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Out of State Moving Companies - Pricing Van Lines

Moving from one state to another needs proper and adequate planning to make sure all logistics are well handled by competent hands from packing, to loading, and offloading. Hence, it is paramount to make sure these various stages of moving are handled by a top out of state moving company that is licensed, secured, and insured to avoid any kind of eventuality in the process of moving your belongings from one state to another.

There are several factors to be considered in selecting your desired out of state moving company. Some of the factors to be considered include the experience and expertise of the moving company, their moving rates, you also have to be sure they offer all the moving needs you require as part of their services, and also what people who have used their services in the past have to say about them.

One thing you don’t want to experience when you move from one state to another is to now find out that your belongings are damaged and as such you have to be sure that you commit your moving task into the hands of a competent company with experienced movers.  I will be highlighting some top state to state companies in the industry here; all you need to do is to do your personal research to engage the one that will best serve your moving needs.

List of 10 Top Out of State Moving Companies: ​

1. Mayflower

Mayflower moving company is one of the companies that will help you enjoy a seamless out of state move across country. They have over a decade long experience in long distance moving by providing you valuable resources like moving tips, checklists, and tools that you may need. They have friendly movers who will help you with packing, loading, storage, moving, and cleaning among several other value adding services that will make you have a great moving experience. They have an excellent customer care service unit that are responsive and will attend to all your questions and enquiries. Engaging a moving company like Mayflower is a step in the right direction when you decide to move from one state to another.

2. Black Tie Moving

If you want to have a luxury moving experience at a very affordable price, then Black Tie Moving is your best bet. Black Tie has served various top celebrities, musicians, NBA teams, athletes, and many home owners in the past and they have delivered on their promises of giving each of their clients a VIP treatment by rolling out the red carpet for them on their moving day. They are one of the fastest growing out of state moving company offering quality moving services for their residential clients, commercial moving, long distance moving, concierge services, packing, and unpacking services among others.

3. All My Sons Moving and Storage

All My Sons and Moving Storage company is one of the most reputable out of state moving company in the industry with over 25 years of experience helping families and businesses to seamlessly relocate from one state to another. They offer an all-inclusive moving services that include long distance moving, local moving, Corporate Relocation, storage facilities, packing services, and packing supplies among others. If you are looking to move out of your current state, All Sons Moving is up to the task to offer you excellent services at very competitive rates and their movers are friendly and capable to help you all the way from start to finish.

4. Neighbors Moving and Storage

One moving company you can count on is Neighbor Moving and Storage; a family owned business that has been providing excellent moving services over the years. They are regarded as the premiere moving and storage company who are committed to providing local and long distance moving for commercial and home owners. They provide storage and packing services for their clients at affordable prices. Neighbors Moving and Storage have friendly and experienced relocation specialists who will work with you, or business representatives to make sure they understand your moving needs and serve these needs in the best way possible.

5. Flat Rate Moving

Flat Rate Moving company is located in New York, United States of America offering safe and efficient moving services to both residence and commercial outfits in New York, San Francisco, Miami, Washington DC, New Jersey, and outside the United States in cities such as London and beyond. They specialize in a brand range of moving services that includes out of state moving that may include cross-country, packing services, piano moving, storage facilities, and white glove moving among others. They are a reliable and competent moving company that can handle all your out of state moves.

6. Two Men and A Truck

Two Men and A Truck is one of the fastest growing and foremost franchised moving companies in the United States that offers comprehensive business and home relocation and packing services with the aim of exceeding their client’s expectations through excellent moving services. They are strategically situated in over 300 locations within and outside the United States. They are specialist in providing local moving, packing services, storage facilities, out of state moving, and value flex that allows GPS tracking of your belongings.

7. National Van Lines

National Van Lines is one of the longest operating moving company, having been in existence for over 85 years and as such they have consistently delivered excellent moving services for families and organizations moving across state or around the world. They offer a full-service moving options such as packing, and storage facilities for both commercial and residential clients. National Van Lines is one of the top national long distance moving companies you will find around with their main focus on achieving 100% customer satisfaction in their manner of service delivery. Hence, if you want to move out of state, engaging a company with the antecedent of National Van Lines will be a great idea and you sure will enjoy their movers.

8. Allied Van Lines

Allied Van Lines is a top American moving company that was started in 1928 as a cooperative non-profit organization on the east coast of the United States in order to help people organize return loads and minimize dead-heading. Allied Van Lines is one moving company that can be trusted with your out of state and long distance moving because of their safe and convenient moving services to customers across country and interstate. Their century of experience in the moving industry is one that counts for something; it counts for good services offered over the years, reliability, and competence among others. You can entrust your moving needs in the hands of the experience movers at Allied Van Lines as they will help you from packing to loading, moving, unpacking, and unloading among others.

9. United Van Lines

United Van Lines is a top moving company in the United States that has been in operation for 100 years integrating safety standards, technology, and sophisticated customer service best practices that put their clients first in the manner of service delivery. They are majorly specialized on long distance moving and are regarded as the number one nationwide moving company in the United States. If you need a moving company that puts customers first, then United Van Lines fits into that description as they have all that it takes to help you move from one state to another without any damage to your belongings.

10. North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines is a leader in the moving industry; established in 1933 with over 500 agent locations across the United States. They specialize in local household moving, corporate relocation, and long distance moving. If you are looking to move across state, you can contact their representatives and their movers are experienced and will help you all the way from packing to loading, and transporting your belongings all the way to your new destination regardless of the distance. With over 80 years of experience in the industry, you can count on their expertise and experience over the years to help you move your belongings and household from one state to another without any hassle.

The Following Table Displays the Top 10 Out of State Moving Companies:

No.Top Out of State Moving CompaniesWebsite
2.Black Tie
3.All My Sons Moving and
4.Neighbors Moving and Storage
5.Flat Rate Moving ​
6.Two Men and A
7.National Van Lines
8.Allied Van Lines ​
9.United Van
10.North American Van

How Much Will It Cost to Move Out of State

The amount that it will cost to move out of state varies from company to company depending on the distance, the volume of belongings to be moved, and the difficulty that may be involved in the moving task among others. We will be looking at what it will cost to move a studio and households from one-bedroom apartments to a five-bedroom apartment.

  • How Much Does It Cost to Move A Studio or 1 Bedroom Apartment: Usually local movers charge an average of $100 per hour for two movers and a one-bedroom apartment move normally takes between three to six hours and that means labor alone might cost up to $600. In addition to this, there are other costs that may be attached; these costs may be due to moving items up and downstairs, long carries, storage, shuttle services, and packing supplies among others. On the average to move a one-bedroom apartment may cost between $1,600 to $4,000 depending on the distance.
  • Cost of Moving A 2-Bedroom Apartment Out of State: The cost of moving a 2-Bedroom apartment may cost between $2,700 to $6,000 depending on the distance ranging from 200 miles to over 3,000. If you are moving to a distance of about 500 miles it may cost up to $2,500 and a distance over 1,000 miles can cost around $3,300 and above.
  • Cost of Moving A 3-Bedroom Apartment Out of State: The average cost of moving a 3-Bedroom apartment out of state costs between $1,000 to $10,000 including other additional charges that may be incurred in the process.
  • Cost of Moving A 4-Bedroom Apartment Out of State: The average cost of moving a 4-bedroom apartment across states ranges between $3,500 to $16,000 including every other charge that may be incurred in the process.
  • Cost of Moving a 5-Bedroom Apartment Out of State: Moving A 5-bedroom apartment out of state will cost between $4,000 to $21,000 depending on your distance and other charges that may be incurred. You will need an amount within this range to move your 5-bedroom apartment out of state.

Tips to Prepare for an Out of State Move

There are a couple of reasons why you may need to move from one state to another; the reason may be due to change of job, or the need to experience life in a new environment. When the need to move across states arises, there are certain things you need to put in place in order to ensure you enjoy a seamless move. These things include securing the right moving company to get the job done, packing, loading, and making sure that your new home is all ready and set to get things going as soon as you move in. Here are a few tips to make sure you experience a great when you move out of state.

1. Make Your Findings Ahead of Time

Before you finally move, do as much diligent research as possible about your new city. Visit the area ahead of time speak to locals, ask questions, and make enquiries about recreational centers around, restaurant suggestions, and also drive around to have a firsthand idea of what the area looks like.

2. Prepare a Moving Calendar

A way to ensure you leave no stone unturned ahead of your move date is to have a moving calendar where you have a well-detailed to-do list. This will help to guide you and enhances organization so that you don’t miss out on anything you need to do.

3. Hire a Reputable Moving Company

This is about the most important of all the tips as you don’t want to set out your moving task on the note of engaging the wrong moving company s that the whole process doesn’t turn out to be an entire mess. Engaging the services of a wrong moving company can be frustrating and will give you lots of issues on your moving date. You don’t want to have a moving company that will arrive late, not keep to their words and promises, or not handles your belongings with the required care. To avoid all these, you must make sure you engage the right company by doing research on available moving companies, read reviews about these companies and as from friends and families who may have moved previously so that you can be sure not to hire a bad moving company. To cap it all up, make sure the company is licensed, insured, and secured so that you can be on a safe side in the event of any kind of mishap.

4. Get Contact Information of Your Moving Company:

Make re you exchange numbers with your movers so that they can easily get in touch with you in case anything goes wrong in the process of transiting your belongings. This will also help you to monitor the progress of the move and you will be able to make sure your belongings are delivered in the right location.

5. Take Inventory

Take inventory of all your belongings, this will help you to have a record of everything you are moving and also identify if any of your items are missing in the process of your relocation.

6. Properly Label all Your Belongings

Ensure you properly label all boxes so that you can always identify what items are in each box. For example, make sure all documents such as birth certificates, health records, social security cards. And school records are in one box that is well-labeled. This saves you a lot of stress to easily locate your properties when you need them or when you need to unload and place them in the right places in your new home.

7. Have A Budget for Everything

It is essential that you plan ahead financially by making sure you have an idea of what the entire move will cost so that you don’t have to go out of cash or go way above your budgeted amount. This step will help you to be conservative and prudent as it will serve as a guide for you not to incur more than you have budgeted.

8. Save Up

Once you decide on what it will cost you to move based on your budget, you will need to save towards your move date.

9. Ship Your Car

This step is most important if you are moving cross country. You will need to ship your car ahead of your eventual move date in order to ensure the car gets to your location before you move in. This way you won’t be stranded as your car will be available just as you arrive at your new home. Your car can be shipped through the help of an auto transportation company; find a reputable auto transport company to help you out with this step.

10. Start Parking as early as possible

It is advisable to start your parking ahead of time especially if you are doing the parking by yourself; avoid procrastination. Start parking the things that you will not need in like months or weeks to your move date and label all boxes properly.

11. Decide on the items you are moving

A way to cut costs when you are moving is to get rid of items, and properties that you will no longer need. You can give these items out or sell them to reduce the weight and volume of the things your moving company will have to help you move to your new home.

12. Check What Your Employer May Cover

If you are relocating as a result of transfer from your current employer, then you may have to find out if your employers will cover any part of the relocation cost. Some companies may reimburse cost of shipping services, travel expenses, and packing services among others. Hence, you have to find out if your employer will cover any of these expenses when you are relocating. This will help you to cut cost and save some moneys.

13. Cancel Subscriptions and Change Address

One thing you want to avoid when you are moving is to still be charged for services you have left in your previous home. To avoid this, you will need to visit your service providers such as internet service providers and other paid services to cancel all your subscriptions. You can do this by getting in touch with them online. Also, you will need to let your local post office be aware of your relocation so that you can fill a change of address form. Get a new postal address and let your families, friends, and business partners be aware of your new postal address so that you don’t miss out of any vital information or message they may send across to you.

14. Notify Utility Companies

In order to move into a new apartment where all utilities such as electricity, water systems, and gas supplies are up and running, you will need to inform your utility companies ahead of time. This will enable them to come over and put all necessary utilities in place. Also, you will need to inform your current utility companies to ensure your electricity, cable, and gas supplies are turned off after you have moved out of your current home.

15. Change of School

If you are moving with school-age children, you will need to start the search for a new school for them in your new locality ahead of time. You can make inquiries about schools in your new area so that you can enroll your kids in the best schools around you. You can also search online to get the rating of top schools around you so that you don’t make the wrong choice of school.

With the tips highlighted here, you are guaranteed to enjoy a great moving experience as it all depends on proper planning and engaging the right hands to get the job done for you.

Mark Emond
Mark Emond
Mark Emond is a professional writer with an extensive background in the moving industry and its copywriting. He is known for his informative and technologically abreast writing and creating user-engaging content to help both companies and individuals sort their moving-related queries. He maintains a good knowledge base and is always excited to share his knowledge with readers.
Mark Emond
Mark Emond
Mark Emond is a professional writer with an extensive background in the moving industry and its copywriting. He is known for his informative and technologically abreast writing and creating user-engaging content to help both companies and individuals sort their moving-related queries. He maintains a good knowledge base and is always excited to share his knowledge with readers.

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