The 7 Things To Know Before Hiring National Moving Companies

Summary: How to choose good national movers for your forthcoming move? To hire the best moving company, you need to dig further to get the right services you need. Find out things to know before hiring a national moving company for less-stressful move.
7 Things To Know Before Hiring National Moving Companies

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One can quickly feel overwhelmed when hiring movers, especially when it comes to national moving companies. Since there are many movers available in the moving industry, knowing where to begin to hire moving companies may be difficult.

We’ve reduced the complications associated with hiring movers due to our several moves and some bad moving experiences joined with the most good ones just by learning the things we need to know before we sign the moving agreement.

Moving is a tough task in most situations. The overwhelming feeling will stem from the need to adjust to a new environment when resuming on a new job.

The stressful move can be more complicated when faced with hidden moving charges, loss or broken items, and insufficient moving insurance. In this situation, focus on our suggestions on hiring moving companies – understand the important stuff when hiring a moving company for your next move with this guide.

1. Know the Type of Moving Company you need

You need to figure out the kind of move you want to make before you begin to search for the best moving company. Your type of relocation will determine the type of mover to hire.

This should be done by first getting to know the difference between a long-distance and local move together with finding out your moving distance as they will all screen the type of mover for your need.

2. Researching your Movers is more important

Your moving success is linked to the reputation of your hired moving company. There are reliable moving companies for sure, but they are not easy to come by unless you have designated some time and effort into digging the moving companies you’ve contacted.

Usually, it all involves doing your homework well before the move to prevent any possible headaches and problems. The following five steps should help you research the top-rated national movers: 

  • Make a comparison of the cost estimates received. Cast aside any moving quotes that offer unbelievable pricing. Remember to check the additional services added. 
  • Look for online reputation of the movers by scouting through customer reviews on reliable moving review websites. Look at how old customers rated the moving services of the companies you are researching. 
  • All long-distance movers must possess a license from the United States Department of Transportation. Interstate movers that are appropriately licensed do receive USDOT numbers to show their business is legitimate.
  • Most if not all reputable moving companies do have a membership with the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA), which is the national trade association for the professional relocation industry. Additionally, reliable moving companies are active members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 
  • Lastly, you may consider asking your friends for recommendations if they know of any quality mover around you.

3. Know more about Moving Company’s estimates and find out which one is best for you

Moving estimates can sometimes be misleading as some movers don’t offer a choice between the two. Request for estimates from your mover during your phone interview, and find out their services and if it will be the best option for you.

4. Know more about Mover’s Fees to prevent the rise in Moving Costs

Moving company’s estimates are almost twice their initial quoted price. You may be surprised that there are additional fees charged for some services that you may not see coming. So prepare for everything you could be charged for to avoid surprises.

5. There will usually be nice Money-Saving Tips when hiring a Moving Company

Now that we are clear with finding a good mover, now is the time to enjoy the proven cost-saving tips when hiring a moving company. Since moving home is a costly task, and you will need every cost-saving tip, you can get to lower your spending.

You will be able to choose the most affordable mover from your list after making the ball to ball comparison of the offers you received. Moving fraud can come from a mover that offers a way too low-cost estimate, so be careful. To be sure of what you need, develop a comprehensive home inventory. 

You should remember that the more items you pack to move, the more expensive and complicating your move will be in the end because of the increase in the costs of transportation. You can easily remove any unnecessary or useless items before you begin packing.

A great way to lower the cost of your move when hiring a mover is to pack items that you can easily protect by yourself. This usually includes books, clothes, bed linen, clothes, and small furniture items that are safe to pack. You really don’t have to pay for professional packers for things you can easily pack yourself.

6. Not all Moving Companies are out there to help you

You must know the things to expect when hiring national movers to avoid being surprised unpleasantly during one of the stressful events of your life. For this reason, you must know that there are rogue moving companies out there who are only there to scam people that are relocating like you.

If you carefully do the homework discussed above, then you should be free from being a victim of moving scams and be safe once you check the movers out with the DOT, the AMSA, and the Better Business Bureau.

7. Note and avoid Movers withRed Flags

Red flags give you a signal of possible problems. Just ignore a mover that offers you a moving price that is too low to be reasonable. This, according to Wood, may mean that the moving company is not licensed. You can also consider too many negative reviews on a particular company a red flag.

Yelp is one of the best sites to read different opinions on a moving company. Also read through previous complaints about movers you are planning to hire on the Better Business Bureau. If you feel uneasy about anything from a mover, be sure to get clarification on the issue or look for another mover.  

Also, you need to watch out for the following red flags: 

  • You are offered a too low estimate: This is a moving quote that is purposely lower than the average moving quotes in order to lure customers.
  • A mover refuses to come for in-home inspection: They have no reason to come as you and the company will both enjoy the accurate relocation estimate proceed after a visual survey of a customer’s home. 
  • Huge advance payment is requested: You are supposed to secure your moving date with a deposit during peak moving season but must not exceed 10 to 15 percent of the estimated moving price. You are asked to sign an empty or in complete agreement.
  • Make sure enough insurance is offered by your moving company: You will be devastated when you arrive at your destination home and discover that important belongings have been damaged and you don’t have enough insurance to cover the loss. Always request for clear explanation on insurance from your moving company as advised by Jessica Chapman, a spokeswoman working for 2 Men and a Truck in Akron, OH. Generally, the insurance provided by movers is minimal, but they also offer maximum replacement coverage for an extra fee. According to Justin Brasington of Moved, which is a service that links clients with professional movers, the additional coverage is a brilliant idea if you are transporting highly-valuable things.

Hiring a Moving Company or doing it yourself

Finding out in advance if the service of a moving professional is necessarily needed by your specific moving situation is one of the important things you need to figure out before you hire. Is paying movers to pack up and relocate your entire household stuff to your destination residence your better option or just to rent a moving truck and haul everything you own to your new address with help from many of your close friends? Judging financially, a self-move is a no brainer when moving long-distance to another part of the country. 

This is because the distance becomes way too important to underrate, and with the involvement of hundreds or thousands of miles, the risk involved also becomes too high. There is no point in spending more on the move only to endanger your household belongings while hauling the large rental moving truck through unfamiliar routes.

Note that you aren’t sure your friends and/or family will be willing to lend you a helping hand on the move. Comparatively, local move across the street, town, or to a nearby city or town is a moving case where you can actually get away safely with a DIY move. 

Familiarize yourself with the advantages of hiring professional state to state moving companies to have a safe, secure, smooth, affordable, and stress-free relocation.


National moving can be accompanied by so much stress. Schedule time and locate a reputable national moving company that will simplify everything for you all through the moving process. You may at first be concerned about having a total stranger take control of your household possessions, so you must figure out the reliability of a moving company before you hire. With the information you’ve learned through this article, you can sight and avoid rogue and dishonest moving companies and ensure you move run as smoothly as possible.

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