Where Are Florida People Moving To The Most?

Where Are Florida People Moving To The Most?
Summary: Life in Florida is not for everyone. If you are planning a move from Florida, there are options for you. Texas, California, North Carolina, and Georgia top the list of states Floridians are moving to. Here is a list of states people of Florida are considering.

Texas, California, North Carolina, Georgia and more are among the places Floridians are moving to the most.

Reveal your plan to relocate from the Sunshine State and you will likely hear a popular response: “who would ever want to move away from Florida?” While lots of people consider it as paradise, Florida is not for everyone. Between the excessive heat and humidity, lots of snowbirds, and those annoying ‘Florida Mab’ stories, it is enough for someone to decide to leave.

If you are planning to leave Florida, you are likely also looking into where people are moving to.

While where you move to depends on you, it can be difficult to determine your options. That is why we make a list of the leading states that people from Florida relocate to. Who knows? You might find one of them good enough to be your next hometown! Before that, first ask this question…

Why Will People Consider Leaving Florida?

Firstly, the weather in Florida is hot. Its long summers are hot, humid, and completely uncomfortable. And the winters are not even friendly.

Secondly, the population is much. There are lots of tourists, snowbirds, and locals (with more influx every day); one can easily decide to leave the state. Besides, everyone has fantasized about not driving on I-4 again. A lot of people really get traumatized in the summer of 2004.

The storms are serous. Apart from the hurricanes, Florida’s summer thunderstorms can also be accompanied by heavy rains, strong wind hail, and even tornadoes.

Now that you have reasons to leave, then where should you go? If you don’t already have a preferred destination, let us share the leading moving destinations for those leaving Florida over the years.

Top 5 States Floridians are moving to

1. Texas

They often say everything is bigger in Texas. The state is the 2nd most populated state in the U.S. with over 29 million residents. And this is one example where bigger is better. All that large open space implies that there is a bit of everything for everyone. Do you want to live the American life and start a ranch? Wear your boots and start working. Love to live in a big city instead? Locate Dallas or Houston.

Want to live outside the stereotypical ‘cowboy’ way of life? Consider Austin. And while Texas is not among the most affordable states in the country, its median cost of living is cheaper than that of Florida. Also, no state income tax, just like where you are coming from.

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2. Georgia

With all the famous exception of Atlanta, Georgia has a relaxed, natural feel that many find attractive. If you love to enjoy the beachside in Florida, stay closer to Savannah and take in some sunshine. If you like the mountains, you need to consider the northern part of Georgia that has some of the famous beautiful vistas. And if you are a Miami, Orlando, or Jacksonville resident, and think you won’t enjoy Big City Life – there are many things in Atlanta to keep you busy, but with no expensive price tag of many big cities.

3. California

The prospect of moving to California can be much polarizing. If you find it appealing, however, understand that you have numerous options. From Lake Tahoe to Los Angeles, Silicon Valley to San Diego, residents of California are also diverse. This is not just a huge state geographically; it is also the state with the most population in the country, which makes it a major melting pot of various cultures and lifestyles. In fact, California is such a big deal; it currently ranks 5th largest economy in the world, coming before the United Kingdom and Russia.

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4. North Carolina

Beautiful mountains to the west, windswept beaches to the east, you have everything you could ever want. North Carolina may be famous as an Appalachian backwater, but this is sincerely the truth. Just a glimpse at Raleigh, Asheville, Wilmington, or Charlotte, you will discover why lots of people want to live in North Carolina. In addition, North Carolina has four different seasons, a feat Florida can only dream to have.

5. Tennessee

The whole lot of gorgeousness of North Carolina but without its state income tax, Tennessee is among the highly underrated states on this list (also among the most affordable states). Whether you live in Knoxville, Memphis, or Nashville, or inside a secluded cabin on a mountain, you will surely enjoy the Southern feel this place is famous for without the need to suffer through longer summer heat. And if you think that you won’t be having theme parks closer to your home, you can always count on Dollywood.

Tennessee is also one of the cheapest states to live in.

Why People choose to leave Florida

Traffic, alligators, and hurricanes are some of the reasons why Florida can be so scary – ask those who lived in Florida during Hurricane Irma. There are dangerous critters at every angle, as well as deadly and costly storms in the state.

Below are why people consider Florida as a state to leave:

Hotness and humidity:

Florida is one of the warmest states all through the year as reported by currentresults.com, with a median temperature of 70.70. Tampa and Miami are ranked in the list of 10 sweatiest cities in the U.S., with a median July temperature of 82.80 and 840, respectively, as reported on acuweather.com. If you like increasing the air conditioner and buying more shorts and tank tops, start coming to the Sunshine State.

Hurricanes and other natural disasters:

Florida is famous for its natural disasters, such as sinkholes and hurricanes which can be deadly. The cost of repairing the damage done to a home by a storm can be expensive. Hurricanes can cut off a neighborhood’s electricity grid. Because sewage systems are operated on electricity, there is a need to conserve water during hurricanes while remaining in the dark, without internet or cable access.

Heavy population:

The population in Florida is the 3rd highest in the United States according to the USCB. A higher number of people lead to heavier traffic including crowding, partly because of the influx of seasonal residents. More, in season, means spending several hours on the highway while going to work, facing queues at grocery stores, and getting late to appointments since you couldn’t locate a parking spot.

Dangerous animals around the corner:

Spend only a few minutes getting to know Florida’s wilderness and you will possibly encounter an alligator, a shark or even a python. There are many dangerous animals and insects everywhere in the state, which can clearly affect outdoor fun. Try to make a tent in the woods while a huge snake is noticing all of your move, or when you are being followed by a swarm of mosquitoes.

No change to the season:

If you are hoping for a change of season while buying jackets and scarves in the Sunshine State, you’ve got to expect something else. Florida is not far from the equator, so the temperatures year-round are warm and that means that the seasons don’t change. Definitely, December is not extremely hot, but people hoping for a white Christmas might want to consider another location apart from Florida.

FAQ about Where Florida People are moving to

What is the first best place to live in Florida?

This goes to Coral Gables and Coconut Groves. It is clear that Miami is on the list of the best places live inside Florida by the United States News & World Report. Similar to the most crowded places in Florida, Miami takes care of Miami residents and tourists,

Why are retirees moving out of Florida?

There seem to be no end to the list of reasons to consider Florida as a place to retire: no state, real estate, or inheritance taxes make it a friendly option to people without wage and it has many recreation options and they find the climate-friendly. You will find each possible water sport you could hope for here.

Which is better between retiring in Florida or Texas?

You should pick Texas for retirement due to its low cost of living, no income tax burden, and affordable real estate. While you may be allowed to put your money to further use in Florida, you can make your money work even further in Texas. Definitely, the decision lies on not only the cost of necessities.

Which is better between Arizona and Florida?

Arizona has been named as the state with the best weather forecasts when compared with Florida since their temperatures are highly comfortable for several months in the year. In addition, Arizona’s weather is dry, with just a high of 60 inches of yearly rain while it receives more sunshine in a year. 

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