Moving From Texas to California: Complete Guide 2024

The Pacific’s calling. Are you ready to pack up? If you’re thinking of heading out to California, Pricing Van Lines has you covered. In this article, you’ll find insider info, mover recommendations, and some of the many attractions the Golden State has to offer.
Moving From Texas to California - Pricing Van Lines

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Moving from Texas to California? It’s a major trip, a major event, and (sometimes) a major headache – but the right movers can make the whole process a lot easier.

At Pricing Van Lines, we know moving, and we know what to look for in the best Texas to California movers. That’s why we did the research for you, pulling from our 2 decades of experience and industry know-how to make this helpful guide.

If you’re ready to head out West and see what the Golden State has to offer, read on. We’ll walk you through the best movers in the business, and we’ll even throw in a few helpful tips and tricks to make your moving day even easier.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Movers from Texas to California?

Hiring Texas to California movers will cost you between 1200$ and 8500$ – sometimes more, and sometimes less. It’s a big window, but for good reason.

When you’re moving long distance, your moving company will charge you based on the miles you have to travel, and the amount of stuff you’re hauling.

If you’re moving a one-bedroom apartment from El Paso to Blythe, it’ll be a lot cheaper than moving a 5-bedroom home from Cameron County to Crescent City.

We always recommend downsizing your stuff before you book your move. Pawn it off, donate it, drop it off at your in-laws – whatever it takes, your wallet will thank you. Just keep in mind that a smaller move doesn’t always get done faster…

How Long Does Moving Take?

It may come as a surprise, but small moves usually take longer than larger moves. Moving companies don’t like to send half-empty trucks all over the place, so they’ll bundle multiple smaller moves together in the same semi trailer.

This practice is more efficient, but it’ll take extra time for your movers to make pickups and dropoffs along the way. While some movers may offer direct shipping for your move, it usually comes at a greatly increased price.

On the other hand, if you manage to fill an entire semi trailer with just your stuff, expect your movers to get it delivered ASAP. If there’s no room for other moves, there’s no point in making stops for other deliveries along the way.

3 Best Movers from Texas to California

Adams Van Lines - 3 Best Movers from Texas to California

3. Adams Van Lines

Specializing in premium moving services, Adams Van Lines is your best bet for a completely hands-off move from Texas to California.

Their expertise in moving antiques and artwork (along with their range of secure storage options), makes them a great choice if you have valuable or fragile possessions.



Our Recommendation

If you’re really looking for a stress-free move, we recommend Adams Van Lines. We’re big fans of their white-glove moving service.

When you book with Adams, you’re getting a team of specialists who know their way around fragile and high-value items.

Even if you’re just hauling IKEA furniture, they’ll keep it all safe.


2. Native Van Lines

Booking a mover can be a stressful experience, especially if you’re not sure if your carrier is one of the good ones. Fortunately, Native has plenty of glowing reviews and awards that speak measures for their abilities.

Native Van Lines can handle your Texas to California relocation with ease, and cut down on the stress of shopping for a mover, too.



Our Recommendation

We always recommend Native Van Lines for first-timers, but they do a great job whether it’s your first move or your fiftieth.

With a full roster of vetted and verified movers, they can get you relocated with minimal fuss. Plus, all of their positive reviews and glowing feedback is great peace of mind.


1. Moving APT

Moving on a budget? Pricing Van Lines is the mover for you.

Pricing offers a variety of specialty moving services for only a fraction of what you’ll pay at the big name moving companies, and while their prices are low, they don’t sacrifice quality.

If you want great quality without breaking the bank, they’re your best bet.



Our Recommendation

We’re always happy to recommend Pricing Van Lines. To this day, we don’t know how they do it, but they somehow punch way over their weight class when it comes to quality of service and affordability. Saving money and getting good service – what’s not to like?

What Factors Affect the Cost of a Texas to California Move?

The price of a Texas to California move can take between 1200$ and 8500$, but what goes into the price tag in the first place? Here are the factors that affect the cost:

  • Distance: The distance between Texas and California is substantial, and both states are huge. Long distance movers charge by weight and by mile, so prepare your wallet accordingly if you’re going all the way from the Gulf Coast to the West Coast.
  • Weight: Aside from the distance traveled, the weight of your move is the biggest factor behind the price of your move. More belongings may necessitate a larger truck, more packing materials, and potentially additional movers.
  • Additional Services: Packing, unpacking, or temporary storage are all great services, but they don’t usually come for free. You may pay more for the added convenience, but it’s worth the lowered stress-levels.
  • Packing Materials: Want to keep everything safe? You’ll have to pay extra. High-quality packing materials will protect all your stuff, but if you’re in a bind and money’s tight, you can always ask offices and stores for leftover boxes you can use.
  • Time of Year: The timing of your move can also impact your final price. Peak moving season (June, July and August) can result in higher prices due to increased demand for moving services.
  • Moving Company Choice: Every move is different, and so is every mover. When you shop around for quotes, try to get at least three estimates from three different moving companies to get a better idea of how much your move will cost.
  • Accessibility: If there are challenges such as narrow streets, flights of stairs, or long walking distances to the truck, your movers will charge you extra for the privilege of navigating the obstacle course.
  • Insurance Coverage: Movers are legally required to offer a base coverage of $0.60 per pound of items lost, damaged, or destroyed. If you want full-value coverage, you’ll have to pay more for the peace of mind.
  • Special Items: If you’re transporting delicate, oversized, or valuable items, they might require special handling or packaging. Your movers will charge extra for the extra TLC, but it’s worth the additional care and attention.

Every move is different, and every move comes with its own price tag. Once you recognize the factors that determine the price of your Texas to California move, you can take some important steps to save some serious cash. Schedule smart, scrounge for packing supplies, and ask around to see what companies can offer the best rates.

Why Do People Move from Texas to California?

Despite the price, California has a lot going for it. With all the Californians ending up in different states, there’s still plenty of people heading west to enjoy the best of the Golden State. Check out some of the major selling points:

  • Economic Opportunities: California is a hub for various industries, including technology, entertainment, and innovation. The promise of cutting-edge job opportunities and access to thriving markets is great for professionals and entrepreneurs alike.
  • Cultural Vibrancy: California is a wild place, with cultures from all over the world blending into one. The state’s cultural scene (ranging from arts and music to culinary experiences) is a major draw.
  • Higher Education: Renowned universities and research institutions make California a magnet for students and academics pursuing higher education and groundbreaking research.
  • Natural Beauty: From picturesque beaches to majestic mountains, California’s stunning landscapes provide a breathtaking backdrop for daily life. Don’t forget the year-round mild climate.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation: California has a well-deserved reputation as an innovation hub, particularly in Silicon Valley. Startups are making headway all over the state, so it’s a great spot for hustlers and grinders.
  • Cultural and Entertainment Industry: Hollywood. Do we really need to say anything else? California offers aspiring actors, filmmakers, and artists a chance to immerse themselves in the world of film, television, and performing arts.
  • Global Connectivity: California’s international airports and thriving metropolitan areas provide a gateway for global travel and exposure to diverse cultures. The US is a melting pot, and California is a melting pot of a melting pot.
  • Quality of Healthcare: Going hand-in-hand with California’s education and research institutes, you’ll find plenty of cutting-edge healthcare throughout the Golden State.

Everyone has their reason for getting out of Texas, and everyone has their reason for coming to California. While the list we’ve provided is by no means exhaustive, it really illustrates why so many people want to pack their bags and give Cali a call.

Things to Do in California

California is a huge state, and is probably one of the only states in the Union that’ll let you go snowboarding and surfing in the same day. If we listed out all the things you can do to keep yourself entertained in the Golden State, you’d have to sit through a much bigger article. Here’s just a few of the go-to options:

  • Visit Iconic Landmarks: Close your eyes and think of California. Are you thinking about the Hollywood Sign? Maybe the Golden Gate Bridge? What about Yosemite? You can go to all of these places and get right up and personal.
  • Hit the Beaches: With over 800 miles of coast, California boasts world-renowned beaches that are perfect for sunbathing, surfing, and beach volleyball. Say hi to Maverick and Goose for us.
  • Food. So Much Food: Now’s your chance to become food blogger #17513219530. California has a ridiculous amount of food choices, from food trucks to hole-in-the-wall joints to Michelin-star restaurants that we can’t afford.
  • Explore Wine Country: Napa Valley and Sonoma County offer wine enthusiasts the chance to indulge in exquisite tastings amidst picturesque vineyards. More SoCal? Solvang’s your speed.
  • Entertainment Galore: Want to get a little wild? Attend music festivals, theater performances, and the many other cultural events that define California’s artistic scene. Just save your pennies for those tickets.
  • Outdoor Adventures: California has plenty of natural beauty to take in. Hike in the rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains, go camping in Joshua Tree National Park, or embark on a scenic road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway.
  • Theme Parks and Family Fun: Something for the kids – or just your inner child. Enjoy family-friendly adventures in Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, and LEGOLAND California Resort.
  • Museums and History: Immerse yourself in history and culture at institutions like the Getty Center, the San Diego Museum of Art, and the California Academy of Sciences. Some of these museums take several days to see completely.
  • Relax in Spa Resorts: Ever wonder why Californians are always so relaxed? Unwind at luxurious spa resorts that offer rejuvenating treatments set against breathtaking backdrops.

From the bustling streets of Los Angeles to the serene landscapes of Northern California, the Golden State offers a diverse range of experiences that cater to all interests. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a food lover, a culture enthusiast, or just looking to chill out, you’ll find what you need in California.

Texas to California FAQ

What is the cost of living like in California compared to Texas?

California has a higher cost of living compared to Texas. Housing, taxes, and daily expenses are all notably more expensive. While the median home price in Texas is about $340,000, the median price for a home in California is about $750,000.

How do the schools in California compare to those in Texas?

Texas has great schools, but California has a whole network of them. The UC/CSU system consists of a few dozen reputable universities spread across the whole state. As for K-12, there are plenty of private and public options wherever you look.

What are the best neighborhoods or cities to live in if I’m moving to California from Texas?

Popular destinations in California include San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Sacramento, each with its own unique culture and lifestyle. The Golden State has plenty of cities and towns that will accommodate any walk of life.

What is the cheapest way to move long distances?

Renting a truck and moving yourself is often the most budget-friendly option. However, hiring professional movers offers convenience and ensures your belongings are handled safely during transit.

Renting a truck and DIYing your move is the most affordable option, but once you factor in the price of gas (especially in California), food, lodging, and the missed paychecks during your relocation, the savings may not justify the extra effort and stress.

How far in advance should I hire movers in California?

We recommend booking your movers at least 4-8 weeks in advance. This will give you plenty of leeway for tying up loose ends and organizing the rest of your move. Plus, if you’re flexible enough on moving dates, you can save big by avoiding the summer months.

Westward Bound? Let’s Get Packing!

Whether you’re moving for a change of pace, a change of scenery, or you’re just curious to see what California’s all about, the Golden State is ready for you. Are you ready for your move?

If you’re ready to get started, get in touch with the movers on our list and pack your bags for the Best Coast. Don’t forget to check back in with us for more tips and tricks to make moving day even easier, and use our moving cost calculator to plan your budget!

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