The 10 Best Moving Companies in Miami 2024

Miami Movers For Less - Top 3 Recommended Moving Companies in Miami

Miami Movers For Less

Fuentes Moving - Top 3 Recommended Moving Companies in Miami

Fuentes Moving

Local N Long Distance Movers - Top 3 Recommended Moving Companies in Miami


Whether you are moving within the state or from another state, embarking on a move to a major city like Miami, Florida can be tough of a task. Allow our local movers to assist in making sure your move is hassle-free and well-organized.

When you are relocating to Miami from another side of the nation, it is so much important to hire a moving company that clearly understands your requirements, needs and renders a professional service at the best price.

Whether household or commercial move, you need to understand your options when it involves long-distance moving. A lot of companies offer packing, unpacking, as well as storage services to complement their standard moving options.

We selected the best movers in Miami, FL, based on their costs, professional certifications, and customer reviews.

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Our moving professionals recommend the leading 3 movers in Miami, Florida. We vetted over 85 Miami moving companies, comparing insurance data, federal complaints records, verified customer reviews, and license data to determine the best, reputable, and most reliable moving companies in the city.

Top 10 Reliable Moving Companies in Miami 2024

We made all of our moving companies go through 45-Point Inspection which includes customer reviews, cost, trust, complaints, satisfaction, cost, general excellence, ratings, and much more. Determining the perfect one is our priority and we’ve done just that below.

  1. Miami Movers For Less
  2. Fuentes Moving Miami Movers
  3. Local N Long Distance Movers
  4. ETG Moving & Delivery
  5. Two Marines Moving
  6. Dixie Movers
  7. Pro Movers Miami
  8. Ezee Moving
  9. DFW Moving Company
  10. Nationwide Moving & Delivery
Miami Movers For Less - Top 10 Reliable Moving Companies in Miami 2021's

1. Miami Movers For Less

They have been in operation since 2007 and offered the best prices for those that want to move to Miami. They are local movers, Miami and they cover the whole area extensively, even up to Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale.

They were able to build a credible name for themselves, gaining the trust of those in Miami, and quickly made it up to be called a standard moving company in five years. Not only are they local movers Miami, but they also extend across to other long distant parts of the country.

You can check their website, explain your requirements and get a quote for you to get started.



Fuentes Moving - Top 10 Reliable Moving Companies in Miami 2021's

2. Fuentes Moving

They have a catch phrase, and that is the fact that no job is too big. They fully understand the needs of customers and know how to satisfy it, that’s what makes them one of the best movers in Miami FL.

They are located in south Florida and have committed staff that treat your property with as much value as you do. They are also a family-owned business, which means they have a good heritage and understand what they are doing.

Just in case any mishap happens, they have got you covered because they are fully insured.



Local N Long Distance Movers - Top 10 Reliable Moving Companies in Miami 2021's

3. L N L Distance Movers

Just like the Fuentes Movers, the Local n long-distance movers also work according to how their names sound. They work as both local movers in Miami and also deal with long distance moving in the country.

They have the heritage of family business and have a keen sense of properly managing properties in their care. They are also insured, and that is good news on your part because your properties are safer with them.

They also have the most beautiful set of workers who love what they do and stop at nothing to make all clients happy.



ETG Moving And Delivery - Top 10 Reliable Moving Companies in Miami 2021's

4. ETG Moving & Delivery

ETG is also positioned as one of the best movers in Miami. They are excellent at offering services with regards to home moving, commercial moving and delivery services. They offer you very competitive prices with all of the services they provide.

When looking to reach professional movers in Miami, you should reach out to ETG Moving and delivery. Their services are seamless, and they are also very trustworthy.

On their website, you can get their contact number to place a call and explain the nature of the service you are searching for.



Two Marines Moving - Top 10 Reliable Moving Companies in Miami 2021's

5. Two Marines Moving

The story upon which this company was founded is quite an amazing one. A real marine officer who sought the good of the people decided to put his skills and abilities to good use by creating this moving company.

Located in Miami Metro Area, they are of the opinion that treating every customer right is the way to win their hearts and become the best available moving company. They were founded in November 2018 and since then have been thriving.

Their services are quite affordable, and you can get on their website to get a quote on the job you want them to do. They are fully committed to the moving business.



Dixie - Top 10 Reliable Moving Companies in Miami 2021's

6. Dixie Movers

They are rated as one of the top moving companies in Miami FL, and here is why. Even though they were established not long ago but just in 2015, their workforce has more experience than the establishment itself.

They work with the highest standards of quality and excellent delivery. They deal will all clients in honesty and sincerity making them accepted by all and recommended to others.

They provide services with regards to local moving within Miami as well as commercial moving and long distance moving. They have a flat rate which means no extra cost on your while they help with other side tasks.



ProMOvers - Top 10 Reliable Moving Companies in Miami 2021's

7. Pro Movers Miami

This yet another company termed as one of the best moving companies in Miami, FL. They are not just mere moving companies, but they understand the business well and know how to deliver customized services to all of their separate customers.

One thing they always strive to give their customers id unbeatable quality, whether it is moving within Miami or long distances, they have you covered. They also have an insurance scheme that protects your property.

Whatever the case might be, a few boxes here and there or the entirety of your property, they will help you move everything. Their services are entirely reliable and hitch free.



Ezee Moving - Top 10 Reliable Moving Companies in Miami 2021's

8. Ezee Moving

When you are looking for a blend of professionalism and affordability, you might want to check Ezee moving. They offer you possess all the necessary tools and equipment to make the process of moving faster and easier.

They also make sure their clients have all their items moved with a smile on their faces. Like other companies established, they are equally a family business and make available the qualities of a good moving company from reliability to quality delivery and fast response.

They were established in 2006. Pad your items correctly and move them around gently, so you don’t suffer damage. They love their job, and they are good at it.



DFW Moving Company - Top 10 Reliable Moving Companies in Miami 2021's

9. DFW Moving Company

DFW is a moving company that has all it takes to satisfy you. Like every other business model, they make sure they stop at nothing to make sure you have the most beautiful moving experience.

They have their company at both Texas and Miami, and this means more coverage for you. They offer services concerning commercial moving, residential moving as well as labor-only service.

This is what some other moving companies don’t have, if you need just labor to help you move your stuff around without needing a truck or equipment, you should hire them.



nationwide Moving and Delivery - Top 10 Reliable Moving Companies in Miami 2021's

10. Nationwide Moving & Delivery

The best option when it comes to hiring a state to state moving company is not to engage one that has to move as a part-time job but one entirely dedicated to moving. They are fully committed to helping you move all of your property across the country.

They specialize in long-distance and local moving within Miami, FL. One thing you will notice about this company is their sense of organization and apt response to customers; they are always on the move making sure they put a smile on their customers’ faces.

They have all of the start-of-the-art equipment that they use to make the moving process a seamless one.



Cost of Living in Miami

One of the toughest problems facing Miami and its surrounding area is the high cost of living, especially when compared to median wages. The cost of living in Miami is around 15.7% above the national average.

As regards housing prices, the average home value is $268,200, and the average rent is around $1,257 per month, making housing costs almost 23% above the national average. But how does that affect your daily expenses?

Well, grocery prices cost 5% more than the U.S. average, a gallon of milk at $2.04, a carton of eggs at $1.91, and a loaf of bread costing $3.51.

In Miami, the average income for households is $48,982, which is much lower than the national average of $61,937.

Even though the cost of living in Miami is much higher than the U.S. average, it is lesser when compared with other big cities of the same size, such as Washington D.C.

Best Neighborhoods and Suburbs in Miami

Miami’s diversity is mostly reflected in its different neighborhoods and suburbs, some of which have a unique feel for residents within the city.

Below are a few great spots in the Miami Area:

Little Havana:

This neighborhood has a unique kind of feel, partly due to the settlement of the Calle Ocho strip by Cuban immigrants who wanted their cut of the American Dream. Little Havana is filled with culture, as well as great restaurants, including some of the best cocktail bars in Miami.

Miami Beach:

Enjoy the proximity of the sea in an area with the most excellent Art Deco vibe. The streets are filled with nice restaurants with unique and sweet menus, including nice Spanish colonial architecture. If you decide to make Miami Beach your next home, you’ll be living in one of the highly in-demand destinations in the United States.

South Beach:

This neighborhood is a great place to settle if you are a party-rocker, but this neighborhood has more to offer than that. The white sand here is soft for you to lounge on, and go around many nature parks in this walk-and bike-friendly area. Also, it is beautiful.

Miami Design District:

Known as one of the trendiest Zip codes in Miami, you will have the latest in urban latest around you, which could imply art galleries, future design, fashion designers, or dining out in luxurious and classy spots. Miami Design District offers a mix of family-friendly living with enough choices for adults.

Coral Gables:

If you find a land of whimsy bounded by trees and flowers appealing, then Coral Gables, also known as the City Beautiful is the ideal Miami neighborhood for you. Coral Gables is where the Miracle Mile is located, with some of the most beautiful restaurants, shops, and bars in the United States are located, including great old Spanish architecture.


This neighborhood is ranked 2nd in the list of best family-friendly Miami suburbs, and it may be your dream community if you like to mix with young professionals. Public schools in Pinecrest are highly ranked and you will get a suburban feel in the neighborhood as well as easy access to all the greater benefits Miami has to offer.

Palmetto Bay:

This is a multicultural suburb and is also ranked high for family-friendliness, with excellent schools and parks to make everyone feel great. In fact, it is referred to as “Village of Parks” with shopping, golfing, and more within your reach. The village is an affordable choice when compared to other neighborhoods in Miami, even with luxury.

4 Thing You Need To Know When You Looking For Moving Companies in Miami

4 Thing You Need To Know When You Looking For Moving Companies in Miami

The best things don’t usually come easy in life; there has to be an amount of hard work and dedication in other to achieve a level of comfort, this comfort, however, can be provided by companies who are well experienced.

Sometimes, moving might seem like so much of a hassle, and you might be clueless as to where to start from or what to do. With this in mind, you would probably need help from people beyond yourself or immediate family, that’s where the moving company walks in.

If you are still in doubt of whether or not it’s time for you to move because it is seeming like a very daunting process, you will need to take a big bold step and act sensibly in making sure you don’t act stupid.

We have heard many regretful stories from people who made the wrong choices in picking random movers, a few guys with their truck and all. We have gathered some useful information you might want to use when looking for moving companies in Miami.

1. Licensed Movers

The first thing you should look out for is to check if the movers are accredited and licensed. It is not a nice idea to jump on anybody you see with a few workers, a truck and some equipment.

Find out more details about the company you mean to use, make sure they are licensed. Once you are sure they are authorized, you get a better feeling of safety and a little more guarantee that your job is left with professionals to handle.

2. Experience

Many people like to find out the level of experience a company has in order to work with them. You might also want to use this yardstick for yourself too, but you need to know that there are two forms of experience; the experience of the company itself and the experience of the staffs.

Most companies can brag of the former without having the latter, some have just the latter but some have both of them. Whatever the case might be, you need to look into the company’s profile to work with them.

3. Feedback from Previous Customers

This usually works for a lot of people; you need to gather a lot of background knowledge about the company you intend to use. Moving is a serious business; you also need to attach the same level of seriousness in choosing the right company.

There are tons and tons of companies online that claim to be very good at what they do, but are the feedbacks from previous customers saying the same? Thanks to the internet, there are a lot of review sites where people post a lot of honest reviews about a particular business, you can run a search through these sites to know if others were satisfied with their services.


For moving companies particularly in Miami, FL, the companies make it easy for anyone to get an instant moving quote once they have been properly evaluated. No hidden charges or extra costs not stated initially in the bargain should be tolerated.

How Do I Commute In Miami?

Those that often get around in Miami have many options for public transportation. Most of them will be able to commute with the Metrobus, which serves about 100 routes through the city area and beyond. Other public transport options are the Metrorail and free Metromover in the downtown neighborhood.

The basic fare for the bus and rail lines is about $2.25 for a 1-way service with fees for specific transfers.

Frequent commuters can also purchase a monthly pass for $112.50. Discounts are provided for students and Medicare recipients. If you plan to live more in the city, you possibly won’t need a personal car.

However, if you will be living in the suburbs and commute frequently, you need a car, as public transportation is focused mostly within the city. If you reside inside the city get ready for an average 35 minutes commute time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Miami Movers

What income do you need to live comfortably in Miami?

A monthly income of $3,500 enables you to cover your basic expenses and cover any extra costs as they come, including auto repairs, toiletries, and health insurance co-payments. This implies that an annual income of about $42,000 will be required to live a comfortable life in an average 1-bedroom rental.

Which is cheaper between Miami and New York?

Miami is highly attractive for many things, and its tendency to be much cheaper than New York City is. The cost of living in Miami is 22% less than the New York City, with rent at 42% lower than New York City. Miami becomes attractive for tax deductions due to changes in tax laws in recent years.

Can one reside in Miami without speaking Spanish?

No. It depends on the Miami town you are talking about. Coral Gables, Miami Beach and Coconut Grove and so on may require Spanish but not compulsory. There are even English speakers who are fortunate enough to be bilingual to help you in Little Havana.

Which is safer between Miami and New York City?

Just looking through the numbers, crime is higher in Miami than New York City but a bit lower on the rank than Los in Angeles. Miami’s population is smaller than both NYC and Los Angeles so the total number of crimes is lower, but the population is adjustable to make a perfect comparison.

Is a car necessary to live in Miami?

There is no need for a car, if you plan to stay in a resort for your entire vacation, are traveling to the Port of Miami directly for a cruise, or are here for short period focused on one part of the city, like South Beach, where you have everything in proximity and parking is too expensive.


Miami is an excellent place to move to, you will be at the winning end if you move there because of the plethora of benefits available to you. Most people find the process of moving very daunting, and as such are always reluctant in moving but with the information we have provided, we hope you will be geared up from the first process of making a call to the final process of safely moving all your property. So what are you waiting for? Let the moving begin!

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