What is The Best Day of The Week to Move Out of State?

What is the best day of the week to move out of state
Summary: The best days to move out of state are between Monday and Thursday, despite Tuesdays being the least popular moving day. Generally, when picking a move date, it's best to choose a weekday. Movers are usually less busy during these days. Let us help you figure out the best time for you to move.

There are lots of decisions associated with moving, and your moving day is probably one of them.

The popular day to move is Friday.

But is it the best day?

You might be wondering if there is a day when:

  • Moving companies are cheaper.
  • There is no much traffic on the roads.
  • People with full-time jobs can easily move to their new home.
  • Banks and utility providers will have a quick resolution to potential problems.

Even though there are proper answers to all these questions, the possibility of a successful move will generally hang on good planning.

Giving these elements proper advance consideration will give you the freedom to make the right choices.

You firstly want to make sure that you can book a moving company on your selected day, so avoid waiting until the day before you submit your booking.

Throughout all my several moving, I’ve gathered experience that when you move, it is similarly important as how you move.

So as I’ve learned my mistakes, below are the exact best times to organize your upcoming move as regards convenience and costs.

What is the Best Weekday to Move?

Answer: From Monday through Thursday is the best.

When choosing a date for your move, the best you can pick is a weekday. A lot of moving companies suggest that customers should move between Monday and Thursday when demand is lesser.

So if you will be given the chance to skip a day from work during the week, we strongly recommend you go ahead.

Saturday or Sunday moves may add to your moving costs because of higher demand for moving companies and just a few weekends in a month (especially when more people are moving).

Moving on a weekday also implies that you will have the whole of next weekend to unpack and get settled before you resume work the following week.

Let’s look at the different days of the week to move.

Moving on a Monday

Monday is the second most common day to move during the week, which means moving on this day can be quite busy as regards resources.

Monday moves can also give you extra time the following weekend to pack up and leave your current home, and complete the common last-minute packing rush.

Moving on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday

Moving between Tuesday and Thursday (middle of the week) will imply that moving companies and other professional service providers have fewer bookings and are ultimately available, giving you more access to resources, which means that they can be easily contacted in the event of any issues.

Moving on Thursday has the great benefit of just asking for one day off at the office while giving you additional support if things should go wrong and you can benefit from the long weekend to unpack your goods.

Is Moving a House on Friday the Best?

Fridays seem to be the most common days to relocate. This can lead to many potential problems, like finding an available moving company for Friday move or taking time off work, but there are also some great benefits.

One is that it will give you the whole weekend to unpack your household goods.

Financially, moving into your new home before clearing the entire funds is illegal. Since they are popular, Friday transactions can take longer to complete, and holding on for the money to go through can cause an anxious waiting period on a Friday noon.

Disadvantages Friday Moves

Even though Friday is the busiest moving day during the week, it has its drawbacks:

  • Solicitors, realtors, and banks are always busy on Friday.
  • The traffic situation on Friday makes transport expenses costly.
  • Delay in sales of property: Many people opt for property sale on Friday. They move out the same day but if you do a late transaction, the move will be done next Monday.
  • You need a day off at work: Taking a day off work on Friday is not easy for some people if no one can fill in for them at their place of work.
  • First, check the working hours for the overseas moves so you know how to coordinate your stops on the way.

Friday is still the most common choice of moving day for most customers. Even with its limitations in some aspects, it is still the choice of people over the weekend. You have to decide for yourself if Friday is perfectly suitable for your move.

What is the Best Week of the Month to Move?

Answer: Mid-month

As suggested by movers, a mid-month move is better than moving at the beginning or end of the month.

If you have control over when you move, then we recommend choosing a mid-month and mid-week move.

This is the time when demand for moving companies is lesser and thus, your moving costs will also be lower.

Generally, movers are always busy in the first week of the month since a lot of leases start the first of the month.

What is the Best Month of the Year to Move?

Answer: Mid-September to April

If best, in this case, means the cost to you, you should then save on your move by moving from late September to April.

Demand for moving companies as well as their rates during this window is lower.

Different professionals say Memorial Day to Labor Day weekend is when moving season is at its peak, with about 70% of all relocation taking place during spring and summer.

This is because families with children prefer to move during the summer months so as not to disturb the school year.

Moving during spring and summer is also easier as the weather is friendly. Also, college students, as well as other renters, often relocate in the early fall and late spring, all because most leases start and end this time.

Remember that if you live in a metro area with many university students, you definitely will want to try and plan your move outside September.

In Boston, for example, most apartment leases start on September 1, which makes it the busiest day to move in the city. If you want to stay away from moving troubles in the streets, we suggest you research the common moving days (or days when leases start and end) in your current city.

What Best Time of Day to Move House?

Answer: Early morning

Early birds will like this: the best times to start moving are in the mornings.

If you hire professional out of state movers, they will want to arrive in the morning, likely between 8:00 am and 10:00 a.m. early mornings. This often implies that the movers will be able to work in cooler weather in those warmer months.

The weather elements according to Scott Dickerson, an experienced moving professional, have a lot to do with the move.

We want to be done by 2 p.m. when the temperature gets to be 1050 F to beat the heat.

If you are performing a self-move, getting an early start is always the best, too. You will have enough strength in the mornings, and you will have more time to unpack, arrange and enjoy your new home.

What is the Best moving season?

Answer: It depends

In general, this decision is based on individual needs, budget, and choices. Those looking to save money on their move should pick late fall, winter, or early spring for their move.

Family with school-age children should plan for summertime move. Those that love to move in mild weather conditions should perform a fall or spring move.

Fall: Nice weather conditions for relocating and you may also click a better deal on a home during the less demand season.

Winter: The least expensive moving season of the year due to the lowest demand. Movers have great flexibility in their schedules. It is not ideal for a family moving with children.

Spring: The weather will be better than the winter months and demand in March and April is still lighter.

Summer: Perfect time if you are selling your current home because demand is at its peak and you may also receive a higher price. Also, if you are relocating with children, then summer is perfect since they will be out of school.

Other Things to consider before you pick your Moving Date

Weather: You should know that your common sense is important here. If you live in a place with a cold climate, you probably will be doing yourself good to avoid winter moves. You don’t want to go through the icy roads, risky conditions, and heavy lifting that could make life difficult for you.

Work: If you have no option but to move at a busy time at work, then adding a few more money to move on a weekend date would be the best.

Family concerns: Are there school-age children in your home? Moving during the summer to avoid disturbance to the school year may be more sensible.

Moving on to the Weekend

Moving during weekends might look great on paper, since you will have more time off work, and two complete days should be sufficient to pack up, transport, and unpack all your goods, right?


Weekends are often the least common days to move, and there’s a good reason for it.

Moving companies will often be costly on these days (Everyone hates working on the weekend). Allowing yourself with a single day to unpack can also leave you stressed, tired, and in no mood to resume work the next day.

One other drawback of moving on the weekend is that utility companies and banks will be closed, which could lead to problems setting everything up at your new dig. Hiring tradesmen on the weekend can also be costly, in case you get to your destination home and discover there are repairs or replacements to be done.


Which day of the week is the best for you to move will greatly rest on your specific situations. Any day of the week, or time of the year, you should decide to move, with a professional long distance moving company you can be sure that you will get professional service delivery from a well-experienced team, who will perfectly get you settled in as smooth as possible. Contact us to get a quote.

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