Moving to Phoenix: Complete Moving Guide 2024

Phoenix is a city that offers so much. It's a picture-perfect place with a growing job market, low living costs, and plenty of family-friendly activities.
Moving to Phoenix

Is Phoenix, Arizona, a great place to live? You’ll love the city if sunny year-round weather, various outdoor activities, and affordable living costs appeal to you.

Buckle up and get ready – we’re taking you on a journey of exploring the Valley of the Sun.

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Phoenix: An Overview

The city of Phoenix is the capital of Arizona. It’s also the largest city in the state – more than 1.6 million people call it home. The number of residents keeps increasing. Around 50,000 people move to this vibrant city each year.

Phoenix is well-known for almost non-existent rain, year-round sun, enjoyable weather, luxurious resorts, golf courses, and great architecture.

Phoenix is not just a popular retirement location. The city has much to offer thanks to its flourishing local economy and growing job market. Moving to Phoenix and settling there sounds interesting, right?

Why Move to Phoenix?

Moving long distance and relocating to Phoenix is a fantastic idea.

Here’s what draws people to move to Arizona’s capital:

  • Warm weather – Phoenix is your destination if you want to escape rain, snow, and cold temperatures. It has around 300 sunny days per year. Don’t fear summer heat waves and 100-degree temperatures – it’s a dry heat.
  • Fantastic job opportunities – The job market in Phoenix keeps growing. It’s a great destination if you’re considering launching a startup and becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Great selection of outdoor activities – Phoenix is close to lakes and mountains, with year-round sun. Outdoor adventures such as golf, hiking, and biking will delight you.
  • Low living costs – Comparing the living costs of Arizona’s capital to other cities in the US leads to the conclusion that Phoenix is more affordable. It has relatively low living costs.
  • Vibrant sports scene – The city is an excellent location whether you want to play sports or just watch. It has its representatives in all major sports leagues – MLB (Diamondbacks), NHL (Coyotes), NFL (Cardinals), and NBA (Suns).
  • Delicious cuisine – A diverse culinary scene with easy access to top-notch eateries and restaurants is a dream come true for every foodie.
  • Thriving culture scene – The city boasts museums, art galleries, theaters, and design boutiques.

How Much Does It Cost to Move to Phoenix?

Hiring cross country movers is the best option for an undertaking as complex as a long distance move.

To calculate your moving cost, you must consider different factors, from distance to add-on services and moving supplies.

Thus, moving costs vary significantly and range from $2,000 to over $15,000.

Distance1 Bedroom2 – 3 Bedroom4 – 5 Bedroom
100 miles$2,000 – $4,000$2,000 – $4,500$4,000 – $8,000
250 miles$2,500 – $5,000$4,000 – $8,000$6,000 – $12,000
1,000 miles+$3,000 – $7,000$6,000 – $12,000$10,000 – $14,000
2,500 miles+$3,500 – $8,000$8,000 – $13,500$15,000+

Our Most Recommended Long-Distance Movers to Phoenix

Getting multiple moving quotes will help you choose the best long-distance movers. Don’t rush into decision-making. Selecting the right company will set the tone for your move.

With the appropriate company, everything will be handled smoothly and tension-free. Here are our top three choices of movers to Phoenix:

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Pros of Moving to Phoenix

1. Easy access to nature

When you live in a big city, you usually have to make an effort and travel for several hours to spend some time in nature. Living in Phoenix is a different story.

Canyons and mountains surround the city. Escaping from a busy life doesn’t require hours of driving. The city is a dream for outdoor enthusiasts.

2. Strong local economy

The economy in Arizona’s capital is strong. There’s an abundance of jobs in different sectors, from health care to finance and technology.

3. Getting around town is easy

Being new in any place is challenging, especially in a big city. However, Phoenix makes it easier than other cities.

Getting a car will allow you to explore every corner with ease. The straightforward grid layout of the city is intuitive, so you won’t need GPS.

4. Easy Parking

Finding a parking spot in a big city can take hours. Not in Phoenix! The Phoenix metro area is a dream location for every car owner. The downtown area has around 25,000 parking spaces.

In addition, there are many parking garages. Metered parking is affordable. Most rentals and homes come with a garage or a parking space.

Cons of Moving to Phoenix

1. Dust storms

During the summer months, residents have to deal with dust storms daily. A dust storm is not a particularly enjoyable occurrence.

2. Limited public transport

Public transport in the city is limited. Improvements in the transportation network are necessary. Driving a car remains the best option for exploring the city and getting from point A to point B.

3. No easy getaways

A weekend getaway after a busy week sounds refreshing. Nevertheless, when living in Phoenix, you’re sort of isolated. Cities like Vegas and San Diego are 6-hours away.

4. Wildlife can be pretty dangerous

Living in a desert means encounters with wildlife. While that can be super interesting at times, it can also be dangerous.



What’s the Cost of Living in Phoenix?

Living in Phoenix will cost you less than living in many other places in Arizona or the United States. Living costs are relatively low.

Regarding housing, it all depends on whether you want to rent or purchase a home. Also, the price varies and depends on the location.

For example, the average price for renting a one-bedroom apartment outside the city center is $1,200. On average, renting an apartment the same size in the center will cost you $1,500. Home buyers can get a single-family home for around $300,000.

Cooling, electricity, garbage, and other utilities are affordable. So are the groceries. Exploring the city’s culinary, arts, and culture scenes won’t empty your pockets. There are many affordable eateries and restaurants.

Ticket prices for various events usually cost between $10 and $100. Those who want to stay healthy and active may consider getting a gym membership. It costs somewhere from $10 to $50.

What Are the Best Neighborhoods to Live in Phoenix?

Phoenix residents are lucky as they have many options when choosing which place to call home. Neighborhoods are enchanting and diverse. Some of the top options are:

1. Central Phoenix

CenPho, as many call it, is among the most popular neighborhoods in the city. Restaurants, shops, and boutiques are all around. Central Phoenix residential areas are home to many career-focused couples, families, and retirees.

2. Downtown Phoenix

Are you searching for a vivid neighborhood with vibrant nightlife? Or an area that offers entertainment and shops? If yes, look no further – Downtown Phoenix is the ideal place. This city’s region gives its future residents plenty of choices of where to settle.

3. Ahwatukee Foothills

Ahwatukee Foothills is a perfect choice if living in a suburban area sounds appealing. The neighborhood offers beautiful sunsets and a serene desert setting. Thus, many find it an extremely desirable location. The village of Ahwatukee keeps expanding, and that trend will continue.

4. Arcadia

Few neighborhoods deliver a blend in the way Arcadia does. It has it all – excellent location, charming architecture, great schools, and many places for high-end shopping. This historic district, with leafy streets and unique energy, is among the most popular ones in Phoenix.

5. Desert Ridge

Desert Ridge is an urban neighborhood with modern homes. The lively area in the Hearth of North Phoenix offers various housing options, from apartments to townhouses. Desert Ridge has it all – world-class retailers, gourmet eateries, art galleries, and museums.

How Is the Job Market in Phoenix?

For newcomers, Phoenix is not only about warm weather and beautiful sunsets. It’s about the current labor market situation. Fortunately, the economy strengthens daily in the Valley of the Sun, and the job market is growing.

When moving, especially when changing cities or states, finding a job is the no.1 thing. The job market in Arizona’s capital is diverse. There are many job opportunities in Phoenix. With a vibrant employment landscape, every newcomer can find something rewarding.

Due to the support and resources from the city, owners of startup companies and small businesses find Phoenix to be very attractive. Phoenix’s dynamic job market makes relocating an attractive option for many.

What Is Phoenix Most Known For?

Phoenix is a city that offers diverse experiences. Here’s what Arizona’s capital is most known for:

1. Desert Botanical Garden

When in Phoenix, the Desert Botanical Garden is a must-see. Desert Botanical Garden is a true treat for all nature lovers. It also hosts many events every year. Some of the most famous ones are Devour Culinary Classic and Dog Days.

2. Golf courses

If you love golf, you’ll love Phoenix. It’s home to more than 200 courses. The most famous courses are Papago Golf Course, Lookout Mountain Golf Course, and Arizona Biltmore Golf Club.

3. Exotic Wildlife

When living in Phoenix, you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking nature and exotic wildlife. You’ll spot reptiles, raccoons, deer, skunks, coyotes, and more. But be careful – the wildlife can be pretty dangerous as well.

4. Delicious dishes

If you love trying new dishes, Phoenix is about to impress you once again. The town has many iconic dishes, super rich in flavor. Some of the famous ones are the Sonoran hot dog and chimichanga.

5. A rich history and astonishing architecture

Phoenix was thriving during the Wild West era. It was a place many outlaws and cowboys called home. Before Europeans arrived, several Native American tribes settled in the area, including Tohono O’odham and Akimel O’odham.

Another thing Phoenix is known for is Spanish Colonial history. It’s visible through the remains of Spanish-style architecture. The Orpheum Theater serves as a great example.

What Are the Best Schools & Universities in Phoenix?

Phoenix has many educational institutions, including public and private schools and universities.

What are the best ones? Let’s find out.

Best public high schools:

  • University High School
  • Hamilton High School
  • Chaparral High School
  • Corona del Sol High School

Best private high schools:

  • Xavier College Preparatory
  • Phoenix Country Day School
  • Brophy College Preparatory

Best universities:

  • Arizona State University
  • Grand Canyon University
  • University of Arizona College of Medicine
  • Arizona Christian University
  • Thunderbird School of Global Management

The best educational institutions in Phoenix offer different sets of programs to students at various levels. They also showcase the city’s devotion to providing excellent education.

Phoenix: A Great Place for New Beginnings

Life is full of surprises; sometimes, nothing beats starting over. Moving can be stressful, but all the pressure disappears if you prepare a moving checklist and focus on the finish line.

Phoenix is full of adventures, unique places, and welcoming people. It has a rich history, beautiful nature, and scenic views. Let’s not forget low living costs and the job market that’s all about possibilities.

The conclusion is obvious – Arizona’s capital is an excellent place for new beginnings.

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