The 5 Key Things to Know Before Moving to Las Vegas

Important details to know before moving to Las Vegas includes the factors that influence moving cost, how early you have to hire movers, and what belongings movers can relocate.
The 5 Key Things to Know Before Moving to Las Vegas

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Moving to Las Vegas is an exciting prospect for most people, especially those who are admirers of the glamorous and exciting lifestyle. Choosing movers and completing a local or long-distance move is tough to navigate, though, especially for first time movers.

If you are not sure how to select the best long-distance movers, or you want to better understand what impacts the total cost of a relocation to Las Vegas, we have you covered.

Our guide goes into detail regarding the most significant details that you should be aware of when planning a move to Las Vegas, Nevada. We discuss factors that can raise the cost of your move, how early you must hire movers to secure a desirable slot, and what belongings you can and cannot include on the moving truck.

Are You Moving Locally or Long-Distance?

The first factor to assess is whether you are moving locally or long-distance to Las Vegas. Your relocation cost depends heavily on how far away you are from your new home or apartment.

If you are moving from another city in Nevada or a nearby state, you can expect to pay a lot less for your relocation. Even moves from some parts of California to Nevada are relatively inexpensive, provided you shop around for moving quotes.

Long-distance or cross country moves can get a lot more expensive, with the cost ranging from $1,500 to $4,500, depending on how far away you are currently located. Someone moving from Boston to Las Vegas can expect to pay near the upper end of the above-mentioned price range.

When Are You Planning to Move?

As you enter variables into the moving cost calculator to try and understand how much you will pay for a relocation to Las Vegas, consider the timing of your move. Are you planning to relocate in the summer, late spring, or early fall? Or can you push the move to the winter months?

Movers are a lot busier in and around the summer months. That is peak season, as people are off from college and many families relocate when their kids have finished with school for the year.

If you are moving in the peak season, then you must get in touch with movers as soon as possible. Many movers that facilitate relocations to Las Vegas may be booked for weeks in advance.

Is Your Priority Saving Money?

Everyone’s circumstances are different, especially when it comes to relocating. Perhaps you are a student moving to Las Vegas for your education, or you are starting your first job. In such circumstances, you may not want to overspend on a relocation if you can help it.

Other people may be in an entirely different circumstance; their mobility or capacity for heavy work may be limited and they need assistance, or time may be a constraint, or they may just want to pay to avoid as much hard work as possible.

Those who prioritize savings may want to complete some moving work themselves, such as packing and unpacking their belongings. If the movers only handle loading, unloading, and transportation, they will charge less for the relocation.

If convenience is a priority or a necessity, ask for a full-service move.

Is There Anything Unique About Your Upcoming Relocation?

The final factor that can influence moving quotes, which makes it worth your consideration, is whether there are any special circumstances involved in your relocation.

Do you have exceptionally heavy furniture or appliances, such as a large fridge, king-sized bed, or a pool table? Perhaps you are moving a lot of extremely valuable and delicate decoration pieces, and you want the movers to take extra precautions to protect these items while packing and in transit.

Be sure to inform the movers about any additional services or special requests before you receive a binding moving quote. If the movers have to do more than expected on the day of your relocation, they may charge you more money at the end of the move.

Have You Created a Moving Checklist?

The best way to stay on top of every task you must complete before moving to Las Vegas is to create a moving checklist. Include tasks such as hiring movers, donating or selling belongings, packing, closing out utility accounts, and forwarding your mail.

Relocating in any stage of life can be a hassle, as you are juggling multiple responsibilities simultaneously. Having easy access to a list of everything that must get done before you move ensures that nothing slips through the cracks.


When is it helpful to rent a storage unit during a relocation?

Storage units are valuable in situations where you are downsizing your home, such as moving to a smaller house or apartment. If you have belongings that no longer fit in your home, keeping them at a storage unit is an affordable way to avoid clutter in your living space. If you want to save even more money, you should consider downsizing your belongings.

How can I save money on transporting my car to Las Vegas?

If you live very far away from Vegas, you can request an open-top vehicle transport service from a company that specializes in car relocations. Open-top transport does expose your car to the elements, but is a lot more affordable than closed-top transport services. The latter ensures your car is not exposed to the elements, but will set you back financially.

Will the movers charge me more money if I have to change the moving slot at the last moment?

When you try to alter your moving date within a few days of your relocation, you are risking the entire move falling through. Movers are usually booked throughout the day, several weeks in advance. Unless you are moving in the middle of winter, you should not risk switching your moving time. Have a friend or family member supervise the move if you cannot be there.

Am I protected in case my belongings are lost or damaged in transit?

The level of protection for your belongings depends on the insurance coverage offered by your movers. Ask the company about its standard offering, and how much compensation you would receive for each missing item. If you are transporting valuable belongings, you should consider purchasing additional moving insurance.

I live on the fifth floor of an apartment building with no elevator access. Will that be a problem for the movers?

Inform the movers about the floor of your apartment and the lack of elevator access before you finalize your moving contract. The number of stairs impacts the moving quote, as they may have to hire more people for your relocation, and possibly rent additional equipment to transport heavy appliances and furniture.

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