Top 10 List Of Activities To Reduce Your Moving Cost

Top 10 List Of Activities To Reduce Your Moving Cost In 2020
When finding ways to reduce your moving costs, you should first know what those expenses are, to figure out how to reduce their costs in your budget. Learn about the top 10 cost saving and reduction tips.

Anyone who has ever moved or been involved in planning a move knows it can be time-consuming, stressful, and most of all, costly. The amount of money you’ll be spending depends largely on whether or not you plan to hire full-service movers for your move or if you’d rather handle the whole process yourself.

Know your moving budget ahead of time, and you can use some simple tips to make the process of moving even cheaper for you. You can combine these tips with online tools like a moving cost calculator to save as much cash as possible on your big move.

Whether you plan to hire movers to handle the heavy lifting for you or get your hands dirty by moving yourself with the help of family or friends, keep some of these ten tips in mind when the time for your big moving day finally rolls around.

If hiring movers, get more than one cost estimate 

You should always get an estimate for the total cost of your move before you sign any moving contracts with moving companies so you know whether or not they will be able to work within your budget. To save even more money, however, you should also consider getting in touch with more than one moving company and obtain several different estimates.

When you have several cost estimates in front of you, you’re not limited to working with only one moving company. Instead, you can examine the estimates and choose to work with the movers that work best with your projected moving budget.

Try to move during the offseason, if possible 

Remember, summertime is usually the busiest season of the year for the biggest majority of moving companies. If you plan your move in the summer and intend to hire a moving company, then the chances are high that you will end up paying more than you would have had you moved during the offseason.

If at all possible, try to plan your move during a time that isn’t peak moving season, like autumn or winter. You might find that you will save a bundle when moving during this time of year as opposed to the busiest times for moving companies.

Find hidden charges that weren’t made clear 

Some moving companies may have additional charges and fees that might not be immediately apparent upon getting a cost estimate for your move. Go over every detail of your move with your potential moving company, and inquire about any extra charges that they might not have made clear.

Some hidden fees may pop up in the form of charges for long-distance moving, fuel costs, the number of things you are moving, and more. Knowing these costs ahead of time will help you make sure you are still within your budget and not surprised by additional fees later on down the line.

Get rid of extra things you don’t need or use anymore 

One surefire way to save money on moving expenses is simply to move less things, especially heavier items. If you have items like furniture, televisions, appliances, or other items that you don’t use any longer or don’t need, simply not moving them may save you a good bit of cash.

If you have possessions you don’t want to take with you, you can give them away or recycle them if you so choose. If you’d rather make a little bit of extra cash to have on hand for your move, you can also sell some of these unused items. You’ll get rid of the things you don’t need, as well as have some extra cash on hand. It’s a win-win scenario for everyone involved!

See if you can deduct moving costs from your taxes

If you are relocating due to a job, then the chances are very high that you’ll be able to deduct your moving expenses from your annual taxes. Save all of your receipts and document everything you spend on your move, and you may be surprised at how much you can save come tax time.

Find free packing supplies

Instead of going out and spending money on boxes and other packing supplies, look around for freebies! You will find that many retail businesses like big box stores and liquor stores will be happy to give you their empty cardboard boxes if you just ask.

U-Haul also offers a moving supplies exchange program that you can take advantage of. Finding all of the freebies possible for packing up your things can save you a bundle if you know where to look.

If using movers, cut down on special services

Many full-service movers offer special services such as packing up your whole house for you, offering storage solutions for customers, and assembling/disassembling furniture. These services are great for helping take some of the work off of your plate, but the costs for these special services really add up for folks who are moving on a budget.

If you really want to save a good deal of money while still utilizing moving companies, try to cut down on the amount of special services you pay for by packing up your home and disassembling oversized furniture yourself. You could save a great deal of money this way while still having the moving company pick up and deliver your belongings to your new address.

Make sure you are covered by moving insurance

Moving companies can be a great service to utilize, but you should remember that accidents can still happen. When you are working with a moving company, make sure your belongings are covered by their insurance policy so that, in the unlikely event that something happens to your stuff, you will not have to spend your own money to replace it.

Utilize portable pickup and delivery options

There are services such as 1800PACKRAT and the PODS moving service that will deliver small storage units to your current address. You handle the packing and loading of your belongings into these units, and the company will then pick it up and deliver it to your new home.

You still have to do a good deal of the heavy lifting, but you won’t have to worry about moving the unit yourself. You will also find that these services are often a much cheaper alternative to traditional moving company solutions.

Roll your sleeves up and do it yourself

At the end of the day, the most cost efficient way to move is to forego using moving companies and go the do it yourself route if you really want to save as much money as possible. To do this, you can rent a moving truck from U-Haul or a similar company, pay for the daily use of the moving vehicle and the fuel, and pack up, load it, and unload it yourself.

To make things simpler (not to mention safer), make sure you enlist the help of a few friends or family members to help you pack up, load and unload your stuff, especially the heavy things. This won’t be the easiest way to move, but it will definitely save you the most amount of money. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

If this is your first time planning a move on a budget, don’t worry if you still have questions. If your question hasn’t already been answered, see if it has been answered below with some of the most common questions about the subject.

  • Can you negotiate with movers?

Moving prices aren’t necessarily set in stone, and like any other business transaction, you can always see if your movers will be negotiable about certain aspects of your move, which can help you save money on the overall job. It never hurts to ask, as the worst they can say is no!

  • How far in advance should I book my movers?

This can depend largely on the time of year you are planning on moving. Keep in mind that the summertime is the busiest season for moving companies, so if you’re planning a summer move, do your best to book your movers as soon as possible. If you are during the offseason, then try to book your movers several weeks to even a month in advance to make sure your move is scheduled and on the books. 

  • Are there any items movers will not accept?

There are a few items you should keep in mind that most movers will not accept. These typically include any flammable items, pets, perishable foods, plants, and items of high value. You can double-check with your specific moving company for a complete list of items that they can’t move.

Moving On a Budget Can Be Simple With These Easy Hacks

When you know some simple tips to maximize the amount of money you save on your big moving day, you can come away from the move with some extra money in your bank account. Whether you plan to hire a professional moving company or do all of the hard work by yourself, it is entirely possible to save some money on your move by utilizing these tried-and-true tips.