Moving to Phoenix: Complete Moving Guide 2023

Summary: Learn about the importance of hiring reputable movers, how to keep moving expenses in check, and the best ways to downsize your belongings ahead of a relocation to Phoenix.
Moving to Phoenix

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A part of the United States that has seen significant population growth over the past five to ten years, Phoenix, AZ is a wonderful place to call home. Between the pleasant climate and unique culture and landscape, you will quickly grow to love life in this part of the country.

If you are relocating from another area of the U.S., you may be wondering about the expenses associated with hiring state-to-state movers. Unless your company is paying your moving costs, you will want to ensure your move happens comfortably and within budget.

Below is a comprehensive guide put together by our experts, which lays out the factors that influence moving costs, how to hire top-rated movers, and ways to stay on top of the many tasks that you must handle during a relocation.

Safely Relocating to Phoenix

Relocations can be stressful, time-consuming, and extremely costly if you are not careful. Hiring unreliable movers could result in your items being lost or damaged in transit, which is why you should not rush into any hiring decision.

The best way to hire cross-country movers is to use a secure platform where you can communicate with the best-rated moving companies in your area. Then you can determine which company is offering the services you require and has a free moving slot on the date you want to relocate.

Hiring movers with a stellar reputation is absolutely crucial. When you have reputable movers assisting you with a relocation, you have so much more time on your hands to deal with other moving-related tasks.

Picking a Phoenix Neighborhood

Aside from hiring long-distance moving companies, you must also finalize your contract on an apartment or home in Phoenix. Deciding where in the city to live is a crucial choice, as picking the wrong neighborhood may drastically alter your perception of the city.

The Phoenix Metropolitan Area is a solid option, as it is the financial and government center of the city. There are plenty of high-rises in midtown, while you can find small houses on the edge of the downtown area as well.

Another option is to find a place in the Biltmore District, which is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Phoenix. Even though home and apartment prices are higher, they are worth the money for many families, considering the upscale look and feel of everything in the area.

A final option is Arcadia, which is a more laid-back, ranch-style neighborhood. If you are happier in a quieter suburb that feels down to earth, then you may love living in Arcadia.

What To Do Before You Depart?

Moving becomes a lot easier if you can stay on top of every task you must complete before departing your current home. Create a checklist of every job you must tackle, along with a rough date of when each item must be completed.

For instance, you must forward your mail, close or transfer utility accounts, inform your children’s schools of their departure, terminate your lease or sell your current residence, and decide what you will do about any belongings that cannot go on a moving truck to Phoenix.

Try to take care of as many of these tasks in the weeks before your moving date as possible. If you leave everything for the last few days, you may be dashing around the city trying to get everything done, instead of enjoying your last few days before departing.

Completing everything early will allow you to savor your last week at your current residence, along with giving you time to say goodbye to close friends, co-workers, and family in the area.

Making Yourself At Home in Phoenix

As you settle into your new life in Phoenix, you may be wondering how to better acclimate to living in the area. One of the best ways is to explore the natural beauty of the city and its surroundings.

There are countless great places to visit in Phoenix, such as the Desert Botanical Garden and Camelback Mountain. You can discover many unique species of trees you would never have seen before, not to mention the great hiking trials you can explore. Camelback Mountain has outstanding views, both on the hike up and the journey down.

Phoenix is home to many interesting museums that would appeal to the whole family. Between the Musical Instrument Museum, Phoenix Art Museum, Heard Museum, and Arizona Science Center, there is so much to explore and learn.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I am choosing a mover, should I care more about the cost or the reputation of the company?

The most important factor when choosing a moving company is the reputation they have gained over the past few years. Even if you receive quotes from other movers that have slightly lower prices, going with the company that has a stellar reputation is the safest choice.

Companies that have mixed reviews may cause you more headaches during the move, which can negate the benefits of a lower cost.

Is it necessary to purchase additional insurance from the movers?

If you have any valuable belongings that you are worried may suffer damage during the journey, you should purchase extra insurance coverage.

For instance, the regular insurance you receive from the movers would not compensate you with enough money to replace a damaged television or computer monitor.

Will the movers give me an exact delivery date?

Whether you receive a precise delivery date depends on the distances involved in your relocation. If you are moving to Phoenix from a nearby state, you will receive a specific date and time for the arrival of your belongings. Those who are relocating from the East Coast, for example, may only be told a window of two or three days when your items may arrive.

Can I ask the movers to include plants in the moving truck for my relocation?

No, plants and other such items are not permitted on moving trucks. If you are moving to Phoenix from a distance that is too far away to drive to your new home, then you may have to arrange alternate transportation for your plants. In most instances, selling your existing plants and buying new ones in Phoenix may be the best option.

Is it necessary for me to supervise the movers when they come to pack up and load my belongings onto the moving truck?

Yes, moving companies will require that someone be present to let them into the house or apartment, and to supervise the move until they depart. While you can always ask a family member or friend to take on the task, you may want to be there yourself to ensure the movers are packing and loading everything carefully.

Final Thoughts

As you prepare for your new life in Phoenix, you may be anxious about the ordeal of relocating. No one enjoys moving, especially when there are great distances involved. You may be concerned about your belongings reaching your new home in one piece.

By hiring reputable movers who offer competitive rates, booking a moving slot ahead of time, and ensuring you are present on the day the movers arrive to pack and load, there is a good chance that everything will go smoothly.

When you have trustworthy relocation specialists on your side during a move, you can focus on saying goodbye to your present city and making Phoenix feel like home in no time.

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