Where to Buy Moving Boxes for National Move?

Where to Buy Moving Boxes for National Move?
Summary: If you need good moving boxes, this information will help you find places to buy them. It will also tell you what to look for to better organize your belongings.

If you need sturdy boxes for moving, there are many places you can buy them. Along with department stores like Wal-Mart, you can buy moving boxes at moving companies such as U-Haul, large home improvement stores such as Home Depot or from the company moving your possessions.

Most nationwide movers sell boxes and packing supplies to customers who are packing for themselves. But there are other places to buy boxes that might save some money.

Where Can You Purchase Boxes?

Most movers provide moving boxes, and that’s the easiest route to take when you’re packing on your own. And your movers can also help estimate the quantity and types of boxes and supplies you’ll need. Oftentimes, though, purchasing your own boxes can save you dollars.

Moving boxes and supplies are available from a variety of stores including big retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, Staples/Office Depot and Lowe’s or Home Depot. Stores in this category are usually easily accessible and the prices will generally be less than what a moving company will charge.

DIY moving companies typically used for truck rentals, like U-Haul, generally have lower cost packing supplies available to buy. Like full-service movers, these sorts of places offer specialty packing boxes such as extra-strong boxes for books and sturdy boxes with slots and special protective sleeves for packing china.

When you’re looking for a moving company to take you to your new home, tell them you are packing and ask about the prices they charge for boxes. Compare their prices and types of boxes they offer to other options you’ve identified to make a decision. Don’t forget to inform your movers if you decide to buy your own. That will affect the moving quotes you receive.

Finding Free Boxes

We all know that boxes are free for the taking at most retail stores, but finding strong boxes that are the right size can be problematic. For free boxes designed specifically for moving, try your local U-Haul store’s “Take a Box, Leave a Box” section.

In each U-Haul store, you will find gently used boxes that customers donate back when they’ve finished moving. These boxes are available for free, and after you unpack at your new home, drop the good used ones off at a local U-Haul location.

Another good option is to check Craigslist in your area. People frequently post ads to get rid of their moving boxes for free.

What is a Moving Kit?

When you’re buying boxes, you should consider getting a moving kit. Moving kits contain all the boxes you need to pack an apartment, condo, or house, and the necessary supplies. You can order kits based on the size of your home. For example, if you have a two-bedroom house, look for kits for two-bedroom homes.

The supplies in moving kits may include:

  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Tape Dispenser
  • A marker

Corrugated vs Cardboard Boxes

Although most people use the terms corrugated and cardboard boxes to mean the same thing, those in the box industry know they are different. Cardboard boxes come in a variety of pulp paper. For instance, cardboard shoeboxes have stiffer paper so that they stay upright. Thinner cardboard or chipboard is for cereal boxes and other packaging needs.

Corrugated cardboard has two pieces in it made from kraft paper. There is a liner flat board and fluted board. The combination of the two makes corrugated boxes sturdier than standard cardboard boxes.

Corrugated boxes also have multiple layers known as walls to increase their strength. You can buy these boxes with one, two or three walls. You will need strong boxes like corrugated boxes to hold books and canned or jarred foods.

How to Tell the Weight a Box Holds?

If you buy cardboard boxes to carry some of your possessions, make sure those items are light. Despite their sizes and stiffness, cardboard boxes do not hold heavy loads. However, they can contain bedding, towels, and other light things.

For boxes to carry heavy items, such as books or canned foods, you should buy corrugated boxes. The manufacturer of the boxes usually puts how many walls each box has on a stamp inside the box. Since the size of corrugated boxes can vary, the weight they carry will also vary.

Anyone can calculate the weight a corrugated box can hold using the Edge Crust Test or ECT rating. If you turn over a moving box, a stamp with the manufacturer’s certificate and the ECT rating will be on it. The ECT measures the compressed strength of a corrugated board, which relates to how many pounds the box can hold.

For example, a corrugated board with an ECT rating of 32 can safely hold about 30 lbs., while an ECT rating of 55 will hold about 65 lbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can people buy boxes directly from manufacturers?

Most box manufacturers have factory outlets on-site or nearby their factories. If your town has a box manufacturing company, check with them to ask if they sell boxes directly to the public because they could help you save money.

Is it okay to use used boxes to pack belongings?

Many people go to the grocery or retail stores to get the boxes the stores’ products come in for moving. If you’re moving across town, this can save some money, but you need to be picky about the boxes you get.

Don’t choose ones that were wet or made from lightweight cardboard. If you’re moving across the country, buy new boxes to ensure your things get to your destination safely.

How much should you pay for moving boxes?

For cardboard moving boxes, you will spend approximately $1 to $4.75 for small to extra-large boxes. Corrugated boxes are only a few cents more per box than cardboard.

You can expect to pay: $1.99 to $4.99 per box depending on their size. Moving kits range from $45 to $220 depending on the size of your home and the strength of the boxes.

How much can people save by packing their belongings?

If you’re trying to cut moving costs, packing your belongings will help save money. On average, you can save $50 to $400 off your moving bill with packing. Calculate the savings and decide whether you should put forth the effort to save money.

Is the mover liable for damage to a box’s contents?

No matter who packs the boxes, the moving company is liable for damages or lost boxes when moving them. A tariff provision allows movers to repack boxes if they think some boxes are too heavy or not packed well.

Packing for Cross-Country Moves

Getting the correct box can make a difference when packing to move long-distance. A sturdy box will protect your items whether the movers carry or use a hand truck to move them in or out of your house. You won’t need to worry about them falling apart or over-packing them when you buy the correct sizes and strengths of boxes.