Moving to San Francisco: Moving Cost, Time to Hire Movers

Summary: Begin your new life in the Bay Area of California by reading the most important moving tips put together by the professionals at Pricing Van Lines.
Pro Tips and Cost for Moving to San Francisco

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A cool and picturesque part of the United States, the San Francisco Bay Area is home to some of the most sought-after real estate on the planet. If you are moving for a new job, you are probably excited about living in this part of the country for the first time.

You’ll want to spend time reading up on San Francisco to learn about the best neighborhoods, schools, restaurants, bars, parks, hiking trails, and other fun locations. But you’ll also need to hire state-to-state movers and accomplish a lot of other tasks in order to have a successful move.

By reading the tips put together by the professionals at Pricing Van Lines, your upcoming relocation will be a success. We have put together four pro-tips that will ensure you can hire the best movers for a reasonable cost, obtain your ideal moving slot, and safely move into your new home or apartment in San Francisco without forgetting any important relocation-related task.

1. How to Calculate Moving Costs

If you are planning to hire cross-country movers for an upcoming relocation to San Francisco, you may be curious about the associated expenses. Movers calculate rates for their services based on the distance between the origin and destination, along with the size of the move.

Someone who is moving a studio apartment’s worth of belongings from Los Angeles to San Francisco, for instance, will pay less than a family that lives in a four bedroom and is moving from New York City. You can use a moving cost calculator if you want a rough estimate of how much companies will quote you for the relocation.

2. Best Time to Hire Movers

When you are connecting with long-distance moving companies using a reputable online platform, the quickness of responses you receive may depend on the season. Movers are extremely busy in the summer, as most young people and families tend to move during that time of the year.

If the dates of your move to San Francisco are slightly flexible, you may want to move earlier to avoid the summer rush or later into the autumn. Not only can you easily get a convenient moving slot within a few weeks of your relocation date, but you may also pay less for the move if you are not moving in the summer.

3. How to Downsize For a San Francisco Move

Considering San Francisco has some of the most expensive real estate in the world, you may be likely to downsize your home when you move to the Bay Area. Even if you are moving for a better paying job, a two-bedroom house in and around San Francisco will be a smaller than a two-bedroom in most American cities.

The best way to prepare for your San Francisco move is to downsize your belongings in the weeks before the movers arrive at your home. Start with each room in the house and divide up your items into two piles. One pile is for throwing away, selling, or donating, while the other pile is going with you to your new house or apartment.

If you are hesitant about selling some belongings, either due to their value or for sentimental reasons, you do have another option. Instead of trying to cramp everything into a smaller house or apartment in San Francisco, you could rent a storage unit in a nearby city. You can keep belongings you are not immediately using in the storage unit, giving yourself more time to decide what you will do with them.

4. Find Your Ideal Neighborhood

The San Francisco Bay Area is truly unique, both in terms of culture and climate. Before you finalize plans for your move, you should narrow down the areas in the city where you want to rent or buy a home or apartment.

Research the various neighborhoods in the city, as you can learn about the unique sub-cultures of the people who live there. Some areas are better for younger, single people who want a fast and lively lifestyle. Other neighborhoods are safer and more family oriented, which may suit couples who have children.

By picking the right neighborhood, you will have a much easier time acclimating to your new life in San Francisco.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a binding and non-binding quote?

A binding quote is one that cannot be altered by the mover, unless you request additional services. Non-binding quotes can be changed until the last moment, which means you may get a final bill that is drastically different to the rates you were quoted by the movers before your relocation.

If I live on the fourth floor of a building with no elevator, will I have to pay extra for my relocation?

Yes, you will have to pay a higher fee if you are expecting the movers to move items down several flights of stairs at your present address. Some movers will charge extra money because it takes them more time to complete such a relocation, while you may even have to pay more for an extra mover to come to your location on moving day. Some relocation companies will have a set fee they charge for each flight of stairs.

Can I place cleaning and gardening chemicals in the moving truck to take to San Francisco?

No, moving companies are extremely strict about what items you can and cannot keep inside their moving trucks because it’s the law. Any chemicals, such as cleaning supplies, insecticide, or other gardening materials, are not permitted on the truck. If you are unsure whether a specific item is safe to pack in a moving box for the truck, you should ask the movers for a list of banned items.

If I own guns and ammunition I want to keep, can I load them onto the moving truck?

No, you cannot under any circumstances place weapons or ammunition in the moving truck for a local or long-distance move. If you are relocating to San Francisco from outside of California, you must read up on laws pertaining to the transport of weapons and ammunition across state lines.

Is it possible for the movers to arrange for car transportation to San Francisco?

No, most local and long-distance movers do not provide vehicle transport services. They only handle residential and/or commercial relocations, which means you will have to speak with a separate company about having your car transported to San Francisco. Such companies offer both open-top and closed-top transport, with open-top being the more affordable option.

Final Thoughts

Moving anywhere can feel exhilarating and nerve-wracking in equal parts. Even if you have always dreamed about living in San Francisco and exploring the wider Bay Area, you may be nervous about moving across the country with all your belongings.

By incorporating the four tips listed above, you can seamlessly hire reputable movers, book a moving slot in advance, decide on what belongings to sell, donate, or take with you to your new city, and handle any other moving-related project.

Planning ahead and staying on top of every task related to your relocation allows you to relax as your move nears. Rather than feeling anxious or under pressure, you may feel calmer knowing that everything is being handled. Then you can focus on the excitement of completing your move to San Francisco.

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