USA States Which Have A Low Energy Cost?

USA states Which Have a low energy cost
Summary: According to a report, energy costs between 5% and 22% of a household's income in the U.S., and some states have a higher price for energy than others. Get ready to enjoy low energy cost when you move to any of these cities, with other energy cost saving tips.

If you have tired of paying higher electricity bills and you are considering moving to a new state in the USA just to reduce the cost of the electricity then this guide is an ideal option for you. Now you don’t have to worry about higher electricity bills, just hire state-to-state moving companies and move into the state with the lowest energy cost.

1. Iowa

It is one of the least energy-expensive states in the US where on average the total energy cost is just $286. This Total energy cost includes the electricity cost, natural gas cost, monthly fuel cost as well as the Home Heating cost. The place has the lowest home heating oil price cost in the whole country. So, when it comes to moving, don’t forget to include the place on your list.

2. New York city

New York City is a dream city to live in for many people. It is a center of attraction for most of the visitors who come to the US to live. On average, a homeowner has to pay $284 per month as energy cost which includes the cost of electricity that is around $101, the cost of natural gas which is around $59, motor fuel cost is around $104 and the home heating cost is around $20 and so on. New York City is the second lower electricity consumption state in the USA.

3. District of Columbia

According to statistical data, the District of Columbia is the least energy cost expensive place CE in the USA. On average, the total energy cost a homeowner pay is just $204 a month. It consists of an electricity cost of around $93, natural gas cost of around $45, the fuel cost of around $66, and home heating cost of around $1. Therefore if you are looking for a state with the lowest energy cost then moving into Washington, DC will be an ideal option for you.

4. Hawaii

Hawaii is another one of the least expensive states in the US residents. On average, a homeowner has to pay $279 a month as an overall energy cost. This cost includes a monthly electricity cost of $142, a natural gas cost of $4, the monthly fuel cost of $133, and the home heating cost is $0. The state consumes the lowest electricity cost per consumer.

5. Arkansas

Arkansas is also one of the least energy-expensive states. One has to pay around $275 per month in overall energy cost which includes all the energy costs including the fuel cost, electricity cost, natural gas cost as well as the home heating oil cost. The city is known for its lowest electricity and motor fuel price.

6. Colorado

It is also the second least energy-expensive state to live in. One has to pay a $251 energy cost per month. It includes the average monthly electricity cost of $91, natural fuel cost is $38, motor fuel cost of $122, and heating oil cost of $0. The city is known for its exceptionally low natural gas cost.

7. Washington

Washington is another state to live in with the least energy expensive. A homeowner has to pay $265 a month as energy costs. These energy costs include all the energy bill costs such as electricity cost, heating oil cost, natural fuel cost, and motor fuel cost.

  • Average monthly electricity cost is $109
  • Average monthly natural gas cost is $29
  • Average monthly motor fuel cost is $125
  • Average monthly heating oil cost is $2

8. Illinois

All the residents pay an average of $281 per month as total energy cost which includes all the costs of heating oil cost, electricity cost, natural fuel cost and so on.

  • Average monthly electricity cost is $98
  • Average monthly natural gas cost is $58
  • Average monthly motor fuel cost is $125
  • Average monthly heating oil cost is $0

Besides being in the list of the lowest energy-expensive states, still, Illinois has one of the natural gas consumption per consumer in a country.

9. Tennessee

This place comes at the eighth rank when it comes to the least energy-expensive states in the US. On average, a resident has to pay $283 of energy cost per month.

  • The average monthly electricity cost is $138
  • The average monthly natural gas cost is $19
  • The average monthly motor fuel cost is $126
  • The average monthly heating oil cost is $0

While electricity prices in the city are a little higher.

Of course, there are also the states whose energy consumption is higher. When it comes to moving, consider your needs and then make a decision where you want to move. It is not always an ideal option to move just based on the energy cost because the living cost can be higher at a place where the energy cost is lower. So, consider all the important factors and then decide where you want to move.

Where is the cheapest electricity cost in the USA?

The average retail residential cost of KW-h (Kilowatt-hour) of electricity is around 10 cents. Like all the other states, in the US, the cost of electricity is lower or higher.

  • Louisiana – 9.57
  • Washington – 10.06
  • Arkansas – 10.08
  • Idaho – 10.18
  • Mississippi – 11.22
  • Oklahoma – 10.61
  • Oregon – 11.18
  • Utah – 11.17
  • Tennessee – 10.8
  • Kentucky – 10.62

This is a list of the 10 cheapest electricity costs in the USA, choose the one as per your own needs. The rates can increase or decrease depending on several factors.

Why are the costs different?

The cost of producing electricity is higher than the cost produced in another specific area. In Hawaii, electricity is developed from crude oil and crude oil is higher expensive there in Hawaii, therefore, the electricity cost in Hawaii is higher. At the same, the cost of Louisiana is low. One of the main reasons why the electricity cost of Louisiana is because of an organization that owns many power plants and providing electricity to the entire state. It is important to know that the electricity cost is more and less during different seasons and at different times.

Usually, people tend to run the air-conditioners between 3 PM to 7 PM and the energy companies will charge higher during this duration of time. Therefore, electricity companies charge higher, especially in summers. This is the reason why the electricity cost in a specific area is different than that of the other region.

So, where you will live that can affect the electricity rate?

According to the latest available data, the average US price of 13.30 cents per kilowatt-hours has been increased by 0.3 percent compared to one year ago. Therefore the electricity rate can increase or decrease depending upon several factors. While on the other hand, if you live in Louisiana, you have paid the least electricity cost last year in the US. It was just 9.7cents per KWh and the second least electricity cost was in Washington and the electricity rate is 10.06 cents per KW/h.

What is the price of electricity in the USA states?

On average, a person has to pay around 12 cents per Kilowatt hour. A typical US household use around 908 KW per hour in a month but you should know that there is a huge variation in this from one state to another in the USA. Residents of the Hawaii state have to pay the most for electricity usage and they have to pay around 33cents per kW-h.

A normal resident of Hawaii has to pay around $300. It is because of the high cost of crude oil which is used to generate electricity. This is the reason why the electricity cost in Hawaii is higher as compared to other states. While on the other hand, Idaho has the lowest electricity cost which is around 8 cents per KW-h.

Therefore a resident of the state has to pay around $73 for electricity every month. Here most of the electricity is generated via hydroelectric dams which do not require fuel, therefore, the electricity cost is the lowest here.

But here it should be noted that the cost of constructing dams has also be spread out over many decades and this is the reason why you need to pay fewer electricity prices.

Check out this list of electricity costs:

  1. Idaho – 8.0
  2. North Dakota – 8.1
  3. Washington – 8.2
  4. Utah – 8.8
  5. Wyoming – 8.9
  6. Louisiana – 8.9
  7. Kentucky – 9.0
  8. Nebraska – 9.0
  9. South Dakota – 9.0
  10. Oklahoma – 9.2
  11. West Virginia – 9.2
  12. Montana – 9.6
  13. Indiana – 10.0
  14. North Carolina – 10.2
  15. Mississippi – 10.3
  16. Kansas – 10.5
  17. Iowa – 10.5
  18. Virginia – 10.5
  19. Minnesota – 10.9
  20. South Carolina – 11.0
  21. Georgia – 11.1
  22. Colorado – 11.2
  23. Texas – 11.3
  24. Illinois – 11.7
  25. Nevada – 11.7
  26. Florida – 11.7
  27. Wisconsin – 13.0
  28. Michigan – 13.0
  29. Pennsylvania – 13.2
  30. Delaware – 13.7
  31. District of Columbia – 13.7
  32. Maryland – 13.7
  33. Massachusetts – 14.8
  34. Rhode Island – 14.9
  35. California – 15.2
  36. Maine – 15.5
  37. New Jersey – 16.3
  38. Alaska – 17.5
  39. New York – 18.1
  40. Hawaii – 33.2

Electricity cost also varies from country to country based on the taxes as well as based on the state to state depending on the process of generated electricity in a state. If you are considering moving, hire state-to-state moving companies now and live without worrying about the energy costs.