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Smooth Movers - Top 3 Recommended West Palm Beach Movers

Smooth Movers

Moving Kings - Top 3 Recommended West Palm Beach Movers

Moving Kings

Larkins Moving and Delivery - Top 3 Recommended West Palm Beach Movers


Home to snowbirds to people that move south in the winter and job hunters to people moved to the north, West Palm Beach, like the rest of South Florida, has a higher number of residents who usually relocate than normal. There are many opportunities in the land; hence, there is always an influx of people to the city.

To make the move less stressful, you need a professional mover who knows the in and out of West Palm Beach. Hiring moving companies will enable you to leave the heavy stuff to the professionals without getting worried about breaking your back or injuring a knee.

Sadly, the increased demand for moving companies in South Florida attracts much competition, which is perfect for the consumer.

Local moves can be so much affordable and may cost a lesser amount of dollars, based on your specific circumstance. Whether you are moving across town or over the country, finding a moving company you can rely on is important.

We figured out the best moving companies in West Palm Beach to assist you to locate the most trusted companies.

Table of Contents

We researched movers in West Palm Beach on over 25 different factors and 5 various categories, and carefully selected the best of them. We checked their equipment, costs, reputations, capability, customer reviews, and much more.

We also recommend that you work with a certified moving company that belongs to the American Moving & Storage Association to assure you of reliability and trustworthiness of performance.

Top 10 Trustworthy West Palm Beach Movers

This might sound like too much work, but performing the right research can save you and your items from moving hassles. Below is a list of affordable movers in West Palm Beach that offer quality moving services at affordable rates. Click on the ‘Get quote’ button to complete a quote form. You will obtain free moving estimates from a professional moving company in West Palm Beach.

  1. Smooth Movers
  2. Moving Kings
  3. Larkins Moving and Delivery
  4. 5 Star Moving
  5. Move For You
  6. Stress-Free Moving and Storage
  7. Box and Go Movers
  8. Big Star Moving
  9. A League Of Extraordinary Movers
  10. Brandon Transfer and Storage
Smooth Movers - Top 10 Trustworthy West Palm Beach Movers 2021's

1. Smooth Movers

The first company on our list of the top movers in West Palm Beach is the Smooth Movers Company. They have a thing for making the whole process of moving a delightful one.

As their name clearly expresses, they have a mark of professionalism that makes them stand out from other moving companies. Whether it is a local love within Palm Beach or across the country, they have you covered at all times.

They have a lot of experience that makes them stand out, 50 years of customer satisfaction is their pride, and they will stop at nothing to continue to maintain that name.

When you place a service request with them as a customer, you are sure to receive a customer service that is above normal; you will be treated with priority.

Moving Kings - Top 10 Trustworthy West Palm Beach Movers 2021's

2. Moving Kings

This is yet another excellent moving company, West Palm Beach. When you talk about a standard moving company that is in tune with current technology, then you think of the Moving Kings.

From the frame of their website, you will know that they are in for serious business and will satisfy you all the way. They offer a lot of services that are specific to your needs such as long distance moving, household relocation within the neighborhoods. They also have a thing for care and proper handling.

They treat your belongings as though they were the last items on earth and left no room for damage or break as much as possible.

Larkins Moving and Delivery - Top 10 Trustworthy West Palm Beach Movers 2021's

3. Larkins

Yes, they also made it to our list of the top moving companies in West Palm Beach for a lot of reasons, but to mention a few. Larkins Moving and Delivery are very excellent because of the level of attention they pay to the quality of their services.

They make sure all their operations are as plain as can be with no hidden charges and no surprises at all. It is as described to you. You will find them very relational as they like to create a bond with their customers and make the delivery a very satisfactory one.

One thing Larkins is also known for is “carefulness,” they are extremely careful with the way they handle your kinds of stuff, they make sure they try as much as possible not to damage any of your items during the moving process. The best part of it all is that they are affordable and budget friendly.

Five Star Moving - Top 10 Trustworthy West Palm Beach Movers 2021's

4. 5 Star Moving

The 5 Star Movers are also part of the top West Palm Beach Movers. They are a family-owned moving company that has been in existence since 2002 and have been working hard to keep a good record and maintain the integrity with which they started with.

They offer moving services for those who want to move just blocks away from their place in Palm Beach to people who also want to move across the region. They offer packing services too, just in case you feel too lazy to move an item yourself, you can count on them to help you with that.

Apart from just moving and packing your items, they also have a storage facility for those who want to store their stuff while they get their place ready temporarily.

Move For You - Top 10 Trustworthy West Palm Beach Movers 2021's

5. Move For You

Move for you are also one of the top rated movers in West Palm Beach. While other companies take the time out to make sure you are billed an extra for having such a large amount of properties to move, they consider how to give you a discount.

Apart from giving discounts, they also have competitive prices with superior service delivery. You have nothing to fear because all their staffs are thoroughly screened before they are offered the job, they are also trained as well to be courteous and polite with every customer.

When they give you a delivery date, you have their word for it. They make sure they deliver within the specified time and communicate effectively with you on the status of the job.

Stress Free Moving and Storage - Top 10 Trustworthy West Palm Beach Movers 2021's

6. Stress-Free Moving and Storage

Without saying much about this moving company in West Palm Beach, you can already have a clue of what to expect from them. They make the seemingly daunting process of moving stress-free and enjoyable.

You might wonder how they do it, but it’s quite simple. They take all the 27 years of experience from relating with thousands of customers and use it to please every customer that comes their way.

From friendly workers to satisfactory moving services, to affordable rates, you can rest assured that your things will be treated with care. Stress-Free Movers know how to fix a situation and come to your rescue.

Box and Go Movers - Top 10 Trustworthy West Palm Beach Movers 2021's

7. Box and Go Movers

This amazing moving company in West Palm Beach are a family company and offer exclusive moving services to all their customers. They make it a point of duty, to be honest with all their customers.

Everyone loves a transparent company, and that is who they are. With Box and Go you are guaranteed an excellent result and great value for your money. Just like every other great moving company, they make sure your personal belongings are kept safe, and they leave no room for damage at all.

They treat everything like it’s for them and always want to see you smile. They have competitive prices and make sure you never have a reason to regret employing their services.

Big Star Moving - Top 10 Trustworthy West Palm Beach Movers 2021's

8. Big Star Moving

Big star moving company is also one of the best west palm beach movers you can get. They have a very holistic moment service that is satisfactory to any customer.

With their budget-friendly prices, anybody can Have an idea of moving and sponsor it effectively without hiccups. They started in 2001 and are still running till today, they have gained the trust of many people through the quality of the service they offer.

Their staffs are very courteous and professional, or their services are delivered promptly, and on time, they give no room for excuses in execution. When you move to their website, the first thing you will notice is that they have prices starting from $199 Which is very affordable for anybody.

Their services include local moving in the west palm beach region.

A league of Extraordinary Movers - Top 10 Trustworthy West Palm Beach Movers 2021's

9. A League Of Extraordinary Movers

Speaking of a moving company that has a very good record, you will be talking about a league of extraordinary movers. They were voted as the mover of the year for 2015 because of the quality of services they deliver.

They have competitive prices and offer professional services at this prices; you could either be charged a flat rate or an hourly rate with no extra or hidden charges.

For those of you that might be skeptical, they are fully licensed to carry out moving services and have insurance just in case something goes wrong with your property. 

Their services are primarily local moving, moving labor packing services and other specialty services.

Brandon - Top 10 Trustworthy West Palm Beach Movers 2021's

10. Brandon Transfer and Storage

Finally, on our list of the best moving companies in west palm beach, we have the Brandon transfer and storage. They are professional movers that commit themselves to move your items, belongings and specialty belongings within west palm beach and even across the country.

When you go to their website, you can get a free moving estimate, and you will notice that it is at a very competitive price. Their services include residential, commercial, and industrial moving services.

They are fully licensed and insured, so you have little or nothing to worry about when you are moving with them. They are also agents of another moving company.

What is the Cost of Living in West Palm Beach

The general cost of living in West Palm Beach is around 17% above the rest of the country. Housing and transportation are most of the additional expenses.

Most residents get around reliably on their vehicles, and you may not have many packing options or choices. Some new residents are also not ready for the expensive insurance. The increased possibility of storm damage inflates the rates of home and auto insurance, affecting your budget. Coverage is important, though. Do not back down on your premiums.

The average income for West Palm Beach is just $45,000 per annum. That is low when compared to the national average. A family of four should have a household income of a minimum of $85,000 per annum to cover your living costs. A single person might live on $38,000 per year but there won’t be much left after bills payment.

Best Ways to Save Money When Looking for Moving Companies in West Palm Beach

Best Ways to Save Money When Looking for Moving Companies in West Palm Beach

If you live within the west palm region, we have gathered 5 tips that you can use to save money when you are looking for a moving company for yourself.

Declutter or dispose of necessary and unused items

Once you are sure you are ready to start moving, scan your house for all the unused and unnecessary items that you need to dispose of to cut down on cost before you start moving.

Get boxes yourself

The next thing you want to do after disposing of unwanted items is to get lots and lots of boxes that you can use in packing your items. The more boxes you can get for all your items the better your chances of reducing cost.

Pack everything yourself

Now that you have the clotted and you have gotten your boxes, The next thing for you to do is to start packing everything yourself. You can also get a couple of friends to help you join in packing your property.

Get quotes from as many moving companies as you can

Do a survey of moving companies that are professionals, and you would love to buy the service, compare the prices each of them and offering and select the most suitable, or the one that fits your budget.

Search for discounts

After getting all the information about the company you want to hire, you should also look out for discounts. Discounts help you save money on regular prices. You can get your property is moved for half the price you would if a discount is made available.

Best West Palm Beach Neighborhoods

Some of the best areas in West Palm Beach are certainly by the waterfront closer to downtown West Palm Beach. These areas have the best housing in terms of important factors like access to amenities, desirable architecture, historic districts, lower crime, good schools, and increasing home values.

Find out more about the top West Palm Beach neighborhoods as selected by our the team.

Downtown District:

This neighborhood is located on the tip of the Lake Worth Lagoon and has views of the Palm Beach barrier island. Highway 704 crosses over the southern line and hooks up the mainland with wealthy, enclave neighborhoods on the other side and across the Royal Park Bridge.

In this heart of the city, residents have easy access to the best shopping, nightlife, and best dining in West Palm Beach. Tourists, going and coming from Miami check and spend time in luxurious shopping malls as well as at special events.

Flamingo Park:

This is one of the most famous neighborhoods in West Palm Beach and for positive reasons is settled just a few minutes from the shopping and dining scenes in Rosemary Square and is a few minutes or bike to downtown West Palm Beach and the waterfront. It has some of the most attractive Mission and Mediterranean Revival structure in the city.

The average home sales price in this neighborhood is just $500,000 and a restricted housing supply implies that homes sell quickly here. If you are considering this neighborhood, you will have to be swift on opportunities and try to extend your search to the nearest neighborhood, such as Sunshine Park.

Prospect Park:

If what you want includes historic charm closeness to the waterfront and Mediterranean structure, Prospect Park should top your list of West Palm Beach neighborhoods to consider. Found just south of El Cid, Prospect Park has large lot sizes, large homes, and a moderately low supply of homes.

Due to its location and the types of homes in this neighborhood, the average sales price is around $940,000. Homes are not usually up for sale in this neighborhood, so buyers should look into completing deals if they find a home in this attractive neighborhood.

Old Northwood Historic District:

There are many beautiful places to live in the Northwood area, but the old Northwood Historic District is located along Spruce Avenue. It is calm and properly maintained. Get to this area by making a trip north from downtown towards the North Dixie Highway.

Connect with the major access to the neighborhood by turning right at 36th Ave. Most residents of this neighborhood are homeowners and go to work in another area of the city. Renters might find a home, but the economic stability of Old Northwood is in favor of owners.  


Want a historical charm of a neighborhood but not closer to the bustling nature of downtown? The Northwood neighborhood, which is located on the top boundaries of West Palm Beach, constructed around the 1920’s similar to Flamingo Park and El Cid, has the same architecture.

As it shares borders with the intra-coastal to the east, it is popular to see homes cost as high as $3M range at the extreme high end. However, the average sales price in this neighborhood is around $450,000, with average days on market just below 100 days, and sales against the list price of 93%.


This is not located in West Palm Beach’s boundary, but it is closer, and also great. This suburban growth usually ranks better in the list of desirable communities in the country. If you enjoy the 30-minute drive headed downtown, you can consider it. Wellington is popular for its horses, and the local culture dominated by the equestrian sporting community.

Look for horse property, ranches, and training, boarding, and competition centers across the area. From January through April, the Winter Equestrian festival holds and is the largest horse show in the United States.

Getting Around West Palm Beach

The major highway through town is Interstate 95 and it runs from north to south. Highway 704 on Okeechobee Boulevard links you towards an east-west road with the city center. Immediately you are in town, the North Dixie Highway on the United States Route One is the major road through the city. It also extends south from north.

The Palm Tran is a public transit company that operates buses across the city.

The central transit station is also in the downtown location as the Greyhound bus terminal as well as Amtrak train station. You can hop on the Tri-Rail commuter to neighborhoods located in the north and south of West Palm Beach on weekdays. As another option, you can take the Molly Trolley being a fare-free public bus made to transport shoppers to trendy spots across the city.

The service operates on a restricted arrangement but does help to take visitors to different attractions all over the city. You can walk anywhere downtown, but for major routine errands, you need a car. Traffic gets bad during normal commuter hours but is highly congested when the President visits his private home at Mar-a-Lago. This estate is located outside the city in nearby Palm Beach.

Pros and Cons of Living in West Palm Beach, FL

The population in South Florida keeps growing, and the area continues to draw new residents like you from all parts of the country.


  • The tropical heat: Seasonal temperature is more than freezing all through the year.
  • Outdoor recreation: Parks, golf courses, hiking, natural environments, and horseback riding.
  • Entertainment: Locate some of the best nightlife and restaurant north of Miami.
  • Shopping: Upscale boutiques retail the trendy merchandise and fashions
  • Celebrities: Interact with popular or influential visitors and residents who usually go to the area.


  • Hurricane risk: A small hurricane or tropical storm happens semi-annually.
  • Alligators: Any water that is a few inches deeper might harbor a lurking alligator.
  • Mosquitos: The state of Florida is home to 80 various species of mosquitos that carries vermin.
  • Cost of living: Tourists and rich neighbors increase the real estate cost and amenities.
  • Traffic: Also unpredictable as the weather, most roads jam without warning.

Avoid every discouragement. Your new neighbors have their ways of managing these minor drawbacks, and you can as well cope.

Frequently Asked Questions West palm Beach Movers

Is West Palm Beach like a ghetto?

West Palm Beach is just like Fort Lauderdale, in that there are many good neighborhoods located in the east closer to the water and the downtown area, but huge areas of ghetto and poor neighborhoods surrounding those places.

Is living in West Palm Beach costly?

Despite the beautiful weather, beaches, and closeness to the Miami Metro, the cost of living here is just 2% more than the national average, so relocating to Florida City won’t affect your pocket. The average home price is $173,000 and the average rent is $1,056 per month.

Are there alligators in West Palm Beach?

A total of 205 alligator removals were recorded in West Palm Beach and its suburbs over the past 24 months, with 139 removed from Wellington and 77 from Palm Beach Gardens. Even small Palm Beach had a minimum of one removed at the same period when a wandering gator found itself on the Intracoastal beachside.

Is it good to live in West Palm Beach?

West Palm Beach is a nice place to live. You are in between Miami and Orlando. The city offers you all that you want from beaches, small attractions, and restaurants. There is always a spot to check out. 

What is the distinction between West Palm Beach and Palm Beach?

The major difference is that there is no beach in West Palm Beach. It is located in the Intracoastal Waterway. Palm Beach is located on the ocean. The second glaring difference is the three bridges that separate Palm Beach from West Palm Beach.


We have decided to go through the pain together with the information of the best moving companies that you can hire without regrets. These companies have been certified to offer the best quality of service so that you don’t have any reason to feel disappointed.

Do not fall prey to unprofessional moving companies who only rip you of your money and provide very terrible service. Use the information to accurately act and select the best state-to-state moving company that suits you. Happy moving!!

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