Tips To Move State To State In The Rain

Tips To Move State To State In The Rain
Summary: Everyone detests moving in the rain, but there are times when it is necessary. These tips will keep your goods safe and as dry as possible while you have a smooth moving experience.

If your residential or commercial move has been planned for several months, and a heavy rainfall on the moving day come to surprise you, there is a way out. This is because no one can tell what Mother Nature plan to do on the moving day.

We may not have the flexibility to delay the move and hold on for better weather. Luckily with some care, plans can forge ahead. There are many other things we can do to get ready for the sudden weather moments that are affordable.

In fact, our recommendation doesn’t involve going out and purchasing rain-specific relocation materials and boxes unless you feel the need to.

We have some smart ways you can use to simplify the move inside the rain. We also share some logistical ideas to consider. You might find some of these tips obvious, but they should be helpful when you are in a stressful environment making efforts to scramble at the final minute.

Get all the supplies needed

The supplies required for moving in the rain can vary, as people have downplayed the popular challenge in most diverse ways. Many have swiftly moved with the use of trash bags to protect their items while others are more creative with their packing supplies.

The list below is each better use alone separately:

  • Big Garbage Bags
  • Rain slickers and boots
  • Big Rolls of Plastic Wrap
  • Umbrellas
  • Baseball caps or hats
  • A change of clothes Tarp or Pop-Up Tent
  • Plywood or Flattened Boxes

Check the weather report

The #1 thing to do is to find out the weather report on the days before your move. While this is not 100% certain, it is the best way to find out what to expect. Dressing for your residential or office relocation is necessary. You need to plan your moving wardrobe for the exact season in which your move is taking place and get ready to dress for harsh weather conditions.

Wrap goods in plastic

Lots of people complete packing and forget to put items like clothes in baskets. They plan to roll a garment rack on a truck and use a sheet to cover it. When rain falls, such a plan needs to be reconsidered. Normally, any item that is sensitive to water, such as electronics, needs protection. One famous solution is to use plastic to wrap belongings without boxes.

Lots of movers come with shrink wrap that can cover furniture items from some rain. However, if you are performing DIY move or your movers charge an additional fee for this service, try to use household goods to cover furniture and other belongings. Don’t forget that plastic blocks water but the use of cotton sheets is not even as protective.

How to protect Belongings when moving in the Rain

  • Move clothes and paper items inside garbage bags: Keep clothing of each family member separate, but don’t bother to fold them at this stage. If the clothes however get wet, you might need to wash the cloth after your move anyway.
  • Use plastic wrap to cover art: Any item that is small but often moved without a box can be wrapped in plastic wrap and are available at the grocery store. You can also use excess bubble wrap.
  • Cover furniture in comforters: Sheets might not be ideal for repelling water, but your furniture can be better protected by some thicker comforters inside light rain. Wrap the blanket round the furniture and secure it using bungee cords.
  • Try buying shrink wrap if you have time: You will appreciate the investment if you are transporting valuable goods that should be protected from water, such as fine art or antiques.

Reduce the distances

To reduce the need to move across the rooms in the house while wet, move your entire boxes into a single room like the garage or the living room. In addition, if you rent a moving truck, ensure that you park near the building. Your belongings won’t get wet if you just carry them a short distance inside the rain. Also ensure that you park on a stable surface.

The weight of your moving truck might be too heavy for soggy grass, and you might get stuck. That is something you want to avoid on a big relocation day. The most essential thing is to make sure your items remain dry. Therefore, you must make sure that your moving truck is as closer to your house as it can be and to use moving pads and then plastic wrap to cover the furniture.

Ensure that there are no leaks in the truck and the rain cannot enter the back of the truck during loading.

Cover your floors and prevent slips

In order to prevent slipping, place a sheet of cardboard in the entrance of your home as well as towards the path between the door and the moving truck. Place old towels, rugs, or sturdy cardboard on the ground at the entrance of your home and other risky areas to provide additional support when walking from one room to another. You will want to ensure that all the people involved are safe; including the well-being of all your belongings they will be handling.

Use mats to your own benefit

Most often, your outdoor helpers will likely enter to carry something or help move a heavy item. Roll out some non-slip, absorbent mats on the floor in the entrance. Have additional set with you so that if one mat gets too messy too early, you can replace it with another one. You can always find affordable non-slip mats at the store, and they are strong and durable enough to be used on your moving day.

Prioritize items

If you don’t have flexibility to wait till the rain stop, try to begin with plastic tubs or other plastic belongings first. Hopefully by the time you start moving delicate items or items not packed inside boxes, the rain will be light. After you wrapped your electronics and appliances, hold on until the rain stops to move them or ensure that they are properly covered and far from water during the move.

Arrive at the new place before the helpers

Create some time in your moving timeline to get your new home ready for the movers to arrive. With a simple step, you can effect a great difference between an unplanned, messy moving day and one that runs perfectly.

Get Your Home ready for Rain during a Moving

  • Place a welcome mat: If you don’t have one, you can use any cheap rug. Avoid laying down a valuable wool rug, but trust your guts. If you don’t own rug that people can wipe their feet on, go and buy some at a nearby store or make use of towels.
  • Increase the heat: If you have your utilities still on, ensure you increase the heat indoor. The furnace will remove the moisture from the air and will generally make things comfortable.
  • Bring out many old towels: Make old towels available that you can bear to lose. If the downpour is heavy, movers will need to wipe their face, hands, and even to dry of the goods they are moving.
  • Place dry cardboard boxes on the floor: If you have additional moving boxes, these can make good anti-slip surface on the floor. Ordinary tiles and wood surfaces can get so slippery when you enter and go out with wet shoes, so you need these walkways.

Make an assembly line

Lots of people who relocate in the rain find it supper easy to do so using an assembly line technique. In this case, a group of people pulls down boxes from the moving truck and move them to a dry location such as the covered porch or tiled front hall. Then the other group of helpers indoors will grab moving boxes and furniture and transport them inside the homes.

Perform self-care after moving

Self-care might currently be a buzzword, but it is also essential to note when you are facing a stressful move. The stress doesn’t stop at the end of the moving day. There is furniture to arrange, moving boxes to unpack, and home to set up. That stress can be multiplied when you are forced to move inside rain. Create some time to unwind before you jump into unpacking or other relocation tasks.

Avoid getting so wrapped up in the things that need to be done that you add more stress to yourself in the process. This step might not come unplanned if you find it difficult to create time for yourself, and that is why we add it as a point. Order take-out, take a bath, watch a movie, or do anything necessary to adjust from the rainy, tiring day.

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Moving inside the rain is never a good time for anyone, but in Florida, rain during a move is a popular challenge. Our wide network of best state to state movers can help you take care of any kind of move in Florida, rain or shine.

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