What Is The Cheapest Way To Move One-Bedroom State To State?

What Is The Cheapest Way To Move One-Bedroom State To State
The cost to transport a one-bedroom apartment across the country will start from $1,000 to $4,500 based on the quantity you are moving and which relocation option you select. Learn different cheap ways achieve this.

The cheapest ways to move from one-bedroom state to state are based on your move and a number of factors. Professional state to state movers will cost around $1,500 – $4,500 based on the size of the move and distance. DIY moving options, such as rental trucks and containers will start from $1,000 to $3,400 to haul a one-bedroom from one coast to another.

Most people find this surprising: smaller moves are difficult to find cheap moving options for. The real thing is; no solution accommodates everything.

To transport a 1-bedroom apartment across the nation affordably, you need to make a comparison of all moving services. Let’s check the median cost estimates to transport a 1-bedroom apartment cross country for all the various moving options. 

1. It is Cheap to rent a Cargo Trailer and Towing it across the Country

Shipment trailers make so much sense if you’ve already planned to move a vehicle together with your 1-bedroom apartment. You only will need a vehicle that has some towing power to pull this through. The only national moving truck rental company that rents trailers that allow tow-behind is U-Haul.

Its rates can start from around $100 to $700 (excluding fuel). The reason only a few companies offer cargo rental is that it is dangerous to drive with a trailer – especially for those without the experience. If you are new to driving trailers, it may be best to not use a cross-country drive to learn. For the trailer driving experts, this is the most affordable way to transport a 1-bedroom to another coast.

2. Pallet Transporting is Cheap and Easy for Smaller 1-Bedrooms

If you are just transporting a few furniture items and between 20 and 30 moving boxes, you may want to go for a pallet transport service.

  • What is a pallet transport service? Without launching into tiring detail, pallet transport companies allow you to benefit from commercial transport rates by placing everything on pallets. Not clear? You just need to know that if your move is adequately small, this can be a super cheap and convenient means to transport 1-bedroom or studio apartments across the country.

Pro Tip

if you are transporting only boxes and no furniture, you will want to consider Amtrak Shipping and other options.

pro tips

3. Freight Trailers are a Great Choice for Large 1-Bedrooms

Have so many items inside your 1-bedroom apartment? We got you! The freight company will deliver a 28-ft long trailer to your location. You will load it with only the quantity of space you need. They will then drive it across the nation for you. Freight trailers are highly affordable if you are relocating to a less crowded location. The only problem with this method is that; parking can be challenging. You will want to ensure that there is adequate space to park the shipment t5railer at your new residence.

4. Moving Containers are so much Perfect for Delayed Moves

Is there a gap between your leases or want some time to decide and find a new location to live? Well, moving containers might be the only perfect choice for you. Containers are generally portable storage units. The moving container companies can transport the container back and forth from their warehouse to your new address and also transport the container across the nation.

Again, parking can present a major issue here. You will need to ensure there is sufficient space where a moving container can be dropped off. Usually, this option can be cheaper than renting a local storage unit when you consider the savings of not having to do several moves in and out of storage facilities. We created a list of the cheapest moving pods.  

5. State to State Movers can be Cheap During the Winter Months

A full-service interstate mover will cover the loading, blankets, tapes, straps, unloading, etc. as needed to simplify your move. They can even do full packing of your entire moving boxes so you don’t do anything. However, expect to pay for all this convenience. For clarity, if summer is your preferred moving season, moving companies will be far from the affordable option.

There are many reasons behind this, see five here, but the major one is that is super busy during the summer months and won’t show interest in small moves unless you are ready to pay the highly expensive costs. If a moving company decides to offer you a nice rate on a small move during the summer months, it is possible that they are not a good moving company (don’t forget, all the good movers are booked out).

Regardless, here is a compiled list of the best out of state moving companies for small moves. However, the winter which starts from October to March is another story entirely. During winter, things move slowly and movers are willing to take small moves and offer nice rates for it.  

6. Renting a Moving Truck to transport a 1-Bedroom Cross Country is not a Good Idea

This is the one case where renting a moving truck and handling the move (DIY move) will cost you even more. When you consider the cost of truck rental together with fuel, you are starring at the overall cost of your move more than other options.

Finding a Trusted State to State Moving Company

So, to relocate your 1-bedroom apartment cross country affordably, you need to locate reliable long-distance moving companies who offer high quality services at high-quality ice. This process involves several steps:

  • Ask family and friends to recommend a good, affordable cross country moving company
  • Read moving reviews to know what to expect from various moving companies concerning professionalism and affordability;
  • Obtain free moving quotes to determine what various movers bring to the table;
  • Avoid rogue movers: when finding cheap moving companies, remember that low-ball estimates are a warning signal of a moving scam, and make sure you diligently and thoroughly research the companies you wish to hire for your move – confirm their licensing as well as insurance information, find out their business ratings and accreditations, read complaint histories of the company and online profiles, and so on. (also check ways to prevent scams when moving)
  • Ask for in-home moving estimates from 3 or 4 cheap moving companies who seem to match your moving needs and requirements;
  • Carefully compare the quotes and select the best cross country moving company for your small move

Find out How to Lower the Cost of Moving

No matter the moving option you go with, you can lower your cost of moving even by far through the use of efficient thorough moving ideas:

  • Book your move very early out so that you can have more choice of cheap moving companies available at your desired moving date and have improved flexibility as regards pick up dates and delivery windows (so you don’t get charged more for the exclusive use of a moving vehicle);
  • Purge your belongings and only relocate what you essentially need and value- the fewer goods you choose to move, the cheaper and convenient your apartment move will be (you will not need much packing materials, the packing will run faster, the weight of your goods will not be much, loading and unloading will not take much time, and so on). Also, you may be able to keep some additional cash in your purse for your move if you can sell some of the stuff you don’t want;
  • Save on packing materials: moving boxes are available and you can get them for free and use materials you already own as packing supplies (bags, towels, newspaper, suitcases, packing containers, blankets, old clothes, sheets, buckets, baskets, and so on can be used as wrapping and cushioning supplies). We strongly advise that you purchase quality packing materials for your highly fragile and much expensive goods though – to give them advance protection;
  • Pack as much as you can by yourself: packing for a move demands more strength and time, but if you have 30 days or more to your moving day, you should be able to just pack items from a one-bedroom apartment yourself to avoid paying huge money to professional packers. Just ensure you know your way around each of your items so you can safely and efficiently pack them.
  • Your shipments will be in transit for a long time when you are executing a cross-country move and will need great protection to scale through the moving without damage (if you own specialty goods, just leave them to the experts, irrespective of the added cost).
  • Make proper preparation to avoid additional charges – book an easy parking space for the moving truck, make sure there is safe and convenient access to your property and your belongings, and get set when the movers show up.


To round it all up, the most affordable way to move a small one-bedroom apartment across the nation is to pick a perfect moving option that best matches your unique moving needs and try out some proven cost-saving ideas on a long-distance relocation.