000.

A visit to their website will have all your questions answered with regards to their moving plans and efficiency. You can contact them for your commercial and residential moving services.



Orlando Moving Company - Get A Quote From Top 10 Reputable Orlando Movers

7. Orlando Moving Company

There are many criteria used to pass a particular moving company in Orlando as the best and one of which is experience.

Orlando Moving Company has a long-standing experience of 28 years; this means a lot because they have a full picture of what moving is about and how they can serve you better with all they have.

They have the spirit of excellence and carry their customers in their hearts as they attend to their services.

They have the latest technology to ensure that their customers’ belongings are kept safe, they also have safe practices that help make sure the properties don’t incur any damage.

Orlando Moving Company is indeed a very reliable moving company.



First Class Moving And Storage - Get A Quote From Top 10 Reputable Orlando Movers

8. 1st Class Moving and Storage

This moving company Orlando offers first class services to all their customers. There are a lot of factors that point to the fact that 1st class moving and Storage Company are one of the best.

First is their level of experience, 1st class has over 26 years of experience and has been consistent at giving the best services on the Better Business Bureau which means that many happy customers are saying nice things about them.

They are also transparent in the way they conduct their business, whatever quote they give you is what they will charge you. No hidden fees whatsoever. They were also awarded by Angie’s List for their super service.



Sebastian Moving - Get A Quote From Top 10 Reputable Orlando Movers

9. Sebastian Moving and More

Sebastian Moving is also one of the great Orlando Movers. Their service is slightly different in that they not only offer trucks for the jobs but also have a special unit of labor that they dispatch to those who need the unload and unpack their boxes and belongings.

All their staffs are well trained and fit to handle the tasks, they never send out a novice to handle any of your items so that you will not be at risk of losing your belongings. Apart from being in the business of moving, they also sell boxes and blankets.

You can trust them at any time for your professional commercial and residential moving as well as additional moving services.



AAA Insta Move - Get A Quote From Top 10 Reputable Orlando Movers

10. AAA Insta Move

Finally, on our list of the top movers in Orlando, we have Insta Move. They are professionals who know very much what they are doing and are committed to providing quality services to satisfy their customers.

They make sure they help you with the process effectively from the very moment you place a call or walk up to them to the very last moment of having to help you move to your new destination.

Insta Move has well-trained workers and the necessary tools and equipment to make the process swift and enjoyable.

You can check them out on other review websites to see the level of satisfaction they have been able to provide to their customers.

AAA Insta Move is the best choice when it comes to affordable and professional.



Whats is the Cost of Moving to Orlando?

Considering a long-distance move of 1,000 miles, your cost, on average, can be up to $5,000. Local moves which happen within the state of Florida should cost $1,250. The estimates are dependent on where you are relocating to in Orlando and living in a 3-bedroom home.

Below are the factors that will dictate the cost of moving to Orlando:

  • Amount of items moved (in pounds)
  • Travel fees (tolls, etc.)
  • Packing & unpacking services
  • Moving supplies
  • Labor
  • Insurance
  • Time of year
  • Price of fuel

Any moving company you are considering should issue a free moving quote to provide you a reasonable estimate of your moving cost to Orlando.

The Cost of Living in Orlando

Good news! Orlando, in most metrics, has a moderate cost of living than many of the states in the country, especially when compared to other cities. Also, in some important metrics, costs are largely lower than the country average.

For instance, the price of groceries in Orlando is not up to the national average and that is surprising since Orlando is a city center, and there are many rural areas included in the national average.

Meanwhile, the costs of healthcare in Orlando are also below the national average.

Let’ discuss taxes. Are you aware that there is no income tax imposed on Florida’s citizens? Yes, residents of Florida don’t pay state income tax. That can be much helpful in reducing your costs of living when moving to Orlando.

Although the average price of gas in Florida is almost the average for the entire country, which implies that you won’t be paying much higher costs per gallon for gas; kudos to living in an urban center.

Below are some categories for you to make a comparison of the cost of living in Orlando to the country’s average cost for each category. The total cost of living in Orlando is around 5% below the country’s average.

  • Housing: -11%
  • Utilities: +11%
  • Groceries: +2%
  • Transportation: -6%
  • Healthcare: -12%

Below are median housing costs for Orlando, Florida:

  • Average Home: $308,483
  • Average Rent: $966.34 per month

Other average costs:

  • Energy Bill: 186.44 for each month
  • Phone Bill: 198.74 for each month
  • Gasoline: $2.45 for each gallon
  • Loaf of Bread: $3.40
  • A gallon of Milk: $1.98
  • Dozen Eggs: $1.85
  • Bunch of Bananas: $3.43
  • Hamburger: $4.33

Complete guide on Cost to Live in Orlando Florida

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando

Urban amenities, lakefront living, and a diverse culinary scene are some of the things you will enjoy in some of the best Orlando neighborhoods and suburbs listed below:

Thornton Park:

You will feel like in the 1920s when you live in Thornton Park with its old bungalows which are placed on brick-lined streets and covered with old oak trees. This neighborhood also has different great restaurants and top-notch shopping boutiques. Thornton park can be costly, but it is perfect for young professionals and within walking distance of downtown.

Lake Eola Heights:

Not far from Lake Eola Park, this downtown neighborhood is filled with historic homes that concentrate on great restoration. Something is always happening here, from cultural festivals to weekly Sunday Farmer’s Market. Its proximity to Downtown Orlando provides easy access to concerts, local bars, restaurants, and a huge library that offers free events and workshops.

College Park:

Even with its name, College Park is not booming with frat parties but more of a family-centered neighborhood. This neighborhood got its name from streets that have popular university names, such as Yale and Harvard.

College Park is located Northwest of downtown and is filled with more historic buildings and brick-lined streets, including many award-winning restaurants, offering the metro living experience with a small-town charm.

Orlando’s Best Suburbs

The best suburbs in Orlando offer a great combination of country and lake living, with far distances to action as you wish for. If you love suburban living too well on your move to Orlando, consider the following neighborhoods:

Winter Park:

This neighborhood is home to Rolling College and popular for its great Park Avenue, food scene, and some lakes. Living here will place you far from but within driving distance of all actions.

The population is just over 30,000 and an average home value is projected to exceed $400,000 by 2021, so, you will love to be part of this enclave where you will enjoy stunning restaurants, festivals, and access to all that Orlando has to offer.


This neighborhood is found in Eastern Seminole and is an area for popular families in need of a gated community feel. The average home income is $78,000, and there is continuous investment in the city by the community through varieties of expansion projects.

Hunter’s Creek:

This suburb is found in Orange County and its population is just over 20,000. The average home price in Hunter’s Creek is more than $240,000 and you will have to pay beyond the national average to purchase a home.

Heathrow / Lake Mary:

If you are looking for a small-town feel, don’t stress yourself further than this neighborhood. The population in Heathrow and Lake Mary is around 6,000 and 17,000 respectively; these two areas have great public and private schools as well as different yearly festivals and events. With an average home price beyond $370,000, the privacy associated with living here will cost you a fortune.

Lake Nona:

This is one of Greater Orlando’s brand new towns and it is a gorgeous, family-friendly community with the latest and modern homes. The Medical City is found in Lake Nona, and the new national campus of the USTA with 100 completely lit courts, and two championship courts.

This community knows the importance of health and staples with cycling studios, barre fitness centers, pilates, and gyms beside the hottest Boxi Park, which offers food vendors as well as live music.

Guide to Find Long Distance Orlando Movers

When you are searching for long distance companies in Orlando, what you are simply asking for is a company that can move you out of Orlando across the country into any other state of your choice.

Cross country moving should be considered a bit more closely over regular local moving services. What you should know is that this service is very satisfactory when done by the right company, but if you fall into the hands of the wrong company, you might have yourself to blame.

Time and money, as well as damaged items, could be incurred by using the wrong company. So if you are looking for a long-distance moving company, you will need to look for a professional one.

We have gathered a few tips you should use in locating a long-distance moving company in Orlando.

1. Carry out a survey

You can survey in search of some long distance moving companies in Orlando. Get a few friends and ask them if they know any credible one or ask for recommendations from your colleagues at work.

2. Search the internet

You can surf the internet in search of credible long distance moving companies. There are tons and tons of such moving companies that people have used and attested that they have an excellent service. You might want to use this information and make a decision for yourself.

3. Use only licensed movers

This is the tricky part, don’t just jump on every offer you see on the internet or advertisements. Make sure you probe a little further and ask if the company you want to select for your moving task is licensed. Getting a licensed movers guarantees you a better and safer experience.

4. You also need insurance

Also, ask the companies if they are insured. Long distance moving can be a little bit unpredictable, and you will need to get proof of insurance from the company helping you. Having insurance means your goods are protected just in case any mishap occurs and your items can be restored.

5. Try searching for long-standing moving companies

In our opinion, you should look for a moving company that has been well known and established for a long time; this will cut down on a lot of stress. The advantage of hiring a reputable and well-known company is that they are popular at what they do and you will have very little to worry about when it comes to being disappointed.

It is equally very safe to go with such a company. Always make sure you research about any company you want to choose.

Conclusively, moving might seem like a tough process but it’s not hard, we believe knowledge is what makes you have the ability to do the right things, that is why we have gathered this information for you to take a stand. Don’t be a victim of the wrong type of services — happy moving.

Frequently Asked Questions About Orlando Movers

What salary is good in Orlando, Florida?

To live in Orlando Comfortably, you need to earn an average salary of $17 every hour or $63,000 per year, as seen on the data calculated by PayScale. In general, the living cost of Orlando, Florida is 5% lesser than the country’s average, thereby making the figure mentioned above a good income to live here.

Which is better between Tampa and Orlando?

You can easily make Tampa your place if you are in for a beach house. Also, buying and keeping a house is affordable in Tampa. Orlando, on the contrary, is considered to have a great employment market, so this is why there is more population of young professionals in Orlando trying to develop their careers.

Also, Orlando has many recreational activities up its sleeves. When you check the total cost of living, the two (Tampa and Orlando) are equal competitors.

Numbeo revealed that if $4,287 would be needed to keep a modest standard of living in Tampa, you will need almost the same amount of $4,300 to keep the same living in Orlando.

The crime rates, however, seem to vary in both cities, as the crime rate in Tamps is reported to be just half of the rate in Orlando. Normally, these two cities have mostly similar things but still offer a different feel of their own. Finally, the city that checks the most boxes should get your attention the most.

Is Orlando much safe?

According to data on, the overall crime rate in Orlando is 57.59% per thousand residents. With 7.59 percent focused on violent crimes and 50% on property crimes, it is a difficult fact, but Orlando is one of the unsafe cities in the country. Although this may differ for each neighborhood in the city, the final statistics show that Orlando is not a safe city as you might have imagined. 

What area in Orlando is the richest?

Winter Park and Windemere are reported to be the richest neighborhoods in Orlando. This can be confirmed based on many factors, such as average home value and average household salary. These two neighborhoods are expensive which makes them the richest neighborhoods in Orlando. 

What jobs are the most paying in Orlando Florida?

If you are a medical professional, then you are fortunate to have decided to move to Orlando because some of the highest paying jobs here are from the medical field.’s collected data shows that Obstetricians and Gynecologists are being paid the most in the city of Orlando, with an average income of about $244,000.

Also from the same field, Physicians, Psychiatrists, and Surgeons are receiving high pay as professionals. Aside from these, Architectural and Information Systems Managers are also receiving good pay in Orlando, Florida

What are Orlando’s bad neighborhoods?

Similar to most big cities, not all Orlando neighborhoods are safe or worth living. Factors like Average home value, low household income as well as high crime rates are considered to list our Roosevelt Park, Johnson Village, Malibu Grooves, Mercy Drive, and Holden-Parramore as the not-so-good neighborhoods.

What Orlando neighborhood is the safest?  

Some of the safest places to live in Orlando include Baldwin Park, Bay Hill, Maitland, and Dr. Philips. These neighborhoods are not only part of the best ones to live in Orlando; they are worthy and safe in case you are moving down with your family or even alone in Orlando

Is walking around at night safe in Orlando?

According to statistics, Orlando is one of the states with a high rate of crime in the country. So normally, it is not a good idea to walk around in Orlando in the dark. This sure varies based on the neighborhoods, but generally, walking around at night in Orlando may not be the best idea as its overall crime rate is 59%, according to

Is Downtown, Orlando safe?

No, the entire downtown, Orlando is not completely dangerous. Although the crime rates in Orlando are high and many of its areas have seen that, you can be certain of safety when moving around Downtown, Orlando. With many paradise food outlets to try, Downtown Orlando offers fun and safe locations to live or visit with family or even alone.

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