Top State-To-State Moving Routes

Top State-To-State Moving Routes For 2021
SUMMARY: Top state-to-state moving routes California-Oregon to Idaho, New Jersey to Florida, California to Texas, New York to South Carolina, and much more. Check out our list!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everything has drastically changed, including how and where people move to. When we checked the past and the present moving trends, the moving routes have changed a lot.

Now, some migration routes are highly famous than others. The migration pattern has drastically changed with the existence of the move.

If you are searching for a few tips that will assist you to move to a place considering the actual points of today’s life, you will find this list of new moving routes, as recommended by the most reliable interstate movers, that will reveal the paces you should move to now.

When you are looking into the best interstate moving routes of 2021, the list seems to spread to some areas more than others. Other locations are experiencing a decline in net migration rates too than others. This implies that more people are leaving the city than moving in.

When we consider each state, the lists look like this:

1. California to Idaho

You might be surprised but Idaho is the rapidly growing state in 2021. Almost 200% more people relocated to Idaho than out. And those from California are moving to the city of Boise. The city is named the best location for millennials in some just concluded polls and it was the fastest-growing city in the country three years ago.

With cheaper costs of living, housing costs, cheaper property prices, looser COVID-19 lockdowns, people from California consider it the best place right now.

If you plan to leave California for Idaho, the main issue right now will be to locate a reliable interstate moving company to help you. If you find it hard to locate a good moving company, here is a list of the best out of state moving companies.

2. Oregon to Idaho

Those from Oregon seem to choose Idaho the same as Californians. This is the 2nd most famous long-distance route in 2021. It is not certain, however, whether this trend is related to the current pandemic that is affecting the world or there are other unknown reasons for this.

However, we see lots of people that leave Oregon and move to Idaho. This means that if you are getting ready to relocate down this route, you will find it hard to see reputable interstate movers in Oregon. There is a higher demand for movers, which is why you should begin to search for moving companies and plan your move at least a few months in advance of your preferred date.

3. California to Arizona

Californians are used to living in the sun. The COVID-19 pandemic has so much to do with the fact that lots of people are leaving California for Arizona. The affordable property costs and cheaper cost of living are also among the reasons irrespective of the pandemic. Los Angeles and San Francisco are naturally major places that people are moving out from at the moment even though they were the most desirable places before.

Yet, we predicted this to be just a temporary trend. And things should come back to normal by the end of next year. If you plan to move to Arizona from California, even temporarily, you need to know that California movers are often booked in advance. Therefore, you might have to find a long-distance mover in Arizona that could also help you.

4. California to Texas

When we see lots of people from California moving to Arizona, it is obvious when we see them relocating to Texas. Yes, California to Texas is one of the commonest long-distance routes of 2021. COVID-19 pandemic, cost of living, and other reasons lead to this trend. We don’t know how long this will last. However, it seems like this is COVID-19-triggered migration that will return to normal after things return to the way they were before the pandemic.

Certainly, if you plan to move to Texas from California, remember that hiring the best cross country movers in California or Texas is your main concern. They are super busy in the past few months so you must be so persistent and smart so that you can find the best movers to help you.

5. New York to South Carolina

When looking into the state of New York which is home to the most populated city in the country, we find South Carolina as the destination they desire the most right now. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, life has become so difficult in the big city. With lots of people everywhere, it is so difficult to abide by the health guidelines that have been provided.

The pressure is getting tense and lots of people just can’t bear it. And it is highly obvious in the place with more population.

If you are considering this route, the major challenge will be to locate any available movers in New York because at the moment, they are often booked for weeks in advance.

Certainly, we are referring to reliable and reputable movers. That is why you should consider hiring affordable moving companies in South Carolina. They are usually available at the moment, and you can be sure that they will offer better prices for your move than New York City moving companies.

6. New York to Delaware

Residents of New York don’t like to relocate far from the city, in case they ever decide to move back. That is why they choose Delaware as their second option. The things and reasons we listed as regards South Carolina are similar. The COVID-19 pandemic, tough health regulations, high costs of living, being unable to adhere to the guidelines and new rules that are being put in place are the major reasons why people are relocating from New York to Delaware.

Certainly, to stay out of trouble with locating New York City movers we suggest that you reach out to one of the best state to state movers. They also have reliable companies, they offer similar services, and they also offer highly affordable prices.   

7. New Jersey to Florida

You likely have heard some stories in these previous months about New York residents relocating to Florida in huge numbers. It may sound like the entire NYC is taking in the sun on Miami beaches while the rest of the United States is putting on masks and sanitizing everything they come in contact with. However, that is far from reality. People are relocating to Florida from New Jersey in numerous numbers. Yes, New Jersey residents have their challenges with the pandemic restrictions and they are focusing on Florida.

If you are planning a move to Florida, getting a reputable interstate moving company in New Jersey shouldn’t be a big issue for you. However, due to the great distance between both states, you will need to be so cautious when hiring movers. Obtain free moving quotes from at least 4 reputable moving companies that are conversant with this route.

FAQ about Top State-to-State Moving Routes

How have the interstate rules affected the move from one state to another?

Some many rules and regulations have come into play after this pandemic. Many of the state government have banned moving from one state to another. Stay-at-home restrictions were passed in March 2020 and have affected the whole moving and the moving industry has not experienced profit for a long time but again the industry has resumed business but there is a huge change in how the people relocate and where.    

How has 2020 affected state-to-state moving?

So many states were affected as regards the number of moves because of the pandemic. Since many states implemented the lockdown order in March, many of them saw a huge decline in terms of move unlike when compared to 2019. For people that are moving to another state, there was simple reasoning behind it:   

  • Not being able to pay for housing because of loss of work.
  • Finding shelter with family and friends.
  • Feeling insecure in more populated areas because of coronavirus outbreaks.
  • Moving to destinations with lesser reported cases of COVID-19.
  • Moving to states with fewer COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Seizing opportunity of the housing market to sell and move away.

Are You Ready To Move To Any Of These Routes?

Above are the top interstate moving routes in 2021. You can see that the COVID-19 pandemic is the highest trigger for these new developments. We however predict that this is only for the short term, which will be gone before the end of 2022. Regardless, it is nice to see that people are doing their best and not giving up. They are doing all they can to improve their lives, and moving is one of the highly effective ways to achieve that.

We hoped this post will help you to make an informed decision concerning where to move to, and which movers can go to the destination. Happy moving!