Top 10 Ways to Recognize Genuine Nationwide Movers

Top 10 Ways to Recognize Genuine Nationwide Movers
Choosing the right nationwide moving company can be hard work. The principle holds for nationwide movers, and you need to know how to spot the red flags that will help you to identify rogue movers. Check out these top 10 tips to recognize quality movers.

Have you recently been hired at a new job that is going to require you to relocate to another part of the country? Perhaps you own a business and are considering opening your doors up in another state. Maybe you’re just someone who is ready for a change of scenery.

Your situation could be just like one of these mentioned above, or it could be completely different. Whatever the reason for your move, there’s no doubt that you’re going to want to work with only the best nationwide movers so that you can get your move done quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, affordably.

There are all kinds of great nationwide moving companies out there that will take you and your stuff anywhere you’d like to go, but how do you go about finding them? Let’s explore some of the best methods you can use to identify some of the best potential movers for you to think about working with.

1. Make sure they are properly certified and licensed to work in any state

In the United States, any cross-country moving company is required to be licensed with the US Department of Transportation, or USDOT for short. To make sure you’re working with trustworthy movers, always inquire about their USDOT licensing.

Reputable movers will be happy to show you the necessary documents, or at least point you to a direction where you can verify their claims.

2. Request an in-person visit

An in-person visit with your potential movers will allow you to meet them face to face, gauge them for yourself, and talk about your move with them. Sit down with them and fully explain your plans for the move, including how far you are going and how much you plan to take. With this information, they should be able to quote you a price estimate so you know what you will be spending.

3. Ensure your movers are transparent about their pricing

You don’t want to complete your move and begin writing out a check for the agreed-upon amount from the price estimate, only to be told there are going to be more fees stacked on top. Unfortunately, this is not unheard of, so make sure you inquire about any potential fees or extra charges before any work begins.

4. Decide if their services are something you will need

Many nationwide moving companies these days also double as full service moving companies, which means they offer a whole host of special services to their customers that aim to make moves as easy as possible on the customer.

These special services can include help packing your home, cleaning up debris after a move, offering storage, and so much more.

Be aware if you plan to use these services that they could add a significant amount to your final bill.

5. Think about other folks’ experiences with the company

Thanks to the internet, it is a very trivial matter these days to find information on just about any business online, and that includes nationwide movers. Social media sites and other sites dedicated to business information usually allow customers to leave reviews on their experiences with a company, so always check up on any mover you think about hiring.

A good deal of happy reviews is a great sign that the moving company you’ve chosen is one you can rely on.

6. Make sure they can work with your budget

When you meet up with a mover for a quote, let them know your budget right away. This way, they know what you are working with, and many might even do what they can to accommodate you. If a price seems a little too steep, you could always ask if they come down on it a little.

7. Double check on their insurance policies

You may trust your moving company, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to be extra safe when it comes to protecting your valuable stuff that you are paying to transfer across the country. Ask your movers about their insurance policy, and if it doesn’t seem like it is enough to cover your things, you can always inquire about purchasing upgraded insurance for your move.

8. Ask them questions during the estimate meet-up

When your potential movers meet up with you to discuss the price estimate for your move, don’t be afraid to ask the movers questions. You want to make sure all of your potential questions are answered, and asking your movers these questions can be a great way to have them answered, as well as make sure everybody is on the same page about your move.

9. Trust your judgment

When you are meeting up with a moving company for the first time, make sure you trust your gut instinct. If the moving company crew is answering all of your questions satisfactorily, and you feel like they are an experienced team that you can rely on, then choosing them for your move could be a great idea.

If, on the other hand, your gut instinct is telling you that something isn’t quite right with the moving company you may have chosen, then trust it. There are some unscrupulous moving companies out there who are known as rogue movers, meaning that an unsuspecting customer could set up a move with them, only to find their stuff robbed and any money they might have put down gone with it as well.

Remember, never pay for moving services until after the move complete. A legitimate, trustworthy moving company is never going to ask you to put down a moving deposit or anything similar, and will only expect payment when the job is done. If a mover you have been talking with asks for money upfront, this is a pretty good first sign that should be very leery of these movers.

10. Seek input from people close to you in your life

Never underestimate the power of word of mouth, especially when friends or family members are recommending businesses to other friends and family members. If you have someone close to you in your life who has recently gone through a cross country move of their own, you might think about asking them if they have any nationwide moving companies they can recommend.

Recommendations for businesses are generally very highly valued when they come from those close to you, as you are probably going to value the opinion and insight of your close friend or relative way more than you will a random person posting a review on the internet.

So, if you know anyone who has moved recently, don’t hesitate to reach out to them to inquire about which moving companies they used and how well they enjoyed the experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Planning a move across the country is not one of those times where you would want to wing it, so to speak, so make sure all of your important questions are answered before you embark on your big move!

Where is the best place to find reviews on moving companies?

There are several places you should be looking to find reviews on moving companies so you can decide which ones are worthy of your time. Search platforms where companies aren’t able to filter reviews, such as Angie’s List, Yelp, or other business review websites where the company doesn’t have the ability to remove negative reviews.

Company websites and social media pages can also be a good place to check for reviews, but keep in mind the company could have the ability to remove negative reviews from platforms they have control over.

How far in advance should I try to schedule my moving company?

You should always try to schedule your movers as far ahead in advance as you can. Normally, it is recommended to try to schedule your movers for at least a month or two in advance so you can be sure that your moving date is set and on the books with your nationwide moving company.

Can I negotiate with my moving company?

Sometimes, a moving company might have set a price estimate that is a little higher than what you might have had in mind.

If you have a strict budget that you need to stick to, don’t be afraid to let your moving company know about it, and see if it would be possible for them to negotiate a lower rate. You’d be surprised at how many moving companies will be willing to work with you on the final price of your move. All you have to do is ask.

Only the Best Movers for You

When you’re looking for the best nationwide movers, knowing how you can easily find them will put you ahead of the pack so you can plan the best move for you according to your specific needs, as well as your budget. So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve got a great moving company in mind for your move, get in touch with them to book your spot as soon as possible.