What You Should Know About Moving To Plano, TX

What You Should Know About Moving To Plano, TX
SUMMARY: Once considered a suburb of Dallas, Plano has become a destination in its own right. Here are the answers to all of your Texas-sized questions, from reasons you should move to Plano, to how much it costs to live here, how to get around and what to do here — we've covered it all.

If you are not a minimum wage salary earner and searching for an affluent but affordable area, great public education, as well as a real downtown feels, search no further. Plano proves its worthiness as one of the best locations to reside in Texas.

Ranked as Top 10 Downtown of 2016, Plano’s city center is thriving and filled with great restaurants, modern office spaces, as well as a great downtown arts district – all with a real Texas architectural flare.

Take a stroll down the iconic red-brick streets of Plano, and the dynamic of this North Texas city will so much surprise you. Whether you are looking to move from another location in Texas or you are moving from another part of the country just to live in the Lone Star State, below are seven important things to know before you pack your bags and set up your shop in Plano.

10 Things You Should Know Before Moving To Plano, TX

If you think about relocating to Plano, you are about to make a good move. We are pleased to reveal the lowdown life in Plano, TX with 10 great points.

1. Access to many Downtowns

Considering Plano’s closeness to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you will have to visit two major metropolises. Plano on its own has a string downtown (which we will discuss very soon). But, Dallas and nearby Fort Worth are also closer. This gives access to numerous job opportunities and cultural enrichment. But, let us now talk about the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area. There are numerous neighboring cities within driving distance. There is a small gem referred to as Garland that shimmers and shines with its entire 1900s feel.

2. The Cost of Living may be a Bit Higher

The cost of living in Plano is expensive than in other cities all over Texas and the country. Being a Plano resident, you can get ready to shop for groceries and gehealthcareea at t lesser cost and similar national averages for utilities and transportation. However, you can prepare much more on real estate similar to the state and national average.

The average income in Plano has risen in past years and is not $94,306. The EPI Family Budget Calculator revealed that a family of four in Plano with two children should prepare $6,783 per month to pay for housing, childcare, food, transportation, taxes, healthcare, and other necessities. With an average cost of $81,400 per annum, a typical family with both parents working can moderately earn enough to pay for yearly expenses.

3. It is Astonishingly Safe

If you are like most citizens of the country, safety is a great factor when moving to a new place. The good news is that if you are considering Plano, it will please you to know that as regards security and peace of mind, you can’t outperform the Texas City. Plano has been repeatedly ranked as one of the safest cities in the nation. Cases of violent crime and property crime are lower.

A lot of Plano locals believe that the reason for this is in two ways: the department of police in Plano requires that all officers have 4-year degrees, which makes them a lot ready for the job. In addition, Plano’s police force takes care of a strong community of volunteers who assist in keeping the city safe. Around 200 Plano citizens spend their time watching over the neighborhood and taking care of security cameras.

4. The Restaurant Scene is Great

What cuisine do you prefer the most? I bet you will find it in Plano. When we are in for Italian, we drive straight to Plano for Maggiano’s Little Italy. You never even have to take our word for it as you will experience it yourself. Why you check out the address on Google, you will see more than 2,200 4.5 star reviews. Another famous location is the Bavarian Grill when you are thirsty for some bratwurst and beer. You can enjoy some oysters at the Fish Shack on 15th street. Lavender Bistro Provincial is our favorite spot for date night when we are in the mood to impress our ladies.

And, lastly, Bulla Gastrobar is the location for a small Spanish flair. But you likely understand the point already. You may find it silly, but the food is certainly one of the best things to do in Plano. Food lovers will never suffer in Plano and you won’t even have to travel to Dallas to find something amazing and delicious.

5. Employment Market in Plano

Plano truly has the right to brag when it comes to the employment market. A lot of corporations such as 6 Fortune 50 companies are in the city. If you have a dream of working in the corporate offices of Toyota Motor North America, JC Penney, Frito Lay, or Capital One, Plano is your best destination.

6. Amazing Climate and Weather

If you enjoy steamy summers, mild winters, as well as comfortable spring and autumn months, the climate in Plano,o, will be friendly for you. Plano is located in North Central Texas and its climate is humid and subtropical. Plano sees an average of 41 inches of rain every year, 3 inches more than the national average. Plano receives around 229 days of sun every year, a bit more than the national average of 205 sunny days.

Don’t like long snowy winters? Plano sees an average of just 2 inches of snow every year which hardly lasts over a few days. Plano does have some harsh weather, usually in the form of heavy rain, hail, tornadoes, and flooding. With current high-level storm prediction, you have an opportunity to prepare for harsh weather before it hits. Make sure you keep in touch if extreme weather is approaching.

7. You won’t Exhaust Visiting the Parks

Plano offers a crazy number of parks. Want to know it in the figure? Imagine 84 parks in the city. It is obvious why the Plano Department of Parks and Recreation is accredited nationally. The agency takes care of 70 miles of amazing trails starting from one mile of Hoblitzelle Loop to 8.3-mile Bluebonnet Trail.

As regards parks, there is the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve that features more than 200 acres of trails as well as Big Lake Park, an observation tower with chances for padding and wildlife sighting. Shawnee Park comes with a disc golf course and many other parks (80 to be precise). 

8. The Population is Perfect

The population in Plano is 288,539 currently. To us, that is just the perfect size. It enables residents to enjoy the downtown area without the feeling of getting mowed off the sidewalk. You also can enter local shops and, as you turn to a regular, people will begin to know you by name. it is large enough where you don’t get forced into small talk each time you visit the grocery store, but small enough to make you feel comfortable and get more involved in the community.

9. Easy Transportation System

Great access to air, fast transit, wide road networks, and light rail makes Plano different from other cities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Plano is only 20-mins from downtown Dallas and just 30 minutes from the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). The city is around 25 minutes away from Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL), and just a quick drive from other private airports in the region of Addison and Collin counties.

A benefit of residing in Plano is that you are just less than four hours to all major continental spots in the country. Getting to Plano through the North and South access is in the Dallas North Tollway and Highway 75. Access to international business centers is provided by Dallas North Tollway in the metroplex and many shopping malls. Access to downtown Dallas is provided by Highway 75.

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is in charge of public buses as well as light rail in the city. DART has many stops all over Dallas and gives access to other suburban locations like Garland, Richland, Carrolton, and Farmer’s Branch.

10. The Housing is Affordable

When you look into the fact that everything is available in Plano, then the average home value is amazing. High-scale stores are plentiful; the school system is excellent, and the city has a low crime rate which makes it well-kept. Yet, Zillow reported the average price for a home in Plano is around $350,000. And, if you plan to rent and have a double-income household, then (everything considered) the rent is not too high as well.

The average in Plano is around $2,100 per month. With Plano’s access to highways, downtown Dallas, many stores, and nature, it is an amazing feeling that living here might not be costly.            

Best Neighborhoods in Plano, TX

When selecting a Plano neighborhood, it is essential to consider safety, average home price, local amenities, and the public schools’ quality. Our research has revealed some of the best neighborhoods in Plano, TX.

Estates of Forest Creek:

This neighborhood is serviced by some of the best schools in the United States. Getting a 9 or 10 from GreatSchools.org, these schools include Schimelpfenig Middle School, Plano Senior High School, and Matthews Elementary School. Clark High School is also from this neighborhood and it receives a 6 of 10 from GreatSchools.org. The average list price of homes in Forest Creek is $500,000 or $137 per square foot. Its population is 4,761 and 97% of its residents are homeowners.


This is a short distance from the Collin Square Greenbelt, the Courses at Watters Creek golf course, and a quick drive from shopping malls and local businesses. Most of this neighborhood is being serviced by the nationally-acclaimed Plano Independent School District, but many students attend Alton Boyd Elementary School that belongs to the Allen Independent School District.

With each school getting a B+ or more by Niche.com, Timberbrook provides access to excellent public education. With an average household income of $116,000, the average home value is $291,230. Over 80 percent of residents are homeowners, and 35% of families have kids.

Willow Bend:

Willow bend is a great location to live considering its nationally recognized public schools attended by kids from the neighborhood. Being a part of the Plano Independent School District, these schools include Renner Middle School, Shepton High School, Brinker Elementary School, and Plano High School, many of which have been awarded the National Blue Ribbon Awards.

With a lot of architectural styles and many sidewalks, Willow Bend is ideal if you are looking for a single-family home or attached home. Home to over 1,700 houses, Willow Bend’s lot size is from 0.5 to 1 acre. Housing prices starts from $599,000 to $5,900,000.

Glenhollow Estates:

Similar to other neighborhoods of great status, Glenhollow Estates don’t have much crime rate and it has great public schooling. Students in the neighborhood attend its four public schools including Renner Middle School, Barksdale Elementary, as well as Plano West Senior High School. Many students in the neighborhood attend Shepton High School, which gets a 4 of 10 from GreatSchools.com. Here, house prices start from $400,000 and $500,000. The average list price of homes in the neighborhood of Glenhollow Estates is $535,000 at $166 per square foot.    


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