The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for a Move to Alaska

Summary: What comes to your mind when you think of Alaska? Maybe you think of a herd of moose, salmon fishing, or even the Northern Lights. Or probably you think of home. If you consider moving to Alaska, you may be wondering if is worth it. To determine this, you need to find out about the city. We have them all here!
10 Things To Know Before Moving To Alaska

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People have been dreaming of escaping the stress and bustle of their lives for a more relaxed and adventurous life. And Alaska is often one of the first places that come to mind. The State of Alaska is among the most wildly famous tourist destinations in the universe. This amazingly beautiful state is indeed for the strong.

With its cold temperatures, vast tundras, snowy mountains, and dense forests, the terrain of Alaska tends to draw tough, adventure-seeking immigrants.

We will discuss 10 things to know about relocating to Alaska in this article. Some are a bit cheeky, some are practical, but we hope these will shed more light for those that plan to pack up and move several thousands of miles north to Alaska.  

1. Life is an Adventure in Alaska

Life might be cold in Alaska, but know that it is never boring. With Alaska’s magnificent natural beauty, unlimited recreational opportunities, and plentiful wildlife, you can watch out for numerous adventures in the country’s last frontier.

Adventures may include dog sledding with huskies, catching the Northern Lights, whale watching in Juneau, hiking through Denali National Park, exploring the ice caves, whitewater rafting through the many rivers in the state, touring glaciers, cruising the water by boat, or cruising the Seward Highway. There are unlimited outdoor activities in Alaska, so ensure you take advantage of these chances to the fullest.

2. It’s Expensive

Food and groceries are costly in Alaska than in New York City or California. Healthcare is one of the highly expensive in the United States. Also expensive are gas, utilities, and things you likely don’t expect, such as the internet and others are also expensive.

Below are some examples:

  • We pay $150 per month as our internet bill, and we are not even on the best plan.
  • Eating out will cost a single person between $15 and $20 (or more). Appetizers cost around $13 to $22.
  • We often spend more than $1,000 every month on our groceries (2 adults and one younger child).
  • The median price of a home is $345,231
  • To rent in Anchorage, the average price is around $1,100 and more than $1,200 for Fairbanks. I discovered that if you would like a good rental in a much safer area, you should be expecting roughly $1,700 monthly.
  • A nice beer costs between $6 and $11.

While normally the salaries are on the higher side here, a family of four living on one average income can find it too expensive quickly. Some of the things that reduce the cost of living include no sales tax for most parts of the state as well as no income tax.

3. You are paid to live here

Once you’ve clocked a whole year living in Alaska – and planned to stay permanently – you will automatically qualify for the yearly Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD). Even though it changes year by year, $1,600 was paid in 2018 for PFD. The fund was initially created to prepare a particular part of oil revenues for the use of current and coming generations of Alaskans. PFD day is a great day in the state of Alaska. Even though lots of Alaskans say that they spend most of it immediately, maybe you will be one of the very few residents who save their PFD for a rainy day. The only way to figure that out is to relocate to Alaska. 

4. Non-Stop Sunshine in the Summer

Residents of Alaska enjoy the great summer. Together with its perfect temperatures (600 to 800 F in the daytime), summers in Alas amonlyly Mondays of sunshine. Alaska’s sky, as reported on, is light almost all night long starting from the end of May to the end of July, and it is light after 10om for any side of that month. The longest day of the year in Alaska is June 21 with Anchorage seeing almost 19 hours of daylight.

5. You will always enjoy the Beauty of Alaska

Truly, Alaska can attract you with its beauty. Lots of people have been carried away with thoughts of relocating to the 49th state after visiting its terrain. With the great seasons, there are also quick changes to the landscape all through the year.

6. A Location for Foodies

You sure can enjoy the best reindeer sausage as well as clam chowder in the universe. You can also enjoy some of the most amazing Indian food, authentic bbq, yummy sweet potato served with spicy aioli, or a nice steak. If you visit the Anchorage area, there are many great food choices. And there are also lots all across the state. Since there is cultural diversity in Alaska, there are lots of amazing options here.

7. One of the Best State Fairs in the U.S. (The Alaska State Fair)

If you are living in Alaska, you will get to see the world-famous Alaska State Fair. The late-summer annual event that was Held in palmer, Alaska, started in 1936. According to, it is described as the “last hurrah” for residents of Alaska before the end of summer. The fair features carnival rides, nightly concerts, games, and many unique foods in Alaska. The State Fair lasts for almost two weeks and is the largest yearly event in Alaska.

8. The Whole Adventures Happen in the Bush

Just pack your bags and head straight to the bush when you are down for an adventure. Most of the native population of Alaska lives in this remote area, and it is the perfect place you imagine when you read Call of the Wild. To access most parts of it, you will however have to charter a small plane.

9. The Freshest Fish is found in Alaska

Lack of fish will never be a problem as long as you live in Alaska. It is the main export, and many people here had to necessarily learn how to fish. You can easily catch your food instead of spending money to buy it. This is great since the salmon here is some of the best you can get anywhere.

10. It Costs more to move here

Moving to Alaska is a bit costly and a daunting task. If there is no company to haul your belongings here, you should consider selling everything or choose to move your items up here. You have the option of shipping your belongings via a barge from Seattle or transporting it up via Canada.

If you pay a company to relocate your goods, you will discover that the costs are expensive to haul it to the last frontier. If you go for a U-Haul, plan to spend a minimum of $4,000 to $6,000 for a four-day journey and a 20+ft U-Haul. Include the time for breakdowns and flat tires.

But with our best out of state moving companies, you can move to Alaska without breaking your pocket. We have affordable movers that are ready to offer much-needed smooth moving experience.

FAQ about Moving to Alaska

Can I freely move to Alaska?

Are you paid to live in Alaska? While it is a popular misconception that you can move to Alaska for free, you can be paid to live in Alaska. The state of Alaska’s oil money is taken by the Alaska Permanent Fund and shares s yearly portion with all long-term residents (kids and children inclusive). 

What is Alaska’s minimum wage?

Alaska is among the 29 states that have a minimum wage of more than the federal minimum wage of $7.25. Alaska’s minimum wage was $10.19 all through the year 2020 and increased to $10.34 on the 1st of January, 2021.

Is Alaska costly to live in?

Alaska is among the costliest states to live in. The majority of its cities and towns often have an expensive cost of living that is more than the country’s average. And yet, with its great scenery and outdoor recreations, moving to Alaska is still the dream for many.

Is it fun to live in Alaska?

The whole of the state of Alaska has a highly relaxed vibe to it, so if you enjoy a laid-back flow, then you can choose Alaska as your best place to live. However, if you enjoy the bustling life of New York, you might get what you hope for in Anchorage. During the summer solstice, Anchorage experiences sunlight for 19.5 hours per day.


I hope you find this helpful in your decision to relocate to Alaska. It is a different place and there are lots of immigrants that have lived in Alaska for years. Considering making Alaska your new home? For assistance finding and reserving the best movers, check the comprehensive network of reliable and friendly long-distance moving companies on Pricing Van Lines.

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