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Moving from one place to another can be a very daunting task, the thought of moving the bulk of your items alone can get you weak and stressed out. It is imperative, however, that if you need to move things to a new location, you would definitely need help, and not just any help but a professional one.

It is one thing to get help, and it is another to get help from the wrong company. Pricing Van Lines is one of the best Moving Companies around that can help you move your items from one place to another, conveniently and safely.

For different moving concerns, different methods are adopted, for instance, residential moving service is different from an office moving service and at Pricing Van Lines, we know just the difference and carry out the best standards in order to keep things in their right perspective.

Top 3 Recommended Office Movers of 2021's

Best Interstate Moving and Storage - Top 3 Recommended Office Movers of 2021's
North American Van Lines - Top 3 Recommended Office Movers of 2021's
Bekins - Top 3 Recommended Office Movers of 2021's

We deal with office movers and offer exclusive services from, disassembling and assembling, installation, customer support, and so on. All these services put together are what make us one of the best office movers you can get.

In a bid to make sure we provide you with quality and a bit of choice, we have helped gather information about 10 other standard office movers that you can try to work with in order to have the best results when you want to remove office.

Top 10 Office Movers in The United States

We have researched a list of 10 office moving companies and have arranged them in no particular order for your consumption. Different metrics have been looked upon before choosing some of the companies as the best.

Among the metrics are experience, trust with customers, record of quality, customer satisfaction and many others. We hope that you find this list very informative.

Best Interstate Moving and Storage - Top 10 Office Movers in The United States

1. Best Interstate Moving + Storage


This is an excellent choice for office movers. They have a whole section devoted to helping with office removals and are very good at it.

They have a promise of quality delivery and keep to their word. Their reviews and the positive feedbacks given by customers are the testimonies that speak for them.

When you hire the Best Moving Company, you get furniture disassembly and reassembly as well as storage options if you need any.

They can also help with very high-quality customer support. Which means all customers are very important. You will have an exciting experience when you hire this company.



North American Van Lines - Top 10 Office Movers in The United States

2. North American Moving Services


Another excellent moving company you can bank on is North American Moving Services. Although their customer service is about average, they have a great team that helps make it all happen.

Apart from just providing you with office removing services, they also provide you with storage options if you need any of your properties kept safe before being moved.

You are also an advantage if you have to move cross country or interstate as they can help you with that. Once you get to their website, you will be offered a link where you can click to start the process by requesting a quote.

You should also know that they offer services with regard to disassembling and reassembling furniture.



Bekins - Top 10 Office Movers in The United States

3. Bekins Moving Company


Talking about office moving companies that are very confident and know what they are doing, you should have Bekins in mind.

Bekins is a full time moving company that meets all the requirements of the moving industry and will do a pretty clean job for you once you explain the details of what you want to them.

They help you with storage just in case you want to move your items at a later time, the prices are very reasonable. They also provide the usual furniture assembly and disassembly no matter the size of the furniture.

They make sure nothing gets in their way in delivering you the best options. One other thing is that they also have excellent customer service.



United Van Lines - Top 10 Office Movers in The United States

4. United Van Lines


Here comes the mother of them all, one of the most rated office movers in USA. Their services are amazing and the amount of satisfied customers they have is also a virtue in their path.

The United Van Lines helps with all sort of moving services and are very good at moving your office from one location to another with little or no damage.

Unlike most other moving companies, they offer electronics installation in your new place, they also assist with bringing your furniture out safely for quick disassembly and once they are moved to their rightful place, they are reassembled.

Storage options is another advantage you will get when you choose to work with the United Van Lines.



AGS - Top 10 Office Movers in The United States

5. AGS Movers


This is an internationally recognized office movers, known in more than 4 continents of the world and with 44 years of experience.

This level of experience speaks of how much commitment and the level of accuracy they put into moving your assets. They have a full understanding of what to move and how fragile certain items are, and as such, they use the utmost care to treat your properties.

No matter the size of your company or the things you have to move, they have got you covered. They also make sure they sign a confidentiality clause that no part of your private property will be discussed or said outside, any attempt or any occurrence of such will lead to a penalty.



National Van Lines - Top 10 Office Movers in The United States

6. National Van Lines


This is yet another internationally accredited company with a lot of experience in the moving industry. National Van Lines started out in 1929 and has been very active till today.

They help with office moving or office movers and make sure they are kept safe and sound. They not only offer trucks for the movement of items, but they also offer boats and planes to make the process altogether smooth and faster.

They are keen on customer satisfaction and stop at nothing to bring a smile to the customers. They actively participate in the processes from packing and wrapping up until it is delivered to the requested location.



island Movers - Top 10 Office Movers in The United States

7. Island Movers


This movers are right in the heart of Hawaii and they are doing just fine from this island to the rest of the world.

Island Movers is an ideal Office Moving company that takes moving very seriously and help move your office assets safe and sound wherever you want to.

They don’t only serve in Hawaii but in also all other places across the country and they are also involved in international moves. They have facilities to help you preserve your items until you are ready to move them permanently.

They also help with furniture and appliance home delivery. No matter how bulky you feel your items might be, they are going to make sure they get them moved.



1-800-Pack-rat - Top 10 Office Movers in The United States

8. 1-800-Pack-Rat


Pack Rat is another office moving company with excellent services. They offer a very comprehensive detail when you ask for a quote and make sure you negotiate to a reasonable point.

With Pack Rat you get the luxury of moving between USA and Canada. So if your office is moving from USA to Canada or vice versa, you can count on them to make it happen.

They have a timely delivery date and if anything will go wrong, you are going to be informed. They have a tracking system that can help you track the location of your items so that you can be less worried.

Instead of the traditional trucks to be used to move your stuff, they offer containers that come in different sizes to make the move worthwhile.



VIP Transport - Top 10 Office Movers in The United States

9. VIP Transport


VIP Transport are known to help you move your things both within all the states in America and also internationally.

They have a broad base of moving services they offer and are really good at it. The one thing you need to know about them again is that they are insured and this means your items are safer with them, or in the case of damage, it can be rectified by their insurance.

Many customers who have hired them have had no cause to regret because of the level of top-notch services they provide. Just in case you didn’t know, they are well equipped to the point that they have facilities that move items for NASA.

They take the moving industry very seriously and also take your request very seriously and will help you move your things appropriately and on time.



Aires - Top 10 Office Movers in The United States

10. Aires


Finally, to end the list of credible office moving companies, Aires will be helping you with all your moving needs. Aires is more than other regular Office movers, they act as a total enterprise and offer way much more than merely moving items from place to place.

Aires stands for American International Relocation Solutions. They have a vast amount of services they offer that go beyond moving. Just as much as they are a moving company, they are equally an insurance company.

They help make sure all your properties are kept safe. It doesn’t matter if you want to do a move within the country or another country, they can help you work out the whole process.



The Following Table Displays The Best Office Movers In The USA

The Following Table Displays The Best Office Movers In The USA
No.Best Office Removal Companies
1.Best Interstate Moving + Storage
2.North American Moving Services
3.Bekins Moving Company
4.United Van Lines
5.AGS Movers
6.National Van Lines
7.Island Movers
9.VIP Transport

Available Commercial Moving Services

What is the actual function of commercial moving services? As regards many other moving services, you might be able to perform a DIY move. However, while you are performing a business move, hiring moving services is so much important, since office equipment and furniture can be highly expensive, fragile, or bulky.

The furniture in a small office can pass what a simple truck can contain. Due to this, commercial relocation services often have teams and tools with the major purpose of moving large office equipment, and the bulky, protective moving trucks needed to perform the job.

Below are the precise services offered by commercial moving companies that you will want to see with any moving company you hired:

  • Moving office equipment: From ramps to furniture protection, dollies, blankets, and so on, the office relocation equipment that your office movers have must be able to get the job done. Ensure you ask any prospective companies how they transport bulky and delicate things with their office relocation equipment.
  • Furniture moving and installation: From large items, such as modular office furniture, fine art relocation like diplomas and other needed certifications by your office, including commercial hot tubs or pool tables that are used in your office for relaxation and networking: your office moving company must be able to take care of them all.

Check your office and create a list of all the things that are large, such as bulky, delicate equipment or even pianos as well as other bulky musical instruments. Give your prospective movers that list and make sure they explain how they plan to take care of the items.

  • Corporate moving services: If you have workers that will need to be moved as part of the entire office moving process, ensure you inform the movers. They may have what it takes to help you plan out an employee moving at a budget-friendly cost.
  • Warehousing and storage: For a huge amount of inventory that you will need to transport or store on the move, warehousing and storage will be required to get it done. Most of the larger office movers work with warehouse facilities. Find out what your prospective movers can offer you in addition to your deal.
  • Packing services: After your workers have taken out their personal belongings, there is a possibility of still having some things that will require packing before your move. Find out if the moving company you plan to hire is capable of providing you packing assistance.
  • Local moves: Any local moving companies you choose will be able to perform any local office moves. Find out specifically about the timeline they can do the work and the prices they charge for the move as it might not take much time, being within the same locality.
  • Long-distance moves: If you need assistance moving your business a long-distance, trust the best long-distance movers to handle the job. Moving long distances can be easily considered as stressful, but they have the same features as a local move: the travel time will only be a bit longer.

7 Tips to Plan and Organize an Office Move

Whether you are moving to a closer distance or a long distance, you will want to be prepared earlier so that you can complete everything. A good relocation begins months in advance, with a great plan so you can get things set in motion.

Below, we’ll discuss our seven top tips to ensure that you can take care of your office move with ease.

1. Plan your office moving early:

Commercial moves need comprehensive planning and preparation. During the planning of the move, choose a moving date, the timeline for the moving process after which you can create a schedule.

Also, have a certain budget assigned to the moving process. It will be helpful when determining costs for hiring a moving company and help prevent wrong decisions.

2. Discuss with your workers:

Communicating with your workers is one of the crucial tips of office moving you must consider. Make sure your staff is up on the moving plans and time arrangements. Inform them of the big changes and steps at the new office location such as:

  • The new office address or any revised fax and phone numbers
  • New building rules
  • Packing schedule

You can encourage your workers to make a moving checklist to make sure that all important areas are properly covered, and nothing is left behind. While change can be disturbing for workers, proper communication with them can improve their morale.

3. Assign a project manager:

Each office relocation needs a team effort to improve the chances of successful completion. Choosing a project manager to monitor every moving process will be so much important.

The team leader should be able to multi-task, have great organizational skills, excellent communication skills, and experience handling budgets. A unique set of office management tools can be so much helpful in moving seamlessly.

4. Protect your data:

During a moving process, it is difficult to predict what could happen to your files and hardware. Your documents could end up missing or your hard drives or servers damaged. Therefore, we suggest you back up your data and protect it from unwanted occurrences during a move. For example, you can safeguard your visitor and employee data with the use of a digital visitor management system.

The best part is that you can easily move it since it is stored in the cloud. This will ensure overall compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), since you will still have data of your old visitors.    

5. Thoroughly clean your office:

Don’t relocate with things you don’t need. Get rid of old files, shred unimportant papers, get rid of old furniture, and sell or give out equipment that is no longer needed. However, make sure you check in with your accountants since donated items can double as a write-off.

6. Hire a professional office mover:

Hiring a moving company is important to executive a smooth office move. Movers have the resources, knowledge, and expertise required to make the entire relocation process seamless.

They will provide services like packing and unpacking to make sure your office items are safely transferred. A moving company can also determine your business needs and assist with a matching moving plan. Make sure you select a well-established, insured, and certified moving company

7. Update your address:

Inform your suppliers and customers of your move and give them your new company address and when they should expect normal business to start again. Make sure you update your website, social media sites, business cards, and letterheads. Also, contact Google to change your address and online listing a month before your move.

Frequently Asked Questions About Office Movers

Should I empty my filing cabinets?

It depends on the situation. If you aren’t moving very far, then it’s probably fine for you to keep the paperwork in the filing cabinets. Moving companies typically have all sorts of dollies and stuff that they can utilize in order to get your items where they need to go, and can do so safely.

If it’s a long-distance move, then you may be better off putting your files into the moving boxes that are specially made for such things. This allows you to stay ahead of problems and keeps things organized, while also ensuring that your movers stay as safe as possible.

Can I ask movers to sign a confidentiality agreement?

Many state to state moving companies that deal with office and business moves already have some sort of confidentiality agreement worked out so that they can keep everyone’s information and files as safe as possible while they are being transported.

Talk to the company about your concerns and let them know what you’re thinking. In most cases, you will find that they’re really flexible about what you’re working with, and that they will do everything possible in order to ensure that you feel comfortable with how your move is going to go.

Can removal companies disassemble and reassemble my office furniture?

Yes. Many moving companies will do everything possible to offer a wide array of services to the customers that they work with every day. One of those options is disassembly and reassembly of furniture that may need to be disassembled in order to be moved safely.

That being said, not all movers include disassembly and reassembly of furniture in the cost of the move. If you are in need of these services, be sure to make that clear when you’re getting your quote from them. If they’re a full-service mover, it may just be part of the overall cost. If not, you’ll likely have to pay a nominal fee because of the time and effort it takes to do it.

What do I do with my electronic items during the moving process?

Movers have special processes related to electronic items and how you need to get them moved. Since offices often have a lot of electronics that need to be dealt with, you’ll want to be sure to have a talk with your movers about expectations and what they need to be aware of.

If your employees have laptops, tablets, or other portable electronic items, be sure to make it clear that they are to go with them on the day or two before the move. This will make it easier for your movers to get everything sorted out and it’ll prevent damage to those portable electronics during the moving process.

How long can I expect the process to take?

It depends on your office space. Some offices can take just a few hours to move. Large offices could take multiple days to complete, especially if there are a lot of large items that need to be dealt with during the process of moving.

Many business movers are going to go with an “all hands on deck” sort of approach to your move. Residential moves only take a couple of people to get sorted out;  office moves could have 6 to 10 different people putting items onto multiple trucks and taking everything to your new office. So, don’t be surprised if there are a lot of people, because that will help everything go much more quickly.

How much notice does a moving company need for this sort of large-scale move?

Business moves take a lot of logistics, and you have to deal with a lot of little details as you’re trying to ensure that things go as smoothly as they possibly can. If you know that your business is relocating, it’s best to have conversations with a moving company as soon as you have an idea of what’s going on.

Typically, moving companies want a few weeks of lead time, especially if they are going to be working with you on exactly how everything is going to go and be handled. If you can provide them with that lead time, you’ll find that every part of your move goes a lot more smoothly than it would if it were a rush job.


You need to be careful when moving everything for your business, and you want to feel good about the movers that you hire. With a little bit of extra work and searching, you’re sure to find a company that will take care of the entire process in a way that is both professional and affordable.