Key Things to know Before Moving To California

Summary: California is one of the biggest states of the country, as regards numerous opportunities, population and land size to call home. We looked into what make the state a target for many Americans and these are our findings.
Key Things to know Before Moving To California

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Want a new location with lots of sunshine, convenient access to the ocean, and great food? Moving to California might be the answer to this. California is popular as the land of moving stars, surfing, and sunshine.

You will want to know more if you are moving to California. Widely known for its relaxed stereotypes, golden coastline, Hollywood, and tech giants. You can be sure that everyone will find what they want here, whether you are moving alone or with your family to California.

If you are getting set for a move to California, see the important things to know below. You will find out some great cities to consider when you are moving to California. 

How can describe Living in California?

We interacted with a Californian about what living there is like, and they possibly mentioned three things: the food, the weather, and the calm, easy-going culture. By putting together this list of the things to know before you move to California, you will be able to stay ahead of the process by help from our team to make your California move as convenient as possible.

1. California is Large and Wide

Filled with cliff-lined beaches, dense redwood forest, hot deserts, and amazing mountain ranges, as well as miles of farmland, California, offers natural beauty and wonder. It got ranked as the 3rd largest state in the country as regards land area. Even though it is not as big as the likes of Texas and Alaska, California constitutes 4.31% of the country. California has the same size as the whole of Germany and is 1.7 times more than the size of the United Kingdom.

2. Cost of Living is based on your Location

California is not famous for its affordable lifestyle. However, one can find a reasonable cost of living based on your location. The total cost of living in the state of California is 149.9, which is above the country’s average of 100.

Taking Los Angeles as an example, PayScale reported the cost of living in California as 43% higher while housing takes a huge 127% more than the country’s average.

Below is a look into the cost of things when relocating to California as given by PayScale:

  • Energy bill: $180.74
  • Loaf of bread: $3.73
  • Doctor’s visit: $121.67
  • $3.42 for a gallon of gas

3. Numerous Economic Opportunities

You might have heard that the economy in California is the largest in the United States. But are you aware that the state is also the 5th largest economy in the whole world, leading countries like the United Kingdom, India, and Russia? Lots of people relocate to California for a certain job. But even if you are coming without a specific job in mind, you can start your life; whether you are a coder, an entrepreneur, an engineer, a writer, or you are into anything else.

The power of the economy in California is versatility. The Central Valley house a large agricultural industry, but the universal center of technological innovation is not also far from Silicon Valley. Hollywood is the hub of entertainment production, but Los Angeles also contains a thriving service industry.

4. The Climate in California

Being one of the largest states in the country, the climate in California varies a lot based on your location – you could even be 1 or 2 hours away from beaches, forests, mountain ranges, lakes, or even deserts. In general, you could get any climate you want in California.

 The coastal locations in California have the most consistent weather and also have the most population, with 68% of the state’s residents residing in counties towards the ocean. In general, the atmosphere is warmer, sunnier, and drier on the South Coast than on the North Coast.

5. Housing can be Worrisome

California has been seeing a shortage of housing since 1970. The government’s land-use regulations have increased the cost of production and have lowered the availability of housing. California is ranked 49th of 50 states with available housing units per resident, the demand for housing is more than supply. This shortage in housing is evident in the crazily high housing costs.

Homes are priced 2.5 times more than the country’s average in California. As of April, the average price of homes in California was $813,890. Based on the location you pick as your next home; your high or low housing cost will be determined. For instance, the average home price in LA is $550,000, but the average price of a home in Santa Clara in Silicon Valley is $1.2m.

What Californian City should you pick as your Home?

The best Californian city to move to will be determined by your lifestyle preferences, budget, and career aspirations. These are some suggestions:

  • Moving to Ls Angeles: It is perfect if you are in the entertainment profession and want to dive into the world-class culture and amenities. You also have access to day trips to the beach or mountains to relieve the stress of the city on weekends.
  • San Francisco: It is ideal for those in the tech industry searching for careers at giants like Google. Rents are highly expensive here, but you will discover lots of deals because the city never stops it’s recovering from the pandemic.
  • San Diego: San Diego’s residents are a beachfront city living at a cheaper price tag lesser than LA and San Francisco. During weekends, you can make trips to the beach and downtown for entertainment.

How to plan your Californian Move

We hope that you find these facts about this large, great state helpful in deciding whether to relocate to California or not. If you wish to proceed, then let us assist you to commence the planning process. We’ll check the median moving costs, logistics involved, and the things to expect from the various relocation options.

1. Full-service movers:

Consider the use of full-service movers as you stay in a 5-star hotel where everything is done for you and it cost you a premium. Full-service out of state movers will load your goods into trucks, drive them to the new address, and unload everything for you. For an extra charge, they will also pack and unpack, and disassemble and reassemble furniture for you.

2. Moving containers:

PODS is an example of a moving container company and is similar to a cheap hotel. You might get services like packing and loading, but those services are available la carte so you can only go for what you need – which makes it highly affordable than staying at a luxury hotel. With PODS, your moving container will be dropped off at your doorstep.

You then fill it up (or get people to do the loading for you) at your speed. The container will then be picked up from there and either transported into storage or shipped to your new address, where you then empty it. It needs a bit of work than hiring full-service state to state movers, but it gives more flexibility and can save you lots of money.

3. Rental truck:

Rental trucks are best compared to camping than staying in a hotel. You will have to handle almost everything yourself, from putting your belongings into the moving truck to driving the large box truck. However, it may also be the cheapest of all the moving options when moving to California, although the costs might not be that lower than moving with containers to a long-distance destination.

FAQ about Moving to California

Does California see snow?

Yes, though surprising. Even with the famous golden beaches and sunny skies in California, the elevated areas of the state get lots of snow during the winter. And we are not only talking about powder-like snow – up to 38 feet of snow can be accumulated by the peaks of the Sierra Nevada.

Does moving to California cost more?

The cost of a long-distance move to California varies a lot, calculated by the distance and size of the move. You can prepare around $2,000 to over $10,000 to relocate several bedrooms from NYC to California.

Is living in California perfect?

No. Based on your preferences and budget, you may discover that living in a city with a higher cost of living is still worth it. Better employment opportunities, wider choices of public and private schools, or more convenient public transport systems are some of the reasons.

Living in Texas or California, which is better?

The cost of living in Texas is a lot affordable. Living in California costs 31.4% more than in Texas so a huge part of the population will find it difficult to save money in California. Residents of California have to pay an average of 28.1% more for groceries, 47.2% more for Childcare, and 33.1% more for transportation.


Filled with both pros and cons, California is generally an amazing place to live. Whether you are relocating for a job or to enjoy the benefits of its beautiful coastline and sunny weather, the advantages of moving to California seem to beat the negative sides. You can proceed by getting free moving quotes from reliable cross country movers who can transport your goods to your new home.  

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