How to a Make Stress-Free National Move with Kids?

Summary: Are you facing a cross-country move with kids? Here are some ways to keep your children content and you happy when moving to a new home in a new state.
How to a Make Stress-Free National Move with Kids?

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Making a long trip with children can be difficult under the best of circumstances, but when you’re moving it can be doubly stressful. To help eliminate the stress, prepare kids for the move, consider taking advantage of moving services and take snacks, toys, and a video system with you to keep the kids entertained.

High-quality national moving companies will have the moving services you need to help make the move easier. Some offer full-service moving that includes packing your items and bringing the boxes, tape, and other materials you’ll need to move them safely. Letting the movers pack will eliminate the work you may need to juggle with a baby or toddler.

Prepare Children for a Move

When you make a decision to move to a new home, whether it’s across town or the country, you need to prepare your children. Those who are school age will be giving up friends, their school, and some of their favorite neighborhood locations.

While it may be sad for them, start teaching your kids about their new home. Show them the town or city they are moving to and all the fun things they can do there.

For instance, if they have a soccer or baseball team or a ballet, discuss taking them to see it. Don’t hide the fact you’re moving, but tell them a few weeks before leaving so they can start to adjust to the changes.

Keeping Kids Calm on a Long Trip

Babies or toddlers can get cranky sitting in a car seat for long periods, which is why taking breaks is vital. It lets them get outside and stretch after sitting in your vehicle. If there is room, sit in the back seat with the kids for part of the drive.

Read to them, play simple games, or point out the animals they can see from the car. Also, ensure them that there are snacks they like when getting fussy. Crackers, cereal, and fruit are healthy, delicious choices for small children.

If you have bigger kids, encourage them to pack their snacks before leaving for their new home. A video game system will keep them busy playing or watching movies on the road. While reading may be a good idea for some kids, others may not be able to tolerate reading while in a moving car.

Take Advantage of Hotel Pools

If weather permits, allow your children to blow off some steam by playing in the hotel’s pool where you’re spending the night. The pool will allow them to exercise and have fun after being in a car all day. They may meet other kids and make new friends during their stay.

If the hotel serves a continental breakfast, take advantage of it too. A hot breakfast will go a long way in satisfying hungry kids before spending another day in the car.

Before leaving the area, check on the snacks and drinks and replenish them if they’re running low. One sure way to upset a child of any age is not having food or drinks on demand.

Save on Cross Country Moves

Before booking a moving company, check with competitors to find cheap cross-country movers at the best price. However, don’t compromise the service quality or the company to save money. Check to make sure their drivers are licensed, bonded, and insured.

See which companies have the best services for the price you want to pay. If you want them to pack for you and supply the packing materials, check each company you’re considering that has the service. However, taking care of the packing and cleaning is an excellent way to save money.

Check out a good quality guide to select national movers which will have more information on other factors to consider in order to choose the best movers for your job.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you do with pets during a long-distance move?

When you’re moving with pets, try to maintain their routine while on the road. Feed, exercise, and let them rest at the same times they did at home. If you’re moving to a different time zone, they will need to acclimate with the rest of the family. Carry snacks and fresh water for your animal and stop for potty breaks to let them do their business.

Should you follow the moving truck?

Generally, travelling along with the moving truck is not recommended. First, you’ll want to have the freedom to stop and take breaks when you want – and the movers will want to keep going. Secondly, national movers usually move two or three loads at the same time. So, you movers may take a different, less direct route, in order to make other deliveries.

How long should an infant or toddler sit in a car seat per day?

Most doctors, car seat manufacturers, and safety experts recommend that infants not be in a car seat for more than two hours. They recommend taking regular breaks to allow infants and toddlers to get out of the car seat and stretch out before getting back into it. Taking breaks is good for the parents and older kids too.

How much do cross-country moves cost?

The price of a national move depends on how far you’re moving and the weight of the truck’s load. The national average for moving across the country ranges from $2.200 to $5,700.

However, it will cost more for an additional truck, packing services, packing materials, and oversized items like a pool table or hot tub that also needs moving.

How long can moving trucks be on the road each day?

Drivers cannot be behind the wheel of their big rig for more than 11 hours per day. Most long-distance movers have a partner to share the driving and moving duties. While the truck can be in motion for 22 out of 24 hours, one driver can rest in the sleeper while the other one drives. Frequent breaks are vital for them to get coffee, stretch their legs, and get fuel.

Stay Stress-Free By Keeping the Kids Stress-Free

Making a national move with kids can stress anyone, but if you prepare your children and keep them satisfied with snacks, breaks, and entertainment during the trip, their contentment can rub off on you.

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